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on 17 January 2014
Bought this for my autistic nephew who loves DVD's . He is constantly using it and it has not failed to deliver well made and a great sized screen and for the price well worth a look
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 12 September 2014
Wow!!!!!! I’ve had a few of these or I should say my little lad has had a few, all have been okay but none have been as good as this.
I’ll tell you why in a bit, first the normally bits.

Picture is excellent, bright clear and definition is excellent, no eye straining, sound is very good, small speakers but still good, headphones do make a big difference which my lad always has in the car so he doesn’t have to listen to his mum and dad chatting.

It plays all sorts of DVD and CD formats plus it has a card slot for SD,MS,MMC, which will be good for taking a selection of downloaded films rather than taking loads of DVD’s on holiday.

Screen size is a good 9.5” and folds away flat, it swivels 360 degrees, ideal for holiday and entertainment while on a long drive for my little lad and my wife.

Comes with everything you need, including a Game CD and a game joystick, this is the bit that makes it stand out from all the others we have had, DVD, Music and a games console all rolled in to this lovely DVD player.

My lads face was a picture of amazement when he caught sight of the controller, he loves video games, as do most 10 year olds, and Dad’s thinking about it, he has lots of the handheld games console even an old game boy, okay the games on the disc are old and graphics are not PS4 standard but there fun which is what games should be, how much fun did I have with Pac Man all those years ago, my son loves it, really loves it.

This is cracking value for money a really good price and you get loads, the Package Includes:
1xBlack 9.5" portable DVD player
1xAV cable
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Supply adapter
1 x FM Radio Antenna
1 x Car adapter (input 9-12v,1.5A)
1 x Game CD
1 x Game Joystick
1 x Remote control
1 x User manual

Brilliant, nothing else to have to buy for it, unless you want headphones that is.

This is a very good DVD player, for me the best we have had and we’ve had LG’s, Sony’s but none have offered what the DBPOWER 9.5'' Inch Portable DVD Player offers. Forgot to mention it comes in a really nice box, ideal present material.

Brilliant, very pleased.
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A highly portable DVD player that strikes the right balance between visual and audio experience within a fairly compact unit. At 20x11cm the screen is comparable to the size of a large tablet screen.

The screen can be swiveled so that it can be held like a tablet although I found it worked best for me sat at 90 degrees to the base, giving full access to all controls, without the need to use the remote control.

The player is ready to use as soon as it is plugged in and, once the internal battery is fully charged it runs for about two hours, although in car charging via a cigarette lighter will extend runtime on longer journeys. An on/off switch on the side ensures battery life can be conserved when not in use.

A headphone socket widens the opportunities for use to the back of a car, coach/bus without disturbing others, as well as the ability to watch something else when tastes differ to viewers of a main TV set, although you'll need to add a separate receiver if you want to watch digital TV. The controls are sufficiently large and well-marked that even those with dexterity issues would find it easy to use, making it ideal for more elderly individuals.

This unit was provided without charge for review purposes by the seller and I was initially sceptical as to whether there was still a niche after the advent of tablets and streaming. However the simplicity and price point make this well-made item attractive for those who want to watch DVDs on a portable player and don't like more complex multi-purpose contraptions. It is also a useful standby piece of kit for spare rooms to provide DVD entertainment for guests without needing to invest in bulky equipment for the room.

A surprisingly likeable item in an age when everything else seems to try to do everything.
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on 1 April 2016
I have some older portable DVD players but wanted to upgrade to something more modern so I decided to give this portable DVD player a try. There are quite a few things that impressed me about this DVD player. I liked the design which has a swivel screen so that the screen can be angled if being viewed by more than one person meaning that everyone can see it clearly. The screen showed the picture clearly no matter what angle was chosen. Another thing I found useful was that the DVD player operated with minimal noise. This is not to say that it did not have a good range of volume, if anything the volume has the capacity to be quite loud, but rather that the player was not noisy when I played DVD’s. This is handy for when I want to watch DVD’s in bed using headphones, that way I can be sure that the minimal operating noise will not disturb my husband when he is sleeping.

The addition of the remote control is useful as is the car charging cable that is supplied. Also included are a game pad, a game disc and a user manual which although comprehensive is quite basic in terms of the information it offers.

The DVD player measures 24cm x 18cm and is 3cm thick, it weighs 830g. The screen is a good size at 20cm x 11cm. The mains cable supplied is 105cm long. The car charging cable is 97cm and so if like me, your passengers watch the player at the back of the car and you are worried about running out of charge, you will probably require an extension to ensure that the cable reaches to the back of the car. The remote control is a nice compact size at 11.5cm x 4.5cm and is just over 1cm thick. 2 x AAA batteries are required to use the remote and these are not included in the pack. The addition of a game pad and game disc with 300 games are a fun inclusion, however the games are retro style and quite basic so not the modern type of fast paced games, but some really good classics like Mario and Tetris and Pacman. Just something worth noting is that the connection for the game controller with USB port is at the back of the DVD player, the controller will not work if it is plugged into the USB at the side of the player.

There is also a card slot and USB port, very useful for watching movies that have been downloaded onto SD card or memory stick, so great for travelling especially if you do not want to carry lots of DVD’s around. An RCA video cable is also included so that the DVD player can be connected to a TV and used as a regular DVD player as well as a portable one. Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Please note that I received this product fully discounted in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a multi-function device, though many people may use it just for viewing DVD's. As a DVD player it performs very well, however if the additional multi-media features are important to you, I’d recommend you note the details in this review before deciding whether to buy.

In the box you will find:-
•DVD Player
•Game control pad
•Audio/Video lead
•Power supply
•Remote control
•Instruction Manual - of limited value.

The device is a clamshell design, open it up to reveal a 20 cm x 11 cm approx. colour screen and a top load DVD player and pushbutton controls. Switch on and using the supplied remote control (which is functional but unimpressive) you can skip through the available modes:-
•DVD and Media player SD and USB devices.
•AV in / AV out
•Analogue TV Receiver
•FM Radio
•Game mode using the supplied disc.

Media Player: 7/10
The good news is that the 9 inch diagonal wide-screen provides a pretty good picture with good levels of contras, bright colours and good definition. Indoors the picture is plenty bright enough and I was able to watch outdoors in the shade of a summer house on a fairly bright day. The viewing angles vertically and horizontally are quite good which means that watching video need not be a solo activity. The screen has a tilt and turn capability which is very useful in setting up the best viewing position.
When playing DVD's the machine performed faultlessly on a variety of disks. The battery is capable of playing a regular feature film before needing a recharge, and films can of course be viewed whilst charging. Incidentally the charger appears to use a standard micro USB connector.
CDs also played surprisingly well with reasonably good sound, certainly louder, clearer and preferable to the output from my Latitude laptop.
From an SD card I was able to display JPG images and play MP3 files, but had little luck playing MP4 or AVI files. Unfortunately I could not get the device to recognise a USB stick at all. Additionally I found the menu system irritating and far from intuitive. The instruction manual is of little help.

AV in / AV Out: 9/10
The unit comes with a video cable which will connect an external Red/Yellow/White RCA video source or display via a 2.5 mm jack plug. In use this worked well to allow output onto a large screen TV and input of external sources for display on the unit's screen. I tested displaying video from a Samsung DVD/Video player but this feature could be very useful, for example allowing the display of an external digital TV signal. The supplied cable is only 90 cm long approx., so you may need to purchase an extension cable.

Analogue TV: 0/10
In short the Analogue TV tuner is of little use in the UK since the switch to digital TV.

FM Radio: 3/10
The FM radio tuner is fiddly to set up and to operate and the results barely warrant the effort with limited station coverage and uninspired reception. If you still listen to FM radio rather than DAB or Internet radio, you probably already have a far better radio than this.

Games Player: 5/10
The unit comes with a disc containing 300 games which allow you to time travel to the clunky graphics and gameplay of the 80s with games like Tetris, Pacman and Super Mario, all played on a rather cheap feeling game controller. Admittedly if you are of a certain age there is a limited joy in revisiting these classics if only out of curiosity, but our lives are so full of game capable devices that this is unlikely to be any more than a curiosity.

To be fair this device seems to be being sold primarily as a portable DVD player. Bought as such it works well and the somewhat patchy additional features might be seen as a valuable free bonus. However if bought as a multi-purpose media machine you're likely to be very disappointed and you may wish to look elsewhere.

It’s a shame since with the addition of a digital TV tuner and some tidying up and fixing of the other features it could be a much better little device.

I was happy to be offered this device for unbiased review.
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on 5 March 2013
I bought the 9.5 inch player for my mum to keep her entertained while she is in hospital, overall build quality is good considering the low price. it plays movies from dvd and divx mp4 xvid movies from the sd memory card slot and from a usb flash drive. the sound is surprisingly good and loud and even better with the headphones, there are volume up and down buttons, and play pause and stop buttons for the movies that are playing. there is a separate usb/sd button for switching between the two depending on which storage you are using for your multimedia, there is a last memory on/off option in the settings which is useful if you have turn it off and want to resume watching later, if you intend to use a sd card for watching movies i had to use a class 10 as my class 4 was too slow and kept stuttering. the screen quality is not as good as say a tablet or a lcd tv but is good enough for playing normal quality movies. the built in lithium battery is a bonus as passengers can watch movies in the car on long journeys and you can charge the battery using the supplied car cigarette lighter charger. i found it easier to use the controls on the player rather than using the remote control which is a little bit fiddly, all in all for around forty five pounds this is a good buy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2014
I am writing this review for DBPOWER who sent me this to try out and to give an honest review.
I was really looking forward to trying this portable TV/DVD player but the negative that in my opinion stop this from getting five stars is the remote, I inserted new batteries but it seems to work when it feels like it.
Setting up the player is a bit hit and miss with the TV not finding anything on my reliable portable aerial, I tried the one that came with it and still no luck, however it did find the programs from my main house aerial. The picture was nice and clear but it's a bit of a chore then to change channels especially with the remote.
The player did not find my USB flash drive but did find the memory card and that worked well.
The DVD player plays really well and I really like the swivel screen the picture was crisp and although the sound isn't great its OK but sounds great when I attached my portable speakers.
There is a games pad and disc but the pad was quite unresponsive but the old games would keep the kids happy.
The radio tuned in well and the sound was OK.

Overall as a DVD player it's great,the picture is crisp and clear and the quality and look are good.
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on 29 March 2016
I absolutely love this Portable DVD player, I think the 9.5 (9)inch screen is perfect for us.
The screen is bright, crisp and clear and the images and films can be seen from all angles which is impressive for TFT. The sound and volume is just outstanding, its loud and the quality of sound is perfectly fine for getting lost in movies.

Charge time.
The fact it has a 2500mAh battery gives you approximately 2-3 hours movie time, but plug it in to the power adapter or your cars cigarette socket and your good to go.

First impressions it felt to be quite a robust DVD player and I believe it will take a knock or two. It has super easy to navigate controls, each set for what you want to use at the time; USB, SD card, MP3 player etc or DVD or gaming CD. These mode buttons I have to be honest feel a bit clunky, but hey they do the job.
I love the fact it has a swivel screen offering you the choice of viewing angles; however I do feel the plastic hinge of the swivel screen could get damaged if twisted the wrong way by clumsy hands.
The swivel screen allows you to have a cool tablet effect by laying back on itself, great for playing any of the 1--200 games that you also get a gaming handset included.

The Games
They are all retro 8 bit games though so if your expecting Far Cry or Call of Duty style games you maybe disappointed. The CD is divided into 30 pages of 10 games...many which are doubled up, so you get to scroll through all the pages to hunt your favorite retro game to play. See my videoreview.
If you were brought up on ZX Spectrums and BBC Micros back in the 80's like us you will love the trip down memory lane with Tetris...shown in my video, Donkey Kong, 1942, Pacman, Space Invaders and many more.

Perfect for long journeys with its built in shock resistance function and car charger; but you will need to purchase a traveling over the seat bag to hang it from the headrest. Then you will have a peaceful journey to your destination while the kids watch a film or play games.
Worth every penny eh!
So I highly recommend this DVD player as its perfect for outdoor traveling in caravans or camping and ideal for the older kids without lending your expensive tablet out.
Plus, if you dont have a DVD player at home you can play your DVDs on the player through onto your larger screened TV at home via the included 32 inch RCA video cable provided from the AV-Out. This wont be HDMI Digital quality but will certainly be good enough.
You also have an AV-In so with another adapter you could view your media from your phone or tablet.

Dont forget you can also view all of your saved media too; music, photos and videos.

I think its so affordable for everything it can do and what you can use it for and its a welcome product in our home.

* I was kindly sent a free sample for this review.
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on 7 June 2015
DBPOWER is a solid, reliable company and they have come out with a serviceable DVD player that seems like it is the first in a series of improvements. While others have complained about the fact that it doesn't last long, I cannot comment on that since I've had it only a couple of weeks. So far, so good. Not being a gaming person I have not tried playing interactive games on it (though it comes with a free game CD with 300 games - maybe the time to try it!). But for playing DVDs or CDs is works very well indeed. The screen is small in reference to your computer or TV screen, but this is not meant to be a workhorse. This is an entertainment gadget and as such it works very well.

The screen swivels so that more than one person can see when a specific aspect of a movie comes on. The manual included is readable and understandable and will help you get though the various aspects of the device with ease. It does come with a rechargeable battery (with both a home and a car adapter) and on one charge it will play for over 2 hours - long enough for most movies you'll watch.

The stereo speakers are fine - about the quality you would expect from a small device, but fine for films and CDs (if not terrific for big orchestral classical pieces). There are many more fine points to discover in time. But for now, this little portable DVD player serves well and offers a new method of taking your entertainment with you on trips or simple out to the back yard. For the price it is a good buy. Grady Harp, June 15

This device was sent to me gratis for an unbiased review.
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First things first: this isn't a top of the line portable DVD player, but it's certainly a lot better than many budget models even if some of its features won't work in the UK. That means that although there is a TV and radio facility, these won't work with digital TV or radio, so unless you're travelling in a country with an analogue signal you're out of luck. However, as a DVD player, it does the job quite nicely, and it also comes with a games controller with disc of retro games included.

It's a multi-region machine, which means you can play UK and US DVDs without any problems. It will also play DVD-Rs, VCDs and CDs without any problem, though if you're playing a DVD-R which doesn't have a menu you'll have to use the 'next chapter' or FWD and REV facilities on the main dial to find your way to a specific part of the disc. The image quality is pretty good, though you will notice some lines on many discs, the picture area substantial enough to make out subtitles if you're watching foreign films or are hard of hearing. Unfortunately there's no way of accessing these by the set-top controls: you have to use the remote control unit, which is a bit problematic. It's a very small handheld unit with a lot of tiny buttons that will be problematic for those with poor eyesight. Worse, you have to play around to find the right angle and distance from the unit to get it to work properly - about 18 inches away pointing down at a 275degree angle tends to work, but it's still hit and miss. Volume can be problematic for some: the lowest setting is still fairly loud on many discs, but not absurdly so, and you can plug in headphones if you're worried about annoying whoever else is in the car/train/waiting room etc.

Still, there are a number of useful features, including repeat and A-B repeat modes and zoom functions (though both come with onscreen displays in the top left-hand corner that obscure some of the picture area) and slow motion. You can also set it to resume discs at the point you left off, and with many discs it will retain this memory function even if you've taken them out and played another disc in the interim. Aspect ratio can be changed either through the LCD menu or the setup menu.

The build feels surprisingly sturdy, which is always reassuring for a travel item. The screen itself can be swivelled to find the right angle, which is a helpful touch (the screen area is actually 9" rather than the 9.5" in the item specs). The battery will run for a continuous two hours twenty minutes at most, though it is prone to lose some of its charge if not used for a while, so if taking it away with you you'll want to make sure it's properly charged before you go. It can plug into a mains power supply, but be warned that the lead is very short and if you're using it in bed you'll almost certainly need to take an extension lead with you.

Also be warned that the instruction manual is translated into very poor English, though on the plus side at least it has one - many electrical items now either come with just a handful of indecipherable hieroglyphics or expect you to log onto a website to find the instructions. However, most of the settings on the machine and remote are pretty self-explanatory, so if you want to do the man thing and completely ignore the instructions you won't have any problem finding your way around.

All in all a useful DVD player that does the job with rather more functions than you'd expect from a basic model that's ideal if you're looking at some lengthy travel time or stays away and don't want to spend too much.
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