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on 8 July 2010
Everyone who knows Twin Peaks, knows the story and therefore, I won't be giving a plot-by-plot account of it. There are many reviews below for this. This is merely to clear up a few points to those who are wondering about the versions and disc qualities in regards to the USA release where there were many issues in their Box Set.

Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition (UK Version) is spread over 10-discs, with 2 discs in each thin case and disc 10 being a Bonus Disc, which is fantastic.

Disc 1: The Pilots - Original and International(Alternative Ending).

The Original Pilot is exactly that. What was originally shown on Bravo many years ago with nothing removed.

The International Pilot is the same as the Original Pilot up to 87 mins and then goes into a 21min 18sec Alternative Ending. You can just select "Alternative Ending" from the menu without watching the International Version all the way through.

The USA had issues with their boxsets, specifically with discs 4 & 6 and the menu setup etc and these are my findings for those who are still wanting to find out.

Menu - Works perfectly fine on ALL discs. Whether you "Play All" or select "Episodes".

Log lady - Works perfectly and you can play "Log Lady Intro" or "without Log Lady Intro".

Back To Main Menu - No problems with these, it is all programmed correctly.

Discs 4 & 6 - No problems with the UK Version. The USA discs 4 & 6 have now been re issued but people were wondering if these issues would materialise here on the UK Boxsets. The issues were, "scene skipping" by 15mins.

Postcards - There are no Postcards in the UK Version Boxset.

DVD Quality - Both audio and visual have been remastered for both Pilots and all Episodes and they are brilliant.
However, the "Log Lady Intro's" have not been remastered and look like old VHS Tapes.

So, for those who were wondering whether to buy the UK Edition boxset because of the bad USA boxset pressings and programming issues will not have any problems with these at all.

If you love Twin Peaks and I'm sure you do, as you are reading this review. Buy yourself a copy today.

Now, back to my Cherry Pie and Coffee : )
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VINE VOICEon 5 January 2009
For most UK fans, the major problem with this box set is of course that it hasn't been released here! Incredibly annoying seeing as it's available across Europe. I bought mine from Holland, and if you were wondering if it's worth it, then read on.

I won't try telling you all how wonderful this show is, about Lynch's influence, the writing, the characters and all the quirks... instead I can tell you about the box set as released in Europe. Now, the back of the box is in Dutch (or Germany depending where you buy it), but the front is in English, the lovely postcard set included is in English, and all the menus are in English when you play a disc.

Disc 1 is given to the Pilot episode, and includes both the European version seen originally in the UK, and the domestic US release which is more continuity friendly to the rest of the series. The only problem with the "correct" US version is that you don't get to see the wonderful "25 Years Later" sequence in the Black Lodge.

Discs 2 to 9 contain all seven episodes of Season 1 and the 22 of Season 2. Disc 9 also includes low quality versions of several lost scenes. Poor quality or not, it's interesting viewing!

Disc 10 is the Special Features. And wow. Several documentary shorts covering different aspects of the show, they can be viewed as one long documentary which I thought worked incredibly well. You have got to see the Angelo Badalamenti part for yourself to see what a wonderful guy he is, and see how he and Lynch work together so well. His one-man show of how he and Lynch formulated Laura Palmer's Theme is fantastic. Julee Cruise is also in this part of the documentary... how on Earth a woman with a voice like a crow can sing like an angel is beyond me!

As well as the documentary, there is a half-hour chat between Lynch, Madchen Amick, Kyle MacLachlan and Lynch's assistant in a smoky diner/bar which, while not particularly informative, is damn fun to watch. It's very casual, very friendly, and really nice to see them together talking. I only wish one or two other familar bar patrons would have stopped by.

The sound quality is excellent, and the mixes have thankfully removed all the tinniness that pervaded the first VHS releases.

The masters used for the picture transfers are very clean, but they are not as good as I had expected from product reviews. The masters on Season 1 are exactly the same as those used for the original Season 1 DVD release, although they have been colour timed again to match the new masters created for Season 2. David Lynch supervised two or three of the colour timing sessions to set the "temperature" and the rest was done to match. While Lynch's participation is obviously 100% welcome, I have to say that the picture sometimes appears to have had its temperature shifted too much to the red, green and brown. Warmer colours, yes, and it gives the show a very woody, autumnal tone, but it seems to be a little over-applied compared to what we've seen before. Additionally, the actual masters aren't really that great a quality. I can only hope that when the show is released on Blu-ray we get the quality they can derive from the original negatives.

Quibbles about the picture aside, it's a good set, and far better than we've seen it before.
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on 1 December 2010
Been waiting for this for a long time, and I'm not disappointed. You could never get S2 in the UK, and a few yeras ago the only place I could source it from was Australia. Not having a Multi-region DVD player made that a non starter.

But now here it is, all the episodes in one box set. Fantastic.

The picture quality here is very good indeed. Watching S1 a few years ago on a normal DVD player was like going back to the old days of poor quality video tapes. However, these discs are far better, and if you play them through a Blu Ray player or an upscaling DVD player via an HDMI cable, the picture is even better. It's not as good as a recently made film/TV programme, but when you consider how old it is, and the original picture quality of the series, it feels like you're watching it in 1080p HD on a BluRay !!

I never did watch the end of S2, so even now after all these years I STILL don't know who killed Laura Palmer !!! I'm currently up to E15 on S2, so will have the answer soon . . . .

The box set has plenty of extras, inc Log Lady Intro's, where the series was made and so on, so lots there

If you're a Twin Peaks fan, I would highly recommend this box set. And even if you've never seen it . . . . well you could get hooked.
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on 16 March 2010
Twin Peaks is wonderful, although does take a temporary but severe dip in form after Laura Palmer's killer is revealed in season 2 before picking up again for the last few episodes. Picture and sound quality are both excellent with genuinely fascinating extras and very nice packaging including some collectable postcards. I've assumed in these comments that the UK version will be the same as the European ones. The published specs seem identical.

My main reason for posting is to correct the bizarre 1* review. Despite the claims of adoration, there is no third season, although there are many who long for one. The only possible explanation I can come up with is the reviewer has confused a third season for the film 'Fire Walk with Me' which is actually a prequel to season 1. It is not included in the set but can be purchased separately. Although also highly recommended I would regard it as an optional extra (definitely buy it if you have enjoyed TP). Should be watched after season 2 rather than chronologically.
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on 16 October 2012
When Twin Peaks aired on television, none could have predicted how the murder of Laura Palmer would move not only the town's citizens, who knew Laura as a generous and good-hearted teenager, but also millions of viewers. Indeed, over thirty episodes, they would discover a community of five thousand citizens who hide, behind closed doors and curtains, dangerous secrets. With the investigation done by the FBI agent Dale Cooper and the Twin Peaks sheriff Harry Truman, they uncover those same secrets and try to answer the one-million dollar question.

Who killed Laura Palmer?

Though the main characters are Agent Dale and Sheriff Truman, Twin Peaks is an ensemble show since each episode narrates a complete day, which includes the lives of Twin Peaks residents, and the Laura Palmer investigation. For each episode, we witness characters' pains and joys of their lives, but we slowly find out that Laura herself was not who she was and that dangerous forces haunt the woods of Twin Peaks. Not only that, we also witness an awesome romance between Audrey Horne and Special Agent Dale Cooper, which gave to its actress Sherilyn Fenn the success she deserved.

As such, the show itself can switch emotions very quickly, going from drama to comedy, then towards pure terror. As such, the show is not your usual drama-investigation-soap opera. Even the music that Angelo Badalamenti did completely differs to what was done in the eighties and today. It haunts your heart as tunes like Falling, Audrey's Dance, Laura's Theme, and the Woods' Theme play in the background.

Though my favorite characters were Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Andy, Lucy, Shelly, the Log Lady, and the whole Palmer family, I have to admit that the most unforgettable remains BOB, played by the excellent Frank Silva, set dresser for the pilot and a David Lynch collaborator whose scenes in the show have spooked me for days. Especially the short ones he did in certain episodes.

About the other special Features, I appreciated everything this DVD set offers, although I wish they could have shown the funny Sesame Street parody of Twin Peaks.

As a final note, to everybody interested in Twin Peaks, it is important to know that the show's broadcaster, ABC, horribly mistreated the series. As explained in the making of, ABC was uncomfortable with the show narration and shocking content, especially coming from the director who did Blue Velvet, movie that shocked the public and industry with its sexual and sadomasochistic scenes. But what really unsettled the ABC bosses was the sudden popularity of a show that they had no hope in the first place. So they forced the creators to reveal the murderer's identity in the middle of the second season, which they unfortunately did. This was a foolish idea since it hurt the story's plot device and forced the creators to come up with less-spectacular storylines. As such, the Laura Palmer story goes for seventeen episodes (pilot included) and remains the best of what is in Twin Peaks. Of the last thirteen episodes, they feel to me like a jumble of good ideas that don't hit their full potential. Of course, the Windom Earle events are great, but what happens with Little Nicky, James and Irene, and the Pine Weasel doesn't strike the same chord as Laura Palmer's story. And with what happens with the Audrey Horne/Cooper romance, I prefer to stick with the first seventeen episodes who make a complete series by themselves. Speaking of that Audrey Horne/Cooper romance, Kyle MacLachlan explains in the making-of why he asked the storyline to be dropped. However, I tend to believe more the explanations Mark Frost, Bob Engels and Sherilyn Fenn said, especially after seeing on YouTube interviews with Sherilyn Fenn, and the "2011 Twin Peaks Convention Q&A Dinner Meeting", where Sheryl Lee and Lenny Von Dohlen talked about a certain cast member I will not name, but whom they found unpleasant. And to me, I think stopping that plotline due to some behind-the-scenes conflict hurt the show as much as the revelation of Laura Palmer's mystery. Especially since that romance was supposed to be the next major plot line of the second season.

So why the Five stars even though I think the last thirteen episodes are not up to par with the first seventeen episodes. Because the setting and universe this series presents remains unique and light-years to what is done on television. It also offered the chance for shows to tell their stories like movies instead of the usual talk-talk in television, and Twin Peaks, even years after its unfair cancellation, still remains in the collective mind of the public, of its fans, and of the industry. Indeed, shows like The X-Files, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time, Riget, the Killing, movies like The Blair Witch Project, and video games like Alan Wake, Max Payne, and Deadly Premonition owe a lot to Twin Peaks. If there is one thing that makes them different from Twin Peaks, it is that they never repeated the same mistake that Twin Peaks did.

God knows what would have happened if the show had been done either in syndication, or on cable channels like HBO who started to bring out excellent series like Tales from the Crypt. Maybe Twin Peaks would have had its third, and probably final season, done.
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I have been impressed with the quality of this new transfer to DVD. Especially the first series which I remember as being quite poor quality in terms of pictures and sound. It might have been my TV at the time of first airing, however whatever the reason I can follow the dialogue much more clearly, whereas first time I saw it all those years ago, I always used to be frustrated by the muffled conversations and quiet soundtrack.

This set is also a good way for new fans to experience the series. The pilot episode seems to have new life breathed into it and I thoroughly enjoyed watching how cleverly the characters and cast are weaved into the story.


4 stars instead of five because the makers seemingly abandoned the project after season 2, leaving much unanswered. Or was that the point?
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on 28 February 2012
Twin Peaks is by no means perfect. Its vast cast of characters contains some duds. Some of its plotlines are overly convoluted and even boring. The second series loses its way spectacularly, only recovering in Lynch's (futile) efforts to stave off cancellation of the show. But this is brilliant, brilliant television. Superficially a murder mystery, the offbeat writing, even more offbeat characters and soap opera plotlines make it a truly unique viewing experience, and one of the most influential pieces of television ever made.
Anchored by a superb performance by Kyle McLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, the main plot follows the investigation into the murder of a high school girl in circumstances that become increasingly difficult to understand. As the first season continues the cast and plot expand exponentially to involve the entire social fabric of a small town in the Pacific Northwest where nothing (and I mean nothing) is as it seems.
Twin Peaks was envisaged by Lynch as a soap opera, and as such he never intended to reveal the killer behind the grisly murder. However, under pressure from the network and with viewing figures dropping, dramatic revisions were made to the story in the second series. As a result, the show starts to tail off as the second series goes on. As cancellation grew near, Lynch attempted to tie off the multiple parallel plots while leaving a cliffhanger so tantalising the network would be bound to reconsider. Unfortunately they didn't. So Twin Peak remains a flawed, unfinished, frustrating, beguiling masterpiece.
Watch it.
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on 17 December 2009
So glad this boxset is finally being released in the UK! My friend had this on region 1 dvd and i can tell you that it is worth every penny. You get the complete season 1 and 2 and a whole set of special features including the various versions of the pilot. The european pilot is a made for tv movie so it contains a conclusion to the episode and explaining who killed laura palmer. The ending works but it is fair to say that it doesn't have the charm or effectiveness that the whole series provides. Also included are deleted scenes which have poor sound quality (if memory serves me) but they are nice to see.

The second season is what everyone has been waiting for. It has been given the same attention that was given to season one so the transfer is really good and the picture is really clear and colourful.
For those who were too young to see the show when it was on tv (which to be fair I was) the second season wraps up the murder plot surrounding laura palmer. This results in a dip in the quality of the episodes, probably due to the fact that the writers didn't know where to take the show seeing as the premise on which it was based was forced to be solved. They do eventually get back on track leading to some brilliant episodes and one heck of a cliffhanger which fans are dying to see resolved (but unfortunately we probably will never get - someone at least make a graphic novel).
Included are the log lady introductions and new documentaries/interviews featuring most of the cast. It is refreashing to see david lynch and kyle maclachlan together talking about the show and expressing their feelings on it then and now.
Unfortunately i can't remember all the special features but i can assure u that there are loads and you won't be dissappointed with them. Included in the region 1 release were a set of limited edition collectabile postcards so hopefully they will be included aswell.

All in all the show is undoubtably one of the best ever and without it we wouldn't have alot of the shows we have today i.e. lost, x files. The gold boxset has the complete series 1 and 2 with a ton of features that will please the fans and newcomers alike.
For those who haven't seen the show, take a gamble and make this purchase. You will not be dissappointed.
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on 21 August 2011
The series itself is everything a television show should be: funny, scary, enthralling, confusing and tense. I believe that the quality of the series isn't worth reiterating so I'll cover the repackaging. The box itself looks very good and the DVD's come with a few extras but nothing particularly outstanding. So overall, I would strongly advise others to buy this superb series but the extras for me, bar an exception or two, weren't great but it's still the best Twin Peaks collection available in the UK.
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on 23 February 2014
I first watched Twin Peaks when it was originally broadcast back around 1991, I was still at school but always remembered it clearly. Probably the first American drama series I saw and considered to be an influence for many of the dramas that have been produced since.

It had everything I enjoyed, strong, layered characters, excellent acting, great music, plots, sub plots and more well plots, to the point where at times I didn't always understand what was going on but it got people talking, created a buzz.

It begins with the murder of local female, Laura Palmer. Agent Cooper an FBI agent arrives to take control, aided by the local sheriff Harry Truman. From that moment on, slowly the story unravels drawing you in. Plots begin to unfold, sub plots spring up and a deep, layered story evolves, everything really is not what it seems. There are an array of brilliant characters, well acted, some of the smaller stand outs are the "Log Lady", yes the log does talk, allegedly and "Bob" who is pivotal to the story.

There is an air of supernatural, strange force, complete weirdness in and around Twin Peaks, the local woodland an area that locals speak of with trepidation. Sometimes characters will act out or scenes will play out in such a way I was left with a "what the" thought in my head, plain weird but brilliant all the same.

The music is excellent, the theme tune is well known but there are other musical pieces that compliment scenes and the story very well. Its well commented that series two doesn't pan out as well as the first, some people say it lost its way, I can understand why, if anything it gets weirder. However all in all it is an enjoyable, stand out series, both of them that still stands out as one of the best ever.

In addition to this I have purchased the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (book) and also the prequel to this boxset, Fire Walk With Me (DVD), both flesh out the life of Laura Palmer and the events leading up to the first episode in this boxset, give you a great understanding of her life. But, watch this first.
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