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4.5 out of 5 stars442
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2012
This book should come with a warning - believe me, it takes over your life! Thoughtless is the very definition of "un-put-downable" and I have hardly spoken to a soul all weekend. But everybody WILL interpret it differently due to the subject matter, so here's my experience:-

I thoroughly believe the first-person narrative is the genius of this novel. The emotions you go through with this character are completely surreal. To disagree with some other reviewers, I found Keira instantly loveable. Yes, it's hard to read in places - betrayal is never a comfortable subject, especially as some readers will have been on the receiving end of it at some point. My opinion is, however, that her situation and the feelings and thoughts that came with it, were portrayed perfectly. Of course the reader will be frustrated or irritated by the character's reactions at times... but I must say I identified with her wholly throughout - the lust, the desire, the guilt, the pain...

How do you know how you would handle it if you haven't been there? Everyone could say they would do things differently, but if everybody had the perfect solution, there would be no novel to write! I can honestly say the triangle in this book is very similar to a personal situation I was in a few years ago. The author, very admirably, brought back to me every emotion I went through at that time via Keira's own emotions...and she delivered it so beautifully and accurately, I would be very surprised if she is not speaking from experience. Love was never supposed to be easy.

Overall, do not expect a 'sweetness and light' fairytale in this novel - this is a true-to-life, straight-up heart-wrencher, especially if you can relate to it on a personal level. And, for the record, if you've read Beautiful Disaster and are expecting it to be comparable, it isn't! This is a glorious piece of writing in its own right, and it deserves to stand alone in all respects.
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on 24 February 2013
Good book for those that have withdrawal symptoms from books such as 50 Shades, The Siren etc, Beautiful Disaster. Its just perfect for what I wanted :)
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on 28 October 2012
Omg I didn't think i would shout and scream at a book so much as this one, what a rollercoaster of emotions, I could not put it down. Love it!!
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on 28 December 2013
A bitter-sweet, heartwrenching, beautifully intense emotional roller coaster.

I both love and hate the book; I loved it most of the time, with its amazingly addicting storyline and lovable characters (sexy passionate rock star-Kellan and loving devoted boyfriend-Denny) but I hated it when Keira had made her thoughtless mistakes, indecisiveness and eventually thoughtless decisions.

At times i found myself hating Keira and wishing she would grow up already with her selfish indecisiveness.
But I do think that is what the author set out to do and had achieved successfully - thoughtlessness. What is one to do when caught up in a love triangle like this? For a character - Keira, who had been raised in a loving family with protective parents, and had always had what she wanted in her life. She was young, naive, selfish and ending up hurting both men.
Kellan who is a completely lovable character also made his fair share of mistakes despite falling hopelessly in love with Keira. Yes he is charming and irresistible, but it was his love and feelings for Keira that brought the character to life.
Stephens had so honestly put out the truth of all emotions going through the characters in a love triangle: love, thrill, betrayal, hurt, heartbreak....

Overall the novel had been written brilliantly. It is well written, funny, intense, and the chemistry between Kellan and Keira literally sizzles off the pages. I laughed, cringed, obsessed, held my breath, cried and did not put the book down for days!
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on 11 October 2012
This book was highly addictive, could not put it down. It kept you on the edge the whole way through, constantly not knowing what way they were going to go. Loved this book.
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on 17 February 2013
It took me a while to get into thoughtless but once i did i thoroughly enjoyed it. Although kiera cried to much for my liking :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 June 2012
I don't normally read books written in the first person as I don't like that style, but the reviews of this book on here, Goodreads and swayed me and I'm so glad I decided to read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Other reviewers have complained about Keira's character, but she didn't irritate me (only near the end when she couldn't make her choice). Also, we have to remember she is only young..21, so she's not the most mature of heroines.
I think I fell a little in love with Kellan myself...although he does cry a lot for a man and I found that a bit off putting! However, he has never been in love before and boy do we go through the emotions in this book. Keira does hurt him quite a few times.
I read this book in more or less one sitting. If I hadn't known beforeheand there was a sequel, I would have been really disappointed to finish it and leave these characters behind, but I'm about to download the next book now and was thrilled to read the author is working on a third book in this series.
I'm very impressed with this author. She drew me in and within very little time I had forgotten I was reading a style of book I don't normally like. We get to experience all Kellan's emotions through Keira's thoughts, it was brilliant.
Highly recommended.
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on 8 April 2014
Although I enjoyed the book as an average read, I found the main characters quite frustrating. Danny is apparently dumb and blind. And the other two appear to be quite uncomfortably 'thoughtless'. I found the book could of been a better read if the triangle wasn't dragged on so much. I was disappointed, I felt at times the book had great potential, to then be bitterly disappointed in the next few pages. It was all a bit unrealistic and I felt the triangle was forced as the story didn't really involve and of Danny. The choice of whom to spend 'the rest of her life with' seemed to be so difficult when the book only showed her spending about 9% of the story with Danny. Anyway I'm getting carried away, if you like emotionally self putty based books where the main girl is constantly feeling sorry for herself and being irresponsibly selfish and cruel, but still ends up coming out smelling of roses then this is your book
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on 20 June 2012
This is one of those books you start to read late at night and find yourself still reading eagerly at 5 in the morning and dont put down til you finish it - its a really beautifully written book and the hero is just to die for. Yes the heroine is annoying - but only because you read the book screaming at her for being so stupid as to hesitate when it comes to the hero - but isnt that a sign of a good book? To actually have feelings for a character because they have come to life off the page? SC Stephens is a great author and I really hope she writes more soon as I have now read Thoughtless, Effortless and Collision Course and am sat here wondering how long I have to wait for another great book of hers!
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on 22 September 2012
I read this book as it was well-received on the reviews on the us amazon site, and on goodreads - and it as compared to others I enjoyed in the YA range, 'beautiful disaster' notably.
But, - potential spoilers ahead - this tale of a young woman torn by a choice between two guys leaves the heroine looking weak when she vacillates between the two constantly and goes behind her boyfriend's back to do so. She then runs back to t'other male protagonist only as he calls it quits on her inability to decide. And this scenario reproduces itself a couple of times.
I did read to the end to see who she ended up with but generally prefer my romances with more likeable female characters and probably will not be following up their story in the sequel.
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