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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2012
I bought this book after reading Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, thinking it would be similar. It's so much better. This book, and its sequel Gabriel's Rapture are well written. Bought them on my Kindle when they were first available months ago. There has been so much hype about these books on the Internet, in book clubs, and on Twitter. Well, the hype is well deserved. I've re-read the books and enjoyed them more the second, and third time around. I've pre-ordered them in paperback, because there are just some books that you want to have on your bookshelves. I recommend you add both these books to your shopping cart. Enjoy!
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on 24 February 2013
Having read Fifty Shades and Bared to you, I thought it was about time I read Gabriel's Inferno.
It was okay, but I thought Gabriel was very pretentious and at times unbelievable, while Julia was pathetic and annoying. Of course we all knew they were going to get together, because that's how these stories work, but having set up the tension about the relationship being forbidden as he is her professor, with him even taking legal advice, that part of the story just fizzled out. I think it may resurface in the second book, but that's annoying because I feel I'm just being set up to cough up more money for the sequel.
Parts are repetitive - for example they both keep chewing each others bottom lip when they kiss. Parts are unbelievable - why did Paul so happily accept that Julia had made up with her old boyfriend when he seemed so keen on his little rabbit, and then just conveniently drop out of the story? Why would Grace leave her adopted son her diamond earrings rather than her biological daughter? And as for him claiming to be a murderer because his ex girlfriend had a miscarriage while he was under the influence was just plain silly. And if you aren't into Dante, then parts of the story will get rather boring and tedious.
I did at least read it to the end, but I shan't bother with the second book.
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This story is intelligent, passionate and consuming. One of the best I've ever read (and I've read a lot). I've fallen completely and utterly in love with Gabriel. Julianne was written really well, which is quite rare nowadays in female characters, and as for Gabriel (David Gandy, anyone?) he's currently vying with Edward Cullen and Mr Darcy as my ultimate fictional love. The writing itself was a very high standard, all hail Sylv Reynard for that, and I especially enjoyed being educated on Dante along the way. I have a soft spot for stories involving the teacher and the student so this ticked a massive box for me straight away. It's deep and eloquent and sensual. It's everything you want in a love story, really, cos that's what it truly is. If Fifty Shades is getting made into a film, this one should be right behind it. Actually, scratch that. Production needs to start, like, now. I unhesitatingly give it five huge, twinkly, Florentine stars.
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on 29 December 2013
Well I purchased this book yesterday after reading all the 5 star reviews - how wrong was I?

Considering it was compared to FSOG, this book is very, very, very, far from it, I personally wouldn't even compare it to twilight.

I really couldn't get my head around the fact that Julia/Julianne/Beatrice name changes throughout. Paul just seems so creepy with the Rabbit references, stuffed rabbits, seems extremely childish for a 23 year old.

Sorry but I have had to apply for a refund, I have NEVER done this for any book until now, I just could not stand it any longer
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on 11 June 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish.

I felt that the description of he characters and their feelings were, for want of a better word, beautiful.

For me it absolutely nailed erotic writing! It's a refreshing change to see the development of characters and their feelings for one another without constantly describing every sexual encounter. It really added an extra level to keep the majority of it chaste. Easy for most to relate to as most of us have been through this in some way or another

Beautiful writing, I could read it over and over again! Thank you
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on 1 April 2015
I found this book by accident but the write up caught my attention as I've read and enjoyed 50 shades. Well first off this book is not the same as 50 shades. This is not an erotic novel in that there is only one actually sex scene in the book, though to call it a sex scene is wrong it is a true love scene. Which leads me to what I loved about this book. For a none erotic novel this is one of the most sensual and erotic novels I have ever read. The interactions between Gabriel amd Julia are full of desire, sensuality, lust. This is an excellent example of how to right a lust filled story without there being any sex. In this it is a brilliant romance novel. In too many romances there is no real feeling of desire between the characters. Those books that do are often in the erotica stable. To find a book with such desire and sensuality without requiring pages of sex is satisfying.

Ok yes there are a lot of mentions about Dante's inferno. But this follows from the story and is done in natural manner within the story. The link that Gabriel makes between himself and Dante works and buillds well into his reactions with Julia.

All in all I fully recommend this book as a brilliant romantic novel full of deep and dark desire.
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on 11 August 2014
I have waited a long time to read this book. I have been putting it off because of the higher price but after seeing countless people speak very highly about it i decided to buy it. What can i say, i found it very disappointing. Its nothing like i expeced at all and i really strugged to get to the end without giving up. I thought Gabriel was unrealistic and pretentious and i just wanted to slap Julia! How can a 23 year old woman really be that weak & feeble?
I didn't like that Dante was continually mentioned. If i wanted to read about him i would buy a book about just that. I definitely won't be spending any more money on these books. I already feel like i have wasted enough already.
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on 15 October 2012
I really disliked this book, I bought it based on reviews and the fact I like a strong hero. This book was terrible. His description of Prada glasses, pointy shoes, bow ties and cashmere sweaters. The author wrote songs, artists, aftershave brands, shampoo brands, it was awful. This hero was not the one I was expecting from recommend reading lists. He was pompous, worrying about where he should hang his Burberry trench in the heroines apartment.

On top of that the book was painfully slow and so long and travelled like a flat line not many ups and downs, they could have played more on the fact of the type of relationship of being found out.

I don't like the way Dante is pushed in your face every ten minutes with long inserts from his works. I found it really patronising and boring. I read romance novels all the time and look for new books, this kept popping up on lists. I had to finish it because I have a rule that I never abandon a bad book so I can make an educated and sound opinion. I'm just glad I didn't pay 7 pounds for it and my advice is if you are curious get it from the library don't waste your money, it's dull.

Also the heroine is insufferable too quiet, too shy, she is almost a reclusive delusional that holds on to an illusion of a man from when she was 17 and infatuated.

Both have car crash history's that are soap like in their believability. I just finished and had to write this review because I cannot understand why it has received a cult status?
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on 18 October 2012
Sorry but this is by no means a 5* book. I ended up hearing about it via E.L James on twitter, so I thought well why not, the reviews were favourable and I love a good love story.

A love story it is, and it certainly started off promising, hence me completing the book and it earning 2 stars.

But it just dries up and grins a to halt. I go so bored reading about how intense their kissing was that I just got consumed with frustration and found myself yelling at it. Gabriel starts off as being quite interesting but turns in to a complete weed with rubbish clothes, and Julia is a whining weed who drove me mad. Skipped through lots of paragraphs about art work, poems and some Italian blurb, supposed to set a romantic scene but just made it longer.

Don't bother.
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on 12 September 2012
A slow-burn cerebrally erotic tantaliser of a book. Not only that, it's well written with the underpinnng of the immortal story of Dante's adoration of his muse Beatrice. Yes, there are times when you want to tell Gabriel to stop being such a pompous, self important idiot. Likewise Julianne who's intimidated by him. However, as their backstories unfold, one comes to understand their reasons for being as they are. As Julianne asserts herself, the power balance alters. Over-arching all this is Gabriel's developing feeling of love and need of her - which is reciprocated. Don't expect sex scenes on every other page - this book conveys the consuming love merely with a kiss ... Far more erotic. However, the denouément of this first book is wonderful. Played out against the backdrops of Toronto, USA and Italy, Gabriel's Inferno takes us on a tumultuous journey
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