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3.9 out of 5 stars34
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 December 2015
I would have said that actually, the title sums it up. Though I do seem to recall some extractions being far less painful than this- the dentist was probably very good.
OK, so why? The plot and no, I have no intention of causing another 'plot spoiler,' was so weak, so tenuous and the production and acting so bland, that I have to admit to losing consciousness at about 20% into the film, catching only the last bit, which simply consoled me, in that my life had at least been productive in gaining some sleep..
I have the DVD, but as I'm not a member of ISIS and don't aspire to any of their ideals, so I won't be using this footage to induce someone to pull their own head off, but I'm sure that it would be pretty effective.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 November 2015
Although this low-budget and minimal special effect movie draws you in with its intriguing premise the screenplay unfortunately fails to deliver and left me regretting for what might have been. A film which explores the consequences of being trapped in someone else’s memories for four years is an intriguing concept and having rented this based on Amazon reviews I have to admit that although this is not a ‘poor’ movie at the end of it I felt a palpable sense of disappointment. Compared with another ‘one concept movie’ The Man From Earth, there is definitely a lack of depth and empathy in the writing while some of the plot twists are clumsy and in my opinion distract from the core ideas which are at the centre of the film.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 October 2013
Have you ever seen an episode of the sci-fi series `The Outer Limits?' If you have, you'll probably be aware of the hour long science fiction shows which could be about anything out of the ordinary. You'll also probably be aware that they're pretty low budget and depend on the idea behind them as to whether they're good or not.

Luckily, for `Extraction's' sake, the idea makes the lack of budget and stars worthwhile. It's about a man who invents a machine to look into people's mind. The first thought from the authorities is `can it be used to ascertain guilt from potential criminals?' Therefore, they try it on a man accused of murder. However, nothing like this ever goes right and the inventor finds his consciousness trapped inside the accused man. Can he find a way out? And here we have our movie.

The direction is pretty standard. You may expect that being `inside someone's mind' may allow for some stunning `Inception-like' visuals. Well, there aren't any. It's a pretty linier story as he tries to make contact with his former family, but, if you can forgive its visual blandness, you should enjoy the ride. It's not a long film, which also makes it appear like an extended episode of a TV show.

The acting is good and it all ties up nicely, providing enough twists and turns along the way to keep you interested. Plus it even asks a few questions about `memory' and just how reliable it really is. All in all, if you like your sci-fi a little slower with no real action and more thinking, you should give this a try.
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on 31 August 2013
The film is based on an interesting concept: the new technology now allows us to enter into suspects' memories to see whether they actually committed the crime (although initially the technology was meant for psychological treatment purposes). When tested for the first time, something goes wrong and the engineer falls into a coma as he is stuck in the suspect's memories. It won't be until 4 years later when he figures out a way to communicate with the suspect via his memories and together they will co-operate to get him out. The communication aspect was quite interesting but at some point the movie becomes predictable and the big twists served along the way...are not that big at all.

I would still recommend watching it (just don't buy it for £8...), it will certainly be a treat for psychology students and psychology enthusiasts. Keep in mind this is not some big Hollywood production and much lower budget is visible from the beginning. I actually think this gives this sci-fi movie more realism, but if you are accustomed to lots of special effects you might be disappointed here.
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What if... you could see someone's memories? What if... you could walk around them in a virtual-world portal into another person's mind? What if... you couldn't get back into your own consciousness again?

That's the core theme of Extraction, a low-budget but intelligent speculative-fantasy. It's set in our universe, where an idealistic inventor hopes to help treat dementia and similar conditions by accessing memories in this way. The result is a bargain-basement kind of Inception / Matrix universe - but one which is enlivened by an intriguing plot and some involving philosophy. How many best-of-intentions inventions really get used for the good of humanity? How far will the protagonist compromise his principles? And how certain can you be that what you remember happening is what actually occurred?
Extraction neatly uses SF to explore these themes - kinda reminiscent of a trapped-in-the-holodeck episode of Star Trek NextGen (which is a compliment, BTW). Don't expect any big budget FX or star turns, and be prepared to accept occasional irrational activities (like the Bad Man of Evil Empire - in this instance represented by the Dept of Corrections). However, the core characters are detailed creations who don't behave exactly as you might expect; a couple of nicely nuanced performances which highlight the blurred borders between the notional 'hero' and the obvious 'criminal'.
The are some excellent scenes - like the process of recovering memory at a crime scene, and when the trapped protagonist initially makes contact with his host. Sasha Roiz, who's on-screen for the majority of the movie, puts in an excellent performance -- especially when he's a spectator in memories and can't interact with other people including his family: capturing the essence of isolation without going gooily sentimental.

Enjoyable and through-provoking entertainment which out-performs its budget limitations.
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Firstly you have to stick with this movie,it was slow to get going ,but turned into an absorbing story. This film will appeal to people who like something different.A bit similar to " Inseption " if you've seen that one,but not so complicated.It was well acted and put together about a guy who invents a machine that allows you to go back to events in someones mind and be there, the only problem is what if something goes wrong with the machine. Another clever idea, yes worth a watch,and at a good price from the amazon seller which I bought as used, was in very good nick,a good delivery time too,Well worth a watch
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on 15 March 2014
Having a hearing disability is hard enough but when companies produce Blu ray movies without a subtitle option is just a little bit frustrating to say the least. I was under the impression that Blu ray was the next big thing but they can't even add subtitles! Ridiculous!!
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on 28 April 2014
Didn't know what to expect as I'd never heard of this movie but the Amazon preview sounded interesting. Without giving anything away, if you like films like Primer, Chronicle, Pi or even The Matrix, I highly recommend this film. The central characters are all superbly played and I was particularly impressed with Dominic Bogart, a finely nuanced performance and really believable. Don't let the fact you've probably never heard of any of the actors - do give this a chance.
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on 5 November 2014
fairly mediocre film but it keeps your interest and doesn't have any massive holes in the plot. I enjoyed watching it, but it ain't gonna be in anyone's top ten.
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on 10 August 2014
Well worth waiting for! A great film which keeps your interest from the very start to the very end! A brilliant idea and a great story line. I fully recommend.
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