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4.4 out of 5 stars45
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2013
I was looking for a new Vita game and purchased this after reading a magazine review.

Not having played a 'graphic novel' type game before I was not sure what to expect but can honestly say I am glad I bought it.

The game is story based and involves a lot of reading (as the audio language is Japanese, and the subtitles are in English). There are a number of puzzles to solve in order to 'escape' from rooms at various parts of the story.

The puzzles themselves are ingeniously created and well thought through as they add to the progression of the story.

The story itself is well scripted containing many twists and turns. It certainly held my interest throughout with boring moments being quite scarce.

It's well presented throughout with quite a 'polished' feel to it. I didn't notice any bugs or glitches either (there is no 'online' mode here). All of the Trophies are achieveable if you devote time and effort to it.

In total, I've had upwards of 70 hours of fun with it so good value for money too.
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on 26 November 2012
so just to re-iterate the point made by the previous review, yes, the whole game is in Japanese audio. but who cares this game is still freaking awesome. one point to make first. this game is dialogue heavy and the majority of it is a visual novel so if you don't like this sort of stuff then this game probably isn't for you. anyway to the actual review. you play as sigma a perfectly normal 20 year old, when you suddenly wake up in an elevator with an unknown girl. the plot revolves around you and 8 other characters playing a game that will kill you if you lose. the plot is fantastic, there are funny moments, serious moments and real tear-jerking moments. the characters are memorable and you really feel invested in the story while you play it.

over all this is a brilliant game, the voice acting is good the plot is fantastic and the characters are awesome. i urge anyone to give this game a try.

thank you for reading my review :)
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on 30 April 2014
This is a great example of a visual novel and it plays brilliant on the vita, this game is the spirtiual sucessor to an underated ds gem 9.9.9, which I really enjoyed. The story follows a similar path as the first one and follows group of 9 captured individuals who are forced in to a series of games which require them to escape rooms and make difficult moral choices. As this is a visual novel nearly all of the game is text based, but the dialogue is well written and engaging. I must admit that the japanese audio and english text did put me off slightly at points so i tended to play with the audio off.

The interesting part of this game is just how extensive the alternate path mechanic is, requiring you to play all of the paths to unlock significant points in each story branch, and this is dependant on wether you decide to betray your team mates to try and escape on your own, or ally with the group to have a better chance of everybody escaping. This gives an extensive gameplay experience and it took me 35 hours plus to fully complete this game. It is within this mechanic however that I find my criticism for the game, a lot of the text is reused and you will be seeing a handful of the same scenarios at least 8 or 10 times which towards the end became tedious for me. How ever they try to resolve this by alternating the characters that make up your team so at least some of the individual dialogue can be varied.

On the whole this a great game and is very engaging, however if you are not a fan of very difficult puzzle gameplay and long text segments than I would stay away from this one.
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on 10 May 2013
Virtue's Last Reward is a fantastic graphic novel in the guise of a video game. The game is split into two sections: Novel and Escape. During the Novel sections of the game, the player is presented with the story of VLR which has incredible depth and numerous endings (with a hidden true ending), most endings require other endings to be seen before reaching them. The Escape sections are very elaborate puzzles which get more challenging with time and always provide a rush of joy when completed (which the game narrative mentions at some point).

VLR is not an action game but creates a sense of tension similar to that of Silent Hill 2. I found myself unable to put the game down until I had finished it and found myself feeling sad when there was no more VLR to play. It has been the most enjoyable game of the year so far and I would recommend it to fans of adventure games like Monkey Island as well as fans of Graphic novels and stories in general.

The only issue I had with the Vita version is that it seems to be a direct port of the 3DS version. Moving animations are few and far between, but for that reason seem to be more enjoyable. The story has depth beyond the story in its 'Secret Files' which offer characters' backgrounds unmentioned in the narrative.

It's a fantastic game for anybody who enjoys a good story and puzzles. For those who enjoy stories, but not the puzzles, there are detailed walkthroghs online to help them escape each room and find out what happens next or sometime else.
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on 4 September 2014
A unique and compelling hybrid of 50% "room escape" game and 50% interactive graphic novel. Suprisingly, the story and gameplay symbiotically create a compelling and amazing experience when they intersect. There are not many game like this. If you start, you'll want to play it all the way through.

The "Game" elements are based on "Room Escape" mechanics. These are small and logical "adventure game" section, where you must solve very logical puzzles, using spatial reasoning, analogies, keys, and number puzzles to progress. Sounds kind of dry, but really it is like a series of condensed "point and click" adventure scenes distilled down to their essence. These are spiced up by..

The Plot. Wow. Prepare to be the star or your own interactive psychological thriller. Combine Momento, Saw, Inception, Death Note and crazy Japanese manga with a dissertation on the the quantum mechanical implications of the multiverse and you'd get... Virtue's Last Reward. The plot starts strong and just gets better throughout the whole game. There no low notes in the story.

Without giving away too much, the structure becomes very interesting. However, it does lead to some repetition during the middle section of the game, which starts to feel like a chore. However, push through that and the end sections are just truly mindblowing.

The chances of a sequel are looking pretty slim, but there's always a little hope...
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on 17 January 2014
It's really not a game in the true sense of the word. But don't let that stop you from buying it.
Virtue's last reward is made up of three parts, novel parts, problem solving parts and choice parts.
The novel parts is what you'd expect. Story-progression by reading text (with pictures in the background).
In the problem solving parts you get to solve problems, believe it or not. The problems are hard enough to give a sense of accomplishment upon solving and, at least for me, required the use of pen and paper and perhaps half an hour of thinking in several cases, but in only one case was I lost and had to cheat by going online.
Then, the choice parts. Will you be trusting of your fellow in-game players and help each other out? But no guarantees are given that they'll do the same, perhaps it's better to try and betray them for a short-term gain?
And fear not, if an undesirable outcome arises from your actions, you can always try the timeline that splits off from the one you just choose, where you made the opposite choice. And maybe, just maybe, some small memory that you really need will carry on over. All of this will of course be more explained in the game.
Try it, you'll like it!
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on 7 June 2013
Awesome game and enjoyed my play through from beginning to end. I can't say there is one thing I hated about this game it was brilliant in all aspects, It's soundtrack set the feel and pace, it's story was thrilling and gripping, and it's puzzles were challenging and unique. To sum it up, (co I could talk about this game for hours) I would recommend this game for anyone serious about visual novel games and puzzle games, if you like both this game is for you. Also if you just like a thrilling story this game is definitely for you.
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on 14 August 2013
Straight off the bat I'll say that I loved this game. I sank about 40 hours into it they were well worth it. I was hooked and tried to find any spare time possible to unravel the mystery of Virtue's Last Reward. I wouldn't say that I am the biggest fan of games of this genre but I really did fall in love with it.

If you like this type of game then buy it because it will not disappoint. Even if these puzzle games aren't usually for you it may still surprise you. Great.
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on 27 December 2012
I absolutely loved 999 so was really looking forward to playing it's sequel! It really doesn't disappoint! It is very well put together with fantastic characters, great puzzles and with so many different endings, so excellent replay value! I hope there are more games in this series, as so far they have been amazing! A must for any one who loves this genre of games and loves fantastic stories that keeps you on the edge of your seat!
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on 20 January 2014
Virtue's Last Reward had me absolutely gripped from start to finish. It was well written with great localisation, memorable characters and shocking plot twists aplenty! There are loads of puzzles and they're pretty tricky too, and the interface works really well with the Vita's touch screen. It was nice to hear the original Japanese voice acting, though I was pretty surprised there was no English voice option since the American release apparently had a dub.

The graphics are a bit below the Vita's capabilities, having been made for DS release too, and annoyingly the plot continues on from 999, a game not even available on the Vita, but this is still an excellent game I thoroughly enjoyed that had me engrossed for days! A good title if you're looking for something to play on your Vita with a bit of depth and dramatic oomph and some nice brainteasers.
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