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4.5 out of 5 stars293
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2014
"So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go"
Leaving On A Jet Plane Lyrics - John Denver

Once again the world is threatened by Armageddon. A dangerous asteroid, it is heading straight for Earth. Our only hope will be to send a team of roughneck drillers to dig a hole big enough to place a bomb and shatter the meteor.

This movie is lots of fun on many levels. It is a parody of disaster movies; however the characters don't know that they are parody and play it straight. This allows us to have fun without having to listen to a bunch of campy over-the-top one-liners that don't match the movie. It's a father daughter story; and of all things the father would have to be Bruce Willis who brings his killer formula to the story and fits his part perfectly. The daughter played by Liv Tyler (before her The Lord of the Rings fame) adds a great catalyst to the story. The rest of the team is rounded off by contemporary actors of which you will recognize immediately.

The graphics and action both explosive and human will hold you to the end.

This movie is worth watching over again so you can see the nuances that were missed the first time through.
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on 22 September 2013
OK, I'm holding back a star. This is tosh. But it's great tosh.

There are so many great bits of fun in this slam bang actioner that it's hard to know what to talk about.

So, in no particular order, the acting from a universally hugely enjoyable cast (if no oscars here):

Billy Bob Thornton-brilliantly quiet and understated.

Bruce Willis- huge fun

Ben Affleck, another enjoyable turn.

Steve Buschemi- humiliating the head-shrinkers and other great scenes

The much-missed Michael Clarke Duncan-as he cuts into the singing of "Leaving on a jet plane" with a voice deep enough to shake out your fillings.

Oh, you could keep on, but for this type of film, the perfromances are perfect.

The medical screening- high order slapstick, and MCD's table dance !

Effects- generally good enough. One bad call, I think we see meteorites from the comet coming in at all angles- well, probably they'd all come from the same place. Aside from that, it wasn't supposed to be realistic, but it's good enough.

The story- well, you know it, but it's well done.

A big film, big entertainment, but fun. Great but not GREAT.
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I, as i'm sure apply's to many of you, just love these apocalyptic type movies with bucket loads of special-effects.
The story tells of a giant 'Asteroid' hurtling toward earth with little over a couple of weeks before impact, a 'team' are gathered together, put through a 'crash' course training regime to enable them to travel into space ,along with an experienced crew, land on the Asteroid shifting through space at 22,000 m.p.h., drill a '800 ft deep hole then plant the 'Nuclear Bomb' to separate the Asteroid, then...try to escape before detonation........not a huge task ?
'Bruce Willis' leads the cast list as 'Harry Stamper' - 'Liv Tyler' plays his daughter 'Grace' 'Ben Affleck' plays 'Grace's' suitor and
fellow 'driller' and mission companion to 'Harry'
This is an exciting and tense roller-coaster ride, maybe a bit 'gun-ho' as many of this type of films are, but putting that's great fun......'great 'Blu-ray' material.
Both picture and Sound quality - very good.
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on 20 April 2016

In 1998, "Armageddon" was the second highest grossing movie that year (to date: $201 million), just behind "Saving Private Ryan" (to date: $216 million). It has since grossed $554 million worldwide. The original Touchstone DVD release was non-anamorphic. The Criterion release was slightly improved, but still the video was non-anamorphic. This long awaited blu ray release is worth the wait, and represents the definitive version of this movie.


This 1080p AVC MPEG-4 transfer (aspect ratio 2.35:1) looked fantastic, considering the age of this movie. The blacks are inky black with lots of details. The picture was full of vibrant colour. The special effects, although dated, still looked awesome. (4.5/5)


The DTS MA 5.1 mix is much improved from the previous lossy Dolby Digital mix. The result was simply awesome. One could close one's eyes, and just hear discrete sound from individual speakers. The bass also rocked the entire house. To hear Aerosmith singing their #1 hit "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" was very satisfying. (4.5/5)


"Armageddon" is a fun fun adrenaline-filled pop-corn film experience with stunning imagery. This blu ray video is totally superior to all previous "Armageddon" home video releases, which featured non-anamorphic video. They looked so bad today that I do not even feel like a double dip. If you like explosions, space shuttles, with a love story, this is the movie for you.

One minor point: When the Russian astronaut banged on the computer in the Space Shuttle to restart the engine, he noticed that the parts were "Made in Taiwan". And when I looked at the 3D glasses that I sneaked out from IMAX a few weeks ago, guess what, they were also "made in Taiwan". Some things simply don't change.

This blu ray disc is highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2014
NASA discovers a huge meteor simmilar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs is heading to Earth. Coming up with a plan they recruit a team of oilrig workers to land on the meteor and blow it up before it reaches Earth and destroys all life on the planet. One of director Michael Bay's early films, this is a cheesy, ridiculous film that you can't take seriously for a second yet also a lot of fun with Bruce Willis in good form and a good supporting cast including Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Clarke Duncan, Owen Wilson and Will Patton all playing it completely tongue in cheek. Spectacular action and effects and looks stunning on bluray too. One of Michael Bay's best films.
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on 10 May 2011
When I give a talk on the subject I always hold up this film as possibly the worst science fiction movie ever made on cosmic impacts. If any scientific fact was right at any stage it was purely an accident. The result is a film that is so bad that it becomes downright entertaining: suspend reality and just sit back and enjoy seeing how it would not be done if you happen to have a musclebound hero that you don't need, when the Earth is in peril. Intended or not, there are some great comic moments. The film was released in direct competition to Deep Impact, which is a far more serious attempt to portray the issues to the public, although both feature a hero and a very big bomb who just happens to die saving the planet!
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on 17 June 2015
A huge Comet is headed for earth. As it does not consist of one big piece, but of a cloud of rather small pieces plus a main rock the size of Texas, little impacts are recorded long before the big one is scheduled for collision with earth.

Harry S. Stamper and his drill team are selected to land on the main comet as they are the only ones who can work the special drill Harry developed.

Their mission is to drill 800 ft. into the comet to place a nuclear explosive device. The explosion of the bomb will break the comet in two, and the two pieces will pass earth on both sides.

This task has to be accomplished before a certain "dead" line, or the comet parts will not fly by, but hit earth....

It's a return to form for the disaster movie, as we get a kooky cast, Michael Bay, Bruckhiemer, Willis, and a big comet hurtling toward earth, what could possibly go wrong.

Well apart from the many plot holes as deep as the hole that gets drilled, there is nothing wrong at all. True, many people will scoff if you say you love this film, but thats because it got a little mauled by the critics.

Whats not to love? this is about Stamper trying to hold his 'family' together at an hour of need, and act as the solid oak everyone can rely on, it's not just about saving the world.

Willsi has to convince his 'family' that this is something they have to do, as well as swallowing his pride and asking his daughters boyfriend to help to (he see's Afflecks character as a younger self, therefore not really liking his daughter dating him).

It's witty and has some wonderful lines, and although it's crammed full of cheese, the soppy ending seems relevant for a film that does cheese, action and laughs by the numbers.

It's the cheese on toast of cinema, it's simple, good, but you know too much is bad for you.

A simple to follow guilty pleasure, and a feel-good one at that.

Ignore the snobs and watch this, you know you love it..
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on 10 January 2011
Armageddon is one of my favourite movies of all time. Why? To put it simply, it has everything. It has drama, emotion, humour, romance, sci-fi, action and even a big name actor who plays a starring role. From the director who has since gone on to produce both Transformers, both Bad Boys movies and Pearl Harbour, Michael Bay got it right with this one. The budget was big; it had to be. Add explosions and great effects to that list of what this film manages to cram in. It's one of those films you just have to see. It's been out for a good few years now, but even with some of the movies that are about today, I still regard it as one of the best.
Bruce Willis is fantastic in this film. If you don't like Bruce Willis films, maybe this isn't for you.. but at the same time I'd still take a peek at it. It's not a Die Hard sort of movie, where Willis shoots everyone and walks out the only slightly bruised hero. I won't spoil the ending (in case you haven't seen it) but it is played superbly and is one of the all time great tearjerkers.
So what if the story is a bit over the top, or perhaps even unbelievable at times? The ending is perhaps predictable, with a frantic finish to save the world.. but then wasn't that always on the cards? Sure you can criticise this aspect, but if there wasn't a cinematic finale the whole film would be a bit of an anti-climax. Bay, Bruce and literally everyone in this film got it spot on. If Armageddon was the last film I ever saw, before Armageddon actually happened, I wouldn't have many complaints.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 July 2015
This is a great 90's disaster movie and still one of the best ever made, classic entertainment with a massive scale story, a giant meteor is heading for earth and its going to be a global killer, mankind's only hope is Bruce Willis and his drilling crew, they must go into space, land on the meteor and drill an 800ft hole and drop a nuke inside! Easy right, not exactly, this movie is very well paced out with lots of action and lots of drama, the cast is perfect all round which helps make the movie enjoyable and believable, Bruce Willis is the perfect actor for saving the world, great roles too from Steve Buscemi, Liv Tyler, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ben Affleck, the action is tense and really thrilling, Michael Bay style is always over the top and crazy yet totally entertaining, there is some good humour in the movie too, the effects are all top notch of course and still look great even compared to todays standards, and of course the soundtrack score is epic and makes the scenes even more dramatic! if you want a great disaster movie then this one is always worth going back too again!

Blu-ray picture quality looks fantastic, certainly better than DVD,
The German steel-book has a teaser trailer and a full trailer and the Aerosmith music video.
Region Free ABC, 150-mins, 1998.
English language.
Steelbook is plain black all round with the small image of the shuttle taking off from the title!
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on 1 July 2013
Im on a mission at the moment to buy all my classic fav films and this was one of the first I bought have watched it a million times and could watch it a million more.
the all star cast is just amazing Bruce willis liv tyler and Ben Affleck what more can I say... well not alot or i'd spoil the plot lol a must see film.
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