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4.0 out of 5 stars585
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2014
She opened the cover on the coffee maker, pulled out the old filter and tossed it in the trash then replaced it with a fresh one. She spooned in a couple of scoops of ground beans, and filled the carafe with enough water to give her four cups of coffee--she was going to need at least three to get her going--and emptied the water into the reservoir. A few minutes after flipping the machine's 'on' switch, the smell of fresh brewed coffee began wafting enticingly around the apartment. Emily filled a mug with the steaming coffee before the machine had dripped even half of its precious liquid into the carafe. She walked to her perch at the window, sipping the delightfully strong brew.

Oh good grief, must have been going for word count. I just didn't care and stopped reading at 25%. The story was loaded with this nonsense. The terrible character development and the over use of adjectives was driving me crazy.

Exit Darkness, Enter Light: Book One of the Earth Cycle
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on 8 May 2013
I found this book extremely dull and uninteresting. There was just no depth, no interesting characters and nothing to really connect with in terms of plot or storyline. Just lots of meaningless events between brief incidents of potential interest that simply don't make it.

There are a lot of positive reviews that are simply unbelievable and in my opinion very suspicious. There is just no way someone can claim this to be the best book they've ever read unless this is the only book they've ever read.

Like many other I found myself skipping through the drivel and unrealistic decisions of a very irritating main character to see how it ends just to found what I should have expected ...

I almost never write reviews but this was such a bad book that I can't bear the thought of someone else suffering through this.
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on 5 September 2013
I, like many others, was impressed by the star rating of this book however it really does not reflect the quality. Amazing really that The Road is rated the same.

The book has an interesting premise, an astonishing shocking premise. But the way it is told is very mundane; aside from a few admittedly exciting, though unoriginal, moments. It's told in tedious detail, micro-explanations like how the main character tied her shoes after she put them on (obviously), or turned the handle of the door before opening it. As another reviewer says, you could probably cut the book by a third and make it better.

The main character is just not interesting or believable. I was horrified when I got towards the end and realised there wouldn't be a conclusion and it was a book one of a series. Should have looked closer, I felt robbed of even a conclusion. It even seemed a random, bizarre place to stop. Indeed it never really got going.

I don't know how people can be so enamoured with this. If you haven't read The Road, just read that instead. It's a horrifying realistic portrayal of the human consequences of an apocalypse. On finishing I spontaneously started uncontrollably crying, weirdly the only time I have cried in about five years!

This book made me want to cry for other reasons.
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on 3 July 2013
I liked the idea of the storyline but sadly couldn't limp past the first few chapters. The characters were poorly drawn, the pace forced and clunky, the syntax childlike and the writing generally very poor. This poor and annoying writing style pretty much prevented me from immersing myself in the novel so there was no point in continuing. Disappointing.
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on 25 April 2013
I just recently got a Kindle app for my tablet, and downloaded a few of the science fiction novels with the most stars. Never again. I now know that the number of stars is meaningless as a measure of quality. I made it through to the end of this book, but I was convinced it was the work of a talented high school student rather than an adult with some experience of the world until I got to the bio.

The currently top ranked review is accurate and well judged, while being phrased in a kindly manner. I now know that I should check the actual reviews for an unfamiliar author, rather than judging by the number of stars.
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on 26 September 2013
I honestly couldn't believe the reviews on this... It was so poorly written, I thought it was a children's book.
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on 21 June 2013
The idea of an alien invasion using humans as raw materials and destroying everything with a red mist, is not a million miles away from 'war of the worlds' by H.G. Wells. Although this does have a twist or two on it.

Some of it is well written. BUT and it's a big but some parts (quiet a few parts) you will skip over because they are So boring! I mean 5-6 pages of text (well it felt like that) of how she removed her boyfriends body out of her flat is just pointless.

As soon as the story starts to pick up pace the author kills the momentum stone dead with some extended piece on not very much.

The heroine if thats what she is is very irrational she is heading to a group of people (scientists no less) who she knows have not seen the aliens but she does not take one single photo. And she starts her journey on a bicycle which she goes to great lengths (and we read about every single moment) to acquire. Even though she does not have a licence I'm sure the cops's would not worry if she took a car, no wait they are all dead along with anyone else who would be on the road.

The author is a journalist so he should be able to write punchy meaningful prose, unless of course he only did obituaries. So hopefully the second book will be better.

In case you were wondering yes I have bought the next book. Amazon were selling at a discount and I do want to find out what happens next, even if i have to skip the odd chapter.
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on 17 July 2013
It reads like a bad screen play from a sci-fi channel film.
The practicalities of situations portrayed in the book seem just poorly thought though & faintly ridiculous. The girl is electing to cycle around carrying provisions for a week in saddle bags? Making sure she has spare T-Shirts, Tins of food, bottles of water, sat-phone, shotgun, come on really - learn how to drive!, it'd only take an hour, not like you need to pass the test anymore and none of the other cars are moving...

And when the dog turns up I almost put the book down then and there - the only reason I 'finished' it (not that it finishes in any way really) is because I had nothing left to read on the train.

I cannot understand the majority of good reader reviews for this book, I'll not be trusting the reviews of other books from now on.

I get the impression its been written hoping for a quick conversion to film (a film I'll avoid like the apocalypse)
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on 20 April 2013
I enjoyed this book, I thought the idea for the extinction was interesting (liked the quote from the Peter Gabriel song Red Rain) and was intrigued by each new level of the 'invasion' - I definitely want to find out what that's all about and how Emily fares on her epic journey. The only drawback I found with the story was a lot of - to me anyway - unnecessary in depth descriptions of how Emily went about daily rituals, so I got a bit fed up of that and found myself skimming over quite a few pages to get back to the main storyline. Because of this I gave it a 3.
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on 2 April 2014
Like lots of other reviewers, I have no idea how this book has rated so many 4 and 5 star reviews... I'm beginning to doubt the voracity of Amazon reviews.

The book itself is based on what could have been a strong premise and a slightly different slant on the 'alien invaders' niche. However, I found the writing style confusing and in need of some good editing. The author's wordcount priorities seem to me anyway to be the wrong way around... pages and pages and pages of the lead character packing her rucksack, opening cans of food, choosing clothes and other banalities and major conflicts or alien encounters reduced to a couple of pages???

Unfortunately, the character development is shallow at best and inconsistent at worst. The lead is supposed to be a hard-nosed, experienced New York City journalist but doesn't spend any time doing what one of those would instinctively do. No fact-finding, no recording and no looking to share the story with others...

I bought the trilogy together and having read the first Extinction Point book am now going to write off the other two without wasting the hours to read them.
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