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4.2 out of 5 stars48
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2013
Not of the same standard as TNG Season One Blu Ray.

Think this was rushed through buy another company if memory serves. The quality is far off the Season One blu ray. Great shame as this was a good season for TNG in my view. However, put this side by side to a standard DVD / TV / VHS and there is NO comparison.
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on 7 January 2013
On picture quality alone I would not give 4 stars, but series 2 has some good episodes, especially the outstanding Measure of a Man. The extras are very good, though some are not new. The gag reel is fun.

There is considerable graininess in some scenes, especially scenes on the bridge. One episode, The Royale, barely looks hi def all the way through. Overall picture quality is just too variable.

So I have to agree with those who say this transfer to HD is a little disappointing.
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on 4 March 2013
Great show and looks superb on BD especially. Some
Great episodes and the upscaling makes the boring episodes good to watch. Can't wait for Season 3 :)
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on 18 January 2013
I owned all seven seasons on DVD, but this looks much better on blu ray. I look forward to the other seasons being released. If your a fan of this series you owe it to yourself to get the blu ray.
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on 8 August 2014
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on 11 January 2013
As you all know by now, I am a HUGE Star Trek fan, and this release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2 (My favorite show ever), is just a delight. This will undoubtly be one of the best releases of the year, with season 3 coming in April! I have all the TNG's on DVD and I couldn't wait to get it on Blu-Ray as the transfer is simply amazing - being in 1080p high defintion, which is the highest you can get at the current time. It is also in 7.1 surround, which is fantastic audio, like being in the cinema if you got spekers for the show. The picture quality is really phenomenol and you could tell that CBS spent real time taking care of the show and preserving its original presentation; and at the same time, remastering the show from the original camera negatives. So, now you know that the picture quality is without fault. It is not quite as clean as season 1, but where the picture is at its weakest, it is still way better than the DVD versions.

Well, the show itself - as you know I love it. It is still trying to find its feet as the first two seasons were TNG's weakest, but I had to put five stars because its better than season 1 in terms of storyline quality. In this season we are introduced to some all new subplots and themes: with there being more friends, more foes and a new character - Doctor Pulaski. While i prefer Doctor Crusher, Doctor Pulaski is still a fine addition to the show, but being more bland in my opinion. I will try not to indulge too in depth about the season, but there are a few things I would like to highlight. The first thing is, season 2 has only 22 episodes and the other six seasons have six more (This is due to a writers strike at the time in america.) Another thing is, that in this Blu-Ray release, you get an exclusive cast reunion after a 25 year seperation for the crew of the Enterprise. This is great for all you guys who like that sort of thing. This set also includes an extended version of one of my favorite episodes from the series - The Measure of a Man (It goes into more detail and shows you further character development), which I love, as I adored the original cut anyway. This set also comes jampacked with new special features (as I said, including the exclusive cast reunion.)

So, in terms of the actual season, and quality of the episodes, it is definately better than the first. Each episode is like always, 42-43 minutes, with the exception of the extended version of The Measure of a Man, which includes at least 15 minutes of extra footage. This season includes some really fantastic episodes like "Where Silence has Lease", "The Schizoid Man" and "A Matter of Honour." Other ones like "Samaratain Snare" and "Peak Performance" are also good. Other highlights include: "Contagion" "Time Squared" and "Elementary, Dear Data." But the high points in the series have to go to the memorable "The Measure of a Man", and the groundbreaking "Q-Who?" which launched the best loved villians of the TNG era - the borg. This episode led onto one of my favorite two part episodes of Star Trek ever, The Best of Both Worlds. Average episodes include: "Unnatural Selection" "The Icarus Factor" and "The Emissary." But after all, any episode of TNG is worth watching, and even an average or poor one, is still worth viewing because its Trek. Not so great stories include: "The Child" "The Outrageous Okona" "Loud as a Whisper" "The Royale" "Pen Pals" "Manhunt" and "Shades of Gray" which was awful. But don't mind me, this set is definately worth it to get the good and excellent ones in it and those plots put the other dull ones in the shadows.

So, this release of Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 2 on Blu-Ray is one of the best releases CBS has ever done. The picture transfer, sound and visuals are all suberb. You may occasioanlly get some grainy images, but on the whole the Blu-Ray transfer is sweet. The quality of the episodes are also very good on the whole, with the exception of "Shades of Gray", which in my opinion is the worst episode of TNG ever. The packaging is also great, coming with a fancy slip cover and artwork that I real like. I can't wait for the next five seasons to come out in High-Def and I bet you can't too. Season 3 onwards, being released in April, has consistently good storylines and the show really starts to heat up. So, go off and get this set and you will not be dissapointed. Seasons 3 and 4 are coming out later in 2013 and I think seasons 5 and 6 are being released in 2014 and season 7 after that! CBS are also doing a single disk release of the classic "The Best of Both Worlds" Borg 2 parter being put together as one feature length adventure in Blu-Ray. Make it so...and engage to the future...
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on 22 December 2012
[Updated] I was happy to pay the price for season 1 as CBS did a good job transferring the film to blu-ray, but season 2 is not as good. Some scenes (mostly on the bridge) are quite grainy and it seems the care hasn't been taken. Hopefully the next seasons are re-mastered properly.
The characters are more developed in this series and I actually like the less-popular doctor that replaces Gates, at least she doesn't act prettier than she is... What kinda name is Gates anyway?
All in all it's worth buying still, and apart from the inconsistencies in this re-master the rest of the TNG series are looking to be excellent.
A list of episodes and brief description on the back would be nice so I could peruse without having to slide the cover out of the container and to avoid putting on an episode with Troi's mother.
The Borg are introduced in this season and there's some good episodes about spacey-sciencey stuff like alternate realities and time travel. The season unfortunately contains "Shades of Gray", oh man is that a bad episode, must have been the afternoon before the holidays when they were filming that one. - Just looked it up, it was filmed in a few days during a writer's strike, probably best if they just had that week off.
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on 13 November 2012
For full details of CBS' disc replacement program visit..

Amazon were brilliant with the replacement program because literally the day after I emailed Trekcore, I found a replacement set sat on my doorstep -no return of old Blurays required. The corrected versions have a new barcode 5051368241838 with the TNG Badge/communicator logo on each disc. Whereas the old discs don't have that logo.

As for Season 2 WHICH IS NOT RELEASED YET, it's shaping up to be fantastic with a mind blowing amount of extras!! Check the same site for those updates too.

I hope this info helps people buy these TNG sets with confidence, as each purchase increases chances of DS9 and VOYAGER sets. If you keep up with Mike Okuda & Denise Okuda on Facebook & Twitter, you will already know that Enterprise Blurays have already been confirmed, as they take far less tinkering to make acceptable on HDTV's. But these TNG purchases affect chances of DS9 & VOYAGER greatly.

Anyway.. LLAP!
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on 5 January 2013
yeah my favourite show continues on blu ray where no one as gone before boldly go on transforming to his beautiful p
performance. thank you thousands of time. live long and prosper
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on 3 December 2012
Star Trek Next Generation season 1 Blu-ray was completely done in-house by CBS Digital and was a fantastic remastering effort. Unfortunately season 2 was done by HTV and looking at the screenshots and reading the reviews, the remastering effort, especially the planets are not of the same quality and do not meet the same high standard as those done by CBS Digital on season 1. Also excessive grain reduction has been applied to certain live action shots. Fortunately CBS Digital are remastering season 3 and HTV are having no further involvement with the remastering confirming their subpar effort. Sadly the damage has been done and unless CBS Digital go back and remaster season 2 then this subpar effort has permanently tarnished season 2. I have cancelled my preorder of season 2 which I was really looking forward to because I will not reward mediocrity and await season 3. I hope CBS Digital change their decision to outsource the even numbered seasons and remaster all remaining seasons in-house.
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