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on 18 February 2015
Motivated by the negative reviews, I thought I'd give a riposte to the prevailing criticism of these headphones.

First of all - all of the comments regarding how good the sound quality and how well fitting these are, are true. I am a stickler for sound quality -too much bass or sound quality that resembles tin as the medium would never do for me. They are worth the extra money for both of these aspects.

Second - My purpose is to use these at the gym or at other times when my larger on-ear headphones are just impractical. I jog and do weights, so I need something that will stay in place and of course, not annoy the hell out of me while I exert tremendous effort.

So I should explain my usual method of wearing these - having attached the phones to my head, I feed the wire down through the neck of my T-shirt and then connect them to my iPod which is then stored in my pocket.

I found none of the issues that others have reported regarding the annoying hitting of the wire and the volume/mic box against the cheek or neck. I found while arranging the wire, as I do, that there is no such annoyance.

Even so, I would have awarded these 3-4 stars as they really are great. I have only awarded them 4 as I know that they are not absolutely perfect and I am sure you could spend an absolute fortune to get 5 star headphones. These are great, worth the extra dosh, and worth giving a go as I did.
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on 6 August 2013
These sound INCREDIBLE for relatively cheap headphones. I'm super fussy and have been through a ridiculous amount of headphones seeking the perfect workout pair.

These truly sound amazing... there's not much more you could ask for in terms of sound quality in a sports headphone up to £50. High end clarity may be a bit lacking but the bass thumps nice and deep without ever being muddy or overwhelming, and the mids and top end are delivered with excellent clarity and energy - not a flat 'natural' response, but one very well suited to running or the gym etc.

But I cannot use them and that's thanks to Sennheiser having a stupid remote unit located a few inches along the wire as it hangs out of your left ear. So what happens as you run is the remote dangles about, hitting your cheek or neck because it isn't all that lightweight. Plus you can feel it pulling at your ear as you run and although the headphones stay beautifully in place, the tugging sensation on your left ear is highly irritating. I have tried endlessly to find an arrangement using the provided cable clip to stop this awful dangle and pulling sensation and occasionally i've managed to lessen it but in the end I have simply given up with these. I would seriously be standing on the treadmill for 5, 10 minutes at a time trying to adjust the cable to prevent the problem of the dangling remote.

I don't even care about having a remote! The iPhone is on the treadmill's console right in front of me so if I need to adjust I'll just do it via the iPhone screen, I really really do not need to faff about with a fiddly little dangling remote unit!

It's such a total shame that Sennheiser couldn't just keep it simple and I find it unbelievable that in their own tests of these headphones noone brought this up as a serious design flaw. They could at least put the remote further down the cable so it's not hanging off your ear and slapping your neck. I'm so disappointed as the sound is probably not bettered by any other sports headphones out there. (From what I have read these sound better than the Bose ones and I can very much believe that!)
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on 18 October 2014
I want to give these headphones a five star rating because of their comfort in ear, lightweight, almost unnoticeable feel on the head when running and superior sound quality... Alas, not all is perfect. It seems I'm not the only one who spends irritating amounts of time trying to clip the wire to my top just right so the volume control doesn't knock against my cheek/chin/neck. It's such a shame that this element is wrong because it is such an annoyance, not just a minor irritation but when on long runs, it can become a focus and distraction from all else!

That said, when you clip it in the right place pre-run... They're great! Best headphones I've run with over the past three years. best ear fit, most comfortable, best sound. Till I wrecked them! Well hey, I run a lot...!

Sennheiser... Slight design tweak and these would be perfect!
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on 11 November 2012
Having read up on several other types of earphones for running/gym work I decided to opt for these in preference to the PMX680i. I've tried a few sets of cheaper earphones but as with a few before me, once the proverbial metabolism kicks in on the jogging machine they tend to pop out like corks from a bottle! The ensuing battle to get them to stay in place thereafter is a losing one, a little akin to trying to grip a bar of soap with wet hands.

Fortunately the folks from sen/adidas appear to have found the solution. Having not owned the PMX680i I can't do a physical comparison, but going off pictures/reviews: the headband is thinner, the cable only goes from one ear rather than both, the remote volume switch is easy to use (but sadly only appears to work with apple products, that said the use of apples "voice control" here is really effective), not only are these really lightweight (even lighter than the 680i), the sound is fantastic with an excellent bass.

The headband is comfortable and is that light you wouldn't know it was there. Running it didn't budge at all, you can do sit ups with hands at the side of your head, the only issue might be if you leant your head back on some apparatus. The cable is about 1.2m which isn't too long that it gets in the way, and is itself very sturdy and doesn't seem to want to get tangled!

Have also worn these whilst out on my bike, and although not noise cancelling, this is not detrimental to sound they produce. However, if you have a cycle helmet that is slung low at the back you may have problems keeping the phones in place. I don't wear glasses, but did try them with a pair of sunglasses and although it was noticeable there was something resting on your ears, it wasn't to the point of distraction or annoyance.

All in all I'm very pleased with them, and for anyone like me who had issues with popping ear plug type earphones - this could be your solution!
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on 20 February 2014
Edit: 25/11/14 After the last pair's remote failed again, I decided to take a 3rd punt on these headphones. Why? They sound great and Amazon's policy on return is robust and fair. The third pair arrived but gave out after one week - the remote stopped being responsive to volume change. That's it - I've been patient, I've tried but am now convinced that the manufacturer is selling a faulty product. Never buying a sennheiser product again.

Edit: 28/3/14 Dropped from 5 to 3 stars. After 6 weeks of great use, the same problem others had mentioned happened to me. Suddenly, within a five minute window, the volume drifted up for no reason (so I turned it down), the 'volume up' control on the remote then stopped working and the headphones flicked back and forth between voice mode and music. Essentially, they had a meltdown. After contacting Amazon, they're going to swap them for a new pair - they do have great sound - but if this happens again, I'm done with this model.

After trying - and failing - to get a decent replacement pair of running headphones for less than £30, I bought these. They are brilliant.

1. The sound is incredible. Detailed and bassy.
2. The remote control works well - it's chunky, solid and does what it should (a good fast forward function too).
3. They're light and fit perfectly.

Simple: they cost £50 but they're the best running headphones I've ever had.
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on 2 August 2013
My experience with these super hi-rated headphones has been a sad story.
First brought the previous version PMX 680i, the feeling was very good, very light, every time in place even running fast or jumping, excelent...until that day. During a long run (~18Km) the left earbud died. A lot of money last only 2 or 3 months.

After that desolation, I was looking for alternatives, but again I made the same mistake and bought this one, the new PMX 685i, mainly because of the good reviews and approved by Apple to use with iPhone 5 etc.

After 2 weeks or so using the 685i, I'm confident enough to say that the initial bad experience with Sennheiser was not bad luck!
These version is even worst than the 680i, in the first usages the audio was chocking, apparently the problem was in the jack (proved by a little twist in the cable), still I could live with it and gave it another shot.

Unfortunately today the switch developed issues and is no longer usable:
- The volume controls no longer works
- The micro no longer works also (unable to speak in phone calls).

Conclusion, NEVER EVER buy products from Sennheiser again...
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on 13 February 2015
I'm old enough (now in my mid 50s) to have bought and experienced dozens of pairs of headphones over the years and to remember those ten-band graphic equalisers people used to add to their hi-fi systems.

I bought these to be used when walking the dogs. The ear-bud Sennheisers I've been using sound fine but tend to drop out which is annoying so I thought these would be a good choice. I've had several pairs of Sennheiser headphones over the years and rarely been disappointed.

But these sound horrible - just dreadful. The bass is overwhelming. You can hear nothing but booming bass, with some tinny treble. All the mid-range sounds as though it's coming from three streets away. It's as thought someone's feeding the music through one of those 10-band equalisers, whacked the lowest three sliders up the max, as well as the highest one, and pushed everything else down to zero.

I tried listening to pop, jazz, metal and trance. They all sounded terrible. I guess I should have paid attention to the one-star reviews instead of the five-star ones. Sigh.
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on 17 July 2014
Headphone sound is excellent, they're durable a great fit and still work well even after a sweaty gym session.

However, the down side is whoever decided to put the controller unit in a position that is so high wants shooting. Not only does it snag on shirts with collars on it also is impossible to adjust it unless your doing it blind or take the headphones off.
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2013
The sound on these is excellent , good solid base line and because I have been able to turn down the volume because the sound is so clear my mp3 player battery last longer .. result!
They are very comfortable to wear (tested up to around 90 minutes ) and my only reservation is that sometimes the cable can bang on the plastic head band arm - but you just need to adjust it to stop that
The sound as a I say is great - and it does allow some outside sound in which I prefer because I go road running so it is safer
one unexpected restriction is that because its a fixed arm you can't really share it with someone else - say on a flight , so take another set for that
But for running these are very good indeed - would not use anything else now.
(New Quirk)- when these are plugged into the latest generation Ipod nano it then shows an option on the nano for voice memos - and then the nano will not shut up and voices over the songs announcing them - really frustrating and makes them unusable
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on 23 September 2013
Messed around with the controls all by itself – like a ghost was controlling my music. Volume up, then down. Play then pause then play. Weird.
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