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4.6 out of 5 stars61
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2008
The eco-eye is a nice quality and well finished little gadget. Out of the box it the instructions are clear and it's very easy to set up and start using. The display is large and clear and the buttons are easy to use.

Once working, it provides a continuous, real time display of electricity being used in kilowatts (kW). It also stores an hourly record of past consumption in kW hours.

I have the eco-eye on my desk and can tell at a glance when things are switched on or off anywhere in the house, or are running unnecessarily. This is a real eye-opener and I'd recommend setting it to update the display every four seconds, even if this does reduce battery life. It's sensitive enough to register the use of almost all domestic electrical appliances, even low energy bulbs.

For me the greatest revelation was the level of continuous, 24/7 background energy consumption by fridges, freezers, chargers and appliances on standby etc. I'm now investing in a plug-in monitor to identify the worst culprits.

The stored memory displays electricity consumed during the last hour, day, week, month and year. Apart from the hourly record it insists on displaying this as cost; I would have preferred to see consumption in kW hours, with the cost as an option.

Altogether an excellent, good value product, and the promised future USB connection to copy historical data to a PC will be a useful addition.
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on 28 July 2008
Very simple to set up, the wi-fi part works over a much larger distance than a the p-c wi-fi I have in the house. The sender is in the meter cupboard on the outside of the house - the receiver has no problem picking up the signal anywhere inside the house. The battery saving option ( both the sender and the receiver 'wake up' ever 4 seconds , send the information , then go to sleep again ) means that switching lights and what not off doesn't cause an instant change to the reading , but does within 4 seconds - I can live with that . Using It I now know that 2 freezers we have are costing about £180 a year to run - so one of 'em is going for sure, and I can also tell at a glance if the kids have left the lights on all over the house without having to go see. This is a good tool these days of ever increasing energy costs - One advantage it seems to have over its opposition is that it keeps records of usage so you can see if you are getting any better at saving energy, or just help to estimate how your energy needs change throughout the year ( the manufacturers are also working on a program that can be receive the data on a pc as well as the eco-eye ) see:Eco-Eye Mini Eco Eye Ecoeye Wireless Power Electricity Energy Saving Smart Monitor Meter

In Conclusion:


Does what it does well

simple to install and operate
Simple interface, large numerals
keeps records of past consumption by the day/week/month etc.
If you get bored checking consumption its also a clock

bad :
The colour scheme with the green and blue buttons wouldn't suit everyone's taste ( and although it is very well built,in my view it doesn't look as if it is from a distance because of this colour scheme)
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on 6 February 2010
I have just received my Eco-Eye Mini Eco Eye Wireless Electricity Smart Monitor and within 10 minutes had it working!
The unit came beautifully packed with 'quick start instructions' and more detailed instructions in a seperate booklet.
The unit is astonishingly sensative-you can switch a 60W lamp on and see the displayed KW reading increase by 60W!
It is both fun and very instructive watching the amount of power various items consume!
All those 50W ceiling spots in the kitchen-shudder as you see a 500W increase on the displayed reading!
To my mind, being able to see exactly how much power you are using is by far the most effective way of teaching people to be 'energy conscious',the Government should issue one of these beautiful little meters to every household!
I would thoroughly recommend this 'smart meter'-it is cheap,very accurate,fun and,guaranteed to make you very energy conscious!
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on 16 January 2013
Scare yourself witless with this thing. It's easy to install, though it takes a while to work out what goes where. But once it's working you can sit and watch your money whizzing away. With the dishwasher on, along with the oven and the underfloor heating, I can now see our house is an ecological and environmental nightmare. Great talking point, too.
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on 10 February 2010
I had read a lot about 'smart metering' and how it saves electicity by making you aware of useage and decided to give it a go. Well it certainly works - does what it says on the box very well indeed with good clarity. Installation was simple and I can now tell what appliances I have left on wherever they are!
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on 8 July 2013
I ordered two and I got one of each flavour! i.e one original and 1 of the newer models. Not a problem, in fact perfect as on one I wanted to monitor a flat rate and the other a duel rate supply - so perfect! How did they know? LOL

Set up is easy. Providing you follow the instructions. THAT is the key! RTFM!!!! I had a few issues but all were liveware issues - i.e. me!! Once I actually READ the instructions rather than speeding through them and assuming, everything went sweet as a nut. Having said that - if you don't want or need to change the CO2 factoring, the voltage, the channel number or any of the other 11 configurable bits - you won't have any issues I expect.

Unlike another product I tried, they do have the advertised range as well, so I can see what I am using in every room in the house! It's like - WHAT!!! the dining room lights use WHAT!!! and we won't mention the freezer! If anything will encourage you to save energy this will. Every household needs one.

Oh - and I could not resist trying them both on the same supply and they agreed with each other - nice and re-assuring that.

I went for this model because of the other reviews on here - they cover just about everything so I thought I would just say something about setup and then the use I made of it so far in the first day.

Finally as I type this I am using 295 watts - and I now know that 90 watts is down to all my gear on standby (I am going to be working on that to get it down) 120 watts is the PC I am writing this review on and the rest is that freezer!!!
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on 23 January 2009
This is a really good product - we had great fun over Xmas with it and are now meticulous about turning lights off etc. But once you're aware of the cost of a cup of tea etc the novelty wears off! Shame you can't hire it for a month - I think we may pass ours on to my daughter and give her a wake up call.
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on 20 February 2010
Had to return the first monitor as it was faulty but received a replacement quickly and without fuss. The monitor is excellent and worth the extra money to have a wireless system, I find it responsive and accurate and the only problem is the wife complains because I can now show her how much electricity she wastes leaving all the lights on all the time! Would definitely recommend everyone to have one.
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This smart little gadget takes away the guesswork as to where money is being wasted on electricity, by keeping it observed. It does not save money by itself, so, in order to make savings you have to take control of which items you leave on and which you switch off. It did answer a long standing item of speculation for me - as to whether it was better to leave fluorescent lights on or off; since I was told that starting a fluorescent light used more energy being started than actually running the item. This meter killed that sacred cow stone dead. Now I switch the big fluorescents on when I shall use them for long periods only. I must have wasted a small fortune in the past leaving them on when not needed for a while.
While I think it will take a while to recoup the cost of this meter, at least I can behave in a more informed "greener" manner, and I have bought other switches to ensure that items are switched off at night - not just left on standby. Self help = social responsibility perhaps. This little item takes the guesswork out; but you do have to use it to take advantage of the benefits of running your house more economically.
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on 11 May 2011
this product is addictive -east to connect -no wires-
connected for only a few hours -but cannot stop checking appliances-
would give 5 stars-if it downloaded the info
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