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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£60.62+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 September 2012
Well my boxset arrived this morning and it really is a thing of beauty.

I had managed to pick it up for a fantastic £74.00 from a well known supermarket, so this means each of the 22 Blu-ray films cost me just £3.36, simply astonishing value.

I'll start with the packaging, it appears to have divided opinion judging by other reviews on Amazon, it certainly is different but I think it adds a touch of class to the collection.

Firstly there is an outer-sleeve, it is solidly manufactured of a very thick and strong glossy cardboard, the dimensions are 280mm x 180mm and 45mm thick. It is simply illustrated with 'Bond 50' lettering adorning the front, and little else.

Inside are two individual books, these once again are produced from a high quality glossy cardboard with a nice strong binding and are more or less the same dimensions as the outer-sleeve, although they are both 20mm thick.

Each book contains 6 pages, and each page has 2 disc holders; the pages are once more made of sturdy stuff, 2mm thick, and I like the disc holders. Doubtless some will say that they don't offer much protection, but I disagree; the discs are held firmly in place when the 'books' are closed and then surrounded by the outer-sleeve, I personally think the discs are better protected than in normal packaging!

The pages within each book are illustrated with scenes from the accompanying films, and next to each disc holder there is lettering showing the year of the films release with a picture of one of the beautiful 'Bond girls' from said film.

The contents of each book are:

Book 1

Page 1 - Dr No & From Russia with Love
Page 2 - Goldfinger & Thunderball
Page 3 - You Only Live Twice & On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Page 4 - Diamond are Forever & Live and Let Die
Page 5 - The Man with the Golden Gun & The Spy Who Loved Me
Page 6 - Moonraker & For Your Eyes Only

Book 2

Page 1 - Octopussy & A View to a Kill
Page 2 - The Living Daylights & Licence to Kill
Page 3 - Goldeneye - Tomorrow Never Dies
Page 4 - The World is Not Enough & Die Another Die
Page 5 - Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace
Page 6 - [Empty disc holder for 'Skyfall'] & 'Bonus disc'

A minor criticism for me is that there is no information on what each disc contains alongside the feature, I don't consider this to be a big deal though as the main contents of each disc generally relate to the actual film.

The set is described as having over 120 hours of extras, here are the extra contents of each disc:

Dr No - (Over 3 hours)

Commentary with Director Terence Young and cast and crew; 6 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

From Russia with Love - (Over 3 hours)

Commentary with Director Terence Young and cast and crew; 2 Featurettes; Animated Storyboard Sequence; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

Goldfinger - (Over 3 hours)

Commentary with Director Guy Hamilton; Commentary with the cast and crew; 3 Featurettes; Original Screen Tests with Theodore Bikel and Tito Vandis; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Original Publicity Featurette; Original Radio Interviews With Sean Connery; Photo Galleries.

Thunderball - (Over 6 hours)

Commentary with Director Terence Young and cast and crew; 2 Featurettes; Animated Storyboard Sequence; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

You Only Live Twice - (Over 4 hours)

Commentary with Director Lewis Gilbert and cast and crew; 4 Featurettes; Animated Storyboard Sequence; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - (Over 4 hours)

Commentary with Director Peter Hunt and cast and crew; 4 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

Diamond are Forever - (Over 4 hours)

Commentary with Director Guy Hamilton and cast and crew; 3 Featurettes; Deleted Scenes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots.

Live and Let Die - (Over 7 hours)

Commentaries with Director Guy Hamilton, Roger Moore and Tom Mankiewicz; 3 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

The Man with the Golden Gun - (Over 5 hours)

Commentary with Director Guy Hamilton and the cast and crew; Commentary with Roger Moore; 2 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

The Spy who Loved Me - (Over 5 hours)

Commentary with Director Lewis Gilbert and cast and crew; Commentary with Roger Moore; 3 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; TV and radio spots.

Moonraker - (Over 5 hours)

Commentary with Director Lewis Gilbert and cast and crew; Commentary with Roger Moore; 4 Featurettes; Original Theatrical Trailer; Photo Gallery.

For Your Eyes Only - (Over 7 hours)

Commentary with Director John Glen and the cast and crew; Commentary with Roger Moore; Commentary with Producer Michael G. Wilson and crew; 4 Featurettes; Animated Storyboard Sequences for Snowmobile Chase & Underwater; Music Video performed by Sheena Easton; Deleted Scenes and Expanded Angles; Original Theatrical Trailer, TV and radio spots; Photo Galleries.

Octopussy - (Over 6 hours)

Commentary with Director John Glen; Commentary with Roger Moore; 4 Featurettes;
Original Screen Tests with James Brolin; "All Time High" Music Video; Original Theatrical Trailers.

A View to a Kill - (Over 6 hours)

Commentary with Director John Glen and the cast and crew; Commentary with Roger Moore; 4 Featurettes; A View to a Kill Music Video performed by Duran Duran;
Original Theatrical Trailers and TV spots.

The Living Daylights - (Over 5 hours)

Commentary with Director John Glen and cast and crew; 3 Featurettes; Deleted scenes with introductions from Director John Glen; The Living Daylights Music Video performed by A-Ha; Original Theatrical Trailers.

Licence to Kill - (Over 6 hours)

Commentary with Director John Glen and cast; Commentary with Producer Michael G. Wilson and crew; 3 Featurettes; Licence to Kill Music Video performed by Gladys Knight; "If You Asked Me To" Music Video Performed by Patti LaBelle; Opening Titles Sequence; Original Theatrical Trailers; Photo Galleries.

Goldeneye - (Over 5 hours)

Commentary with Director Martin Campbell and Producer Michael G. Wilson; 8 Featurettes; Deleted scenes; GoldenEye Music Video performed by Tina Turner.

Tommorow Never Dies - (Over 9 hours)

Commentary with Director Roger Spottiswoode and Dan Petrie, Jr; Commentary with Vic Armstrong and Producer Michael G. Wilson; 2 Featurettes; Interview with Composer David Arnold; Deleted and Extended Scenes with introduction from Director Roger Spottiswoode; Tomorrow Never Dies Music Video performed by Sheryl Crow; The James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version).

The World is Not Enough - (Over 6 hours)

Commentary with Director Michael Apted; Commentary with Peter Lamont, David Arnold and Vic Armstrong; 4 Featurettes; Opening Titles Sequence; The World Is Not Enough Music Video performed by Garbage; Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scene; Original Theatrical Trailer; Photo Galleries.

Die Another Day - (Over 8 hours)

Commentary with Director Lee Tamahori and Producer Michael G. Wilson; Commentary with Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike; 5 Featurettes; MI6 Datastream Trivia Track with Branching Video; Opening Titles Sequence; Photo Galleries.

Casino Royale - (Over 1 hour)

Becoming Bond; James Bond: For Real; Chris Cornell Music Video.

Quantum of Solace - (Over 1 hour)

2 Featurettes; "Another Way to Die" Music Video; Original Theatrical Trailers.

'Bonus Disc' - (Over 2 hours)

'The World of Bond' - A look at the style and attitude that is signature Bond. From the cars, to the women, to the villains and the music. The World of Bond takes the viewer through the best of five decades worth of classic James Bond in one thrilling montage. The World of Bond featurette also has a Pop-Up Trivia option to challenge even the sharpest of fans with little known facts and interesting trivia from the Bond Universe.

'Being Bond' - Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig each reflect on the impact and importance of taking on such a famous role.

'Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style'

'SKYFALL Videoblogs' - behind-the-scenes look at the making of SKYFALL from the cast and crew.


The extras on the feature film discs are all the ones included on previous releases, but that is no bad thing because they are really superb and there is so much information provided.

The 'Bonus disc' does contain new material, and brings us very much up to date with some really good footage of the upcoming 'Skyfall'.

The quality of the Blu-rays is simply superb, and it is evident that a great deal of time and money has been spent on these transfers.

I have owned all the films in many formats, and for the last ten years I have been watching them predominantly on the DVD's issued in the late 90's; these were a big improvement at the time, but watching the films now in HD takes it to a new level.

I watched 'Dr No' this morning and it is so hard to believe that it is 50 years old! The detailing on the clothing, the surface textures, the lines on the faces, and the richness of the colours is a sight to behold. In fact the image has such clarity that you can see just how much make-up the actors are wearing and the blood used looks like paint!

The audio department has not been forgotten either, everything is so much clearer and the definition from the quietest sound to the largest explosion is amazing, the difference between 5.1 and stereo really is night and day.

All the films feature subtitles and audio tracks in several languages and there are also subtitles for the hearing impaired on all films, with audio description tracks on several of the features.

All the discs bar 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace' are Region Free.


Overall I am so chuffed with this set, it is beautifully produced and is a true collectors piece in every sense of the word; it is just about the most complete set of the Bond series that could have been produced.

There can be very few people who have a liking for the Bond films that don't already have many, if not all of, the films on DVD, I too have the complete set; this should not be a reason for not buying this set however, the Blu-Rays are in a different league and I would guess that the current packaging will not continue in the long term, so there is a good chance that with time these sets will become quite collectible.


Update 19th October 2012

I have now watched all the films, in order, and must say they do not disappoint!

As expected the more recent outings look the best, but for me it was the huge improvements in the older films that provided the most enjoyment.

Standouts for me were 'Goldfinger', 'Thunderball' and 'The Spy Who Loved Me', with 'Thunderball' in particular looking absolutely amazing; the film never quite did it for me previously if I'm honest, but on Blu-ray it was a completely different experience and the underwater scenes are now some the most memorable from the whole series for me.

If I'm being critical I would say that the 'Bonus disc' is slightly disappointing, the 'footage' of 'Skyfall' is lacking and offers no insight into the new film; however, when the aforementioned film is released on Blu-ray (with all its expected extras) and put in with this boxset that won't be a real issue.

I also found the 'Quantum of Solace' disc a little bit of a let down, it is clearly the original release and as such the menu screens are different from EVERY other disc; however, I would say that the film was better than I remember (having only watched it at the cinema and then a couple of times on DVD over eighteen months a go), it looks fantastic in HD and the film is definitely not the disappointment that some would have you believe.

This boxset is simply stunning.

With a price of just over £4.00 a Blu-ray I think it is undoubtedly the best value Blu-Ray boxset on the market, just about every film is good at the very least (apart from the awful 'Die Another Day', I'm afraid all the HD in the world won't save it, thus proving the old adage that you can't polish a ****!) and there are so many memories for just about everyone who has an interest in films!
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on 28 September 2012
I pre ordered this box set with great anticipation being a lifelong Bond fan. Already have the DVD's but was tempted by all the films in blu ray in a single box set. I wasn't dissapointed. The films were taken from the original prints and cleaned up with loving care. The result is the best quality I have seen for these classic films. Absolutely stunning. Dr. No looks like it was filmed yesterday and just set in the 60's! Lots of extras too and a whole disc of new extras. All for a great price too. A great buy and a must for any Bond fan. Even has an empty sleeve in the packaging for Skyfall when it is released on blu ray in 2013. Recommended.
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on 8 November 2012
I noticed that there aren't many reviews for the DVD version of this product on this page; many of the reviews are actually for the BluRay version, and while the two appear similar, they are actually totally different products.

This box set contains all 22 currently available James Bond films that have been made by Eon (so this doesn't include Sean Connery's 'Never Say Never Again', but most fans don't consider that to be part of the main series. Each film is presented on a different disk, all of which are contained in a neat box that will fit neatly on your DVD shelf. The DVDs are contained in digipaks, each of which holds two discs, and while this isn't necessarily the safest way to present disks, it seems a lot more robust than the BluRay equivalent (of which there have been complaints about).

Unlike the more expensive BluRay edition, the DVD edition comes with no special features of which to speak. While this initially bothered me (I'm a bit of a special-features geek), I was not willing to part with an extra forty pounds just for a lot of special features. Saying that, the DVD edition does feel a little bit lacking. The quality of the films is very much as you'd expect, considering the ages of some of them.

The display packaging itself is particularly nice. The grey bars that appear on the top and bottom of the product image are actually part of a cardboard backing, and is only really for sale use. When you remove the film wrapping, this simply falls away, leaving you with a much cleaner-looking and well presented box set. The inside cover contains black and white photographs of every Bond.

In addition, the boxset contains a space for Skyfall on DVD, when it is released early next year. While this is an odd choice, it does avoid the usual feeling of being sold a boxset just before it becomes obsolete, because its no longer the "complete" series.

All in all, an excellent boxset if all you're after are the films that have formed the backbone of the 007 franchise for the last 50 years. If you want anything extra, then you'll need to look to the BluRay edition...

Also, it should be mentioned that I already owned many of the films on DVD (8 in total), but this turned out to be the cheapest way to complete my set. When some of the individual films are selling for as much as £15 each, £50 for 22 films isn't such a bad price!
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on 27 October 2012
This really should be a five star release. The restoration work and transfers are quite simply stunning. I started watching them in chronological order, got to Diamonds Are Forever And it wouldn't load. Took it out and there's a big crack running from the centre circle about 1.5cm into the disc. OK, these thing happen. Speedy Amazon replaced within two days.

When the second set arrived I thought it would be prudent to visually check all the discs. I find in the replacement set two 'The Living Daylights', and no 'Goldeneye'. Good job I haven't yet sent the first set back.

All in all one star docked for the crappy quality control.

I've read somewhere else that other buyers have had the same problem with duplicated discs, not sure if it was on Amazon though.

If you haven't yet checked yours, then it might be a good idea to do so.
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on 13 January 2014
Let me begin by saying; I've been a Bond fan since the 2006 reboot (because of how young I am, not because of a fault in the old movies). This Christmas, I then received a sizable cash gift from my grandmother, and I decided that now was the time to watch all the old Bond movies and see what it was all about.
As a collector (and student who doesn't own a Blu-Ray player), I started out by searching the internet for the best version of all the movies collected. Of all the international Amazon websites, only the was able to provide a box set containing all the movies in 2-disc collector's editions and Skyfall included. If you are a collector like me, and don't mind spending the extra money, I highly recommend picking up the French Bond 50 DVD box set, over the British edition, which has very limited extras and comes without Skyfall.

So far I've watched 11 of the included 23 movies (again, please note; the UK edition comes without Skyfall), and I must say I have enjoyed them all immensely. They are not all of equal standard, but every movie has something special of its own, and is part of a greater whole in this box set.

The video quality is exceptional for DVD. In this manner the set stands out for having the Ultimate Edition transfers from around 2008. They all look beautiful, but many of the transfers are ever so slightly overscanned. This, however, is no more than most recent DVDs, and unless you are watching on a PC monitor, will be hidden by the edge of your TV. Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall are all from their original transfers (2006, 2009 and 2013, respectively), which all look exceptional. The UK editions are equal in picture to the French edition.

On the audio side of things is where it gets interesting. Whereas the UK edition contains both Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and DTS 5.1, the French edition "unfortunately" only has Dolby Digital 5.1 in English - the DTS soundtrack is reserved for the French dub. On my system, however, I was hardly able to hear the difference, and only the most recent of the films sounded even slightly better on the DTS soundtrack. This would not have been even close to a dealbreaker to me, had I discovered it before buying.

The French version comes with English HOH subtitles on all of the movies.

The menus are in French on all the Ultimate Editions in the French box, but even the slightest knowledge of linguistics (or minimal trial and error) will steer you through without any troubles, as all the features and special features play with English soundtracks by default.

Now, on to those extras: The French set contains every bit of extras released for Bond 1: Dr. No through Bond 20: Die Another Day, as well as Quantum of Solace. The only missing parts are the third disc of the Casino Royale Deluxe Edition (I recommend you pick that up ASAP) and the Blu-Ray exclusive features from Skyfall. As you may have read elsewhere, the exclusive bonus disc from the Blu-Ray edition is hardly worth the upgrade. As an added bonus, the French version of Casino Royale included here, is the uncut version, unlike the UK set, which has been censored in one scene.

Packaging is another great reason to buy the French set - despite the text on the box being in French, the packaging is far better than UK version. The set opens like a chest, with the the attached on top. Inside all the movies are stored in individual slimcases, with two discs in each, except for Skyfall, which is in a standard-size keepcase, with a single disc. The whole thing is wrapped inside a slipcover, going all the way around the case, explaining the contents (again in French) on the back. It's a beautiful, glossy (but not shiny or indented) box that you will enjoy displaying. The one downside to the box is that to take out one movie, you'll have to take out each DVD on top, as they are stacked rather than lined up inside.
However, on the whole, the horizontal display and the individual cases inside, make this set far preferable over the cramped artwork and impractical packaging of the UK edition. If all else fails (or when the next Bond movie comes out in 2015), you can always take out the cases and display them side-by-side on your shelf.
The UK edition has a slot for Skyfall, but does not include it.

French edition: Highly recommended for the collector, 5 stars.
UK edition: Equally highly recommended, if you only care about the movies, 4 stars.

Apart from this box set, two more Bond movies exist: Casino Royale from 1967 and Never Say Never Again from 1983. These movies are official James Bond movies, but were produced by other companies than the rest of the series. I recommend that you go out and buy these elsewhere. If you can play Region 1 DVDs, I'd recommend you buy both in their recent Collector's Editions from America. If not, get the standard edition of Casino Royale from the UK and the German or French version of Never Say Never Again, in order to get the uncut movie.
Furthermore, you may want to get the new 2012 documentary Everything or Nothing from the UK. It's a great watch for any long-time fan of the series.
NB: Casino Royale is censored in the UK version and you have to buy Skyfall individually for the UK set as well.

Happy watching!
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on 8 October 2012
Without going through every review,i can't be sure,but i get the impression that almost every review on here is for the blu-ray box set and not the standard one. I'm sure hidden away there are some but the majority talk about the more expensive blu-ray set which gives a false reading for the overall score! I have purchased the cheaper version,partly because i can't afford almost a hundred pounds...and partly because i'm not that bothered about all the extras,all i want to do is watch the films! I see some bright spark has given it one star for having no bonus didn't think to check first!? My score is based on the quality of the films and to me they are fine,if i wanted to spend a hundred pounds i would have done! So i'm happy with the item i purchased.
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on 1 July 2015
This really is a first class box set. The picture quality and sound is top notch, especially on the earlier films, and the restoration job performed is pretty much faultless. I completely agree with the other reviewers who have gone into far more detail on those aspects, they really have to be seen to be believed. There are a couple of minor niggles that take the gloss off but only a little bit. The first is the bonus disc and, more precisely, the Being Bond segment. This was quite a draw for me as I thought, with it being the 50th anniversary, it would feature new interviews with the six actors who played Bond giving some insight into the role. Sadly, what you get is a 3 minute compilation of bits from old interviews that you've probably seen elsewhere in the past. It's very disappointing. The other slight letdown is the Quantum of Solace disc. This is basically the regular blu ray with a different label stuck on top. This means the menu doesn't match all the other discs, it is the only disc to contain trailers for unrelated films (none of the other discs have any ads or trailers) and it is also the only disc not to contain a commentary track (there is a commentary on Casino Royale, despite what the Amazon listing says). This just feels lazy in comparison to the other 21 films and does elicit an "Oh" when seen for the first time. As I said, these are minor niggles and you shouldn't let them detract from the superb collection that is on offer. If you like Bond, you'll love this set.
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on 6 January 2015
This is a magnificent set. The quality of the film transfers to Blu-Ray is in my opinion generally very good and the films look marvellous because of it, the sound has the limitations of the time the films were made, but is definitely better than in previous prints that I have seen.
The package itself looks very handsome on the shelf and I like the way that the discs are stored and presented.
The absolute best part of this set though is the huge amount of extra features that are available on each disc as well as the extra disc dedicated to them. There are far too many to go into in detail but some of my favourites are the commentaries with surviving crew members on the early films, the hour long TV special from you only live twice that is so totally mad that it must be a product of its time and the image gallery from Thunderball with the exotic location shooting.
Every Bond fan should have this set as the bedrock of their collection!
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on 21 August 2015
Fabulous - bought as a gift and it's great! When there's nothing good to watch on TV we all get the Bond set out.
Until the new ones were released, this had a section for Skyfall (as the disc hadn't come out yet), but the section is there for it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any other room so when Sceptre comes out we'll have to buy a separate DVD - Obviously, this is resolved if you don't like one of the DVDs and you just get rid of them, but then of course (and to some), would ruin the collection.
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on 26 October 2014
This isn't a review for the films (I can't imagine anyone buying this if they or the person they're buying for doesn't already love Bond), but the set itself. It's in two parts that each fold out like a book with a nice smooth movement and classy-looking sheen. It'd make a great gift for a Bond lover.
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