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on 20 November 2013
I've had this camera for 5 months, never once had a single issue with it despite dropping it a few times with and without it's protective case on. As I use it for moto-vlogging I drilled a hole in the bottom of the waterproof case in order to allow a microphone to be plugged in whilst in the case, This still keeps it completely weather proof I just can't use this case for any underwater shots (not that I intend to) .

The upside of drilling a bottom hole for the mic is I never get the problem with fogging up when the camera warms up like some people have reported.

Mount options are limited out of the box but with a little bit of ingenuity you can pretty much mount it any way you like for very little cost, for side helmet mounting I simply purchased a £4 roll of heavy duty velcro (rated to 15kg) and have kitted out 5 helmets and still have 80% of the roll left. I have ridden at 110mph+ without issues and can easily pick the helmets by the camera without it coming loose, I used a three velcro strip stairstep effect on the camera body velcro to compensate for horizontal tilt caused by most helmets.

Image stabilizer is one of the best I've seen, far out stripping consumer compact digi cams versions. Nighttime recording is phenomenal! often pulling in more light than the human eye, I have recorded at night where it was pitch black sky to my eyes but on the video you can still see the haze of blue sky and lighter horizon almost like it's early evening, although I would always recommend switching off steady cam in low light to greatly improve image quality. I also have the more expensive Dogcam DVR system but the Sony beats it in every respect. If I ever break or lose the AS15 I would buy another in a heartbeat.

* Superb image quality
* Image Stabilization
* Night Time/Low Light performance
* Good Battery Life (2+Hrs constant record / wifi off) and low cost spares available (£4 each for third party ones that last the same amount of time)
* Super lightweight and low profile (good for helmet mounting)

* Mounting options out of the box limited (but DIY solutions easy to implement)
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on 23 July 2014
I bought this camera for skiing and for snorkelling. The headband attachment has both the advantages of working very well and stopping you having to look like a d@ckhead with a camera stuck on the top of your helmet!!!!

Take good quality video for both uses, it handles changing from light to dark well.

Glad i bought it and I'd definitely buy the same camera again.
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on 15 November 2014
The image is what I was expecting
The image stabilization also very decent

But unless you drill some holes in the CASE you will experience fogging. Even with holes you might experience them if they are not in the right place. After 15 minutes the cam gets hot and FOGGING will start. Now I have 4 holes in mine and it is working perfectly. I bought the MPK AS3 for underwater and with the holes I get some audio as well. SONY should have thought of all that.
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on 28 November 2013
This is a well-made piece of kit, as one would expect from Sony. However, you will have to download an app to your device to move the images to it, which seems a bit clunky to me and you end up with hundreds of clips with filenames like: BC1123s346 that you have to differentiate...... when you're taking lots of snorkelling clips, the thumbnail images all look the same, so choosing what to keep, edit, etc. is a pain. This could be improved.

The underwater housing works really well and I never ad any probs with this. However, the main other issue is that underwater imagery is poor. I took loads in Greece this summer and it seems that the camera's processor can't handle the light conditions. There is excessive "sparkle" and whites appear diffuse/ unclear and tteh general impression is one of "blur". I believe there may be firmware updates but not sure if this has been considered.

The "out of water" images are fantastic, even when not on HD, and we had a lot of fun with the super-slo-mo while jumping off the cliffs into the sea in Greece......... but it's now November, so I'm trying not to think about it!
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on 25 July 2013
didnt have time for a full review, so heres what i dont like,

1. fogs up inside the protective case, sonys solution for there design pay for some silica pads that slip inside, youd think theyd throw some in with the kit, and they have to be special thin ones, the mountain of ones ive got in packaging dont fit.

2. Random switching off, empty card-check, under 40DegC-Check, wifi switched off after setup- check, press record and switch on hold-check.........still does it.

3. Poor micro sd slot, theyve made it compatable with there m2 card so the slot its slightly bigger, it takes several attempts for the AS to find the card.

4. the crappy lower cover for the external sockets, feels like its gonna snap off, it hasnt yet.

5. wifi could do with more reliability and double range, no app for windows phone that i could find

i might just have a bad one, overall its the right price in comparison to others, the specs great, and it more aerodynamic (not like having 1/2 brick straped to your helmet), wifi good for android or apple for setting up.
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on 6 May 2013
I bought this in lieu of a GoPro for 2 reasons
1. It was cheaper ,and a video review quite correctly stated that the GoPro was more attuned to sunnier climes than those found in UK
2. The Gopro was accused of "freezing" & locking up....didn't want to chance it

OK that's 3 reasons.......
Anyway, delighted with the quality, features and the lack of accessories (compaed to Gopro) doesn't bother me one little bit....I'm not using the camera for surfing, biking etc
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on 1 January 2014
An accomplished HD action video camera in a very small package. Once tha latest firmware version is installed, 60 PS at full 1080p is possible as one of the number of video settings. Because the camera has a rounded case, it has to be mounted in its protective clear carrier to be attached to a tripod or stood on a flat surface. This has the disadvantage of covering the stereo microphone and much reduces the capture of sound. The quality of the recorded video is excellent and the sound capture, if not in the protective case, is equally good.
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on 12 June 2014
I bought this camcorder as an alternative to the GoPro, as I was told that they were of similar quality. The camcorder was a neat little thing, image stabilising wasn't quite as effective as I had hoped it would be, but seemed good enough value for the price. (However, since purchasing I have come to discover that the GoPro 3 produces footage that is noticeably more stable and of better clarity and colour.)

My main issue with this camcorder is that when it was still fairly new, I wore it out sailing on the headband. However, the plastic clasp on the headband failed and the camcorder flipped off and into the ocean. Camcorders sink quite quickly and despite my boyfriend jumping in after it, it was gone forever. Sony says it is not their problem and as I cant afford to purchase a new one, that is it for me. Since then, my boyfriend has purchased a GoPro3, with all accessories (including an attachable float and a floating wriststrap) for not a huge amount more that what I paid for the Sony. In hinsight, perhaps that would have been a better investment for myself.
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on 12 October 2013
Hi Everyone.
I purchased the HDR-AS15 action cam before going to the Maldives. The specific purpose was for videoing during diving. I liked the shape of the Sony, because it fits neatly in the palm of the hand, which should allow for great angle shots while diving - as opposed to the GoPro, which is less ergonomic from this point of view. The Sony underwater case also allows a very impressive 60 meter depth limit, way deeper than I dive as a recreational diver. These were my primary reasons for opting for the Sony over the competition.

I purchased the camera on 27th Sept 2013, when I got to the Maldives and started to have a play with my new purchase I did not find the menu to be very intuitive and the instruction manual was limited in content and not that clear to follow the rather odd menu flow-path diagram. I also noted that my smart phone was not included in the list of 'models' confirmed as being able to interface with the HDR-AS15 and without the Wi-Fi interface it was not possible to change the white balance for underwater use. Luckily however I noted there was a firmware update for the HDR-AS15 and duly downloaded it and installed it. This gave direct access from the camera to change the white balance between `underwater' and above water (or as Sony call it 'Normal' white balance).

I have to say I was surprised to note that the firmware in my brand new camera was significantly out of date compared to the latest release downloaded. It appears Sony have pushed this product to market untested and are running to try to make it a more user-friendly.

I was now all set and ready to go diving. I had purchased 2 micro SDHC cards, each of 32 GB, which when I put the first one in the camera, I found I would get over 4 hours of HD 30fps recording. I also purchased a spare battery but doing 2 fifty minute dives per day I found the supplied battery easily capable of recording the day's action and still having spare capacity.

Each day I downloaded the data from the camera to my wife's notebook but as the screen resolution is not HD I could not really assess the footage until I got home.

Needless to say, I now have almost 8 hours of underwater footage and every single moment of it is really annoyingly just out of focus. I have some footage from the boat of Dolphins swimming along side the boat and that is all perfectly in focus - The camera was still in the waterproof housing. I also have some footage around the hotel, shot without the waterproof housing and that too is in focus. The conclusion is that the domed waterproof casing lens has not been designed to compensate for the diffraction of light when underwater.

I am really disappointed that all the footage is useless because it is out of focus. I am particularly disappointed because some of the subjects filmed, in particular what should have been some really impressive close up encounters with a Green Sea Turtle, Eagle Rays and Manta Rays are ruined because the waterproof case lens is not suitable for underwater filming. What is the point of a waterproof case if it does not allow you to film underwater. A complete waste of time and money! I should have opted for the GoPro.
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on 31 July 2013
Before I decided to buy Sony action cam, I did proper research of all mini cams on the market, including brands that I have never heard before.
Some of them were fascinating by price like 89£ and more or less fine HD picture but they didn't have some good extra bits that a little bit more expensive cams did.
I did have chance to try Gopro Hero 2 and Gopro Hero 3 black before, but i was not been fascinated by sound quality, and especially price. So after reading an article in Broadcast TECH magazine, I found that Sony can be only proper competitor to Hero 3 Black. Youtube helped a lot. There are amazing reviews done by people who own couple of mini cams including sony and in all of them quality of sound is brilliant in comparison with other manufacturers on a market.
After i found this cam for 169£ on amazon I just decided to buy it and hope that all I read and seen on youtube is more or less true - and it was.

Camera came in box with underwater housing, and couple of sticky mounts for helmet.
Picture and sound quality is really good. Steady shot technology really work. Battery life is excellent. Camera it self is so small and light so you can barely feel it.
Wifi works better than on hero3 black.
Waterproof housing is nicely sealed and easy to use. When camera is inside it's easy to put it in to record but if you want to change any other setting s you have to take it out. Sound recording while cam is inside this housing is not brilliant any more, but still better than hero 3 black.
Bad thing is that if this mini cam is not in sort of housing or some type of holder it cant stand on a flat surface like table, it will just roll on side because of it's round body design.
There are couple of extra holders to buy for this camera too, but at this point Go pro have more of interesting stuff to offer on market, but if you are a creative person some of them you can build on your own.
For the end I can say if you want to save money and have really good results go for Sony.
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