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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
Price:£115.99+ Free shipping
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on 4 December 2012
I bought this TV for £133 on Amazon's Black Friday promotion but had it been just £33 it would still not have been worth it. It has excellent connectivity with 3 HDMI connections, a VGA connection, a SCART connection and sound inputs and outputs however that is the only good point about it. The picture is very poor indeed, with colours that manage to be both unrealistic and blurry at the same time. On moving objects there is noticeable motion blurring and when using the computer input the resultant image is so unsharp as to be almost unusable. Yet all of these aren't the worst thing about it, that accolade is reserved for the sound. Yes, other people have commented on how bad it is but however bad you might expect it to be, it will be worse than you think possible.
As an example in our pretty 'cosy' sitting room (with no other noise at all) and with the volume on the TV turned up to the absolute maximum it was still impossible to hear a football commentary clearly. It is difficult to describe the sound since I have never heard anything like it before. It was muffled, tinny and as fuzzy as the picture.
I'm very surprised indeed that any manufacturer would allow such a flawed and defective product to be sold and Amazon to still be selling it. It is all packed up and awaiting collection.
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on 3 January 2013
Good connectivity
Simple menu structure
Configurable picture and sound settings
Good bright picture
Good black levels

No Freeview HD
No PVR support
Terrible sound from the speakers
Poor EPG

Mixed bag here. The sound is so bad you wonder why they bothered to put speakers in in the first place. However, in my experience this is now the case for nearly all flat panel tvs. The inbuilt speakers face the wrong direction for a start!! Solution is find yourself a speaker system that works for your it sound bar , plinth, cinema system, iPod dock speakers, PC speakers...whatever works for your room and set-up. as long as you buy these ultra slim panel tvs i think you should go into it knowing the sound will be awful. Much worse than the box based CRTs or the "fatter" LCD/Plasma TVs of a few years ago with outward facing speakers built into the front panel (rather than the back/bottom of the panel as they mostly now are).

My personal opinion on the picture is its decent. Not the last word in HD but there's enough configuration option to find picture setting that suits your taste. I haven't noticed the motion blur or softness that some of the reviewers have but these impressions are likely to change with the individual.

The EPG is strangely poor showing only now and next and using purely white text on a black background. its no show stopper but its overly simple..that's generally the design ethos of the user interface I'd say "simple"...they've just gone a bit too far with that when it comes to the EPG. On the other hand there's a really nice "list" view that brings up all of the channels in boxes in the screen (think wii channels but without the motion of the channel). You get to this view with a single click of the remote. Great. However, no programme detail so if you don't know what you want to watch you have to press home>programmes (2 presses) for the now/next epg. As I said a mixed bag.

I bought this on an Amazon lightning deal £139.99 and overall I'm pleased with the purchase. WAF (wife acceptance factor) good.
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on 9 December 2012
Unfortunately, this TV is an absolute joke. It's so bad it is unreal. Just to let you know how bad it is, I am a man where as long as a product is somewhat decent I would not care about returning it or complain but this TV is on another level.

I bought it in black Friday deals for £139.99 to replace my 10 year old Panasonic and haven't come close to being as good as my Panasonic was. I know people have said the sound is bad but unless you listen to it personally, you would not have heard anything so painful before on a TV. As for the picture, I can't say it's very bad but it is blurry at times. The remote doesn't even catch. You have to press the button many times. These weren't even the worst factors for me. The worst is the slowness of the TV. No joke, it takes about a minute and half to get from A-B on the really poor quality TV guide. You actually waste your life trying to view the TV guide and scroll between channels. You can only access the EPG through the main menu and it's not even laid out well. If you're like me and like to view the TV guide using the EPG then this is not for you. I actually thought about putting my old £15 freeview box because of the EPG but what is the point in buying a freeview TV and having to put a freeview box on it.

I actually found out that Philips sold its television division about a year ago so their TV's aren't what they use to do. It is apparently an unknown company that is just selling them as Philips. On this basis I feel like I have been had and Philips have really let me down. It is annoying because when I purchased it, there had no reviews and I couldn't find any information about it on-line. Well, the fact that Philips TV's aren't Philips any more would explain why.

Bottom line, this TV is only good for you, if you're hard of hearing, only wish to watch between channels 1-5 as using the EPG takes months from your life and you're happy to press the control many times. Also be prepared to buy a weekly TV guide of again you want to save some of your life.

I am sending it back for a full refund but it is a nightmare to get my money back. Went through the link as you do to book a Yodel collection and they didn't turn up. Spent the whole day waiting for them. It's just an ongoing nightmare.

Edit 10/12/12: Amazon arranged for City Link to collect it today after yodel didn't turn up and they didn't turn up. They have arranged collection again for tomorrow. It seems that Amazon know how bad this TV is can't be bothered to even collect it.
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on 4 January 2013
Picture is bad with auto fill constantly moving and colour quality changing to. I thought it was my DVD player but no. Spend more money and get a better TV
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on 23 November 2012
This TV was purchased to complete a 3 monitor set up for gaming, TV watching and any other general activities. The Sound quality is not amazing, there is a clear tin like quality no matter what EQ setting you use. The Picture quality is competent on full screen viewing and for lower resolution text, it boosts a 1920*1080 led display. Sadly this is the TV's only merit, once placed next to my existing 22" monitors the poor quality of: text, pictures and anything that wasn't full screen. The difference was to be quite frank painful to switch between the monitors. Apart from this the GUI for brightness and sound is a well tested method of picking a mode for example: Photography or Cinema mode for brightness and News or Sport for sound. Although this is very user friendly an advanced option to set custom brightness and sound levels would make life an awful lot easier. In regards to connectivity this TV has everything you would want: 3 * HDMI, Component, Scart and VGA along with a few other audio options, also included is a easy to use remote with both the EU and UK variant of power plugs. To Conclude my main issue with this TV is poor sound and picture quality, it is something I would expect to see on a £100 monitor but for the £230 list price or even the £150 lighting deal price this TV is just outclassed by others in this price range. For alternatives stick to LG or Samsung. Personally I have decided to return this product as it is just not fit for the job I intended it for.
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on 23 November 2012
I purchased this TV to replace a smaller unit that is only used in the bedroom.

First impressions are good, easy to setup out of the box. Auto detection of all freview channels. Plugged a USB with some films on it in to the TV and it automatically recognized it and listed the files.

Picture quality good, sound not as good. Very easy to use. nice well presented menus.

Wouldn't recommend as a main TV but as a bedroom unit it's very, very good.
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on 1 January 2013
Bought this TV for my daughter, who is 14, as she needed a new TV for her bedroom. I have only been able to comment now, as I purchased a few weeks ago, as she has had it up and running since Christmas Day and is over the moon with it. To be honest I don't know where some of these poor reviews are coming from, my husband set it up for her, and is pretty good with all our tech. so it will have been done correctly. We have no issues with either the sound or picture.
I paid Black Friday Deal Price, which was the most I was willing to pay for a bedroom TV.
The only annoying thing was we were looking to see if you could wall mount on an arm, to save room on her dressing table, lets just say we were not taking a drill to the back of a new TV !! There are no pre-drilled holes !! It's on the supplies stand on her dressing table. Shame. We have another brand of TV ourselves which came ready to wall mount, and we just bought the arm for the wall, brilliant. I can honestly say the instructions were a bit ambiguous to say the least.
However, other than lack of wall mounting and ambiguous instruction booklet we have no issues with this TV at all. We have 4 diff. brands around the house, so I can draw reasonable comparison. My daughter thinks its the bees knees, and there's plenty of mod cons on it too, read a tech review for that, I'm just the mum that bought it !!
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on 29 November 2012
No wall-mount option, this is just ridiculous from a brand like Phillips, and they should mention it in the product details.
Slow changing channels
Auto starts to USB if inserted
Cant adjust sound while reading USB files
USB files recognition is great, plays mp4 and avi without issues.
Good image and good sound and for this price you wont get 100Hz refresh with other brands.

Overall: its a good tv for its price but it is not as good as I would anticipate from
Phillips, the lack of VESA compatibility is just poor.
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on 31 December 2012
We found the sound quality disappointing.
We have linked it to external speakers to get a richer sound.
We did get this on a 'black Friday' deal so overall it was good value.
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on 17 February 2013
Thought buying a Philips product would ensure a quality product, but this TV is very slow to start up or to change channels, when other TV's do this instantly. Sound is far too quite, only any good if sat right up to the TV.
Image quality is good though.
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