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on 20 October 2012
I bought this monitor for a mixture of reasons. I wanted the large screen size/resolution and good colour quality for photographic work (although not a wide-gamut display, I am only an amateur photographer, and as most photo places use RGB printers, this didn't seem to be a problem). I also wanted a monitor which would be good for gaming and watching movies.

Straight out of the box, the colours are great and the monitor is calibrated pretty well. Brightness is glaringly high, but it is simple to turn this down using the intuitive on-screen menu system. I had no problem gaming with this monitor. I play a lot of games (all kinds, fps, racing, action, rpg, etc.) and had no problem with lag, ghosting, etc. However I not an expert gamer who needs to shave every last millisecond off their response time, so such people may have different views. Movies also played well. Again, being IPS, it might not suit those who are after the blackest blacks, but for most people it gave a great picture.

The monitor itself is well built if a little flimsy and comes with a sturdy and practical stand. There are plenty of inputs, and the monitor has the added bonus of a built in USB 3.0 hub (although it should be noted that if the monitor is off, or enters energy saver mode the power to the hub is cut, so you can not use it to wake the computer if you have a mouse/keyboard plugged into it). The only thing missing was the card reader built into it's sibling, the U2711.

Talking of it's sibling U2711, one of the main complaints about that monitor was the anti-glare coating. I have not seen one to compare, however the AG coating on the U2713HM didn't seem the least bit intrusive to me and I didn't notice any 'sparkles', so I can only assume it is much better.

So normally, at this point I would be a very happy U2713HM owner and giving this 5 stars, however, there is one major problem.

I have now had to send back three U2713H monitors. Each one has had exactly the same problem. The monitor has bad back light bleed. As well as the usual white bleed you often get with such monitors, it gives off a yellow glow from the bottom left corner. This yellow tint spreads across nearly all of the bottom left quarter of the screen, making it impossible to do colour critical work. It is also intrusive should you wish to watch anything (such as movies) that isn't full screen and has a black border. The monitor also suffers from image retention. Should you have a white window (such as your browser) open over a dark background for 10-15 minutes, when you move the window you can see a ghost of it remaining behind; something that should not happen.

On further investigation, it seems that many people are having the same problems. Some are also reporting that they have a light cross hatching pattern on the bottom half of the screen.

Upon speaking to Dell, they seem fully aware of these problems but are unable/unwilling to do anything about them, and they can not guarantee that they can supply a monitor without these faults.

It is a disgrace that Dell continue to sell this monitor knowing full well that it has these faults. Hopefully they will eventually release a new revision that fixes these problems, but until then, I can not recommend this monitor to anyone, especially given it's price.
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on 20 December 2012

My original review was based on the product at the time, obviously. Dell were using the following panel in this monitor: -


As mentioned in my original review, the first revision (A00) monitors were plagued with issues. Dell then released a revision A01 which fixed the high-pitched whining that affected many A00 model owners, but that revision didn't address any of the other issues. Since then, Dell have decided to use a different panel in this monitor: -


The revision number has gone back to A00 again, rather confusingly, but models manufactured around May 2013 and onwards are revision A00 monitors with the new panel in them. Supposedly, the panel change fixes the issues of the original A00 revision and also suffers with considerably less backlight bleed. This is based on comments I've read on various forums where people have compared the old rev A00 with the new one - I do not actually have a new revision A00 monitor myself.

Anyway, I thought I would update this review as chances are, if you buy one of these monitors new now you will get one with the new panel in it.


I originally awarded this monitor 2 stars and said that it would be a great monitor once the issues have been fixed. The issues being yellow light bleed, cross-hatching and a high pitched whine that may be present when viewing certain web pages. I have now lowered my review score to 1 star and I recommend that you avoid this product.

I went through 3 replacement monitors before my issue was escalated by Dell, which was on January 29th. On that date I was told that I would be contacted within 48 hours, but I wasn't. I emailed the customer support agent that had been dealing with my issue and I received no response, I gave it a week and tried again - again, no response.

Today I decided to call Dell. I was literally passed through 4 different departments, each time being put on hold and each time I had to explain the issues/history in full, then go back on hold for 2-3 minutes while the Dell employee read about my case. Once I was eventually put through to the correct person, they told me that their product team considered the yellow light bleed issues to be normal and that the monitor was to be used in well lit rooms, not in the dark. I said that I found this to be ridiculous, as I use the monitor in the dark to watch movies or play games, and that if the monitor is only for use in well lit rooms then it should be clearly stated on the product page. I also asked about the cross-hatching and whine issues, but they did not seem interested. They said that they would give me a refund and pick the monitor up.

I then asked to be put through to a manager as I was getting a little frustrated at this stage. The manager repeated the "these issues are considered normal" mantra, but she also admitted that they had been receiving lots of complaints and returns related to this particular monitor. She said that the yellow light bleed was a product of the particular panel they use, but that is simply not true IMO. If you slightly twist the outer frame of the monitor, the yellow bleed goes away, so the issue is how the panel is mounted in the outer frame/casing, not the panel itself. There is now a revision A01 of this monitor available, so I asked if I could have one of those, given that the first 4 I've had were all revision A00 and all had the same issues. The manager said that she would find out the difference between the A00 and A01 and get back to me within 48 hours.

So, if you're happy to take a punt on a monitor that may exhibit one or more of the issues mentioned above, or you use your monitor only in a well lit room, then perhaps you may want to consider buying one of these. Realistically though, based on my own experience with both the product and Dell's customer service, I recommend that you avoid this product and choose one from a different manufacturer.
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on 5 May 2013
I bought this monitor a few months ago as had to work at home on an animation for over a month. At first I was very pleased with it, from its colour accuracy to connectivity to looks and design.

But then shortly after working with it I noticed the following issues:

- Very faint diagonal lines covering the whole screen. Not particularly noticeable for everyday use, but trust me it will put you off if you are working on any professional level that involves imagery.

- Strange noise artefacts when moving windows about and generally when something is traveling across the screen including animations.

- Screen flicker: When working on animations, I noticed that if a scene suddenly changed brightness,the whole screen flickered.

All extremely off putting!

I have confirmed these issues with another DELL forum member who was experiencing the same problems. The forum thread is here:


I have had the monitor replaced for the same model, and guess what...same problems. I will be replacing it again, although this time with the U2713H. Hopefully I wont have the same issues!

As I said before, I would really be wary of buying this monitor if you are using it for any sort of graphics based work.

In fairness to Amazon though, they have been fantastic so far in terms of customer service and replacing the monitor. Cant fault them on that front.

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on 30 December 2012
I recently bought this display, but unfortunately had to return it after having tried to swap it for a replacement. Like previous customers reported, this display (at least the current initial revision) suffers from a large amount of yellow backlight bleeding in the lower left quarter of the screen. This was apparent both on the original display I received and on the replacement display.

Other than that the display seemed servicable. Calibration out of the box was not bad.
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on 30 January 2013
I bought this monitor having read a lot of online reviews. It seemed like a decent large monitor for a decent price. However after trying to use it for a day I have decided to return it as it has so many problems I do not think it is ready for sale.


* Good value
* Good controls
* Subtle design
* No dead pixels


* Orange/yellow tint when used with my Macbook pro. Color calibration and numerous cable tests later it's better but the whites are still not white and the difference with my macbook screen makes color sensitive work hard to have any faith in. It's made worse as the tint is not uniform and is worst in the bottom left corner.
* A moire/crosshatching pattern from the AG coating is visible on the screen, particularly at the bottom. Once you see it it is quite intrusive.
* There is a high pitched noise emitted from the monitor when displaying certain things. Dark terminal windows and gmail are the main culprits, but there is always a whine of some sort coming from the screen. If you work in a quite environment you will hate this.
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on 17 August 2013
i will start off and say that it feels a lot lighter and a bit more plasticy than my previous dell 24 flat panel screen thats like a tank.

But aside from the build quality seeming a little cheaper (marginally), this screen is awesome. The resolution is great, the quality of the image is perfect, and for programming its brilliant to be able to have that much code on screen.

Make sure your graphics card can handle the max resolution - using HD didn't seem to work for me, I got a fuzzy screen. Instead I needed the supplied dual dvi cable which could be an issue if you are already using most / all of your graphics card outputs.

I wish I could have afforded the 30inch one, but this is still a screen I would highly recommend to anyone, whatever you will use it for. And Dell are great for warranty and stuff (not needed for this, but in the past).
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on 1 October 2013
My original review for this panel was positive, as it has good functionality and it generally looks great. However, since I bought it, various defects started popping up. The first was the dreaded crosshatching pattern that appears on solid colours and makes it difficult to do any design work. Recently, a dark spot appeared on the panel, which makes any visual work virtually impossible.

I tried contacting technical support, but was transferred multiple times until I incurred a cost of £5 just for a few minutes. The call was then dropped. I will continue to attempt to contact Dell, but terrible quality control, crippling bugs and bad customer service persuade me to stay away from their products in the future and strongly recommend against purchasing this monitor.
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on 24 April 2013
I ordered this monitor with some trepidation having read some negative reviews. I am a keen photographer and wanted the large display for photo editing. It is perfect and I'm so pleased I took the plunge and ordered it. The monitor is high quality, colours are accurate and the monitor was ready for use straight out of the box. I haven't calibrated mine as I found it spot on from the start. I'm pleased I bought from Amazon as the monitor is over £200 more expensive if bought directly from Dell. Delivery was excellent - I ordered at 16:58 and delivery was at 10:36 the following day. You can't ask for better than that. All in all I am delighted with this purchase and can highly recommend this monitor for all uses, including photo and video editing. A great buy.
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on 3 June 2013
This monitor is superbly clear and the settings are just right. The screen doesn't appear to flicker at all (not surprising as it uses WLED rather than PWM), the stand has a large amount of maneuverability, and the setting buttons are self explanatory and very easy to use.

It worked straight out of my box with my mac, via the displayport. The resolution autodetected at 2560x1440 and that was it!

I haven't experienced any of the color bleed that others have found, but i'm just using it for programming and so my eye is probably not that well tuned to the problem. either that or they've fixed it.

The only thing that could improve this monitor is built in speakers, but the add on bit for dell ultrasharp monitors is very cheap...
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on 14 October 2013
On spec and from the TFTcentral and PRAD reviews this should be a great monitor but it seems the reality frequently doesn’t match up. As reported here in other Amazon reviews and on some prominent hardware enthusiast websites this monitor is prone to yellow tinted backlight leakage in the lower left quadrant. Also a less severe blue tinted leakage to the lower right. This is most apparent under dark viewing conditions with dark or black content, though far from invisible with darker content under typical office lighting. Given my usage - colour sensitive photo editing and video viewed with low or no ambient light - this was unacceptable, and something the reviews gave no indication of.

Both my examples also showed what has been described elsewhere as a faint and high frequency ‘crosshatching’ pattern, most apparent towards the bottom of the screen when viewing blank white content. For me this secondary problem wouldn’t alone have prompted a return but there are plausible usage cases where this admittedly feint overlaid pattern might be irksome. If you view at typical monitor distances and don’t work on bright toned fine patterned details then this would unlikely be an issue at the severity I experienced.

Copies with acceptable backlight leakage and uniformity, as measured by review sites, do seem to exist but actually getting one is something of a lottery. User reports indicate version A00 uses a different LG panel that may be less prone to backlight problems. Version A00 is also reported as being a more recent version with later manufacture dates. The counterintuitive reversion in numbering is perhaps due to Dell specifying a new panel type. Version A02’s are reported as being refurbished A01 units. It has also been reported that Amazon UK may only have access to A01 versions, though presumably these are not still being manufactured. Identical problems have also been reported with units purchased directly from Dell, though I’m unsure of the versions involved.

Ignoring the frustrating backlight bleed this monitor lived up to my high expectations, given the very positive launch reviews. I would try a third purchase but doubt the odds right now are favourable enough for the potential returns hassle.
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