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on 20 October 2012
I bought this monitor for a mixture of reasons. I wanted the large screen size/resolution and good colour quality for photographic work (although not a wide-gamut display, I am only an amateur photographer, and as most photo places use RGB printers, this didn't seem to be a problem). I also wanted a monitor which would be good for gaming and watching movies.

Straight out of the box, the colours are great and the monitor is calibrated pretty well. Brightness is glaringly high, but it is simple to turn this down using the intuitive on-screen menu system. I had no problem gaming with this monitor. I play a lot of games (all kinds, fps, racing, action, rpg, etc.) and had no problem with lag, ghosting, etc. However I not an expert gamer who needs to shave every last millisecond off their response time, so such people may have different views. Movies also played well. Again, being IPS, it might not suit those who are after the blackest blacks, but for most people it gave a great picture.

The monitor itself is well built if a little flimsy and comes with a sturdy and practical stand. There are plenty of inputs, and the monitor has the added bonus of a built in USB 3.0 hub (although it should be noted that if the monitor is off, or enters energy saver mode the power to the hub is cut, so you can not use it to wake the computer if you have a mouse/keyboard plugged into it). The only thing missing was the card reader built into it's sibling, the U2711.

Talking of it's sibling U2711, one of the main complaints about that monitor was the anti-glare coating. I have not seen one to compare, however the AG coating on the U2713HM didn't seem the least bit intrusive to me and I didn't notice any 'sparkles', so I can only assume it is much better.

So normally, at this point I would be a very happy U2713HM owner and giving this 5 stars, however, there is one major problem.

I have now had to send back three U2713H monitors. Each one has had exactly the same problem. The monitor has bad back light bleed. As well as the usual white bleed you often get with such monitors, it gives off a yellow glow from the bottom left corner. This yellow tint spreads across nearly all of the bottom left quarter of the screen, making it impossible to do colour critical work. It is also intrusive should you wish to watch anything (such as movies) that isn't full screen and has a black border. The monitor also suffers from image retention. Should you have a white window (such as your browser) open over a dark background for 10-15 minutes, when you move the window you can see a ghost of it remaining behind; something that should not happen.

On further investigation, it seems that many people are having the same problems. Some are also reporting that they have a light cross hatching pattern on the bottom half of the screen.

Upon speaking to Dell, they seem fully aware of these problems but are unable/unwilling to do anything about them, and they can not guarantee that they can supply a monitor without these faults.

It is a disgrace that Dell continue to sell this monitor knowing full well that it has these faults. Hopefully they will eventually release a new revision that fixes these problems, but until then, I can not recommend this monitor to anyone, especially given it's price.
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on 20 December 2012

My original review was based on the product at the time, obviously. Dell were using the following panel in this monitor: -


As mentioned in my original review, the first revision (A00) monitors were plagued with issues. Dell then released a revision A01 which fixed the high-pitched whining that affected many A00 model owners, but that revision didn't address any of the other issues. Since then, Dell have decided to use a different panel in this monitor: -


The revision number has gone back to A00 again, rather confusingly, but models manufactured around May 2013 and onwards are revision A00 monitors with the new panel in them. Supposedly, the panel change fixes the issues of the original A00 revision and also suffers with considerably less backlight bleed. This is based on comments I've read on various forums where people have compared the old rev A00 with the new one - I do not actually have a new revision A00 monitor myself.

Anyway, I thought I would update this review as chances are, if you buy one of these monitors new now you will get one with the new panel in it.


I originally awarded this monitor 2 stars and said that it would be a great monitor once the issues have been fixed. The issues being yellow light bleed, cross-hatching and a high pitched whine that may be present when viewing certain web pages. I have now lowered my review score to 1 star and I recommend that you avoid this product.

I went through 3 replacement monitors before my issue was escalated by Dell, which was on January 29th. On that date I was told that I would be contacted within 48 hours, but I wasn't. I emailed the customer support agent that had been dealing with my issue and I received no response, I gave it a week and tried again - again, no response.

Today I decided to call Dell. I was literally passed through 4 different departments, each time being put on hold and each time I had to explain the issues/history in full, then go back on hold for 2-3 minutes while the Dell employee read about my case. Once I was eventually put through to the correct person, they told me that their product team considered the yellow light bleed issues to be normal and that the monitor was to be used in well lit rooms, not in the dark. I said that I found this to be ridiculous, as I use the monitor in the dark to watch movies or play games, and that if the monitor is only for use in well lit rooms then it should be clearly stated on the product page. I also asked about the cross-hatching and whine issues, but they did not seem interested. They said that they would give me a refund and pick the monitor up.

I then asked to be put through to a manager as I was getting a little frustrated at this stage. The manager repeated the "these issues are considered normal" mantra, but she also admitted that they had been receiving lots of complaints and returns related to this particular monitor. She said that the yellow light bleed was a product of the particular panel they use, but that is simply not true IMO. If you slightly twist the outer frame of the monitor, the yellow bleed goes away, so the issue is how the panel is mounted in the outer frame/casing, not the panel itself. There is now a revision A01 of this monitor available, so I asked if I could have one of those, given that the first 4 I've had were all revision A00 and all had the same issues. The manager said that she would find out the difference between the A00 and A01 and get back to me within 48 hours.

So, if you're happy to take a punt on a monitor that may exhibit one or more of the issues mentioned above, or you use your monitor only in a well lit room, then perhaps you may want to consider buying one of these. Realistically though, based on my own experience with both the product and Dell's customer service, I recommend that you avoid this product and choose one from a different manufacturer.
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on 30 December 2012
I recently bought this display, but unfortunately had to return it after having tried to swap it for a replacement. Like previous customers reported, this display (at least the current initial revision) suffers from a large amount of yellow backlight bleeding in the lower left quarter of the screen. This was apparent both on the original display I received and on the replacement display.

Other than that the display seemed servicable. Calibration out of the box was not bad.
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on 27 July 2013
Maybe I got lucky? This monitor is great!

No bleed or cross hatching - whatever crosshatching actually is as tbh I have never seen any monitor do this or even heard of it before..

The picture is sharp and vibrant and has lots of settings that control the picture colour,also comes factory colour calibrated with certificate of testing and results.
No offence but I wonder if people who are having probs have installed the drivers and adjusted the settings correctly as there are alot of choices/combinations to be had. I know some will be DOA
but it does seem that this monitor is being judged harshly, from my perspective anyhow.

There is no discernable variance across the screen to a level that would stop this monitor from being classed
as excellent at this price point.(Sub £1500) At £400 this is the 2560 monitor I have been waiting for : )

I have been using it with Corel X4, L4D2 & Tomb Raider and it has been great, a definate step up on my old 1080, my GTX680 loves it!
If anything the build quality is better or easily as good as my IIlyama 27" which is also pretty good.

Like I said either I got lucky or there is an awful lot of Fear, Doubt & Uncertainty (FUD in marketing terms) going on here.

Oh, If you are going to use the display port then the cable is male-male standard, not mini. It is not supplied.
review image
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on 6 February 2013
I'm a software developer, so I spend all day every day staring at a screen. This replaced a cheap 24" LCD panel, and the improvement is astounding. It's exceptionally bright and clear, and the extra screen real-estate is a huge productivity win (I've got multiple windows open at any given time.) Despite the size, the bezel is very slim, so it doesn't dominate the room in the way that some large panels do.

Apparently some of these panels have suffered from quality control issues in the past, but I've not noticed any of the backlight issues that other people have reported. The IPS panel makes for very smooth consistent illumination across the whole screen, even when displaying large areas of pure white. Adjustment of both image and position (height, tilt and swing are all adjustable) is very easy. I'm driving this display with a 13" Retina Macbook Pro over a dual-link DVI connection, and the graphics card seems plenty capable of doing the job.

A couple of minor caveats:

To get the best from this screen, you WILL need a dual-link DVI adaptor so that it will run at the full 2560 x 1440 resolution. The highest resolution that native DVI will support is 1280x1024, and this is noticeably pixellated due to the screen interpolating the image. To run this screen at anything less than full resolution would be shortchanging yourself, anyway. These adaptors aren't cheap - I paid £60ish for the Apple version - but it's a false economy to do without.

The integrated USB3 hub is powered, so goes offline when the screen sleeps or is powered down. If you've got a storage device connected, it won't get disconnected cleanly and you run the risk of disk corruption. This wiped out my Time Machine backup disk, so I had to rearrange the connections so that it was attached to a powered hub rather than the screen.

Overall, this seems a worthy alternative to the really expensive Apple screens.
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on 23 October 2012
In the interest of balance I would like to point out that I have used two U2713HMs without any significant black uniformity (bleed) problems and no unforeseen tints on whites. I really don't think it is fair to rate a product 1-star for a problem which is by no means specific to this monitor. Any LCD monitor - even beyond this price - can suffer from 'backlight bleed' and a host of other uniformity issues. Whilst frustrating and not at all desirable this is unfortunate variability at play that affects some units of a given model but not others. If you need a guaranteed unit free from such issues you'd have to look for a model with a guaranteed uniformity spec on the panel (like the Samsung S27B970D) or additional uniformity compensation technology (some models from NEC, Eizo and the aforementioned Samsung) and be prepared to pay for it.

I would like to reiterate and expand upon some of the positives drawn up in the previous review. The screen surface is something that many monitors using LGs previous generation IPS panels (including this model's predecessor) were rightfully criticised for. It affects the clarity and vibrancy of the image without being significantly better at reducing glare than a lighter matte screen surface. The U2713HM's surface is exceptionally smooth and low haze (semi glossy) which brings you some good anti-glare qualities without a large negative impact on the image. This is great work from LG with their recent 'AH-IPS' panels. The out of the box setup for the monitor is also impressive with factory-calibrated 2.2 gamma and 6500K - something I have independently confirmed and verified using several colorimeters. The colour gamut extends a little beyond sRGB which is great for general-purpose use (and gaming) because it adds a bit of extra vibrancy - but is not ideal for colour-critical work. The monitor also includes a sRGB emulation mode which follows a more stringent factory calibration to effectively restrict the colour gamut and make corrections for colour accuracy. Unlike on some models the hit in contrast for this extra calibration and gamut restriction is quite slight so this is a great mode for photographers etc. working within sRGB.

The monitor is a decent all-rounder not just due to its image but also its responsiveness. Although there is a bit of input lag it is comparable to many other models (such as the U2711) which people are quite happy to use for gaming. Pixel responses on this model are very good with well-tuned grey to grey acceleration; reduced trailing without any negative artifacts. You also have to remember, as mentioned previously, that not all U2713HMs will be free from common issues such as excess backlight bleed. But you really can't beat Dell's customer service in the monitor world and they will really do everything they can to try to ensure you are satisfied with your Dell. Oh and Amazon's DSR and returns process is not too shabby either.
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on 8 December 2013
I bought this monitor around 6 months ago, and it's been great, No dead pixels, and no intrusive backlight bleed.

If you are worried about the screen size, don't be. Its great to have all that space, and it makes my 17" MacBook screen seem tiny.

Just adding a positive review, as people tend to only review when there's a problem.
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on 21 June 2013
I'm gutted to be giving this 2 stars, because on first inspection this is a fantastic IPS panel. It looks like every other Dell out there with slim bezels, unobtrusive design and a fantastic stand, and it retains the usual Dell quality in terms of general image quality. Both motion (for games) and colours are excellent, the level of detail @ 1440p is stunning, and there is no noticeable input lag for games.

However, whilst that's heading for 5 stars for me, two very widely reported (and sadly obvious) problems utterly ruin this, especially when you consider the price. There is no such thing as a perfect monitor, however at over £400 I expect something with only minor flaws. The two issues are:

Backlight Bleed.

All IPS panels have backlight bleed to a degree, but the U2713HM is plagued by two types. The first is a typical white bleed, but on ALL 3 samples of the U2713HM that I've tried, I've noticed, to varying degrees, a dirty yellow bleed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It's so bad that you don't even need to be in a dark room to see it, and it's really obvious.

Cross hatching.

I'd never come across this before and I wasn't looking for it, but again, all 3 screens have noticeable crosshatching on white backgrounds, particularly towards the bottom of each panel. It's obvious from 2 feet away and it reminds me the classic old projector screendoor effect. I understand this is partly due to the aggressive AG coating that Dell apply. It's annoying, and sadly it's not acceptable in a £400+ panel.

My comments are largely based on me using the PC for general desktop work and for gaming, rather than critical use. I certainly couldn't see anyone being able to use this for critical graphics/photography work, unless you get really lucky a manage to get a "good" one.

As a final point, if you're quite picky and you're thinking of giving it a try, I would suggest avoiding any cheaper warehouse deal monitors, as these have probably been returned for the reasons mine are going back. Which leaves me with a dilemna of what 27" to buy? I have no idea, but I wouldn't buy one of these...
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on 25 February 2014
That was disappointing, Michael. After 7 years my old Dell 24" monitor looked a little dated but steadfastly kept going with not a single dead pixel, so the brand definitely had scored major points with me. Therefore after a glance at the specs, I did not hesitate to buy this one, thinking it would be another quality monitor for a fair price.

That was not the case. Instead, I got a monitor that out of the box had significant yellow back-light bleeding in the bottom left and top right corners. Some research showed that this was caused by the front bezel being manufacturer so poorly that it was pressing onto the panel, twisting it out of shape. The solution was to pop off the bezel by pulling it slightly outwards to relieve the pressure. This resolved most of the back-light issues, and apart from the bezel now sticking out, the screen worked okay.

Until after a month, it started flickering, at first only in areas with a certain level of gray, and eventually everywhere. The firmware self-test showed this was indeed the monitor, and not the input signal. Amazon refunded the purchase, and I managed to snag a ViewSonic for just a few quid more that does what the Dell promised.
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on 24 April 2013
I ordered this monitor with some trepidation having read some negative reviews. I am a keen photographer and wanted the large display for photo editing. It is perfect and I'm so pleased I took the plunge and ordered it. The monitor is high quality, colours are accurate and the monitor was ready for use straight out of the box. I haven't calibrated mine as I found it spot on from the start. I'm pleased I bought from Amazon as the monitor is over £200 more expensive if bought directly from Dell. Delivery was excellent - I ordered at 16:58 and delivery was at 10:36 the following day. You can't ask for better than that. All in all I am delighted with this purchase and can highly recommend this monitor for all uses, including photo and video editing. A great buy.
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