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4.8 out of 5 stars35
4.8 out of 5 stars
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We all (should) know that the Stone Roses eponymous self-titled debut album, is without a doubt the equivalent to music of what God means to the church, however this is almost as good. It isn''t an actual album, however it may as well be with the quality of material involved. Every song is a classic. It starts off with the pounding rocker 'elephant stone', which has one of the best openings to a song and album ever, and is then followed by three light and melodic tunes, that pave the way for possibly the best song on this CD- 'standing here'. Ian Brown proves that he can sing quite well on this track over squires' sweeping guitar riffs before launching into one of the greatest and most heart-rending endings of all time. 'Where angels play' takes a psychedelic turn before the dreamy feedback of Simone. This is placed perfectly before the full length version of 'Fools Gold' which kicks in with that lolloping breakbeat rythm of Wreni's drums, Mani's sweeping basslines, and Squire's funk-driven guitar. They carry on in the same vein over the final three tracks ending with the dreamy 'Somethings burnig'. An essential purchase, especially for any Roses fan.
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on 25 April 2013
As a lifelong fan of the Roses I always viewed this album as the 'real' second album, despite being 'merely' a collection of singles and B-sides. I was gutted when only the debut album was released as a standalone remaster and the only way you could get the remasters of these songs was as part of the (very) expensive boxset. So I was delighted to see it finally available for purchase on its own!

And what a job they did! This is a true remaster because, not only does it sound better across the board for treble, midrange and bass (as you would rightly expect) but the songs are actually the full untruncated versions! Clearly Silvertone did the same botch job they did with the awful The Complete Stone Roses release that sped up the opening of I Wanna Be Adored and chopped the entire end(!) off of I Am The Resurrection. I was never aware that Turns Into Stone had the same 'treatment' so it was a fantastic surprise to discover that Reni did a few hi-hat hits at the beginning of Where Angels Play and it didn't begin with Ian singing 'Come with me...'! Even the beginning of Standing Here sounds slightly different because there must have been a half second or so chopped off. It doesn't sound like much but to obsessives like me you'll know it!

Amazing release! If you're a Stone Roses fan buy with confidence!
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on 30 January 2003
This compliation is the smartest buy of all the ones available (and there are several). You get the singles Elephant Stone (fantastic pop song), both sides of the One Love single and the full length version of Fools Gold with its B side, which was the peak of the Roses great career. It would be worth the asking price for Fools Gold alone, but you also get all the Roses Silvertone B sides. The Roses were so great even their B sides are superior to many other band's hit singles. How many other bands do you still hear their B sides played 10 years later in pubs and clubs?
What doesn't it have? It ommits the early single So Young and the Sally Cinnemon single (with B sides) which is a shame but this is a SILVERTONE compilation. It ommits the two "experimental" backwards tracks like Full Fathom Five, which are only the singles Made of Stone and Elephant Stone played backwards so it's no biggie. It is also missing the 7inch version of Elephant Stone (which I love). But if you buy this, the Stone Roses LP, and The Second Coming you will own just about all the Roses recorded output. And it's all great. Enjoy.
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on 1 September 2012
There's been numerous collections of the Roses' non-album material over the years; this collection, released in the early 1990s is by far the best. Undminished by the inclusion of frankly unrepresentative pre-Sally Cinnamon era tunes or lazy remixes, this remains a fantastic collection of B-sides and singles that weren't included on THAT classic debut album. Indeed, as the timespan of this collection begins earlier and finishes later than 'The Stone Roses' (begins with Elephant Stone, finishes with One Love/Something's Burning), it provides an essential addition to the debut album in documenting the peak years of this most enigmatic of bands.

Historical value aside, this collection stands up simply because of the greatness of the tracks. From the nascent, sound-finding of 'Elephant Stone' to the trademark, era-defining swagger and shuffle of 'Fools Gold', this represents a band at the peak of their powers. Not only that, there's a diversity of sound here that's quite compelling - the delicate, sensitive jangle of 'Going Down' and 'Where Angels Play', 'What The World Is Waiting For's effortless marrying of baggy beats and 'Let It Bleed' era rootsiness. Also, 'Mersey Paradise' is as vital, vibrant and uplifting as anything from that classic debut, and still sounds as fresh and life-affirming today as it did all of those years ago.

If there's one minor grumble it's the omission of 'Sally Cinnamon', but this aside, this a fantastic collection to complete any Stone Roses collection. Buy it!
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on 11 November 2011
This is a collection of Stone Roses tracks created in arguably the creative peak of the band's shortlived career. In all truth if they released this as their second album and not as bits and bobs as various B-sides, it'd be heralded as a true classic, and a natural progression from their seminal debut. Standout tracks include 'Where Angels Play', dance anthem 'Fools Gold', its brother 'What The World Is Waiting For' and 'Something's Burning' - a work of art, sadly overlooked because its the B-side of monster single 'One Love'. It has to be mentioned that Ian Brown's vocals are as angelic as ever.

This and the debut album is like having a very strong squad in a football team. If you have both Tevez and Aguero, and you had to pick one in your starting eleven, who are you going to pick? The difference in quality is minimal, but one has to be benched. This is the case with this compilation of B-Sides. Every single Stone Roses fan should get it. Buy it, download it, whatever, these tracks need to be heard as they are fantastic. Bring on 2012, the year of The Stone Roses.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2013
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first found this on amazon. I was considering purchasing a best of singles collection to fill in the gaps left by their first album and Second Coming but there was so much duplication that I dug a little deeper and found an album that comprises all the tracks I needed, Elephant Stone, Fools Gold, Something's Burning, plus a load of other stuff I'd once heard but forgotten existed. And I sat album and not compilation purposely, because there is a definite flow and coherence to the whole. Wonderful stuff. And so cheap! What a find!!!
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on 11 January 2000
Instead of buying The Complete Stone Roses, buy The Stone Roses and Turns into Stone. Between them they have all tracks on TCSR apart from some of the really early stuff.
All the tracks are brilliant, and these are the 12" versions (unlike TCSR) e.g Fools Gold: 9 Mins 53 Secs. "Standing Here" and "Mersey Paradise", even though B-sides, are better than some of the stuff on The Stone Roses (which is regularly rated one of the best albums of all time.)
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on 14 February 2008
ok its not the debut but it is freaking fantastic. Stone roses' debut was a master class in jangle pop and sing a long songs, second coming was a great release of hard rck n roll and catchy melodys and this is a combination of both. tracks like fools gold will always be classics and rightly so, but forggoten gems like what the world is waiting for and one love are pure this only if youve heard debut and second coming, and if you enjoy either of them, you'll freak for this
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on 29 November 2001
this is the past which turns into future. Stone Rose's bsides are magic and Fool's gold represents a song unique that has lightened many minds, mine included. I remember me seeing the video in november 1989. Berlin wall had been breaking down some days before. It was an incredible shake and in retrospect I think that song has been to music like a revolution. The Stone Roses were lots of years ahead other musicians and bands. They were the seed for the future but they were too perfect to go on. Like eddy phillips and the creation, they disappear into a dream because people weren't prepared to understand something so fantastic and lively. So life goes and this album became a cult.
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on 3 September 2015
The title of my review says it all really. Fantastic tracks that aren't included on the Roses first album, gloriously collected here, and now remastered. My only real disappointment is that Guernica is missing, having said if you buy one SR compilation, then make it this one, as the others have the stench of filthy lucre all over them - enjoy!!
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