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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 12 September 2013
At times a bit of an extended rant, but Jukes writes beautifully and lays out the events resulting in the exposure of the News International phone hacking scandal, and following consequences for the Murdoch empire.
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on 21 July 2014
Good read - although I imagine any reprint post the trial(s) would be better. First book to mention (only a couple of paragraphs) Murdoch's alleged links to the collapse of ITV digital.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 5 January 2013
I've just recently finished reading the book and found it to be informative, well written and hugely enjoyable. It's required reading for anyone interested in a career in Journalism in my opinion.
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on 29 June 2015
I came to know Peter over the trial - having been set to be a witness myself and then my ex, a news editor pleaded guilty. I have written my own book about it - How Nick Davies Hired Me To Spy On My Former Colleagues. However if you want to know all the details of the trial and the Wizard behind the curtain Peter's book is by far the best out there.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 6 November 2013
A well-written, entertaining and full account of how Murdoch got himself, and us with him, into this mess. I thought it well-balanced rather than a rant; there is sympathy for Rupert there as well as a clear explication of his deleterious effect on this country's values, culture and politics over the years. At times, a bit long-winded, otherwise it would rate 5 stars.
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 11 December 2012
I watched the Leveson inquiry live on my laptop with my eyes on the screen and my jaw on the floor.I watched it in conjunction with following it on Twitter. Some of the humour was so brilliant i, for the first time, started to write my own tweets."Im doing a Leveson, every time Jay QC uses a word i dont understand i take a drink; absolutely hammered" and "Theresa May apologizes to Jay QC for a split infinitive. The English language is in safe hands with Jay QC around". How could u not join in with tweets like these flying around. I tweeted " why does the HOLY MURDOCH EMPIRE remind me of THE ROMANS IN BRITAIN?" This was a play in the 80s of a rape by 2 roman gladiators of a local inhabitant. Mary Whitehouse brought a private prosecution against it and lost. I was trying to say that a foreign invader with enormous power could do what he liked to the local inhabitants. This is what the Murdoch Empire has done to the UK as we saw with much of the evidence.
I first became interested in the 80s with Murdoch via his semi-pornographic ads on tv advertising his paper the SUN.This led me on a trip which included reading GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES by H Evans which was a forensic examination of Rupert in the UK. As his editor of the Times and Sunday Times before resigning, he was ideally suited to write the book. It was rightly described as a forensic examination of RM. The same can be said of THE FALL OF THE which is just as meticulous and detailed. It's more exciting as it is written as the police are arresting the people involved and all is still on-going. I remember H Evans being interviewed at the time and asked "aren't you afraid of being sued by RM?" "No i hope he does because then i could say a lot more in a court of law, so he won't because he wants the rest not to come out" or words to that effect.Well we saw most of it come out at Leveson. The most harrowing for me was the Watson family's evidence of murder and suicide;the most dramatic by Alex Owen the scouser in charge of Motorman; and the most gripping the Times lawyer ripped to shreds by Leveson himself.The Times editor who was called back to Leveson and asked if he'd done a Nelson by turning a blind eye to lawbreaking by his journalists. This destroyed the blog of Nightjack who won a major prize for his blog on the police.The result of the Times lawbreaking led to the policeman being disciplined and the loss of his freedom of speech.
Jukes uses the term of S Syndrome the journalists co-dependent fear and admiration for their monopoly captor, their anger about the investigation of phone hacking and police bribes,an intense irritation with the proceedings of the Leveson Inquiry. The dependence and fear also of the politicians as Tom Watson said in his opening speech on all this in Parliament.RM said he never asked a PM for anything, but as J Major said at Leveson RM said support these policies or we wont support you ie. threats with menaces is not a request but blackmail. Jukes covers all these developments and reminds you of things you have forgotten. eg. Coulson's spoiler article on Natalie Rowe. This was where the Sunday Mirror was just about to destroy Osborne over the prostitute and cocaine. The News of the World jumped in and did a story on it "a much more favourable account of events...managed to portray Osborne as less posh and aloof, producing a positive effect. Oddly enough the article appeared on the same page as William Hague who was being paid £200,000pa by Coulson for his NotW column."
I re-read GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES after Leveson ended due to withdrawal symptoms. Since then we have found out recently the secret meeting between Thatcher and RM in 1980 which stitched up the sale of the Times & Sunday Times and the start of RM as Organ grinder and the PMs as monkeys. It finishes up with Guto Harri as favourite to get the job of Director of Communication for the new PM and Coulson getting the job. This without proper security clearance for this vital position with access to top class secret documents. You can judge a person by his friends Coulson & Mr & Mrs Brookes. Where will they be after their criminal trials? If there's any justice in this world, under lock and key.
This book came out earlier this year hot off the press. My criticisms are minor ie. grammatical errors eg Les Hinton then in next sentence Les Hilton.The author enjoys showing off his erudition with some of his language. I get the impression that he and Jay would get on like a house on fire. I also get the impression he has a Classics degree. But these are minor criticisms. I get the feeling that this is the first volume of a trilogy. The next one will come out next year but volume 3 should come out in 2015 so that some reflection and time will give a clearer and deeper picture. Who knows the HME will by then have returned to Australian shores.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 7 October 2014
a good book. Despite the hacking issue having been intensively covered it was interesting to discover the detail behind The Murdoch Family Empire. It is quite frightening to discover what a grip the media had/have on the policy makers in this and other countries. It really does call into question our claim to being a democratic country. It is sad to read how "The Establishment" have commandeered our society and how the affluent elite have brainwashed the public through numerous channels. This book should be a wake up call to every member of the electorate in this country to make their voice heard and to make their vote count.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 14 January 2014
This really is essential reading reading if you need some background when it comes to hacking trial now taking place at the Old Bailey. Insightful, balanced, reasoned and incredibly well researched sum up the '"Fall of the House of Murdoch". In short, this book is a real page turner...Superb!
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 7 March 2013
A very detailed book which was fascinating, if a little scary. It confirmed my concerns about the whole NI stable. How close we were as a country to being swept totally into Mr Murdoch's domain.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 September 2014
This book,records in diary form,the days July4-19/2011 and the dramatic events events that ocurred from the exposure of phone tapping (particularly the phone of a murdered child) to the closure of the News of the World newspaper.
The corruption of the media,police and public officals and the vast extent of hacking uncovered led to the Levenson inquiry.
This book is well written and researched.There is alist of main characters and the names of 72 persons arrested following investigations.
The book fails on 2 pointa a)ther is no index and b)the type size is far too small-both these defects must be put down to the publishers incompetence.
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