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on 13 August 2013
Bought this steamer as my 7 year Tefal had seen better days. I tried to do as much research but there isn't much information out there. I knew what I wanted as I use my steamer 3-4 times a week for mainly veg, salmon and rice (occasionally Haggis) so fairly heavy use. The Tefal worked well enough at first but most of the baskets and inserts broke or cracked over time. The unit itself also got really dirty over time even after descaling. Also the vitamin plus feature (button which heats the unit up quickly) sometimes stuck on overcooking the food and running the water dry. Anyway enough about the old steamer.

The Jamie Oliver steamer is excellent. The inserts for the basket are much sturdier so doubt they'll break, although the baskets themself seem pretty similar to the Tefal, hopefully they'll last longer. The part of the unit for trapping the drip is designed much better than the Tefal, much easier to lift out and clean (and fill up the water reservoir). Can't say I care either way about the herb infuser, it did seem to give the food a hint of flavour but can I be bothered filling up each time (it's not that much hassle and certainly not a bad feature). The best part of this steamer however is how it cooks the food and how it tastes. It is slower to get going than the Tefal, so takes around 5 mins longer to cook (doesn't matter how long you're cooking), but it seems to cook warmer without using as much water. I've never even managed to use half the water in the unit whereas the Tefal would frequently run out. The food therefore is much better tasting than the Tefal as it isn't soggy/saturated. With the Tefal we had to cut the potatoes as it wasn't warm enough to cook them through, the Jamie Oliver cooks them through and they taste perfect. The Marie Bain bowl is also excellent for cooking rice, it is much larger than the Tefal rice bowl, meaning we can use it for entertaining as it can hold more.

I think some reviews mentioned poor instructions, having used the Tefal for so long I didn't really need any, but I do seem to remember the instructions being poor. This shouldn't put off beginners, it's not really that difficult - fill up the unit, put items in the bowls and experiment to see how long they take to cook. Cooking rice, pasta, etc in the bowl with boiling water (in the bowl not the unit).

In summary, love this steamer and would highly recommend.
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on 6 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my first food steamer appliance, I have always just steamed in a saucepan. After my first initial use, my opinion is that there is a lot less washing up and introduces safe cooking whilst maintaining healthy.

I have been able to cook full meals using just the steamer, which is so convenient when you are short on space, and I'm sure it's healthier and tastier too. To begin with you fill the base of the unit with water to clearly marked levels, stack your bowls, click on the timer and you're away. There is an overflow spout at the front which gives you a visual guide of the water level and also works as an inlet for easy refilling when you're steaming without having to remove the bowls. Safer and easy steaming,

The beauty of this steamer is down to the design of the 4 stackable bowls, 3 with removable and perforated bases and a enconclosed bowl, which you can use to cook cakes and rice. The perforated bases are moulded so you can cook eggs as well. Although it does take a little longer to cook the higher pots, I have been able to cook vegetables, rice and fish all in one go without overcooking. You don't even have to use all the bowls and you can still stack them without losing any steam between bowls. The lid has a vent holes to let the steam escape. You can remove the perforated bases and stack the bowls overlapping one after the other as they all differ slightly in size, to form one giant sealed pot, where you can cook larger items such as corn on the cobs. The bowls are numbered for easy identification and use, they are lightweight, dishwasher safe and can be reversed stacked without the bases for compact storage.

As soon as you turn it on you can start to hear it bubbling away like a kettle, it's not very noisy, and once it gets heated up it's a lot quieter. It starts to mist up after a few minutes and after 5 the bowls feels hot, so it preheats fairly quickly. The unit automatically switches off after the timer has finished and pinged, which works as boil dry protection and stops your food from overcooking. The timer has a max duration of an hour, and this kit also supplies an easy to interpret chart to calculate the time for the weight of the food you are cooking with. It also comes with 4 recipe cards, which serves an inspiration. It has a total of 9 litre capacity which is enough to feed a small family.

Maintenance is low, and to extend it's life span, you need to simply descale it with white vinegar after 15 hours of steam time. The unit itself is lightweight and when you have finished steaming, you simply tip away the water afterwards, and wipe the base clean with a cloth. There is a small filter at the base of the steamer which allows you steam with herbs to enrich the flavours of your cooking, which I feel does make a difference.

There are very little cons I can say about this product, the only thing to mention is that the cable for the plug is very short, you have to make sure you have enough vertical space and you pretty much need to place the unit in front of the power supply. Other than that, this has me converted to steaming my food more regularly as I can easily make full meals just using the steamer, and my vegetables seem to taste better too. Convenient, versatile, easy to use and maintain makes this steamer a winner for me.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Potential buyers - make sure your kitchen is big enough to accommodate this towering beast!
In the short time I have had this Jamie Oliver Steamer it has produced some very good results - poached salmon and artichokes in particular BUT I am not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend it, as in my opinion similar results can be achieved in a microwave oven if you are careful and plan ahead :-)
The product itself is well made and uses good quality materials but you do really need a large kitchen not only to use it but to store it as well. The instructions that come with the steamer are pretty poor and the accompanying Jamie Oliver cards are of a decent size and are laminated so they are easily wiped BUT contain only a very small selection of recipes (a paltry four!)that can be tried with the steamer.
My rating of 3* is principally based on the size of the steamer and whether or not it would be taken out of the voluminous kitchen cupboard you will need to store it on a regular enough basis to warrant a purchase.
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on 7 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is an electric steamer where you fill the base with water, add the various trays of food to be steamed, plug it in, switch it on, and off you go. The controls are fairly simple (there's a dial for how long the timer should be) and it goes bing when finished, with a maximum steam time of 60 minutes or when the water runs out.

There's a few nice features here:
- Quick start - I've traditionally used steamers where you wait ages for the water at the bottom to boil and then you put it into a simmer mode to start the steaming. With this appliance, hot steam is passing through within a couple of minutes. Being plastic it doesn't get hot and most of the parts are machine dishwashable
- Flavour booster - yes, it sounds like a gimmick but it does work... you can put a herb (eg. sprig of parsley) onto a mesh at the bottom which forces steam to pass through it before reaching the food. I tried it with parsley when steaming potatoes and although it worked, it was a bit subtle.
- Reasonably small for storage - this steamer is quite large in terms of its base area and steaming capacity, but when not in use the trays stack. This means it takes less storage space than many steamers would for equivalent capacity
- Flexible space - the bases of each tray can be removed so you could for example have the lid on top of the three trays but with the middle 2 bases removed. This might be useful if you want to steam a whole chicken, or perhaps several corn on the cobs standing upright
- You can steam eggs using an egg tray (the base of each level has little dips which you can rest a raw egg in). I haven't tried this as I couldn't be bothered to put a pin into the end of each egg to stop it rattling, but it's useful if you want it

Things I don't like:
- The mains lead is too short and although I think it's supposed to wind into the base it doesn't really do so
- The bain marie bowl is quite cheap plastic so if you are trying to scoop out melted chocolate, for example, be sure to use a plastic spatula and not a spoon
- The bain marie bowl doesn't stack well when not in use

Things I don't like but I may be being a little harsh about:
- Instructions are basic and recipes are minimal, although in fairness I don't think you need them. Once you're up-and-running it's fairly self-explanatory and there are plenty recipes which need a steamer.
- Each tray does cook at different rates so it take practice to get good results. I tried steaming a load of potatoes across three trays and the one at the bottom cooked fastest. The additional problem here is that the trays have to be used in a particular order (ie. smallest at the bottom) as otherwise they will overlap for storage.

Overall this is a good steamer so long as you have the space for it, and results have been good. I do think some of the features may not be needed (the flavour booster can be replicated by putting the herbs onto the tray itself, and I've not wanted to steam eggs) but otherwise I recommend it. There are cheaper steamers out there, but the capacity of this one is really good.
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on 17 August 2014
Yes, it is big - but very beautiful! This steamer has been well thought out and it is the little things that I like. The flex pushes right away inside the base unit, the bottom of each bowl comes away making it easy to clean and everything stacks neatly inside each other. The little lip on the side makes it easy to top up the water during cooking, which has happened only once when I cooked a whole chicken. For me the jury is out on the flavour booster but it makes the kitchen smell wonderful! Because a whole meal can be cooked in the steamer I use mine on my ceramic cooker top ('off' of course) so the steam can exit through the extractor fan. It is quick, easy to use and the food tastes really great. Downsides? None really, although I would have liked some kind of chart giving suggested cooking times. However, the four colourful and glossy recipe cards certainly give a clue - the one for Steamed Nicoise Salad is particularly good and gives the opportunity to use those lovely little dimples for eggs. When I bought this machine I knew I would use it, I didn't realise just how much!
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having previously reviewed the Philips Jamie Oliver Handblender, part of the latest Jamie OLiver by Philips range - I knew what to expect in terms of design and quality. With this item you get something that while a little bit plasticy in places, is pretty good in terms of build and pleasant to look at - a nice blend of white and blue with the addition of the transparent bits on top. However, all this parts make the item very large - its not something you'd want to have out on your worktops all the time and you need to bear in mind that you'll definitely need somewhere to store this beast when its not being used. Even when you pack down the three steaming elements and the bain marie bowl, its still quite large.

The first thing I noticed when I started to use this was the short lead that comes out the back. While most people will have sockets on their worktops, if its not that nearby then this is something definitely worth bearing in mind. You can stack as many or as few of the sections as you need and then top up the water in side - the gauge here could be clearer but its not a big issue given the fact you probably have to top it up relatively infrequently. Once on, the steamer itself makes a lot of noise - particularly from both the timer and the water heating sounds - which are loud enough to make me not want to have it in the same room if I had guests at a dinner party. It steams well however and afterwards the majority of elements fit in the dishwasher apart from the base which requires a little bit of extra cleaning after use.

Overall this is an large but effective steamer that has a few minor flaws - my main advice would be consider whether you have space to take it before you buy.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I like steaming food. Tastes better unlike boiling you don't flush out all the flavours. The downside is that its not always an easy task to assess how long to cook/steam your food. Now I like my vegetables firm and not soggy but hot, but that's not to everyone's taste and a few times I have had problems getting my children to eat their steamed vegetables.

The Jamie Oliver steamer is a nice size with several compartments, which allows you to steam more than one food. However, the instructions are basic, to say the least and I had hope for a number of recipes. There are recipes, but they are few and I get the inkling that you may have to buy one of Jamie's books, like 15 cooking, to get the full benefit.

The steamer did do the business and it is easy to use. However, I am not sure yet if it's better than my original metal and Perspex steamer which works on the stove. Jamie's is quicker to heat up but speed isn't everything, is it?

I like the steamer's timer and the blue LED light when in operation. Over time I hope to get more use from the steamer and to be frank I am excited at trying steaming a chicken in the steamer. I always roast in a closed tin in the oven with no added fats but I am sure a steamed chicken will taste somewhat different.

Now lets find some steaming food cookbooks.
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on 7 January 2013
Product is well made and looks good. However it does not come with an instruction leaflet and nor is there one on the Jamie Oliver or Philips websites. Philips directed me to and enter product number in the search box. This is OK for hints and tips but inadequate if you have never used a steamer before.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Most microwaves will have a steamer options these days but for those households in need of a steamer this is a really nice investment.

Steamers cook food without oil making meals more healthy and light, and if one is to use it regularly it seems sensible to buy a decent one.

The first thing that stands out in this Philips model, is that is a bulky and well made steamer that looks good on any work top and has an attractive design with a modern blue dial.

The instructions are dismal and you will be better going on youtube to check how to use it, the Jamie Oliver cards are useful as a recipe guides.

It can hold up to 2.5 liters of water which is useful for soups. The lead is a bit short.

It cleans well and is easy to put back together.

4 stars
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VINE VOICEon 25 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips Jamie Oliver Steamer with Flavour Booster and Bain Marie, 900 Watt
A well made & easy to use steamer, this steamer from Jamie Oliver branded Phillips is an excellent replacement for its aging & decrepit predecessor that I have owned for several years.

I am an avid steamer of, mainly vegetables & fish but with the ease of use & extra functionality of this particular one, my steaming will only increase in frequency.

With this model I will be able to steam puddings (something I had never considered before, even if it had been possible) use it as a bain marie & use its flavour booster facility (a little meshed area to add herbs to that will then infuse steamed food with extra flavour)

The instructions included are simple but adequate, giving a guide to the various recommended times for suggested foods - but factor in some trial & error to get the food to your exact liking if you haven't steamed before. Also included were a few Jamie Oliver recipe suggestions for the adventurous steamer - I will try them out one day !

My previous steamer held much less water & as a result heated up much quicker - something that led me to initially think this new one wasn't heating as well as I had filled it to the maximum level, but on its second use I added less water, which heated quicker & I was much happier with the heat up time.

It all stacks together like many do and the bases of each segment detach for easy cleaning. Steam is vented from the lid, so consider its location when in use.

A small blue L.E.D is shown when it's in operation & a single bell sounds when the 60 minute timer is done. A natty blue plug is also fitted to compliment the detail across the steamer.

All in all, a great product that does what it should very well a well as having aspects that make it stand out amongst others as good value.
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