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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars24
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation Vita|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
Price:£5.10 - £49.99
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on 29 December 2012
This game is much like mario kart with racing and battling, however it just makes things bigger and better! With mario kart, the driving was just mainly cartoonish and goofy, but in sonic and allstars the driving (and cars) is much more serious and cool it even has an awesome addition where the cars (hence transform)can transform into futuristic boats and spaceships which just adds to the excitement of the game!Also =, the one thing that let mario kart down was the fact you couldn't upgrade you're cars, but in sonic you can which means when you're individual character earns a certain level it can have an upgrade like increase speed or handling and such... The character selection is good, even has a recent character from a film "wreck-it ralph" which I was quite shocked and happy to see!
The graphics are good (not great) on Xbox the colours were terrific and the shapes were sharp and detailed, however everything seemed a bit planar, like curved surfaces like arches and bends didn't look perfectly rounded, just a good arrangement of separate lines, a bit like what the wii does, but nowhere near as bad and dodgy looking.
The interface was pretty good and easy to figure out for the younger kids who would play this game. But what relieved me so much was that the background music is good and not something repetitive which is like a nail pierced into the brain.
So overall, brilliant game, brilliant maps and variety, good graphics and for just £20.00, to me seems like an absolute bargain!
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on 5 January 2014
Mario Kart's success over the years has spawned a number of copycat karting games. LittleBigPlanet has one, Crash Bandicoot has one, hell, even the F1 franchise has a karting title these days. It was only a matter of time before SEGA got in on the act and made their own karting title. Transformed is their second kart game release.

Transformed is a typical kart racer game, requiring you to drift, boost and fight your way round various tracks in an attempt to take top spot on the podium. Similar to Mario Kart 7, SEGA have incorporated water- and air-based segments to the game where your kart will transform into a boat or a plane. Collectible boxes at certain points on the stage allow your character to acquire an unusual array of weapons that can be fired at your opponents in an attempt to slow them down or helpful items (boosts, weapon deflectors, etc) that offer an opportunity to overtake them. Whereas in Mario Kart all weapons are easily identifiable to the franchise - for example, red and green koopa shells, POW blocks, mushrooms, etc - in Transformed we get a baffling assortment of random weapons including snowballs, blowfish and hornet attacks. Yes, hornet attacks.

You start the game with a limited number of recognisable SEGA characters including Sonic, Tails, AiAi from Monkeyball and BD Joe from Crazy Taxi. As you progress through the game you will earn stars from each successful race that allows you to unlock new characters. Mostly these will be male/female variations (you can unlock a female Monkeyball character and male/female NiGHTS character variations) with the odd original character thrown in like Joe Musashi from Shinobi. Some of the included non-SEGA characters had me scratching my head (Wreck It Ralph and especially Danica Patrick, who I had to look up on Google for any idea of who she was) as did the omission of some very famous SEGA characters at their expense (Ryu Hazuki from Shenmue and Axel from Streets of Rage, for example, even ESWAT for us old-schoolers). While it appears that some of these characters have been patched into the PC release of the game it is unlikely that handheld or console players will ever get the chance to play as them, which is a shame.

Unlocking those hidden characters is easier said than done. You are awarded stars for each race victory - one for easy, two for medium, three for hard and four for extreme - which can be used to purchase additional characters and kart mods (these mods allow you to tweak karts to give them more balanced attributes or to get more speed at the expense of handling or boost). This is where problems with the game start to become apparent. The difference in difficulties is hugely unbalanced. Races are far too easy on the 1 star rating, yet the increase to 2 star is massive. Jump straight to three star and you'll likely find yourself struggling badly. 4 star racing is one of the most punishing experiences I have had in video gaming (and I've been playing for almost 20 years now!). Certain races consist of boost challenges where you must hit boost pads or drift boost regularly in order to pause the timer or drift challenges where you must drift around a track without leaving a drift track indicator in order to earn time extensions. These challenges are fine on 1 and 2 star ratings, 3 and 4 star demand perfection at all times. One small slip up and you might as well restart. I'm all for challenge in video games - I always start at the highest difficulty setting - but Sonic Transformed really takes the biscuit. I struggled badly on numerous occasions and I would class myself as a competent to well-skilled kart racing gamer. These titles are often aimed at a younger audience and I imagine a lot of younger players have been left frustrated by the crushing difficulty of the game as well as the requirements for unlocking new characters. I have played for over 20 hours and I'm still abut 30 stars away from unlocking the final character (who is a big SEGA favourite, by the way).

When you are not pulling your hair out at being punished on hard or extreme, the game can have its fun moments. Most of the levels are well designed and any SEGA fans will have a ball revisiting locales of old. There are levels here from Afterburner, Golden Axe, House of the Dead, Skies of Arcadia and many more. There is a great sense of satisfaction when you blast a firework into the back of your nearest rival and send them spinning off the course or pip an opponent to the finish line at the very last second.

Unfortunately, even on 2 star you'll find this happening to your own character far more than to opponents. Kart games always have moments where it feels like you are being ganged up on and the frustration almost becomes overwhelming, but none more so than Sonic Transformed. From my observations, weapon hits seem to spin you out more violently and for longer than AI controlled characters and enemies in second place will seemingly aim backwards for you in third as opposed to the character in first even if a hit on the leader will win them the race. The hornet attack, which is equivalent to the blue koopa shell in Mario Kart, has to be one of the most ill-conceived weapon designs in any kart game. Often you will fire it at first place and find that they will navigate through the swarm unhindered while you, the person it was supposed to benefit, get battered to pieces by your own weapon.

There are also certain stages where there are poorly designed areas - there are, for example, too many right-angled corners that act as traps to your character and take an age to escape from. Some stages also suffer from horrendous glitches, most commonly the Jet Set Radio level where you can often find yourself falling through the track or, as has happened to me a few times, floating upwards into the sky and being reset from 1st to 8th. Additionally, on many tracks, firing projectile weapons when riding an upward curving track will often have the weapon explode into the curve instead of following the opponent as intended.

Sonic Tranformed is worth checking out if you are a die-hard fan of SEGA's back catalogue or a hardcore gamer who is a sucker for a punishing challenge. Although kart games are often suitable for younger audiences I cannot recommend this game for very young or casual players owing to the very steep difficulty. Should you persevere with the game, every first placed finish feels like an achievement, but at times you might find yourself about to hurl your Vita across the room against the nearest wall. If the challenge was a little more balanced and the rough edges of the game and glitches had been smoothed out I would have definitely rated it higher than three stars. Unfortunately, I found myself too often frustrated and this was a big contributing factor in my three star score.

If you pick up a copy of Sonic Transformed be prepared!
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on 15 April 2014
This game is amazing!

After I saw the Mario Kart 8 trailer I became hungry for a new kart racer. As I don’t own a WiiU, I looked at some alternatives and came across this game. I've read a couple of reviews stating that the game runs poorly, but I haven't encountered any poor framerates, which is likely due to the update released. If you were considering to pick up this game, buy the REGULAR RETAIL EDITION! (this one.) I usually download my games, but in the online store it costs £34.00. The Limited edition here as of the time written is £20.00, but doesn't add anything apart from an extra stage and racer. The level isn't very impressive and can be bought online for £2.00 anyway. also if you're are thinking of buying this on iOS or 3DS don't. on iOS you're stuck with ads, poor controls and micro transactions and on 3DS the frame rate is really bad.

- It has all the content of the console versions.
- It feels really fast, but not to the point it's overwhelming.
- It also feels fair, in comparison to Mario Kart especially. It's alternative to blue shells is a bee swarm power up, which can be avoided with some skill. The game can be pretty difficult at times, but I like a bit of challenge. However, if you do feel that the stage you're stuck on is too hard, at the end of the level it allows you to change the difficulty level without any extra loading. The only thing you'll need the harder difficulty levels for is to gain more stars to unlock new characters, so you might miss a couple.
-The game looks good. It doesn't look nearly as good as the console and PC counterparts, but don't detract anything from the gameplay. The only major difference in the graphics are not necessarily the textures, but more the lighting that makes the game look so great on consoles. That being said, if you don't compare the versions, you won't miss anything.

- the boat physics feel a little bit off sometimes. A couple of times I have found myself being turned around after a jump or drift and losing a couple of places because of this.
- If there is one major thing to say about this game is that there is nobody online anymore. I've tried to connect a couple of times over two days and then gave up. I might try to connect later, but I'm doubtful I'll find anyone. (If you have bought game and want to play online feel free to add me on psn - 'hellocom2'

Overall a very good buy especially at this price. This will definitely stay in my precious vita game slot for a long time.
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on 8 January 2013
When I bought this game I made the mistake of going into World Tour mode first, but having gone into Grand Prix mode now enjoying it a lot lot more, and this is where you should start. The one issue with Sonic is that the graphics aren't always the greatest, and the speed isn't always that fast. I have noticed issues on one or two tracks with the frame rate. Also it is sometime difficult to pick up on the detail and what to avoid as there is sometimes quite a lot going on screen.

The good news is that now I've informed you of those (what I would call minor) problems, you are left with a great great game. I am pleased to say there are a lot more options and variety in this game than there are for Mario Kart on the DS. Different characters have different abilities in races and you get the chance to upgrade vehicles with mods as you get more experienced.

In spite of the issues mentioned earlier the graphics are cheerful and bright and for the most part solid without being spectacular. The tracks seem to go on forever, again much longer than Mario Kart on the Wii (which is a very good game in it's own right) and there are plenty of hidden pathways and routes which you can use to try and gain an advantage, which adds to the gameplay. Beginners mode is very easy and quite slow but it speeds up just about enough on Medium difficulty - haven't tried advanced yet. The variety of design in the courses is also very very good indeed with nods to lots of playstation and arcade classics. To top it all off I find the music very upbeat and it's worth plugging in a pair of half decent headphones and immersing yourself properly in the game. There are also a few nice little touches and surprises that I won't spoil for you here, but all adding in a positive way to the experience.

In spite of the graphical drawbacks I can see myself getting many many happy hours out of this game.
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on 14 June 2016
Awesome racing game with all the characters from the Sonic the hedgehog universe, your car can transform into boats and aircraft which brings a new mechanic to the sonic racing games. There is loads of things to unlock including tracks and new characters, this game is no pushover whatsoever so be prepared for normal or hard difficulty to be REALLY hard but it will keep you entertained for hours, the graphics are superb for a racing game on a handheld as well, I have also played this game on the Nintendo DS and this by far looks way better, this limited edition version also comes with a DLC code for an extra character and a few tracks so make sure you have access to the internet if you want to claim it.
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on 3 April 2013
This game is a must buy, it's awesome if you like racing games etc, the transforming part is a top idea.
Well worth the money and the delivery was super quick.
Get it now
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on 28 January 2013
Having gotten used to Need for Speed Most Wanted, I thought this game might be a bit "childish", but it`s surprisingly good! Excellent graphics and the music is cool too. Only played for around 30 minutes, but feel sure I`ll be playing this game again later. Only in Grand Prix mode so far, but hope to tackle the World Tour soon? Highly recommended game.......great fun so far!
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on 4 May 2013
Awesome, looks as good on Vita as it does on XBox360 (oops, & Ps3). Fun to play & with the transformations, its like Spy Hunter (anyone who grew up in the 80's will understand), you get the same buzz on each change of vehicle (well retro for me, seeing as nobody has done a decent Spy Hunter since the early 'Noughties). Spot On, well done Sega/Sumo Digital.
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on 18 July 2013
This game is Ace! Its great fun for all ages with plenty to do on it. You can connect online and play against your friends which is a cool extra to allow that competitive side of you drive wild. Well worth the money and nice to have it in your games collection.
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on 2 December 2013
Bought this for my vita as growing up was a massive fan of the mario kart series and this is a really good kart racer bold and beautiful,its just a shame there are not more people online but with this months PS+ giving this that may change a little hopefully.
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