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4.5 out of 5 stars81
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 November 2012
I was really looking forward to Seasons and I couldn't wait to get all the great weather changes for my Sims. The new weather is fantastic and really adds a new exciting element to gameplay. However, although the weather is brilliantly done and the festivals and new activities are really fun and interesting, the expansion is just a little disappointing, as it seems that EA really rushed the release date without having perfected the game.

Each season normally lasts for seven days, but players have the option to change the duration of each season. Each season has different weather effects like sunshine, rain, lightning, fog, hail, and snow. Also there is a holiday held on the last Friday of the season, which is a special day and Sims don't go to work or school. There is a new festival community lot that takes the place of the town's main park and offers different activities for each season.

Summer is the first season of the Sim year. The weather is mostly sunny and warm with an occasional rain, and Sims have to use parasols and umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun and the rain. Opening their colourful parasols and umbrellas is really adorable, but keep in mind that they will not do that automatically, and you actually have to buy them and put them in their inventory. Sims can now swim in the sea which is great, but they can't swim in lakes, which seems odd and if your town doesn't have a sea, it can be a problem. The summer activities include water balloon fights, hot dog eating contests, fireworks and getting a tan. The summer holiday is Leisure Day and it can be celebrated with a Pool Party.

Fall is mostly rainy and foggy with leaves falling from the trees and Sims can rake the leaves and create piles to play in or burn. The fall activities include carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, entering the spooky shack and pie eating contests. The fall holiday is the Halloween inspired, Spooky Day and it can be celebrated with a Feast Party, where guests bring the food.

Winter is very, very beautiful, as it is mostly snowy and all the lots are covered in snow. Sims can make snow angels, build snowmen, and put outdoor fairy lights on their houses, which creates a very festive atmosphere. Also, children have snowy days when it snows and they don't have to go to school. The winter activities include snowball fights, ice skating, snowboarding, kissing under the mistletoe, and building igloos. The winter holiday is the Christmas inspired Snowflake Day and it can be celebrated with a Gift Giving Party, where a pile of presents appears in the middle of the room and each person gets one.

Spring is mostly rainy and there are lovely flowers everywhere, which Sims can pick and use to decorate their homes. The spring activities include attending kissing booths, dancing contest, and the egg hunt. The spring holiday is the Valentine's Day inspired Love Day, but there doesn't seem to be a special party to celebrate it, which is quite an omission.

There is no new neighborhood with this expansion, which is really disappointing, as I was hoping there would be one. There are no new careers and there are only two new traits; "loves heat" and "loves cold". There are a few new objects, including a new hot tub, some pool equipment and a few furniture, but sadly almost no holiday items, as one might expect. I really don't understand why there are no seasonal decorations, especially considering that there is an important holiday for each season. Luckily, I had already downloaded the Halloween and Christmas themed decorations from the Sim's store, so at least my poor Sims had a Christmas tree. There are also some new hairstyles, that are not that great and a couple new outfits, mostly uninspired outwear.

There are of course those frustrating little things that could have been easily avoided, if the creators had given some more thought into the game. First of all, pets don't really adapt to the changes in weather, so we get Sim cats happily playing and hunting in the rain, which is definitely not very realistic. Also, Sims can now plant and grow pumpkins and they can even have pumpkin pie as their favorite food, which makes no sense, as there is no option to make a pumpkin pie, not even for cooking level ten Sims. Last but not least, is the lack of greenhouses; plants naturally fall into a dormant state for half the year, which means that professional gardeners have no way to earn their living.

The only extra feature of the limited edition is the Ice Lounge community lot, which is nothing spectacular, and I don't think that the objects it includes are that great. I only got it, as pre-ordered the game, but I don't think it is worth the extra price. I recommend that you get the standard edition instead.
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on 17 November 2012
I was a bit concerned when buying this as I thought it would be pretty basic and literally just add changing seasons to my game but I was pleasantly surprised.

I loved the festivals and the way you can now snowboard and ice skate. There were loads of activities such as trick or treating and gift giving parties so there's plenty to keep you amused. I also loved how much attention to detail there was, it's really cool how the rain drips off the umbrella exactly like in real life and you can even decorate your house with Christmas lights. I felt all the small attention to detail aspects mixed with all the larger activities and skills to learn make this an overall enjoyable game, and one I have yet to get bored of.

I would have liked another town to be included as I'm still testing out all my towns to see which works best with this expansion pack, however, other than that I have no complaints.

My other favourite expansion pack has to be generations but I feel that this comes a close second. I can imagine it getting quite annoying with the seasons changing all the time over a long time of game play but like I said I have yet to get bored of it myself.
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on 20 November 2012
Well finally got my copy of Sims 3 Seasons (what happened to day of release delivery Amazon?). First of all I must say that Sims 3 seasons does add quite a bit to the game. The addition of weather variables does make gameplay more realistic, and of course you have all the fun of weather related activities. You can build snowmen and igloos during the winter, carve pumpkins, bob for apples and go trick or treating in autumn. In the summertime you can go swimming in the sea, make snow cones, get your face painted, and enter pie-eating competitions. There are egg hunts in the spring. There is a festival in the park, for each season, which allows you to participate in most of these activities.

There is no new world with this expansion, and you can't change the season as easily as you could with the Sims 2 version (no tab this time). The season duration is set at default 7 days each season, which can be changed down to 3 days, or changed to up to 28 days in the options menu. So if you want to try out one particular season, you may have to work through 9 sim days to get to it.

There are quite a lot of new clothes and objects (such as the spray tanning booth),8 new lifetime rewards and 2 new character traits. We also see the return of some objects familiar from Sims 1 & 2, like the snowboarding ramp, diving board and roller skating rink. There is also a new rabbit hole, the Haunted House.

Your Sim is affected in different ways by the changes in temperature (includes some new ways to die!), and supernatural Sims are able to use the new "Weather Stone" to summon up some magical weather effects.

My only reservation about this game, is that to those faithful fans who have followed (and bought) the series from the dawn of Sims 1, it seems as if we are seeing a lot of repetition here. Now personally I'd also like to see the return of the "Open for Business" expansion, just so that our Sims can once again open a business and stock and staff it themselves. However there are now some references online to the development of "Sims 4". It seems that every new version of the Sims gives EA games the opportunity to start a base game from scratch, and sell us the same expansion packs (with a few improvements/innovations)all over again. It would for instance have been nice if the Sims 3 base game had incorporated the weather feature in it right from the start. My guess though, is that "Sims 4" will find us once again buying expansions for pets, holidays, magic, weather etc. .....

To those new to the game, please remember that this is an expansion, and you need the base game to play it. It's also a good idea to check the free "Can You Run It?" site before you buy, to check the spec of your PC. No instruction manual included, but in-game tips will lead you through gameplay if you need help.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 December 2012
This was the one for me. You know how those of us that have been fans of this game since the Sims 1 have our favourite expansions from way back when? Well this was the one I had been waiting for. Pets was good. But THIS, this is amazing.

The first thing I always do when I get a new game, after obviously loading it on, is to go straight to "Create-a-Sim" and find out what new hairstyles and outfits my sims can have. I was a little surprised by the lack of outerwear. There's this new tab now (like the one we had in sims2) for Outerwear for your sims so when it's cold and snowing they have a suitable outfit so they don't get cold, freeze-up and die (yes, really, that happens!!). Unfortunately, and this is the ONLY downside I found, there weren't that many to choose from - I ended up using some of the clothes from older expansions infact. There are a couple of new hairstyles but I what I liked the most was the new items for children and younger sims, there's a quite a lot more variety now AND loads of hats and head warmers for all ages.

So what else do we get? Well, the best thing I like is the festivals. We now have seasons, obviously, and a seaonsal clock near the timer which tells us what season it is and how many days of that particular season we have left. Within these seasons there are individual festivals, one for each season, which our sims get a day off (I know! A day off!) to go and explore. These are so much fun! There are kiosks were you can buy festival-y things like fireworks, games, umbrellas (for a rainy day), food and all sorts. There are also tanning booths, places to snowball fight or waterballoon fight and so much more. It depends what season it is as to what activities there are at these festivals. For example, the winter festival has ice skating, igloo making and snow angel interactions. Whereas autumn has pumpkin gathering, apple-bobbing and pie eating competitions. I also really liked the haunted house.

Something little that I've noticed, because I really like the gardening and collecting skills, is that you can now collect little flowers growing around town which you can decorate your house with and these are really pretty. I also liked the addition of the pumpkin. Not only for growing but for carving for halloween before trick-or-treating (or smashing if you're feeling particularly rebellious!).

Those of you that play online, or are just like me and like to set yourself little goals to achieve, will love the new badges you can collect for your player profile. It's all in the same area as before, there are just new additions to the badges that you can have your sims try and collect by completing certain opportunities. If you have the Supernatural expansion aswell, there are a couple of extra interactions that you'll get too but I'll leave that as a surprise!

Overall. I love this game. It's my favourite expansion so far and I'm still not sure that I've found everything there is to do and see yet. I absolutely recommend this! Hope this helps :).

For those players thinking about getting the limited edition version. That's the one I got and the extra content is just a couple of items for a "snow lounge" but really, I wouldn't worry about getting the limited edition if it's much more money (and I think it's hard to get hold of now too) because you don't benefit greatly from it. The items are nice, but they don't add to the gameplay like some limited content might.
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on 27 December 2012
Weather was, by far and large, my number one EP for TS2 and so I had to get it for TS3. The effects of seeing weather across the whole world is immense, as is zooming out to world view and seeing everything covered in snow.

However, there are a few drawbacks: with TS2: Seasons we got a lot more with the weather and seasons system -- gardening and fishing, which were included in TS3 from the start. TS3 instead adds in festivals and seasonal celebrations which you can opt in to using or not (and also, on the seasonal celebrations every sim gets a special moodlet for the day). Some options available in this EP (swimming in the lake, the attraction system, blueprint building) were included with the 1.42 patch, so any player who keeps their game up to date has those options already available. Aside from the weather/festivals/celebrations the game does feel quite light on details, but that may be because of how much was added in to TS2 along with seasons.

However, saying that, this is a good EP for the sims player who is longing for seasons in their game. Seasons is one of those game-changing EPs as the effects can be seen right from the start, and unlike TS2 season length can be changed and edited, and a season or two can be completely removed. Various types of weather (snow, hail) can also be removed, and these options do seem to stick on a per-save basis rather than being global options.
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on 7 April 2013
I never had the original Sims 2 Seasons. In fact, it was one of the only Sims 2 expansions I didn't purchase!
Well, let me just say, I'm so glad I decided to buy Sims 3 Seasons. I love the Sims and this just adds a whole new dimension to the game-play. It's actually left me wondering how the game was ever interesting without it!

Seasons doesn't just bring you snow and sun and rain - you can swim in the sea and in autumn (fall) the grass gets covered in lovely orange leaves you have the option to rake. You can make snowmen and snow angels and you can get a lovely tan from the sun (or even a fake tan from the salon!).

There's also the wonderful edition of festivals at the local park, with each season having it's own festival. They're all fantastic - you can get involved in pie-eating contests, get your face painted, eat hot dogs and donuts, drink mulled cider, go apple bobbing, ice skating, rollerblading, snow boarding and so much more! For the fall festival you can also go inside a haunted house :) it's a lot of fun! Each season also has it's own 'day', for example autumn has Spooky Day, where there's the option to go trick or treating, among other things.

There's also lots of new interactions and objects to make each season special. For example, in autumn there's pumpkins you can carve in a variety of ways and place in / around your house. You can even light them! A choice of holiday lights are available throughout the seasons so you can put them up / take them down whenever, which is a nice edition, especially for winter if you want a Sim Christmas :)

All in all this expansion is packed with new goodies and makes game-play 100 x more enjoyable. It's truly one of the best and I think EA has returned to form with this one - it's actually substantial, rather than some of their others which just don't offer nearly enough.

Happy gaming Simmers!
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on 3 December 2012
I was so disappointed when Sims 3 came out and we were promised that all the good elements of Sims 2 would be on the one game ... they lied! And once again ... expansion after expansion has been released ... but to me Seasons was and is one of the best expansions they have released and I wonder why it has taken them so long to release this for Sims 3!!

Yes .. we have weather not the boring semi sun days, as is normal .. snow, rain and thunder! You can go snowboarding.. swim in the sea and if you have enough life time reward points, you can purchase the seasons skills, which means you will spend less time sitting on your backside in the snow or on any of the skating rinks. You also tend to get sick a lot with Seasons .. I'd forgotten about that.. but you can also get immunities to different illness with lifetime rewards. Not all towns will have the capabilities to use everything .. One town has no sea, nor any hills to snowboard on.

I was slightly disappointed in the first play that I couldn't get fireworks for celebrations, nor lights for the house in the winter.. I'm hoping a patch will fix this as there are constant wishes for each season ... Also the festivals get a little tedious .. once you have been for each season, nothing changes . In spring you'll be able to go to the kissing booths ... in summer you can get a spray tan and all of them have the holiday photo booth for you family to have their pictures taken ... but it will be exactly the same next 'year' and in the same location .. a warehouse .. Sometimes I worry about lack of imagination of the game writers
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on 18 November 2012
I have Finnaly recived my coppy of the sims 3 seasons which i pre-ordered and payed for delivery for reliease day which did not happen. I got my coppy five days late which I was really unimpressed with as I have hardly had time to use the game since I wanted to use that weekend to play it. once able to play the game I am quite impressed as the weather is very realistic and the fesstivals are fun however they can become boring after seeing them more than twice. I do like this game very much however I would not pay the £44 for it as I payed £30 when pre ordered so I find it strange its value could have gone up that much. I think you can get hours of enjoyment out of this game with the new items and wishes for your sim. I also think the weather stone is entertaining if you have sims 3 supernatural. The last thing i was disapointed about was that the weather did not work in world adventures as I would of liked a summer holiday in france or egypt ! overall I would buy the limmited addition seasons but not at the current price tag and although I like the game the amazon experience of waiting around well past the expected delivery took alot of the fun out of the game for me thefore if i had not been very disapointed for days on end when it did not turn up the game would probably got four stars instead of two I was just fed up by the time it arrived.
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on 14 January 2014
I didn't buy seasons for Sims 2, I wasn't sure what the point was. My eyes were opened when I bought the Sims 3 Seasons. I love that my sims can be affected by all of the different sorts of weather.

The festivals are my highlight, particually the fall festival with pumpkin carving and the haunted house. I love trick or treating with my sims and costume parties. I also love the easter egg hunting, this even rivals snowflake day!

The only downside to the weather is I have found it does limit gardening and fishing (gardening mostly) as when the colder weather happens it freezes the ponds etc, the ground is frozen and my plants are affected through most of spring, autumn and winter (depending on the weather) which does limit gardening for your sims, particually if this is a skill or lifetime want related issue.

Overall I will find it very strange when the sims 4 arrives which I assume it will do without weather and I have to go back to non weather related siming, I wouldn't return this expansion pack even if I could as it brings a whole new variety to your sims lives.
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on 9 March 2014
Dear Timo,

Thank you very much for such a smooth experience. The item arrived extremely fast! It was also very sweet of you to put a little Cola MAOAM in there as a token - that was very unexpected but was such a nice little surprise. Haha! As you can imagine, the first thing I got my hands on was the actual game, so I missed that little note inside the package (only saw it afterwards). I was a little shock for a moment when I saw that it was in German! Also panicked a little bit at the thought of it not working, since all my other ones are in English but when I read your note it became clear that only the packaging was in German. The item arrived in expected condition and the game works perfectly - already downloaded my Limited Edition bonus content. Very happy with the product and the service. It does look a little strange in the midst of all my other games though. The other Sims games are all in English and there's that one with "JAHRESZEITEN" on it. Lol...

But overall a 10/10 experience.

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