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on 3 January 2014
I have been searching for the ideal headphone for years. Recently I sold my HD800 after trying to live with it for a long time. Before it I had T1, GS1000, D5000, Ed.8, HD650, Z1000, K701/702 etc. I tried them all, I sold them all (apart from Ultrasone Signature Pro and Ed.8). They're all great headphones but they all have flaws.

Enter X1 from Philips. Comfortable, not GS1000 (my favourite comfort-wise) or HD800 comfortable but comfortable enough, large cups, no contact points with your ears, no bumps or pressure points in the headband. As usual it will fit better smaller to average heads but larger heads can find a comfortable fit as well with a bit of bending.

X1 looks amazing in the flesh, probably better than any of the headphones on the list above (although Ed.8 might take the crown if bling is your thing, otherwise X1 is definitely the best looking headphone in my collection, HD800 included).

It's an open headphone so it leaks a lot of sound and vice-versa, you need a quiet environment to enjoy it. Don't even think about taking it out. Not only it will fail to block any outside noise but it will look ridiculous on your head because it is big. Bigger than GS1000, bigger than T1, big.

X1 runs alright from an iPhone but in Philips tradition it's not the most efficient headphone on the planet so while you might not need a Phonitor to make it sing it can certainly do better than a notebook / phone output. The source is, needless to say, equally important so lossless recordings will sound better than mp3 and a proper dac / player better still than the odd sound card / phone output. I first tried it on a friend's iPhone with some low bitrate metal and I thought "blah, wasted money". So do not judge it until you give it the best signal you have at home.

We are of course getting to the most important part of this review: how does it sound? And considering the rating you will probably expect another (boring) FOTM rave review. Well, not quite. X1 is actually nothing special. K701 is more transparent and has a better soundstage. HD800 furthers the distance with a breathtaking transparency and detail. T1 has a lush, pleasing sound, D5000 has an amazing bass and the most natural timbre reproduction of all the headphones I have had so far, HD650 has a very refined and easy presentation - there is so much to like and so many areas where each of these headphones shines and betters X1. But then K701 is uncomfortable and lean on bass. HD800 is cold, analytical and bass light as well, T1 is nothing special, D5000 has a mediocre treble and poor soundstage, HD650 doesn't rock etc.

So back to X1. It can rock but it can do classical or acoustic as well. It is open and transparent, with a good soundstage but, unlike most open headphones, it has the bass heft and impact of a closed headphone. It is neither bright nor veiled, neither artificially exciting nor boring. It is a fun headphone (Kraftwerk for instance is a pleasure) but with a hi-fi pedigree. It does a wonderful job with films as well where the hefty bass, transparency and good soundstage work wonders and in fact if there is an application where I prefer it hands down over any of the others, HD800 included, it is movie watching. I would expect gaming as well since it's more or less the same thing. For critical listening of critical HDTracks recordings X1 could never match the surgical precision and transparency of a HD800 however it is always enjoyable, it has no major flaws, it delivers whatever the genre.

Money no issue, I would strongly advise an audition of HD800 first although as good as it is, it isn't an enjoyable headphone at all in my experience. Every time I try it, I am amazed. Five minutes later I have to put it down whatever the source (think Naim NDS, Weiss DAC202 etc) or amplifier (SPL Phonitor, Ray Samuels The Raptor, Violectric V200 etc) because something is invariably missing. I never thought much of T1 and never understood its fans. Ed.8 is also a fun headphone, by far the best performer with an iPhone, but at a price. GS1000, like all the other Grados before (I had 60, 80, 225, 325) is not my cup of tea although maybe the best headphone of the group for low level listening. D5000 would certainly appeal to a basshead, it has a lot to offer but ultimately has some serious sonic flaws as well.

Down to a more comparable and relevant price range, I would certainly recommend X1 as a universal headphone, particularly for gaming / movie watching / electronic / acoustic music listening. For classical the refinement of a Sennheiser HD6XX or the transparency and huge soundstage of an AKG K7XX might appeal more to some ears but none of the two will be as good at so many things or as universally fun to listen to.

Considering the latest price drops (to about 150£ and even less on several occasions) where HD650 sells for over 300£, X1 is in my opinion a no brainer. Even if it won't impress, it certainly won't disappoint. It does almost everything right, just not as well as headphones costing 4 times more.

Distorsion and all the other stories mentioned in other reviews? Nonsense. Use a decent source and good recordings and you will get very respectable results. Experts also recommend using it with a lower impedance cable rather than the very nicely made but flawed factory cable for better transparency / detail retrieval at the cost of a slightly brighter sound. I didn't try this myself yet but considering it's a detachable cable with a standard mini jack I probably will do in the future. Meanwhile I am enjoying it every day. Less can be more indeed.
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on 28 July 2013
Tested with:
1. Cyrus CD 8 SE2/Cyrus PSX-R + Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone Amp
2. Arcam FMJ CD 36/Arcam DV 139 - for SACD + Arcam A32 Amp
QED Signature Audio XT interconnects

I'm very impressed with the Fidelio X1, it's entering a fiercely competitive market place but I think it's going to raise more than a few eye brows from it's competitors. Compared to the open headphones I have at this price point (AKG 702 & Q701, Sennheiser HD 600 & HD 650), it really is an impressive piece if gear.

It's an open circumaural design, so the usual applies: high sound leakage and poor noise isolation. You'll need somewhere quiet, the reward though is a spacious & airy soundstage that you wont find on any closed h/phone at any price point.

And the soundstage here is one of the best I've heard. Not only does it rival the renowned AKGs, it trumps it when it comes to depth. Film soundtracks/classical through these is nothing short of breath taking. The width & depth these delivered on Jerry Goldsmith's "Basic Instinct" score really did surprise me. I'd not heard this delivered, on any headphone, with such authority & on such a scale. The separation & detail (particularly the upper mids) on the X1 is impressive indeed.
Likewise, playing Secret Garden's " Duo" (violin with orchestra), the depth was just stunning. I compared it to the Q701s to make sure I wasn't imagining things - I wasn't. One of the things I love about floor standing speakers is the low end on film soundtracks/classical - & this is the first h/phone that I've ever heard that comes close to that dynamic vibe - the X1 goes down really low. Ok, it's not that out of you head feeling & sensation of sitting in front of the speakers physically feeling the bass - but it's still pretty damn good. Yes, you'll find closed h/phones that go low, but there're "boxed in" with inferior soundstage & very often have awful colouration. This is an open design, so you get the low end but with an expansive soundstage & all the details across the musical spectrum with a real sense of air in the upper midrange. It really is quite stunning.

The X1, to my ears at least, has a natural, full & warm signature sound (note: my h/phone amp has valve-like warmth - so may have exaggerated this impression of warmth -although it also sounded warmish via Arcam amp) . An important point, it has an elevated lower bass & this may not be to every ones taste. I should stress, this bass is well controlled - but it is clearly elevated. The Fidelio is not a neutral headphone, what it lacks in neutrality it makes up for in musicality. Like the HD 650, it's a real musical can.

I was surprised, is how good the midbass, midrange & treble are. The X1 does roll off the treble near the top end, in the same way the HD 600 does - but in no way is the treble recessed, as is case on the HD 650. This roll off allows for pro-longed sessions, as fatigue is less likely to set in - as can be the case with a very bright h/phone. The midrange is full & compelling, on par with the HD 600 - one of the best cans for midrange. So vocals sound wonderful. This gives the X1 a versatility across many genres whether it's classical, jazz, country, pop, disco, rock etc. The X1's bass capabilities mean it also works well with house, dub, hip hop etc. At times I did think the bass was just a bit intrusive - with some soft rock & Jazz MOR tracks.

To get the best out of these you will need a good sound source & amp. I felt the best results where through the h/phone amp. They sounded very good on the stereo amp but even at medium volumes they lacked the clarity & soundstage of the h/phone amp, the bass wasn't as controlled & the treble was slightly grainy. This was less obvious though at low volumes.

Of the h/phones I mention above, the X1 signature sound is closest to Sennheiser's HD 650. The X1's are warm (not as warm as the 650). have strong mids with extended bass. Their bass extends deeper than the 650 (650 has an extended upper bass & weaker low bass). Admittedly, the 650 is dark - the X1 definitely isn't. The X1 has a superior open soundstage & is much more transparent, it will reveal details/textures that wont be audible on the 650.

If you want "the truth & nothing but the truth", then the AKG 702's analytical side of neutral is one to consider auditioning.
If your seeking neutrality but with a touch of refinement in the treble, audition the Q 701.
Both these AKGs have a more overt top end (esp the 702) & are more leaner but punchier sounding both in bass/mid than either the sennheisers or the Fidelio X1. If you want neutrality but with some warmth & smoothness, then check out HD 600. It's not quiet as open as the AKGs but is fuller bodied.

However, if you value sheer musicality above all else & want a phone that is rich & full bodied but still detailed & open with a sense of air- sounding good across many genres - then I'd strongly recommend you audition the X1. It's one of best h/phones I've ever heard, I really was stunned with orchestral tracks that I played though these via Lehmann's h/phone amp. I also love the lows on dance/dub & the details it yields on soul/disco/rock. And vocals really shine with a natural air. At it's current price, it offers outstanding value. I wouldn't be surprised if a year from now, the X1 retails at a higher price point.

Note: I'm not sure the ear pads are replaceable. I have e-mailed Philips re this issue & will post reply once received. It's an issue they'll need to sort out on future editions of the can - they will wear down after pro-longed use & this could affect soundstage quality of the can.
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on 13 September 2013
These headphones,now available at a bargain price of less than £200, can compete with or excel headphones costing £1000 plus. I have a large (some might say too large) collection of headphones including Sennheiser HD800; Beyerdynamic T1; and Ultrasone Edition 8. To my amazement the X1s beat them all to my ears. I have particularly compared them with the HD800 and preferred their well balanced, detailed , relaxing sound over the occasionally edgy and penetrating 800s. This ran counter to my expectations but after prolonged comparative listening I have no doubt which I prefer.
They are of course open backed so everyone in the vicinity gets a miniature version of what you're hearing.
They sound at their best through an amp., in my case the Lehmann Black Cube Linear , but are listenable out of an iPhone. They are very comfortable with a self adjusting headband and big comfortable ear pads. The build is distinguished and looks of good quality.
They are large and come without a case. They have gone right to the top of my admittedly subjective tree. I have no idea how they measure nor whether the cable upgrade recommended by some make any difference. At the present Amazon price of less than £200 they are a steal and shouldn't be missed.
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on 31 January 2014
First of all my point of reference when it comes to audio is that im used to listening to fairly high end setup of Marantz and B&W speakers so yeah a couple of grands worth of hifi. Therefore you will find my review a bit more critical than other users that are newish to hifi.

I know it sounds obvious but make sure you try open back headphones before you buy these. This was my first pair of open backs and after a few months found my self going back to my closed back Audio Technica ATH-ES7 which retail for about £100, which of course is a much cheaper head phone. I ran the headphones in for about 3 days solid before use so run in wasnt an issue

Im not going to knock these headphones just because i prefer closed back but i still thought they could do with a few improvements for the price.

I ran these headphone via a highly regarded beresford TC-7520 DAC/headphone amplifier so plenty of detail and power on tap to power these beasts at deafening volume.

Overall, i would say they sound good but not mind blowing. The traits that i look for in a sound are speed, precision and excitement that also have a slight bass hump/forward mid range. The strong points are that these headphones are VERY balanced in that no area of the spectrum is emphasised. If you like flat response headphones then these are for you but those looking for a bass hump & forward mid range should shop around for something else.

One of the main strengths of these headphones is the soundstage. I really enjoyed the 3d sound that they offer and are especially suited to long gaming sessions where their extremely comfortable headband and pads really excel. Couple these with a ps3/xbox/px + surround sound decoder+amplifier and you have a killer gaming setup.

Gaming performance is one thing, but music performance is another...

The main downpoints when it comes to music are that i didnt find them to be spectacularly fast or agile, especially in the bass department. Bass quantity is certainly there but lacks the definition i would like. The bass doesnt decay fast enough and can sometimes get a bit muddled.

I've read that changing the stock cable can improve things but im of the opinion that things should be sorted from the get go. I've now sold these headphones but i do wish that i had taken the time to change the cable in case i was too hasty to write them off.

The following is the main reason i decided to sell.

Im a big fan of female vocals so i really apprecaite crystal clear vocals where i can hear every nuance. Again when comparing them to my cheaper Audio technica ATh-ES7's i preferred the ES7's due to the slightly forward mid range. The vocals on the X1s i would describe as silky smooth but a bit too soft for my liking. Again i cant help think that this is all to do with cable, or just the fact that they are so down the line neutral.

In short heres my summary:


EXTREMELY comfortable.
Suited to long gaming sessions
Nice balanced sound across the spectrum
Incredible sound stage


Not quite fast/agile enough - especially the bass
Vocals are smooth but a little too soft
Not for those that like an aggressive sound (me)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 January 2013
Short Version

These are extremely well engineered headphones, very comfortable and come with 3m of high quality cable which is detachable from the headphones. Also included is a high quality 3.5mm adapter. The sound quality is excellent both direct from a CD source from the CD players headphone stage and from a classic iPod with Apple lossless tracks. My current headphones have been the Grado 80i's and they are often the ones recommended in reviews as the best sub £200 ones. These X1's are a noticeable improvement with a definite difference in the width of the sound stage and separation of singers and instruments. I can hear instruments more clearly on a variety of music, sometimes even hearing instruments that I cannot distinguish on the Grado's. The only downside I have noticed so far is that the iPod cannot drive them loud enough for me. I am having to use my X11 amp to get a decent volume. This is not an issue when playing CD's.I have tried a variety of music from Tony Bennett Duets II to Joseph Calleja 'Tenor Arias' and everything inbetween including Slash, Bob Dylan and the Band of the Royal Marines. Every single CD shows an improvement and I know these inside out having played each one many times on the Grado's.

If like me you like somewhere where you cannot have decent speakers or perhaps you cannot afford them then these headphones could be the way for you to enjoy music in better quality than you may otherwise achieve through speakers of a similar or probably even much higher price.

Long Version

The build quality is very good, the ear pads are soft and velvety and very comfortable to wear for a long period of listening. The headband does press down a little more than I am used to but after a while you don't notice and it is very soft and comfortable. The cable plugs into the left side and is an ideal length for me at 3m meaning I do not have to use an extension cable as I do with my Grado's. It does not feel like a normal headphone cable but is soft to the touch and it is thinner than the Grado's. However this obviously has no effect on the performance. It is supplied with a 3.5mm gold plated adapter for use with iPods and other media players.

Should these be run in? I honestly don't know. I have played them for several hours and I cannot tell. With the Grado's they sound the same after many months as they did on day one. I will update this review if I notice any real difference in the coming weeks.

Update: After 6 weeks of very frequent daily use I do not believe these headphones need running in and are at their best straight out of the box. If there is a difference I cannot tell.

I have listened to a wide variety of music and the main points common to all the tracks is the increase in width of the sound stage, a more open feeling and the ability to discern individual instruments. The Grado's are fine headphones but these X1's take listening to a new level.

Joseph Calleja - Tenor Arias. Mr Calleja is one of todays finest tenors and I chose this album because it is well engineered and lacks flaws found in other older recordings from the likes of Pavarotti and Callas. It sounds like he is standing right in front of you on stage with the orchestra placed beautifully behind him and set out across the stage from left to right. You can hear him pronounce every word clearly and there is no hint whatsoever of any distortion on high notes even at high volume levels.

UPDATE:- Listening to Joseph Calleja 'Be My Love' Be My Love - A Tribute to Mario Lanza was fabulous on these headphones but when I downloaded the FLAC 24bit 96kHz version of this album from Linn Records it opened up this album even more and really demonstrated how a High Definition download can improve on a normal CD.

Tony Bennett - Duets II. Track one with Lady Gaga, the Lady is a Tramp, just jumps out at you when Lady Gagga joins in. Tony Bennett has such a distinctive voice and this is fully demonstrated by these headphones. This is one of my favourite albums and in some respects I feel I have been missing out on something until now.

Michael Monroe - Sensory Overdrive. This is the sort of album to listen too when you want to drown the World out, hard hitting fast paced rock. There is an improvement of the Grado's in general terms but not as much as with the previous albums mentioned. I tried Rainbow Rising and Pat Bennatar Greatest Hits and have to say this is the general feeling I am getting. A definite improvement but the 'Rock' genre does not seem to benefit as much. However lets be clear in that there is nothing wrong listening to rock through these headphones and they deliver an excellent experience however I would have to say that if I only listened to rock I would find it hard to justify the additional cost to upgrade from the Grado's as I don't think there is £150 worth of difference.

Jussi Bjorling - The Ultimate Collection. Recorded in the 40's and 50's and released in 1995, this is a CD of opera from IMHO the greatest tenor ever that I am most familiar listening to through headphones and speakers. There is a tremendous difference with Bjorling powering through a varied repertoire without the distortion and hiss usually associated with recordings of this period. These headphones really bring to life the true beauty of his voice and despite the primitive recording technology the orchestra and singer are clearly differentiated and the sound stage is also wider.

Rod Stewart - Still The Same. Track8, Father and Son. That great Cat Stevens song. One of the most distinctive voices in popular music singing an iconic song. The X1's are definitely suited to this kind of music with a solo voice and high quality musicians that can be placed individually. What I noticed more was more bass in the drums and Rod's voice was just more 'Rod' if that makes any sense.

iPod listening - all of my tracks are in the Apple lossless format. These headphones have definitely improved the listening qualities removing some of the hard edge and giving them a less compressed sound.I find I get listening fatigue much sooner with my iPod than I do from my CD player but this has not been the case with the X1's. The main downside is that my classic iPod will not drive these phones with a sufficiently loud enough volume for me. I have a couple of small headphone amplifiers I usually use with my iPod anyway, the X11 and X5 but I prefer not to use them as there is an effect on the sound quality, especially with the cheaper X5. This effect is minimised somewhat by these headphones but it is still there. The X11 can really drive these phones well and uncomfortably loud listening levels are easily achievable.

In summary, apart from the Stax Lambda Signatures I owned about 10 years ago with their valve amplifier, these are the best headphones I have ever used. For under £300 they offer tremendous value and a very satisfying listening experience across a wide variety of music. Their strength is definitely solo voice and orchestra, jazz, Country and Folk. There weakness, if you can call it that, is heavy rock.

Update: I have now started listening to Hi Definition Audio downloads using JRiver Media Centre and the WASAPI driver via USB to my DAC. I have a number of studio Quality FLAC lossless albums including the excellent 'Tubular Bells' from Bowers & Wilkins. These headphones really produce fantastic results with these Hi Def files, much better than CD or Apple Lossless. When comparing these files played through my old Grado 80i headphones and these ones this is where the biggest difference is shown and really demonstrates how much better these headphones are.
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on 7 September 2014
What a faff I have had in choosing a pair of high end headphones....
Between Beyerdynamic Custom 1's, Sennheiser On Ear's, Monster NTune's plus others I have eventually found best package of look, feel, & audio quality in these Fidelio X1's. They're for home as "open back" type thus providing a "room speaker" sound as opposed to claustrophobic muffled traditional sounding head/earphones. Providing rich treble whilst offering deep & bouncy bass & the vaunted wide soundstage they are a luxurious component that I am very proud to own.
Having high sensitivity coupled with low impedance they complement my iphone & ipad just perfectly. I purchased but returned a headphone amp having found it unneccessary (amp needed with the Sennheisers to get adequate volume incidentally).
These headphones are akin to a swiss wristwatch in that they'll be handed down to my son - they are of such premium quality.
Many web reviewers recommend replacing the cable but having personally tried 3 different 3.5mm jack to jacks I think this assertion is snobbish tosh. Phillips have coupled the provided cable with the X1's NOT by accident.
In summary, simply beautiful & a genuine heirloom to boot. Top notch!
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on 25 September 2014
So after a year spending with them I can say that it was a very good buy.
I am very happy with the sound now, but it needed a lot of improvements.

First of all that cable, that headphone cable! Just throw it away... The cheapest 3.5 mm cable from Amazon will sound better... But that is past now. I bought for myself a Copper series cable from Forza Audio. What a difference! Clarity, detail, everything is so crystal clear now.

But if you want to be a big boy, you have to eat properly. So I added a dac. Meridian Explorer it was, with an Atlas Element USB cable... A whole new world has opened in front of me. Then I realised what I was missing. Sorry, did I tell you something about clarity and details before? Yes? OK so now it's 3 (4,5...) times more. Curtains has opened and I am sitting in a front row. Everything is so musical, so enjoyable and so real now.
You just can't hear this from a laptop or TV output. No chance.

The music has a lot of energy now, instruments are more separated, vocals are in front of you, but it's very balanced.

Happy? I am. And it didn't cost me a fortune.

Enjoy your life ;-)
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on 12 November 2014
I love these headphones but they have one small problem and that is the cable, it makes the bass a little loose when you compare it to more precise headphones but now the X2 came out that's been improved. If you purchase the X2 cable ( Philips X2 AUDIO CABLE NO CLIP “ which Is part number 9965-800-03348 @ £27.99 + £2.95 standard delivery to UK mainland ) the bass is now nice and tight, more precise. I actually prefer the X1 with X2 cable better than the new X2's.
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on 25 June 2014
I don't have much experience with high end audio equipment. However, it's hard to see how the X1 can be bettered without going into extreme diminishing returns. These are exceptional headphones and would be at any price, full stop. The fact that they only cost me £150 is pure WIN!

I'm using them in combination with the "Schiit stack" - Schiit magi + modi amp and DAC, which are also amazing products. While X1 is easy to drive directly from a laptop or portable player, a decent amp and DAC has had a transformative effect on the sound quality in my opinion. I have replaced the stock cable with a relatively cheap KabelDirekt pro series one, which you can also find on amazon. I do think there was an improvement, but that could just be my imagination.

I've just been listening to the studio master 24bit/96khz version of Pat Metheny's Kin and cannot put into words how good it sounds with this set up.
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on 25 November 2013
I own or have owned several headphones (Among them Sennheiser HD 570 which these replaces, Bose AE (Triport), JVC HA-NC250, Soundmagic E10) but these are by FAR the best but also the most expensive by a small margin.
They are definitely worth the price in my opinion as none of the others I have come close to the performance of these.
I literately said wow when i first heard them. My wife had the same reaction even though she's not the kind to just sit around and listen to music. She is now.

The clarity, soundstage and separation of the different instruments blows all else I have had or tried out of the water.
There's a richness to the music that is hard to explain but is very addictive. It makes it hard to leave these headphones at home when going out.

The bass goes deep and has impact even at low listening levels when playing through my Titanium HD sound card. I find myself enjoying music and tapping my toes at listening levels where none of my other headphones are "alive".
They leak a fair amount of sound but nothing I consider a problem. I listen to them in the bedroom while my wife and 6 months old son are asleep 2m. away. I wouldn't take them with me on a bus ride due to the leakage (both in and out) though.

They sound great out of my Macbook Air and iPhone, but the latter needs to up the volume a bit before they open up. But when I plug them into my home computer with a good sound card the soundstage becomes noticeably broader and instruments sounds more full.

I had read around the web that the supplied cable is not up to par. I didn't think about it at first as they sounded great out of the box but decided to try and swap the cable for a cheap one I had lying around. I must say that the difference is noticeable. After trying out both I would say that the stock cable has a harshness to it compared to the other which sounds a bit softer in the treble and more airy in the bass. I definitely prefer the latter. So if you buy these I would recommend you to try it with another (cheapish) cable as it did make a small but noticeable difference to me with almost no extra cost.
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