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4.4 out of 5 stars218
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: Nexus 7 (2012 - 1st Gen)|Colour Name: Crystal Clear (Invisible) Edition|Change
Price:£7.97 - £9.97
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on 1 May 2014
I have applied a fair few screen protectors in the last few years. On mobiles and other smaller devices they tend to go on without any problems. However when applying to tablets especially those about 10 inches it gets a lot more frustrating. I have even been known to get so annoyed the device is almost thrown out the nearest window. To be clear this was using cheaper other brand screen protectors. In fact on my Sister's tablet after trying to apply all 6 I gave up. On my own tablet I did eventually mange to get one on that I decided would do. Few air bubbles but not in the area of the screen. I also noticed the "rainbow" effect especially if the background was dark. However recently during transit to hospital my screen protector became badly scratched. Rather than risk going insane trying to apply a cheaper alternative this time I thought nope let's go for it. I am a massive fan of MediaDevil they are definitely a customer focused company. So I decided to go ahead and pay more for a brand I trusted and more importantly knew made quality products. It was the best decision I made. It arrived within a couple of days which was great. Now I was still in hospital at the time thus adding that extra challenge. I really did expect to fail. I am delighted to say I would have successful applied it on the first try. However there was a tiny bit of fluff caught, carefully peeling the protector back I planed to wipe it of my tablet (it hadn't stuck to the surface of the protector which I figured was great) sadly my hand decided to shake at that point and my cloth stuck to the surface of the protector. So I removed it completely placed the covering back on it so I could remove the fluff from the surface at a later date. I then took out the 2nd one and this time it went on a dream. I would highly recommend you buy this product. It truly is the most hassle free experience I've had applying a screen protector. Also no "rainbow" effect. Although regardless of brand they do all tend to give the same advice "apply in a dust free environment" which makes me laugh. I personally can't say I know anyone with a clean room I could make use of.
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on 15 February 2013
I've used MediaDevil screen protectors before and have always been satisfied with their quality and their impeccable service.

This one does not disappoint either. When I opened the package I was greeted by a "personal" note from Callum, the founder--and as always, two pieces of candy (a nice touch). It said that the screen protector could not cover the entire screen of the Nexus 4 because of the curved edges. I knew that already from the product description on their website, so it was a non-issue. Besides, all the other screen protectors have the same "problem".

Having two screen protectors in one package is always a good thing because, if you don't get it right the first time, there's always another. The second screen protector turned out to be unnecessary though. It was very easy to apply--as long as you make sure there is not even a speck on the screen of your Nexus 4. The included micro fiber cloth did a great job at this; I like the fact that it was lint-free.

I got it right the first time. I found it easier to align the screen protector with the front camera first and start from there. There were a few bubbles at first, but getting rid of them was easy with the included squeegee (or card).

This screen protector is perfect for me. It works with my TPU case, creates no bubbles, and looks really good. As opposed to what some people say, although it covers the proximity sensors, it does NOT interfere with phone calls!

That said, it may not be for everyone. The length is slightly less than the entire screen, so even if you align it perfectly it will leave an opening--for me, at the bottom--of about a millimeter or two. It doesn't bother me though.

Also, the screen protector seems to be easily scratched. I just put it on and it already shows a scratch (roughly 0.5 cm). Again, it doesn't bother me and other brands of screen protectors I've used have a similar issue. I think it's inevitable. Or maybe I just wasn't careful enough.

Overall I'm very satisfied and MediaDevil, you've got yourself a loyal customer!
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on 29 June 2015
Long time MediaDevil customer here, and once again, as always before, I'm very satisfied with their protectors. However, my current powerhouse, Nexus 6, is a little bit tricky device regarding screen protecting, as its screen is a little bit curvy at the edges. So I ordered protectors knowing they can't cover the whole display area, but still was a little bit afraid of how these will fit the screen once they arrive. More so because I bought few ultra-cheap protectors in local shop, to have some protection until I get my MediaDevil protectors, and these were terrible. Bad cutouts, no front camera cutout at all, and on the others there was a proximity sensor cutout on the wrong side of protector.

So, today I got the MediaDevil package, and I have to say once again that these protectors are amazing. Very good cutting job, covering just a little bit more around flat area of the screen, but nothing terrible. This can be tricky if you don't have any case on your phone, as you can accidentally hook the protector edge in your pocket and peel it off, but if you have any case on your phone you're safe, as most of them are having raised edges compared to screen level. However, if you stick it precisely and properly, there is no room to panick. The protector themselves are in very good quality, and surface is perfectly clean, and nice to touch. I always find MediaDevil protectors to be veeery durable, and very hard to scratch, so I'm not in doubt that it will be the same with these ones. I don't see the big deal about glass protectors also, so I can honestly recommend MediaDevil to anyone wanting the good screen protection at affordable price.

Great job MediaDevil.
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on 10 July 2013
I messed up the first application so I am very grateful for mediadevil providing 2 screen protectors. I viewed the video where they applied it perfectly as well as the ipad one with the bubbles.

I had previously had the original screen protector that came attached to the phone, so my screen was pretty clean but I followed their instructions of wiping the screen. I thankfully had no dust bubbles on the second application, as long as you align it correctly and just pull it down so it touches the screen immediately, there are no issues.

And this is from someone who has gone through 7+ applications using other screen protectors. It looks like its not even there unless I really try to look for it. Amazing to touch.

I had one issue, where I thought there was bubbles but it was where the film on the protector had come off, so don't do the silly thing I did and try for 5 mins to get the bubbles out when you forgot to take off the second part of the film.

Anyway this was well worth the £8 or something I paid for it, way better than the cheap ones I used before. It really feels like I'm touching the actual screen. Plus it came within 2 days of my payment, very quick. So accept no imitations because these guys rock!
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on 23 October 2013
I now have the matte/anti-glare protector on both my Nexus 7 and the S4. (I was deliriously happy with the protector on the S4, but held out on the N7 as that already had a competitor's product on it which I wasn't sure would come off cleanly. After trying to watch a badly lit movie in a brightly light room and only seeing my bathroom's lamp I knew I had to go anti-glare on the N7 as well.) Protector performs very well under lamplight as well as under August's sunlight (such as it is in Northern Europe). Easy to apply -- it helps of course if you apply it to your device before latter can accumulate dirt; either straight out of the box, or straight after removing your previous, inferior screen protector. :) From that starting point, the protector applied very well for me on the first attempt -- I have three spots about 2mm - 3mm across, but they're all on the edge, so that's more an aesthetic consideration as they're not above the actual display area. Mind, I could probably get rid of those too, but they're small enough to be covered by my protective sleeve, anyway. Given that, it looks like the tablet was made like this -- which it arguably should have been! Complete and unreserved recommendation!
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on 13 February 2013
For the price, I was expecting them to be of decent quality, and they are! You get 2 screen protectors in the pack (which is good for me, because I ALWAYS mess up the first one), the thick bit of card to apply it with and a premium (by my standards) cleaning cloth. The package that it comes in all feels very premium. The instructions are clear and tells you that you can use a bit of sellotape to remove any specks of dust on the sticky side, which is something I never knew you could do before! I watched the help videos after applying the protector, and I would definitely say that these would help.

The overall quality of the screen protector is good, but like many screen protectors out there - FINGERPRINTS!!! But it's to be expected anyway. Mine didn't come with the holes for the proximity sensors cut out, but the screen turning on/off when calling still works. The N4 seems to use one of the motion sensors to detect if it moves upwards as well as having the proximity sensor to help.

Overall, very good product, worth the price, PLUS... they send you free sweets too! Nice little touch.
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on 26 January 2016
Since 2013, Every and ALL of my device's screens are protected by media devil. I have even gone as far as buying them for friends having learnt of their poor choice in screen protection. There is never enough space in these feedback boxes for me to completely say how pleased I am with the MD products.

The only time I fail to get a 100% absolutely perfect finish is when I don't fully follow the instructions provided by MD.

Although MD provide two screen protectors, to date I have never needed to use the second one. My nexus 5 is still wearing it's 1st ever Media Devil screen protector and that was applied over 2 years ago and used heavily everyday (and dropped a number of times). Maybe I should try selling the spares back to MD ;).

They will always be my ONLY choice. Worth Every Penny, & free sweets! (Which I always save until I have finished applying the screen protector...a well done reward if you will ;) )
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on 15 February 2013
Very pleased. Application is easy as its a dry application, feel is good and it is seamless with the screen. There is no cutout for the proximity sensors but I have had no problems at all and they guarantee against problems if you encounter any.

Customer support were also very polite when I emailed to say how pleased I was.

I will be buying my screen protectors from MediaDevil in future!
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on 22 June 2013
I already had the equivalent product for the galaxy S2 and found it straightforward, so decided to pay the extra for the brand I knew and liked. Putting this type of film on a screen isn't easy, especially one as big as the nexus 10. Following the instructions and using the cloth (plus some glasses lens cleaning fluid) I managed to apply the screen in about 15 min, including removing the dust specks, with only a small amount of stress (I expected an hour and large amounts of stress, plus multiple remaining dust specks). I found removing the air bubbles to be very straightforward and the screen protector is cut precisely so it's not too difficult to get on straight - both areas where I'd expect problems (perhaps) with the cheaper alternatives.

I haven't used any other screen protectors, so I can't compare directly, but I still feel like the extra money was worth it!
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on 6 February 2015
I was having quite a lot of problems getting a decent screen protector for my Nexus 6, this one is excellent. This is a quality product, the packaging is very good with clear instructions and tips for putting the protector on. There is even product support. This is no Ebay £1 jobbie!
Application was simple and after applying in an steamy room (to help with dust removal) it was almost perfect. No bubbles or marks. The only thing I found was that the screen protector is an exact fit, nothing wrong with the protector but it needs aligning perfectly, mine was very slightly to the right so the very right edge is over the screen's curve. It's perfectly good and as there are 2, I could have tried with the other one, but for just under a mm it's not worth it.
To summarize, Excellent, Good Value, Professional Quality, Good Instructions and came with two sweets!
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