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4.7 out of 5 stars395
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2012
No major Spoilers -

I'm a big Supernatural fan, and have already managed to see the entire of Season 7 via one way or another, and it was worth the trouble!

Season 1-5 was a brilliant story arc, and season 6 definitely felt like a bit of a reboot, but with season 7 they are pretty much back into their stride. The big bad in this season are the Leviathan, which aren't the best ever, but they tie the season together nicely.

The best thing about this season really is that we get quite a few good "monster of the week" episodes, including Dean time travelling, a visit from an Egyptian God and a "cursed objects" story.

There are some brilliant laugh out loud moments through the season as usual, Jensen Ackles has fantastic comedic timing, and overall I enjoyed it very much. The show is still missing a little "purpose", which is why I'm only giving it 4 stars, but it is still one of the best things on TV, and I can't wait to get my DVDs to rewatch it!

Season 8 just got confirmed, thank Goodness, as Season 7 once again ended on a pretty big cliffhanger!
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on 20 August 2012
I've watched from the very beginning and I wish that it would last forever. You have to watch it to truly appreciate the series and all that goes into it from those infront of the camera and those behind the scenes. Supernatural just keeps on getting better and exploring new areas of our world and its myths. Cannot wait to join Dean, Sam and Castiel for season 8 and may there be many more seasons after that. Lets all sit down get some pie and enjoy the journey.
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on 3 December 2012
I love Supernatural and from season 1 to 7 its very hard to find one episode which isn't at least entertaining, heart breaking or just fun to watch.

But since the end of Season 5 the show is starting to seriously clutch at straws to find content.

Season 6 was very fun and great, and ended on this massive note (I won't ruin it) but that same note was very, very quickly dropped off at the start of Season 6.

What was built up as this amazing prospect was ultimately used just to bring the "leviathans" into the picture and those new villains were a bit... meh!

Supernatural usually does a good job of making their bad-guys feel grand and dangerous, and yet these leviathans didn't really feel all that bad. These are creatures who can kill Angels and were cast away by God because they would literally eat the world!

But all we got were black slime creatures who would copy people and had teeth... really? All the images of leviathan and the biblical descriptions show them to be MASSIVE creatures... it would have been nice to have at least one flash back or image of them in that form to set the mood (perhaps n the water?).

And the whole evil business men thing, while making sense logically, just didn't sit right with me in how they would behave. I realise this is a TV with a limited budget and they accomplish A LOT with that visually and CGI wise, but as above I would have liked to see them in scarier form.

My only other gripe, is the send of for Bobby!

I have watched Supernatural from season 1 - 7 and cried my eyes out when I saw other regular characters die or be killed.... yet when Bobby left it had no real punch or emotional impact and it should have!

But outside of this... the season was fun and it developed its characters well, but still just felt a bit like filler to me...
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on 14 January 2013
Supernatural is simply one of the best series around at the moment and should certainly be up there with the all time greats. There have been a few dips along the way, but overall it has gone from strength to strength. This is why this season overall felt like a bit of a damp squib.

In one respect, the series has made a shift back to moster of the week episodes, which are FANTASTIC when interspersed with an overall arc, and I am really glad they have done this. The last couple of seasons moved away from this a bit too much.

However, the overall arc of this season was disappointing. They left the last season on a major high, with Castiel declaring himself god. This was dropped like a stone a couple of episodes in. Satan in Sams head was a good arc, even when (spoiler) Cas shifted the madness sideways into himself, but then hey, that was suddenly dropped and forgotten about too. 'Hey I'm better now!' Bobbys death just seemed pointless, but would have been realistic in a sense, but then they cheapened it by bringing him back as a ghost. They should have left it at the reaper episode which was a really good character piece for Bobby. The Leviathans which are supposed to be bigger and badder than anything that has come before were weak and practically minced all over the screen. What I suppose was meant to be evil and insidious just came off as effeminate and pointless. The big bad got stabbed in the neck and that was it. C'mon!!! The big battle at the end just felt tacked on as an after thought. They should have thrown everything they had at this instead of seemingly just going through the motions.

The Idea of the leviathans was a good one, but they messed it up royally. I would have preferred this season to have monster of the week episodes whilst exploring Cas's declaration of godhood and the brothers attempts to bring him back, as well as rescue Sam from Satan. The Leviathans should have been hinted at and brought in much more powerfully NEXT season.

They really need to step up their game for Season 8. I would HATE to see one of the best shows around go out on a whimper.
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on 21 July 2013
No offense, but this was the worst season yet. I was able to pardon season 6 for still finding its footing after Eric Kripke standing down from the show. But this was just a hot mess. Almost no demons to speak of. Castiel comes in for only a few episodes, a tremendous loss indeed. And suddenly, we're facing these Leviathans who I have no interest in whatsoever. They're not even interesting villains, but their evil master plan is as ludicrous as it is not even original (***Spoiler*** "Soylent Green is people!"). I just feel like the show has lost its original outset: hunting things, killing demons... When was the last time we had Sam spouting Latin, trying to exorcise a demon? Do you even remember how it felt like to go on a ghost hunt with those crazy-ass ghostfacers? And the angels seem to have forsaken everyone, including Castiel. I repeat: it's a hot mess. And when season 8 comes out on DVD, I will make the purchase, simply because I cannot end this phenomenal show on such a crappy note. Supernatural deserves better. And so do we.
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As huge fans of Supernatural, we couldn't wait to get our hands on Season 7 where the Winchesters face a new major threat brought through from Purgatory in the previous series within Castiel. All emotions are gone through within this series bringing it back to a more rounded keel that for me as a viewer has been missing from some of the previous seasons

In addition to this, there's heartache that will have the fans crying out, some light-hearted moments and a whole range of hunts that the brothers embark upon whilst dealing with their major quest..

Add to the epic 22 episodes some wonderful additions on the DVD include Jensen Singing, a funny gag reel as well as audio commetaries which when added to a few others makes this a cracking addition to any fans collection.
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on 23 March 2013
the problem with addictive TV shows, they start out with a pilot show, back in series 1. That was a bit shaky, then the characters grew. By season 5 they had done their thing and that was it! End of Show!

BUT then they came back due to DEMAND!
Series 6 was a bit shaky, as it was all new ground, with new possibilities that didn't work in most cases, so season 7 was either going to bring a lot of loss ends together or not!

BUY IT, WATCH it and FIND out!

If it gives you an idea, we cannot wait a year for season 8 to become available in the UK!!!!!

we have tried other series now to help with the pain and withdrawal symptoms, but they are not a patch on SUPERNATURAL, we are now watching season 1 - 7 again while we wait :-)
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on 9 July 2012
I enjoyed season 6 but I do agree it was not their best, so when Superatural was picked up for season 7 (obviously relieved) but also not sure what to expect...... Well I didn't need to worry, this season has the best of the older episodes in terms of old school Sam & Dean and their relationship with Bobbie.
It's brought us new enemies and they're not afriad to let go of regular characters(some touching episodes. As ever well written and the right mix of comedy "Deans' one liners" action and touching story lines. This season finale is amazing and season 8 can't come quick enough (unfortunately for UK viewers there's a good chance that won't be until Aug 2013......) This season is a must enjoy!!
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on 25 May 2015
This is my favourite series ever, probably, and I have bought each season of this show, except for 6 which I hated. So upon viewing I this I was very wary of how this new season would play out. I was not disappointed.
Even when episodically there is variation in the makers of this brilliant concept's ability to come to up with the goods, it is still so far out of the league of everything else being made.

I wasn't overly impressed with the whole Leviathan thing being the arc for the season, but just to watch the characters interact with Dick, brought a smile to face every time. The actor playing Mr Roman was so brilliant, with his combination of smug callousness and amusement His initial conversation with Crowley in the limo in the first episode 'Meet the new boss' was second to none.
Of course Crowley himself with his 'Hello Boys' never gets tired either, for me he is, and continues to be the real villain of the piece.
We also get see Meg again, who is also amazing and her. See the finale to the season 'Survival of the Fittest'. Her world weariness crossed with occasional outbursts of rage were so funny.

For me stand out episodes were 'The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo', here we are introduced to Charlie a brilliant IT operative working at Dick's offices. We see her arriving for work and leaving her bike, then wearing her mp3 player and listening to ' walking on sunshine ' while dancing in the lift up, which was such fun and shows why the writers on this series are so ridiculously talented . It is these moments when the show allows itself go off at a tangent, which are what give it such an edge. Overall this is a thrilling and funny at the same time, and a lot of the credit for that must go to Felicia Day, who plays Charlie who could hold her own against anyone. She is no super hero and her blend of fear and feistiness again gives the show the freshness we have come to expect in it's attitude. We see the main characters take for granted the constant onslaught of fighting between the boys and the angels vs demons element of the arc. However, we then reminded in the real world how terrifying meeting a Dick Roman etc would be to a normal person. Again showing how great and fresh the ideas and continuity is here.

I also loved 'Time for a wedding' with brought the return of Becky from the Ghostfacers episodes of previous seasons. Just brilliant and one of the episodes I will return to time and time again. The scene with Becky and Sam in her apartment when Dean arrives with the waffle iron is hilarious. With her return we have a link to some of this programmes most brilliant offerings with regard to the ghosfacer stories.
You don't have to have previously seen those past outings to appreciate this. You know instantly there is history in the way Dean says 'Becky ?' as he literally unveils her at the wedding ceremony. By the way, how brilliant is Jensen Ackles at bringing so much humour to one word.

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, is another really imaginatively horrifying take on the genre, and some how funny too. Here Sam and Dean are looking into the weird deaths of people with childhood fears. They end up in a kids fun house, and again for me it was Dean's ability to get distracted, in this case by one of the games which involves winning sweets, and his reaction towards the children which makes it genuinely hilarious.

Another standout example of this is 'Party on Garth' with the character of Garth the strange Sam substitute Dean got teamed with previously re-emerging. Just excellent and you honestly don't notice what the boys are investigating, because the interactions between Garth and them are so funny. Garth is the least looking gangster/rapper person in the world but somehow his choice in his clapped out car still come over as happening. Just brilliant acting.

There is also the brilliantly written episode where we say goodbye to Bobby but I can't say I felt very affected by it. I do think Bobby's character had reached conclusion and no one ever really dies in this show.

We are introduced the character of Kevin Chan who will be one of the arcs of season 8. His relationship with the boys brings out their softer side and his scenes with Crowley are genuinely gut wrenching.

Overall a return to form. I keep expecting the writers to run out of ideas, but this show doesn't even seem to know there is a shark to jump, it just keeps outdoing itself.
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on 12 November 2013
Real Demons, like Lucifier who tortures Sam with his deadly visions of hell. Private demons as the brothers face a traumatic personal loss when Bobby is cut down by alien forces. And as Sam and Dean travel the back roads of America hunting them Leviathans freed from the Purgatory and immune to the brothers arsenal with weapons and cunning, with Bobby gone, all Sam and Dean must rely on each other for protection from the evil demons and battle continues. Uncover the terrifyingly revelations from the demons revenge on the weakness and powerful possessions that they succeed in people cannot control so with Sam and Dean and Power of Christ is to send the demons and most one Satan to vanish altogether and put to the test.

Episode 10: DEATH'S DOOR
Death's door opens wide for bobby in his deep coma, the veteran hunter relives the most impound and secret moment of this life was frightening for him. UNAIRED SCENE this would indeed give you nightmares afterwards.

Episode 15: REPO MAN
Four years ago, Sam and Dean saved a man was possessed by one the demons, Now mental patient,he may be their only chance for Sam and Dean to cast the demons out of him only way to vanquished the by Christ teaching and real strength to from Christ to succeed to cast demons out.

Watching Jensen Ackles sings I'm All Out of Love by Air Supply was great along with his "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor was sensational and incredible and funny when rises from the seat in his car was hilarious and indeed was great song for him choice.

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