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5.0 out of 5 stars Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Stereo Headphone review by Dale
Sources: iPhone5 alone, iPhone5 with FiiO E07k using LOD, iPhone5 using v-moda Verza DAC/amp, various computers using HRT Microstreamer DAC/amp.

First impression of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (COP): A fairly neutral sound, and depending on where the bass switch is set, slightly more bassy than the Beyer DT770 32 ohm Limited Edition (a.k.a. 88th Anniversary...
Published 20 months ago by Dale Thorn

2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed
I ordered these to replace a pair of Sennheisers whose pads had worn badly
and started to crack and peel.
Having read the reviews on Amazon and done other research I opted for these headphones.
I expected exceptional performance from them but was disappointed to get a poorly balenced soundstage and a bass that was far too dominant on even the lowest...
Published 20 months ago by AMK

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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Stereo Headphone review by Dale, 31 July 2013
Dale Thorn (Seal Beach CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
Sources: iPhone5 alone, iPhone5 with FiiO E07k using LOD, iPhone5 using v-moda Verza DAC/amp, various computers using HRT Microstreamer DAC/amp.

First impression of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (COP): A fairly neutral sound, and depending on where the bass switch is set, slightly more bassy than the Beyer DT770 32 ohm Limited Edition (a.k.a. 88th Anniversary Edition) at position 3, and slightly less bassy at position 2. Compared to the better headphones I've had such as the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650, the Shure 1840, the Grado PS500 and a few others, the COP has a treble that's just right - not bright, not sibilant, not harsh with anything I've played. The treble is stronger in the lower (presence) area, giving it a fairly lively sound, but less strong in the upper treble, although it doesn't roll off to the extent that the Sennheiser Momentum does. The bass is variable with the bass port switch settings, but at the no.2 and no.3 positions I used for best sound, the bass was reasonably tight and smooth, and did not impact negatively on the midrange.

To best describe the COP's midrange, which I find to be nearly coloration-free (better than the DT770LE, and much better than the ATH M50), I'll compare it to the DT770LE: The DT770LE has a somewhat hollow or "cavernous" midrange sound, where the COP is more neutral. The DT770LE has a darker bias to the midrange while the COP has a lighter bias. The DT770LE's presence area (~3 khz to 6 khz) is slightly recessed, while the COP is more energetic, but less energetic than the Sennheiser Momentum. The DT770LE's upper treble has a peak around 8 to 10 khz that is slightly irritating on perhaps 25 percent of my music tracks, while the COP is free of that. The Sennheiser Momentum for comparison is somewhat rolled off in the upper treble. Amping is very predictable with the COP, using analog amps like the FiiO E12 or Decware Zen Head (more airy and spacious), but the bass gets noticeable tighter with my desktop DAC-plus-amps like the HRT Microstreamer or v-moda Verza.

When using with a computer and a good DAC-plus-headphone-amp, I think the no.3 position on the bass port will give the best sound, since the no.2 position gets too thin with those amps in my opinion. I'm not especially bass-oriented, but I'm inclined to err in the direction of having a little more bass than ideal, than having a little less bass than ideal. In summary, the COP has a strong bass at position 3 (which I used for this review) that doesn't get too muddy or boomy, but position 4 does become somewhat boomy and muddy with iPods and iPhones and the analog amps I have. Customers who buy the Beyer COP might want to experiment with bass controls that are built into any amps they use, setting the amps' bass control ON or to a higher value, while compensating with the COP's bass controls to see where the best sound occurs, i.e. having the best impact with the least amount of distortion.

Soundstage seems average for a closed headphone, and it improves noticeably with a good headphone amp. Note that Beyer specifies the COP's impedance as 16 ohms, so headphone amps that have a high output impedance may act unpredictably with the COP. Isolation seems good - average or better for a closed headphone, and leakage is very low. Beyer states that isolation changes appreciably with the bass port switch settings, but I noted very little difference with the headphone on my head and no sound coming from the music player, when switching from position 1 to position 4. There are no electronics associated with those switches, so there shouldn't be any high frequency/low frequency bias at the different switch settings, and in fact I didn't detect any change in tone, just an extremely small difference in isolation. The COP's leakage is very low, so if you're in a very quiet office in a cubicle right next to other cubicles, the adjacent co-workers will not likely hear anything unless the COP volume is very loud.

The COP has a metal headband with a very soft spongy (and replaceable) pad, and the earcups are so well made and finished that I can't tell whether they're metal or plastic. The earpads are soft, and the quality compared to the better headphones I've had is right up there with the best. From everything I've heard, the standard plastic/pleather earpads are the best match to the COP, to maintain its high-quality sound. Other pads, velour for example, are said to change the sound in ways that are mostly negative. The COP is nearly unique among the best headphones insofar as all parts are user-replaceable. The appearance/aesthetics are excellent, and they're a big step up from the DT770LE that it most closely resembles. The faceplates on the sides of the earcups are customizable, and to find out exactly what options are available, you could contact Beyerdynamic or an authorized dealer.

The COP's headband clamping force is sufficient to keep the COP in position when moving around, as long as your head doesn't make extreme movements, and even then I couldn't dislodge it with any movements I made. I'd rate the comfort with the COP as 8 to 9 (excellent) on a scale of 1 to 10. A big part of that comfort is the fact that the earpads fully surround the ears without touching or squeezing them. The interiors of the earcups are well recessed, have a soft and reasonably thick foam covering over the drivers, and when pressing down on those foam coverings, I don't feel anything except a smooth surface. The earcups don't rotate and don't pull down far enough for ideal portable use, but in spite of that I find that I can wear the COP around my neck when not listening, for a few minutes to an hour as necessary. The cable is detachable on the left side, and terminated with miniplugs on both ends. A 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) adapter is supplied. There is no carry case or bag.

Summarizing, and as an owner of several Beyer headphones, the COP is easily my favorite. Certain other Beyer headphones cost more, but along with whatever advantages they afford comes their own imperfections. I've seen where other reviews mention a "fun" sound for headphones they consider less than ideal in terms of their fidelity or hi-fi accuracy, but I can't subscribe to that notion because it leaves too many holes for unpleasant colorations to get through. The COP isn't just a good sound after I got used to it, it impressed me favorably right out of the box, or more accurately, after letting the headphone warm up for a few hours while I finished the day's work. Outside of the Beyer product line and comparing to other brands, headphones that I find comparable without regard to price include: ATH ESW9a (soft treble); B&W P5 (soft bass and treble); GMP 8.35D (similar); Grado PS500 (slightly brighter and upper bass hump); Philips L1 (bassy); Senn Momentum (uneven highs); and v-moda M100 (bassy).

In previous reviews I've included the following music examples with comments about how the headphones sound with each track. My suggestion is instead of reading each one as an absolute unto itself, you could compare my notes here to those other reviews and see how the COP compares with each individual track. Note that the comments below apply to the COP's sound played flat (no EQ), and with the bass port switches set to position no.3 ("Vibrant Bass").

Animotion - Obsession (1980's New Wave/Techno): The upper bass synth has very good detail and tone, and both male and female vocals sound natural, without favoring either. The COP plays this perfectly.

Ben Heit Quartet - Suite-Magnet and Iron (Jazz with a Bebop flavor): The piano that leads off sounds realistic and the saxophone sounds appropriately soft. Overall, the COP plays this music extremely well.

Cath Carroll - Moves Like You (1980's New Wave/Techno): This track's percussion and voice are crisp and well-balanced, and there's a good sense of space or soundstage around the voices and instruments. The COP reproduces the space and detail convincingly.

Chromatics - I'm On Fire (Synth-Pop, female lead): This track has a good amount of space around the voice and instruments, making for a very pleasant stereo image. The voice is excellent, and the tambourine is identifiable as such.

Crystal Castles - Wrath of God (Electro-Pop): The bass in this track has a strong impact but little detail, while the ambient electronic effects are clear and distinct. The COP plays this track very well given the limited quality of the recording.

DJ Shadow - Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (Electronic/DJ): This track opens with what sounds like very high and very low piano notes, and the COP renders those notes well. The ambient voices are slightly indistinct though.

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Pop-Rock): The moderate level of bass in this track is played with good detail by the COP, and the percussion and voice are crisp and well-balanced. This track has a huge amount of high-frequency energy, but the COP plays it very smoothly.

Halie Loren - Sway (Jazz vocal): Bass instruments here may sound boomy on some headphones, but the COP is better than average in this regard. The trumpet sounds natural but soft, and the voice is done just right.

Hans Zimmer - Dark Knight-Aggressive Expansion (Soundtrack): The percussion in this track hits really hard, and the bass tones beginning around 0:45 have the ultra-deep "shuddery" kind of sound and feel that indicates a good deep-bass response. Overall, the COP plays this music extremely well.

Kaskade - 4am (Electro-House): The bass that kicks in around 1:01 into the track is subtle, but the COP plays it well. The percussion and female voice balance well with neither overwriting the other - the COP gets this right.

Katy B - Perfect Stranger (R&B-House-Garage): The heavy bass that begins at 0:27 into this track is played very well by the COP. The voice is slightly forward, but it doesn't overpower the instruments or get lost in the mix. The COP balances the different elements in this music very well.

Machine Gun Kelly - All We Have (Rap/Hip-Hop): The heavy bass beats that begin at 0:23 into the track do sound like drum impacts, although they're not sharp impacts. The male and female voices have a good balance, and the COP plays this about as good as can be expected given the limited quality of the recording.

Massive Attack - Angel (Trip-Hop): This track begins with a steady low-frequency sound and some slightly soft deep-bass impacts. The voices blend well with the music and have just the right presence, although the recorded quality of the instruments isn't great. The COP plays this about as good as can be expected given the limited quality of the recording.

Morcheeba - Bullet Proof (Trip-Hop): Bright percussion and medium-strength bass impacts make up most of this, with some dance-club spoken intonations thrown in. The COP plays the percussion pretty well, and the voices sound good too.

Peter Tosh - Get Up Stand Up (Reggae): The bass here has a fairly strong impact, and the lead and backup voices have good separation that's not too narrow or wide. The COP renders the bass with good detail and the voices sound very natural.

Porcupine Tree - Trains (Pop-Rock): This track opens with some nicely-detailed string sounds and a forward-sounding male voice with a higher-than-average register. There are a series of "clip-clop" effects starting at 3:19 that may lack clarity and proper harmonic detail on some headphones, but the COP reproduces those effects well.

Rachmaninoff - Prelude in C-Sharp Minor Op3 No2 (Classical, Piano): Grand piano played mechanically from an original recording by the master himself. The bass is unusually light here, but the COP renders the notes very well in spite of the limited quality of the recording.

Scarlatti-Kipnis - Sonata in E Major K381 (Classical, Harpsichord): The harpsichord here is fairly bright and highly detailed, and the COP renders the tones and transients superbly.

Trombone Shorty - Backatown (Jazz-Funk): The deep bass impacts here are unusually strong, and work very well with the horns and other instruments. The COP delivers the impacts with proper weight and great detail, and the horns have the kind of bite that gives them a wonderfully realistic sound.

William Orbit - Optical Illusion (Billy Buttons Mix) (Electronic): This is about as close as I want to get to easy-listening music. The string tones beginning at 0:18 are fairly soft, and while the bass isn't very deep, it still adds a good underpinning to the music. The short poetic rap at 4:14, preceded by an etherial female voice, works very well with this track.

---------- COP REVIEW - MUSIC SAMPLES PART 2 ----------

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (~1980): Strong midrange sound effects - this is a good worst-case test for resonant-type sounds in the most sensitive midrange area. Handled very well by the COP.

Beethoven Symphony 9, Solti/CSO (1972): Excellent overall sound. Of special note for this headphone are the bass impacts beginning around 10:30 of the fourth movement. Those impacts won't overwhelm you since they're soft and well in the background, but you can really feel the weight they carry.

Blues Project - Caress Me Baby (1966): Rarely mentioned, but one of the greatest white blues recordings ever. The loud piercing guitar sound at 0:41 into the track is a good test for distortion or other problems. Handled very well by the COP.

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (1976): Good sound quality - this is a great test for any nasality in the midrange. Handled fairly well by the COP.

Buffalo Springfield - Kind Woman (~1968): A Richie Furay song entirely, rarely mentioned, but one of the best sounding rock ballads ever. This will sound good on most headphones, but it's a special treat with the COP.

Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken (early 70's): A near-perfect test for overall sound - this track will separate the best sounding headphones from the lesser quality types. Nothing specific, except that almost any deviation from perfect reproduction will stand out with this track. Sounds very good on the COP.

Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic (~1991): Goth with industrial overtones - I like this since it's a great music composition and the sound effects are smoothly integrated into the mix. This may sound distorted or mushy with some headphones, but the COP renders the deliberate instrumental distortions clearly.

Def Leppard - Bringin' On The Heartbreak (1981): MTV goth/pop/metal at its best - good ambience and high energy - the better headphones will separate the details and make for a good experience. Lesser quality and the details tend to mush together. The COP plays this extremely well.

J.S. Bach - E. Power Biggs Plays Bach in the Thomaskirche (~1970): Recorded on a tracker organ in East Germany, the tracks on this recording have the authentic baroque sound that Bach composed for, albeit the bellows are operated by motor today. The COP plays the tones seamlessly through the upper limits of the organ, which cover nearly the full range of human hearing. Of special note are the pedal notes - tracker organs have low-pressure pipes and don't typically produce the kind of impact around 30-35 hz that modern organs do. A headphone that's lacking even a little in the low bass will sound especially bass-shy with this type of organ, but the COP delivers the full experience of this music.

Jamming With Edward - It Hurts Me Too (1969): Intended originally as a test to fill studio down time and set recording levels etc., this was released a few years later for hardcore Rolling Stones fans. Although not as good technically in every aspect as the Chess studio recordings of 1964, and in spite of the non-serious vocals by Mick Jagger, this rates very high on my list of white blues recordings, and sounds absolutely delicious with the COP.

Jennifer Warnes - Rock You Gently (1992?): The strong deep bass percussion at the beginning of this track has been cited as a test for weakness or distortion in certain headphones. The COP plays those notes with great impact and control. Having played this track a number of times now, I'm highly impressed with the COP's bass reproduction and detail throughout the track.

Jimmy Smith - Basin Street Blues (early 60's): This track has some loud crescendos of brass and other instruments that don't sound clean and musical on some headphones. The COP provides excellent reproduction. Listen particularly to the second crescendo at 15 seconds in, for maximum detail effect. I'd like to emphasize that these crescendos are probably the worst-case test I have for instrumental separation and detail, and the COP plays them perfectly.

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (~2009): Featured in The September Issue, this song has heavy overdub and will sound a bit muddy on some headphones. Sounds great with the COP.

Milt Jackson/Wes Montgomery - Delilah (Take 3) (1962): The vibraphone is heavily dependent on harmonics to sound right, and the COP plays it very well.

Pink Floyd/Dark Side of the Moon - Speak To Me (1973): Very strong deep bass impacts will be heard and felt with the COP.

Rolling Stones - Stray Cat Blues (1968): Dirty, gritty blues that very few white artists could match. On some headphones the vocals and guitar lack the edge and fall more-or-less flat. If you're a really good person, playing this song will probably make you feel nervous and uneasy. Sounds great with the COP.

Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart In San Francisco (1962): Frank Sinatra's favorite singer. Highest recommendation. With some of the best headphones, the sibilants on this recording are very strong, but they're not bad with the COP.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Rich Sounding Headphones, 16 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
These headphones are for people who prefer a warmer tone to music and strong bass. They concentrate on lower midrange, and of course the bass is adjustable from light to extreme! And the port switch really woks. It’s quite a startling difference. Even at “Linear” setting, the bass is powerful. At “Heavy”, it’s just insane!
Personally I found the “Linear” setting perfectly acceptable. The “Vibrant” and “Heavy” were just too heavy for me, but I still think very useful if your amp lacks serious bass or you aren’t sure how much bass you need.
Bass is definitely where these headphones are. Mine haven’t run-in yet, but the one thing that is very noticeable is the definition in the extreme bass is improving all the time. You know the bass I mean – the type you can’t exactly hear, but you rather feel instead.
Apparently the upper mid becomes more bold as they run-in, but I haven’t run mine long enough for that yet.
They are most certainly amongst the top when it comes to comfort. They entirely cover your ears and don’t grip too tightly, although they do grip a little, so perhaps don’t quite rate as the best when it comes to that. Something like Sennheiser HD600’s are more comfortable, but then they are in a different price bracket.
So! If you want a rich, warm sounding, comfortable pair of headphones, or perhaps you need a little bass boost, then these are well worth considering. Certainly good value for money and for the money they deserve five stars. There are better headphones around, but only if you are prepared to spend a lot more.
Oh, incidentally, the cable is 1.5m long, just in case that's important to you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A review written from a Bose user, 20 Jan. 2013
Master CM Rockliffe (West Sussex, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
Let's start with what was in the box.

Contained the headphones, manual, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm screw on adapter, a perfect length detachable wire (not sure how long), warranty and an allen key (hex key to some). It was simple to open and easy to get to - which I like. Please note though, that they are absolutely HUGE. I wouldn't really want to wear them out in public. I have a pair of X41's, and after wearing CPO, the 41's looked as though they should have gone on my ear.

Before I go any further, if you haven't already read the title, I used to have a pair of Bose OE V1. They weren't half bad, and as I get all my Bose products VAT free, it wasn't such a bad deal. I just found they lacked in every spectrum. Bass was more rumble, lack in mids, and pretty much no highs. They were, however, exceptionally comfy, and the case that came with them was brilliant.


The highs were amazing straight out of the box. I've recently started listening to even more genres of music, including airy stuff (don't know the name of the genre, artist name is Exist Strategy). My god, it was as if there was actually new instruments and sounds in the songs. The sound can only be described as graceful. It's amazingly relaxing. I'd give them overall a 10/10


As I said before, when I first got them out of the box, they were lacking big time. However after extremely large amounts of use, they're appearing. Slowly, but they are. Don't let me put you off though, they were still better than the Bose out of the box. Sometimes, however, I feel as though the bass has to compensate for the lack of bass, and you start getting boomy sub bass, which is not what I wanted. If I had wanted insane amounts of bass, I would have gone with Sony's XB series. Don't let this put you off either, because as I've already said, it is getting better by the day. Yes it may take a while, but I don't mind. I plan on having these 3-4 years. I've got time to wait. Out of the box, I'd have given them a 5/10 Now, they're at an 8/10


The best part of these headphones is definitely their ability to make your head rattle. Yes, that's right, the bass is monstrous. But it is really bass - it's tight, low, present and not boomy (not bass you get from terrible beats by dre which doesn't produce any bass lower than 20Hz, I can do a review on them if requested) I do still listen to Trap, dubstep, drum and bass and all of that bassy stuff and it does not fall short of expectations. Easily a 10/10. Absolutely mental.

4. AUDIO QUALITY (overall)

At first, I can honestly say that I wasn't that impressed by them. They too lacked in mids, and if you didn't turn up the bass on the headphones high enough, any song with bass would sort of sound funny. I did know that I'd have to let them burn in before hand, which could take up to 50 hours of music. I put them through my laptop at full volume to Pink Noise for around 6 hours - I got bored waiting for it haha! When I put them back on, I had already noticed a dramatic change in the quality of the music. It was as if they were new headphones altogether. From then on, the only burning in they've had is from me listening to music through them. It's been around 20 days since I got them, and they're still improving. Overall, quality is a 9/10 from me.


As I said before, they're huge. That doesn't make them uncomfortable though, as they certainly are. Sure, the plether ear cups can get a bit irritating sometimes, but not a problem - even leather does. Longest I've had them on for is around 6 hours at the moment (fell asleep with them on hehe) and my ears didn't feel at all painful. Build quality is brilliant, pretty much completely made out of metal. I don't feel as though they'd break. They've been shoved in my bag along with college book and a huge laptop many times now, and my laptop is the one that is breaking. HP G62 - stay away from it! Please, it's terrible. I've spent 600 pounds in total on it, paid 280 for it. HP customer support, yuck. Anyway, enough of them, back to these monsters. Where was I? Ah yes. Quality is brilliant, solid yet very comfortable. Some people have said clamping pressure is too great, I've found it fine. You just have to make sure that it's on the right click (you'll see what I mean if you get them).

My overall score for these is 9/10. Mids could have been a bit better out of the box, but I'll update once they're completely there.

Don't be expecting amazing monitor headphones - because these aren't them. Obviously they're meant to compete against beats. Do they? No. Beats aren't worthy of competition between such good headphones like these. It's like comparing German Engineering to well, american! (Beyerdynamic are in fact german).

If you're looking at other headphones that give similar performance for the same sort of price, might I recommend the V-Moda LP2, Ultrasone HFI 500 and 700 (I would have gone for them, but cable length put me off, it's something mental like 7 meters - no thanks! There is a youtube video though that shows you how to braid them. Search for "how to braid headphone cables" without the quotes.

Hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions, respond here - I'll do my best to answer any questions.

UPDATE 20/12/13

It has nearly been a year after I've purchased them, which means they've had enough time to burn in. What a difference. They're absolutely awesome.

Mids are so much more prominent and colourful - something that they really lack at the beginning. For people that have given them a 3 start review or less haven't given them time to burn in, something that can require a lot of time and a time at which I wouldn't review them. You wouldn't rate an F1 car on it's ability to handle well when it's just had cold tires put on it.

When these are plugged into a more powerful amplifier (such as a Mac - note I said powerful not good) they're even better. I feel as though the cable has a higher than average resistance - other 32 Ohm headphones are powered a lot easier than these. Bass is strong and punchy - enough to really hurt your head. I must let you know though, I've had some problems with the left driver. I'm not yet sure what caused it, or whether it's the headphones themselves. When plugged into a Mac I don't get the problem, however with my home PC which uses terrible onboard audio I get a rattle. As I said before, it doesn't occur with the same song on a Mac - even with louder volumes.

The earcups are starting to annoy me a little - I constantly have spots around my ears from where I sweat with them on - but that might just be because I'm a sweaty teen! They're comfy, no doubt about it, but don't expect Sennheiser Momentum comfort.

More customising items are now available to buy, and whilst they look good, they're expensive considering the RRP of these headphones alone :(

In all, my views are still at a 9/10 - they're truly amazing headphones and have survived some hefty abusing from all of my travelling. I've sat on them, dropped them, yanked the cable out of them time and time again (might have something to do with the rattle haha!) and they're still performing at 100%.

If you listen to Electronic music, house, garage, rap, dubtep; basically anything with bass, then these are definitely the best I've come across. With a flip of the switch (literally) they even perform excellently with classical and opera.

Well done Beyer.

Update 08/03/2014

Rattling gone! However, I had to send them back, as it turns out that it was a suspected blown driver, which it turned out to be - all good now though! People rate the V-Moda M100, but they're twice as much as what you can pay for these! I bet they're no where near as twice as good as these.

Still recommended headphones if you're a total bass head like myself.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing listening experience, 21 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
I bought these headphones a little over a week ago. At first they didn't sound too great, but that's what I expected. These have a notoriously long burn in time. After having them play non-stop for 4 days, they finally got to a point where they were considered acceptable, but I let them play for another couple days. Now these sound way better than I could have hoped.

They are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time and give an incredible listening experience. They are not quite as detailed as Audio Technica's ATH-M50's, but I prefer the warmly detailed sound that comes from these. The adjustable bass ports are not just a gimmick and have a real effect on the sound, although I wouldn't recommend having them all the way open or closed, as that sacrifices sound quality.

Construction is solid and built to last. Paired with easily replaceable parts, I don't foresee having to buy new headphones for years to come.

TL;DR: Give them at least 100 hours of burn in. Sound is amazing, great comfort. Will last for ever. I definitely recommend them
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's really worth the price, 1 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
Custom One Pro is truly a professional headphone. I simply love it. It's very versatile and provides an excellent music experience when you're listening to your favourite ones. The massive headphones perfectly seal so they keep any disturbing noise outside. What's even better is that you don't disturb your environment as virtually no sound escapes. I like the removable parts that really give you the freedom to customise your headphones to your individual needs. GO FOR IT!!! :)
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4.0 out of 5 stars A good set of headphones but not perfect, 16 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
I have had the Bayerdynamic Custom One Pro's for 3 months now and over that time, there has been a dramatic change in sound quality, so I am updating my review of these headphones and how I feel about them.

One of the main reasons I bought these headphones was for the build quality and that it had a detachable a 3.5mm audio jack cable, which means if something happens to the cable, then it is easy to replace. The build quality is also exceptionally and feel solid. The Custom On Pro's are designed to have interchangeable parts, such as head pad, ear pad, cover and ring, allowing the user to customise the looks of the headphones to their liking. Beyerdynamic are slowly introducing new parts for the headphones and will soon be introducing the COP's in different colours.

The advert for the Custom Pro One headphones show lots of street scenes, people riding bmx's, doing free running and break dancing, also DJing, partying etc, which sort of indicates that these headphones could be used, out and about. I went into London, listening to the headphones for most of the day. I tried them out on the train and tube, also walking around London's streets (including Oxford street). Unfortunately I can't recommend them for a portable headphone, they are too big and when I took them off and put them around my neck, it felt like I was wearing a neck brace. Because of the over ear design the pleather ear pads also get really warm hard to wear for long periods. Because of the design though are some positives, there is very little discernible sound leakage and the although they are passive noise isolating, they do isolate very well.

I also found that the headphones can become uncomfortable, under the ear around the jaw line. This seems to be due to the clamping pressure from the headphones

I was a bit disappointed with what you got in the box, just a instruction manual, 6.35mm jack adapter and a allen key to help with customisation. I would have through that including a cover free with the headphones to allow a bit of customisation, might have tempted owners to mess around with the headphones more but these things can be brought separately. Also a case would have been nice (similar to that of the V modas). In fact over the last few months I have customised them. I changed the ear pads to a velour set, which you would normally get with the DT770. These are much more comfortable and I have found that whilst warm, there isn't nearly as much heat build up as the pleather pads, that you get with COP's. I have also swapped over the cable to one of the V-Moda cables, that I got with the M-80. The sound is definitely louder and although I might be mistaken, the mids seem to be less recessed.

When I first started listening to the headphone, the sound quality wasn't what I had hoped for. The bass was ok but the mids and highs felt very recessed and a bit dead. After a few of hours though the headphones do slowly start to come to life. It takes a very long burn in before I would say that these headphones really start to sound very good, well over 100 hours and probably closer to 200. With time though the sound stage opens up dramatically the the mids finally come out, though they are still slightly recessed. After three months of listing, I would say the sound is very good, the sound isn't maybe as detailed as some other headphones but you do get a warm pleasing tone, which isn't hard to listen to.

One of the big area with the Custom One Pro's is the adjustable bass. There are four settings, allowing for more or less bass. I would guess that most people will probably use the 2 middle settings, where the most open bass setting doesn't sound great, the bass starts to sounding a little distorted and muddy. The close setting takes away quite a bit of bass but if you are a bass head you probably won't like it.

I am not really an audiophile and these definitely are not audiophile headphone but with a very long burn in, the sound you get from them is very pleasing. If you want a home headphone with quite a bit of bass, then the COP's are well worth investing in. They are much better than most fashion headphones and if you think the sound is more important and are prepared to deal with the size problems than the look I would recommend these headphone. If you just want to use these headphones at home I would give the COP's 5 stars, but if you want to travel around, then I have to knock off at least a star.
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5.0 out of 5 stars amazing, 9 April 2015
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
these headphones are brilliant - the bass is great and you can change how much bass you want!!!
The custom part is an annoyance due to you having to go online to buy certain designs to change your headphones, but they look great out of the box anyway. Previosly i used either cheap headphones or skull candy ones which just play music on two sides of your head, as for the more expencive headphones put you in a musical trance and i have heard things in songs that i didn't know were their when using my skull candy headphones. These are only 9/10 due to the sound leakage and they look massive on my 15 year old head but absolutly amazing and would recomend. On youtube people say that the sound out of the box is awefull and you have to use them alot before the sound gets good. I say the sounds amazing out of the box and if it gets better i cant wait!!!!!To end this review i would recommend looking on youtube at the reviews on there before buying.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good value product..., 19 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
Good quality solid product. I purchased these mainly for use with my brand new Yamaha Clavinova CVP605PE digital keyboard. My feeling is the bass could be a bit louder but that is perhaps to do with the ohm rating of these headphones, as well as myself liking a lot of bass? They are good with MP3 / iphone etc for music in general, but you do need to use them to get used to them. Great build quality & certainly eliminate outside noise when they are in use. Very comfortable too as I certainly do not have the smallest of heads to be fair. I am sure there could be better out there but at the end of the day it really depends on how much money you wish to pay & for £120 these are pretty damn good. I tried a few before buying these & only AKG came close but were more expensive.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dont buy Beats, buy these., 17 Jan. 2015
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This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
If you're looking for headphones with bass, look no further. I've tried countless pairs but these are by far my favourite. Paired with a Fiio Kilimanjaro 2 amp these handle all the bass I can throw at it without distortion. 5*
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4.0 out of 5 stars GREAT BUT CABLE GONE WIERD, 28 Aug. 2014
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This review is from: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones (Electronics)
I bought these after looking at reviews on-line saying they are durable but something has happened on the inside of the cable that plugs into the headphones. I will need to buy a replacement cable however the sound quality and customisability through the look and the sound make these headphones very good. they are also extremely comfy and have some sort of noise isolation as they cover your ears completely. Overall a great pair of headphones however the cable is a bit annoying...
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