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on 2 January 2013
I need to come clean. Before I bought the Nexus 7, I had never owned either a tablet or an Android phone. I'd never downloaded an app in my life. My main reason for getting a tablet was I kept writing notes on paper in meetings and then losing them, or I went to meetings and found I didn't have the documents I needed because I hadn't printed them off. So I decided this Christmas to buy myself a tablet.

I compared the Kindle Fire(HD), the Ipad mini and the Nexus 7. Having looked at a lot of reviews, I came to the stunning conclusion that there isn't much between them. They all have lots of storage, fast processors, great screen resolution and are about the same size and weight. I went for the Nexus 7 because it was cheaper than the Ipad and had access to the Google Playstore which meant access to loads of apps (including the Kindle one for purchasing and reading books.)

Some people- perhaps working for Amazon- have said you need to be techy to use a Nexus 7. Well, I'm not and so far I have found it really easy to use. All my MS office and PDF files work on there. Dropbox was the first app I downloaded and I keep all my work files on there, so wherever I am I've got them.

Two things have surprised me. Firstly,how many great apps there are. I love "Flipboard" which creates a daily magazine for me of all the stuff I am interested in. I also loved "podkicker" which collects all the bits of radio I like for me to listen to at my convenience. Google calendar is a great way to organise your life, and if like me you have young kids, then there are tonnes of free games. My boys are enjoying Temple Run and Cartoon Wars. I found Speedball Evolution 2 for me, which is exactly like it was back on the Atari ST back in the day.

Secondly, two weeks in, it has surprised me how much I do on this tablet. My home laptop is gathering dust. I type at work, but at home or on the road, I just want to have access to documents and have a bit of fun. The Nexus 7 does everything I bought it to do and a whole lot more besides.

Update: Nearly 8 months on this might be the best £200 I ever spent. I bought a bluetooth speaker and now have access to my favourite music via the Amazon music player wherever I go. I have bought a car charger and have installed the M8 free satnav. I have the kindle and nook apps and read for work and leisure. I subscribe to a couple of blogs and read the Bible daily on it using a reading plan. I bought a cheap android phone, and tether it to the Nexus if I have no access to Wifi. They work together like Batman and Robin. This is a superb tablet and I have no regrets purchasing it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 18 November 2012
I've now had the 32gb version of the Nexus 7 for a little over a week so thought I would share my views with you.

This is not the first tablet I have owned - but it IS the first 7" version I have bought. My other two have been 10" tablets and although I like the size for viewing films and pictures I don't take them everywhere with me because I cannot fit them into my coat pocket - so they are nowhere near as portable as this little baby. I therefore find the 7" tablet a really nice compromise between size (for ease of viewing) and portability.

This Nexus 7 is really a lovely little tablet - it exudes quality. I bought it with its proper case - in fact with the retailer I bought it from because of the madness of the cashback (£20 if you bought tablet and case) and the fact that the case had £10 slashed from the price (down to £15) - it was £5 cheaper WITH the case than without! Madness! Anyway, as I say the case is a must-have and fits like a glove and protects it from all sides.

Out of the box it is incredibly easy to set up. You are probably wise to take the advice and fully charge it straight away and then it's really easiest if you either sign on your google account or get one if you don't already have one. There's so much to go for via Google Play - much of which is absolutely free (more of later). It's all beautifully synched - so all of your e-books, films, music, talking books, pictures are all there at the press of a button.

I use my tablet for most things. There are so many useful apps downloadable for Android - and because this is a Google tablet you get an Android version update straight away - I'm on Jellybean version 4.2 as of yesterday - and it's superb! Android really is (for me) the best way to go - sorry to all those who love their iPads or whatever - a PROPER Android tablet is the best!

The battery appears to last for quite some time - certainly a number of hours b- ut I charge my tablet each night so it's difficult to say how long is its max at the moment (I always take the publicised figures with a pinch of salt!). I'll do some experiments and report back later. It's never got near packing up on me yet because of battery power (or any other reason) but obviously it takes a bigger hit on its battery life if you are doing power-hungry things - looking at a tv programme on iPlayer or YouTube obviously eats up more energy than reading an e-book already downloaed for instance!

My only little quibble was not having a micro-sd slot so I can expend it when and where I want - adding sd cards for films, music, pics or whatever. But because you can have lots of data file on google drive (what used to be google docs) this is perhaps a reasonable way to hold lots of your files over many devices so I might give that a go.

At the moment 32gb is plenty of space for my use. I've got a few talking books, lots of music, a few films, lots of word and excel docs/xls, a huge number of PDFs of 17th century pamphlets (one of my hobbies is researching the English Civil War) and a large number of pictures and still have plenty of space for a myriad of games and apps.

The sound is ok but not brilliant through its own speaker but fantastic via a decent speaker or via headphones and this is how I usually use it. I've got plenty of speakers and headphone/earphones so am happy to hook it up one of these ways. I must admit I have had problems hooking it up to any of my speakers via bluetooth - my nexus just does not find any bluetooth devices despite my humble mobile phone finding my bluetooth speaker ok. I might have to look into this in a bit more detail.

The picture quality on this 7" display is really quite exceptional. I've watched a few episodes of a comedy series and a couple of films - plus youtube clips etc and they are really clear - as good as you could really expect from a 7" device at this price.

What apps have I got on this device so far? Google Sky Map to look at the stars, Aldiko and Moon+ Reader for eBooks, File Manager (cos as a PCV-type geek I like to see everything in folders and files), Adobe reader (cos I have hundreds of PDFs to view), IMDb to check out what films are worth watching, MetOffice for weather, Google Maps, Google Earth, PlayMusic, OfficeSuite (to read word docs and spreadsheets), Simple Notepad to write checklists and notes to myself and then the usual ones - Youtube, BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports which all play seamlessly - even BBC iPlayer which I have had problems with on other tablets. I've then got a few games including Bad Piggies, Jewels Deluxe, Fruit Ninja and the new Angry Birds - Star Wars. All of these play without any problem - none hang like on other tablets I've owned and all of these apps and games were absolutely free! Bargain!

So, at the end of the day what do I think of the Nexus 7? It ticks pretty much all of the boxes for me and it therefore deserves the five stars I have given it on here. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will be happy to pay the extra money for the Apple iPad - and good luck to you - or those who prefer the HD version of the Amazon Fire (which does look wonderful also) and again I say good luck to you and I really hope you enjoy them. It was a difficult decision to come down to the Nexus instead of the Amazon Fire. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and I am VERY pleased with my purchase. Thank you and goodnight.


UPDATE 04/01/13

I thought as I've now been using the Nexus 7 32gb for over a month I would update you on things that people have asked me in the "comments" section and other things I have downloaded to make life easier for me (so you don't have to trawl through 4 pages of the comments). Please keep the comments and questions coming!

Space - the final frontier!
One of the bugbears of the Nexus 7 is the inability to create more memory (i.e. it has no micro-sd slot). However... I've now invested in a Mini-USB to USB OTG (On The Go) cable. I can then attach a card reader (I have one that allows SD, micro-SD, USB sticks etc) to the Nexus 7. If you get the app "Nexus Media Importer" you can then use this as external memory. So I often have a 32GB Micro-SD card attached - which nicely doubles my memory capacity.

Input of text
I am happy to type using this device BUT you don't have to use the keyboard offered as standard as there are plenty of alternatives. Also with the latest version of android (4.2) you can also use the "swipe" feature which, once you're used to, is a lot easier than typing! Alternatively if you have a lot of typing to do you could connect a portable keyboard via a Mini-USB to USB OTG Cable - I have and it works perfectly. You can then input as much text as you like comfortably with no problems at all.

File Managers
I use "File Manager" by Rhythm Version 1.14.3. at the moment but I've also used "File Expert" by Geek Software and also Android File Manager by SmartWho - both of which were good. It just depends what "look" you want for your File Manager. There are so many excellent free ones around via GooglePlay/Android Market.

Viewing and/or Editing Word Docs/Excel Spreadsheets
There are plenty of apps - like "DocumentsToGo" for instance that allow you to read Word/Excel files (in the free version) and edit them in the purchased version (it is under £10). There are plenty of other apps (OfficeSuite) but DocumentsToGo is my personal fave.

Google Chrome
I have had no problems with Google Chrome v IE. There are some sites that are noticeably different viewed in their mobile version but that would be the same with any tablet device (or mobile phone).

Movies - film file types
I've tried a variety of types of movie files so far on the nexus (avi, mp4, asf, wmv) without any problems. Although I DID have problems with a very large mkv file - that now is working fine using MX Player . You do need to ensure you have a decent film app because the one that comes with the Nexus is not really adequate for today's users. (MX Player is free or MX Player Pro is £3.50 through Google Play). The FREE version seems to accept many file types (mp4, asf, wmv) but you need to ensure you get the latest version if you update to Android Jellybean 4.2 or it won't work at all!

BBC iPlayer
I downloaded BBC iPlayer no problem at all. I also downloaded BBC media player as a chap on another site said he couldn't play one without the other. I prefer the "belt and braces" approach and it plays fine on my nexus 7.

Google Sky Map
Google Sky Maps is installed and it works fine - it moves around with you and appears to point to the correct stars (but I'm no Astronomical expert!)

Wifi Reception.
One possible purchaser asked about wifi reception. The reception on my Nexus 7 is better than any of my other devices I use wirelessly (mobile phones, other tablet or even one of my laptops). I get the full "4 bars" in my bedroom for instance!

That's all for now folks! :0)
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on 14 January 2014
My son (10 at the time of writing) bought one of these with money he got for Christmas, after using the 2013 model that I received as a gift (and which I love). He was able to get a 16 Gb model, in brown, from Carphone Warehouse online for £99.99 - not sure if the offer is still on. If I hadn't already had the 2013 model I would have been extremely impressed with this, but the improvements that were made leave this one looking only very, rather than extremely, impressive (especially as a sub-£100 tablet). The screen is very sharp, colours are bright and clear (but without the super-vivid hues that you see on some Samsung phones and tablets - which I know some people don't like). The touch response is very good, too, and the processor is obviously pretty fast given the speed and slickness with which it runs. We have had no technical issues so far. The tablet is rapid to start up and runs the games that my son likes very well, plays video beautifully, and is great for web browsing - these small tablets are a nice balance between the screen size of a larger tablet and the light weight and portability of a smartphone or an iPod Touch (which my son has more or less abandoned now). One immediately obvious difference between the 2012 and 2013 versions of the Nexus 7 is the thickness. While both fit nicely in the hand (full marks to Asus on ergonomics), the 2012 one is decidedly thicker (which some people may prefer in terms of holding it), and has a nice leathery-textured back which is easy to grip. It feels a touch heavier than the 2013 model, but not much. All in all, a very nice tablet, especially if you can find a good deal on it - you're getting an iPad mini rival for the cost of something much less sophisticated.
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on 24 September 2013
First of all I have given the Nexus 7 a five star rating because I believe it simply deserves this for the price.

I researched the performance of other tablets and their respective features, however the Nexus 7 is a very hard to compete with given it's HD screen and excellent quad core snapdragon processor, also including a decent graphics chip for your gaming needs.

I purchased the 32gb model, first generation of the Nexus 7 as the larger amount of storage really appealed to me, as I like to watch films, listen to music and also read books.

With the addition of the USB On The Go adapter you can purchase separately, you won't be dissapointed for storage space, as this will allow you to hook up an external USB pen drive or HDD of your liking. You are required to download the nexus media importer app from the google apps store to enable this, which will cost you a few pounds, however it is truly worth it.

I would suggest before purchasing to think of what features you think will appeal to you, as the Nexus 7 in my opinion is a good all rounder, capable of reading kindle books and delivering fantastic quality media at your fingertips, also excellent for surfing the internet to watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. Google Nexus 7 has this all covered for you!

Best of all, you can upgrade to Android Jelly Bean 4.3, and have your Nexus 7 set up in no time.

This was my first tablet I have ever purchased, and considering my phone uses the android operating system, I was able to navigate and use the tablet efficiently within around 1 hours use.

It feels fantastic to hold within your hands and is lightweight, I would also recommend purchasing a protective cover or leather case you can place it within to avoid any unnecessary damage or scratches to the screen.

If you are artistic, you can also purchase a variety of apps, including Photoshop touch to create some stunning artwork.

There is nothing I can really say that I dislike about the Nexus 7, however it would have been nice to see a higher resolution camera on the device, however the front face camera does a decent job for skype video calling and general video web chat.

I hope you have enjoyed the review and hope this review has given you some advice on why you should consider purchasing the Nexus 7.
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on 13 November 2012
The Google Nexus 7 now comes in three versions, from other suppliers.
16 gb from £158
32 gb from £195
32 gb plus 3g for £239

My remarks, below, about the BBC iPlayer have now been superseded by the release of a BBC iPlayer app.

My Original Review from August 2012

This Tablet is great!! I've only had it a couple of days, and I cannot recommend it enough.
Firstly, I'm a silver surfer, so not young. I already have an Android HTC Desire S phone, which makes the set-up familiar.

I bought the larger 16GB version, as there is no expansion SD card slot, for £199.99 from, sounds like, what you eat after the pub on a Friday night.
Come on Amazon, I know it competes with the Kindle, but let the punters choose, instead of having this overpriced offering.

I've been waiting for a few months for this Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet to come out, after reading lots of industry reviews and hoping the hype was true, and it is.

As someone else said, it's easier to set up if you already have a Google account. It imported all my contacts, emails, Chrome bookmarks and some of the Apps I had on the phone, Astro file manager and SkyEye, for you astronomers, Google Maps, Google Earth.

To look at the internet or movies or pictures in landscape mode:
Pull down the menu from the top with your finger and touch the circling arrows around a rectangle symbol.

Yes you can watch BBC iPlayer, using the Nexus 7

1. Using the Nexus 7 download the Firefox Beta Browser from Google Play.

2. From inside Firefox Beta using your Nexus 7 find, download and install both these files.

Adobe Flash Player 11.1_11.1.115.11.apk

BBC iPlayer_1.3.apk

The BBC are working on a less techie fix, but this works for now.

With the Nexus 7 you can surf the web, watch iPlayer even without Wi-Fi if you have a 3G Android phone.

On your Android phone Go To: All Apps select Wi-Fi Hot Spot and follow the instructions, password etc.

When it is set up, using your Nexus 7 tablet Go To: Settings, then Wi-Fi.

If you are using an HTC phone, look for HTC Portable Hotspot, it will say something similar if you have another make of phone.
Now you can have the internet on your Nexus 7 anywhere you have a phone signal. Brilliant.

I know I could look at the internet on the phone, but it makes the experience more comfortable.

If you have BBC iPlayer in your Chrome Bookmarks Bar on your computer, it will automatically sync into your Nexus 7 Bookmarks.

The screen rendering is so fast. I've transferred some of my movies and TV shows, that I had converted, from my phone and they work very well. My Bluetooth headphones registered immediately, no faffing like in Windows.
Being able to speak questions into it and getting 90% correct answers.
The Google translate app is fantastic. Say any phrase in English, then have it say it in the language of your choice, just like the Star Trek Universal Translator.

Battery life seems good, although I haven't had time to really push it yet.
I've just received a Black Carbon Fibre Print PropUp Stand Case Cover & G-HUB ProPen Stylus from Amazon, which turns the the Tablet Off and On when you open the cover. Just waiting for the screen protectors I ordered to arrive, because of my greasy fingers.
Built in mono speaker, but stereo head phone jack or Bluetooth. On first use, the music player is better than my phone, five slide graphic equalizer, bass boost & 3D effect.
With the MySMS app you can text from it as well as email.

I can see this becoming the new Filofax for the 20 tens.

Update 3 months on. Still think the Nexus 7 is great.
There was an Android Update this week and now the Home Screen spins as well, when you change from Portrait to Landscape mode, which it was criticised for not doing so before.

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on 16 November 2012
I bought an Arnova 9 tablet which was ok but it packed up after a month or so, changed to the Nexus 7 (32gb) and what a revelation it was! its faster, better graphics and sound along with a simplicity of use that is very similar to my Samsung Galaxy S2. It does almost everything from using it as a Sat-Nav (Navigon free download) to a media player, it has a battery life of about 7-9hrs, starts up and shuts down quickly, charges in about 1-2hrs from flat. accessories are very cheap(cases etc) on Amazon. using it as an E-Reader (Kindle books and others) is superb with very clear text and adjustable screen brightness that will satisfy everyone. I would without any hesitation reccomend the Nexus 7 to anyone who wants a fast practical multi-purpose tablet that 'does what it says on the box'.
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on 25 February 2014
After reading loads of reviews of the 2012 and 2013 models, I decided that the extra speed and better screen of the 2013 model weren't an issue and the 2012 model now at a really good price. Item arrived, good delivery. Worked straight out of the box, quick, bright screen with good res and everything I expected it to be. Came with Android 4.2 installed and quickly came up with an update to 4.3 which is now installed. Everything seems to work well, had it on for several hours now and all good. Will re-post in a week with update. Overall, for my needs, very good!
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on 29 June 2013
I bought my Nexus last November and I love it. It is my quick access to the internet, my e mails, TV Catch up, Sky Go, Games, it is a Sat Nav it is my alarm clock, it is a radio, it is my e reader, I can download name it I have found a use for it and it has barely left my side since I bought it.

A week ago it started to play up and I couldn't get it to fire up properly........eventually I did get it to work until a few days ago when I couldn't turn it on at all. It was clear the battery was drained but I couldn't get it to charge up. Anyway, to cut a long story short it seems that this is a known bug with these Google Nexus 7's. They work brilliantly unless you let the battery run down too a google search and you will find that loads of people have experienced the same problem as I had (and I did let my battery run right down due to laziness really, should have charged it up). Not that it should be a problem anyway but apparently they do have this "bug". There are fixes on the internet and in part at least the suggested fixes did work for me (and I am not afraid to experiment) but this one did beat me. I bought mine from Asda direct and to be fair to them I very quickly received a no quibble money back refund from them.........and then bought another one (because it really is a lovely little tablet when it works).

I then thought I would have the arduous task of reloading everything back on to the new one.......but no, on set up I put my google e mail address in, and with a bit of tweaking I virtually have exactly the same tablet that took me 7 months to create. My Kindle books are there and it is easy to reload my apps (including ones I have paid for) onto the new nexus without any further cost. At least I know I won't let the battery run down on this is annoying bug which might even have been sorted now (I have a more up to date operating platform on this one) but just in case anyone thinks of getting one of these devices it is worth bearing in mind, don't let your battery run below 15% because it becomes unreliable.......but it is a great little gadget nonetheless and if it wasn't for the annoying bug I would defo give it 5 stars!
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on 9 July 2013
After several years using a (what is now very elderly) Kindle Keyboard 3G, an excelent 10" Samsung Galaxy Tab and a capable but underspecced Samsung Galaxy Ace smart phone I have developed a reasonable understanding of the technology, if not an in-depth expertise....

However, I wanted to try and combine the Tablet and Kindle into a decent all-rounder in something a little smaller than the 10" Tab. After some rather lazy research I came up with this, reputedly the best budget Android mini tablet on the market. Certainly, at first glance, it appears to combine most of the advantages of the Tab, the KK and the Smartphone in one package. It is, of course, NOT a phone (you would need to shell out a lot more for the 3G version to even approach THAT) and it is also no e-reader. However, it is more portable and holdable than the 10" Tab, making it a very decent KK substitute, and with it's superior processing package it exceeds the functionality of my old Tab or Ace. Then there's the whopping 32GB of hard wired storage. I loaded it up with most of my music collection (and the processing speed paid dividends there, I can tell you!), and a small handful of movies and discovered that I still had half the internal storage to play with. I won't be worrying about buying external memory for some time! Tether it to your 3G phone and you can do pretty much all you need to do, bar the washing up.

Of course the real surprise is the price point. At a shade under £200 (at the time of writing) it knocks the spots off the best Samsung 7" I could find.

It does have some disadvantages... the lack of an SD Card port is possibly the biggest, but as noted, it's unlikely to be too serious unless you're doing some mega storage type stuff and it can be overcome with an OTG cable and an USB SD card reader or HDD. The external e-reader is the only way to go if you want to review your holiday snaps on the go and you don't have a Bluetooth camera. The built in speaker ain't great, and I suppose that the resolution purists would have a go at the screen res but neither of these really impact on me. Similarly, the lack of a front facing camera may be a turn off for some (so make sure you read up on the specs.) but the user facing one isn't too shoddy and could be used for many purposes without embarrassment.

I won't whitter on about apps or accessories - both of which have little to do with the tablet itself. Jellybean? I like it, but I've never really known much different.

This is a smart little mini tablet, combining or improving on the advantages of many related devices (smart phones, e-readers, 10" tabs). There are some cost-saving compromises, so beware! But, for the most part, these are limited to the minor aspects and if you can live with the lack of internal reconfigurable memory and no FF camera, then this has to be the 7" for you.


Protective folio cover
Screen protectors
Mobile wifi hotspot so you can connect to the internet on the go.
"On the go" cable so that you can connect to USB devices
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on 5 February 2013
Very excited to get my hands on my Nexus 7. Compared reviews with iPad Mini and it looked like the Nexus was a solid choice. My two friends and I all purchased a Nexus each around December time.

I have had my Nexus since Christmas day and have decided to write this review on my experiences.

Beautifully crafted and fits in hand perfectly.
Spec is brilliant, lots of games to play, haven't encountered any problems.
Google Talk great to communicate with my other friends all on our Nexus'.
Sound quality okay.
Overall good performance, no lag.

My device has a problem with the screen. It flickers lightly when the brightness is low and data is transferring over WiFi. This is unnoticeable to many I show it too but if you're one of these people (like myself) who notice the smallest things, this is a massive headache. Lot's of people are experiencing this problem.
My device has also began to restart itself now and again. This is rare and can happen at any time. No dodgy apps have been downloaded, I keep my android devices clean.

Friend no.1's Nexus makes a one time strange sound (a quick buzz) when the device is playing audio or video. Seems to do it when it is trying to process/buffer the video/audio. I have also noticed a light flickering though it is much less obvious than on my Nexus.

Friend no.2's Nexus is in an infinite start up loop stuck on the coloured Nexus icon. This worries me as mine restarts now and again and I am wondering if it will suffer the same fate!

So I decided to put up with my Nexus problem which is hard for me because if something isn't right I get rid of it/repair. Very disappointed there has been no update to fix these problems, Jellybean 4.2.1 is very buggy it seems.
It's getting to the point where I am thinking of trading in my Nexus before it develops any more faults, it still has a high trade in value. I have even considered iPad Mini, but can't afford the expense, though I know the build quality is better.

I think I shall wait it out a little longer, but will probably trade in and wait for the next generation of tablets to be released, and then compare Nexus 2 with iPad Mini 2? Hopefully both will be out (or at least announced) in the 3rd quarter of this year.

In conclusion, Google and Asus have alot of people down! The price is great, the spec is great, but the build quality and software just isn't good enough.

UPDATE:: Okay so after putting up with my problems 4.2.2 was released and didn't correct anything. I took it back to the shop I purchased from and got a replacement. The replacement has a date on the barcode sticker reading 2013.01. This was not present on my original Nexus box. I am happy to share that this Nexus does not have the flickering issue so very happy indeed. Finally.

As for friends Nexus which was stuck in startup loop. He used the Asus collect and re-deliver service and it all got fixed. Though it had to go all the way to Holland for repair!
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