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4.6 out of 5 stars161
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2013
Alright, it's not cheap - you could even say that £250 for a speaker not much bigger than a hardback book is right up there with Energy prices for value. But you may be wrong.

I've had BOSE products before, and so I know just how good they sound, but even so it was a leap of faith to part with so much for, apparently, so little. I found I was listening to my music less and less in one room, using Spotify, and wanted something that would offer quality sound, was portable, Bluetooth enabled, and importantly rechargeable to carry around. Lots of choice, I know, but I gulped and pressed the 'order' button for the BOSE Sound link 2.

The feeling of quality out of the box is undeniable - no need to read the instructions, the Sound link is straightforward to get going, the Bluetooth set up is simplicity itself, and, after all, A Man With Pride Don't Read No Guide.

And then I started listening to some tracks connected to my Samsung Galaxy 3, and I was, frankly, underwhelmed. Buyer remorse, or what!

But the next day, on an instinct, I downloaded an equaliser app for my phone, and the transformation was astounding. Now I can control the output from my phone, which was clearly the weak link, and the BOSE quality sound shines through. I know others have said it, but it really is astonishing that such rich, full sound can be generated from such a small box. Friends genuinely are staggered when they come into my home to learn where the sound is coming from - expecting a subwoofer to be concealed somewhere or other, and I am very happy with my new best friend.

Is it worth the money? Not sure. But if you want portability, unbelievable sound quality, top notch build quality and brand envy from your mates, there's not too much choice, so you gets what you pay for.

Just make sure you sort your device out with an equaliser!
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on 22 January 2013
This is definately the greatest investment i have made sound wise, ever! I travel the whole year round and never get to use my set up at home, and these speakers have made me so happy. They pump out a LOT of sound, enough to fill a gym studio (i have tried this for a whole class of dancers) and certainly enough for any medium sized room.

One trick for anyone that likes bass or doesn like bass, position these speakers up against a wall and the bass is quadrupled quite amazingly, but if you want to eliminate it (to not disturb the neighbours) then put it square in the middle of the room. The bass has nothing to bounce off and just dissapates.

The battery life is accurate, i think they said 10 hours and i get about 8 at full volume. Connectivity is great, and they look sleek and stylish. IF they ever failed i would purchase again in a heartbeat.

Enjoy, and remeber you get what you pay for!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 November 2013
Was flying out today on a business trip to Germany and decided to buy a travel speaker package and as I had an hour to kill before my flight, I tried several speaker systems. Looked at the Samsung system, which looks like a direct copy of the Bose with a price to match, yet the sound quality was nowhere near as good.

Then I tried the Big Jambox, good sound and was nearly swayed, lastly the Bose Soundlink II and was impressed enough to hand over some plastic and take it away. Have been listening to it in my hotel room this evening...just perfect - the right balance of highs, mids and lows. Too many systems have anaemic bass and over pronounced treble. The soundlink has the best balance of sound I've heard. Well worth the money.


Bought a second unit from Amazon - can't say more than that!
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on 28 March 2013
Took the plunge after reading the reviews here and watching the many video reviews on YouTube (I strongly recommend the latter in fact). My transient lifestyle was crying out for a device like this. I'm currently enjoying listening to the MP3 collection stored on my smartphone for the first *ever* not through headphones! It's been a revelation.

As others have noted, the Bose's sound is bass-dominant, but that suit me fine - I need my bass! Top and middle seem a little throttled to me, but I'm not sure whether this is the speaker itself, the nature of the MP3s, my ageing ears, or a combination of all three! Either way, the overall sound floats my boat nevertheless; it's very satisfying.

I've also tried hooking up a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone socket of my tv/dvd unit, and watching live concert DVDs with sound played through the Bose is another newly revealed pleasure. (The tv's own speakers are just pants!) I've also paired my laptop's Bluetooth dongle with the speaker for streaming sound from there. The Bose handles switching connections between these different Bluetooth devices with ease.

My only concern from a build point of view relates to the front cover that forms the base for the unit when folded underneath. How well will it fare when the speaker's used outside, especially in wet or dirty conditions? Granted, the user guide recommends not using the speaker in inclement conditions anyway, but I think occasionally it's going to be hard to avoid. A solid plastic base (separate from a front cover) would have offered a more practical solution I feel.

So, is it worth the money? In literal terms, probably not, but in terms of the pleasure it's going to give me in the coming years, that's hard to put a price on.
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on 25 November 2013
Arrived next day,opened the box plug in the mains charger, switched on, paired my iPad .
And in 2 minutes I'm listening to my favourites tracks in beautiful quality sound, it's great a packs a room filling punch!
I bought this to link my tv output in my motorhome so we'd have a decent sound as you'd expect most LCD tvs have really poor speakers and decent volume.
So being able to use this for the tv and our iPads wherever we go is brilliant. I already have bose products and one thing you can rely on is this product is great quality made and great sound quality. It never distorts.
I'm using this in the house while I'm cooking etc, etc,etc,
Yes it costs more than other cheaper brands but they are exactly that cheap! And sound empty.
This is a one time buy for ever product! Being a musician as well confirms what you hear that sounds really good is usually a bose! How many times have you experienced a load of cheaper units stuffed in the loft or garage because they didn't really deliver that quality you were after but couldn't describe until you heard a bose.
ps, I don't work for bose in any way I'm just a fan of the product and spent my money wisely!
Save money and get the grey nylon cover model !
I know have my mac, 2 iPads and two iPhones all synced. Simplicity and great sound.
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on 20 November 2013
I'm super fussy about speakers and the sound they produce. Ill be totally honest with you, these are a great set of speakers but consider the following-

The idea of these are to be portable so don't compare them to the sound of larger systems because they don't compare especially if you have a system with a subwoofer!

I find that the speakers hold the deep bass very well BUT with standard punchy bass the speakers struggle due to their size. Having said that, they still do a better job than other equivalent speakers on the market (trust me I've tested enough of them)

The position of these speakers are essential to achieving the best sound, they need to be at least 40" off the ground and backed up against a wall to get the best sound (trust me, it makes a difference)

All in all, I love my Bose speakers and I use them everywhere! When correctly positioned they produce a really good sound and are surprisingly loud for such small speakers. The battery life is very good and I easily get 8 hours out of it at a good volume. People moan that they are heavy considering they are meant to be portable... I'd say if you want quality speakers then weight happens like it or not, maybe try some press-ups?

If you are a fussy sod like myself then I would consider my comments above.
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on 29 April 2013
Having set out with the intention of buying either a B&W A5 or A7, which were very disappointing indeed given the hefty price, we chose the far cheaper and more portable Bose Soundlink; a rather different thing altogether from the B&W items. I'm used to high end hi-fi and cannot see the appeal of these speakers although being able to stream music from an iPhone or whatever is a great idea. MP3 is just such a poor quality format. The BOSE sounds fine for portable music. It doesn't pretend to produce hi-fi quality sound (though it really isn't too bad) and its looks nod the late 1960s and its seems very well made.
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on 10 November 2013
This is the first review I have wrote on Amazon.........

This speaker is simply amazing, expensive yes.... But you get what you pay for in life, and I was not disappointed

Sound quality fantastic, Bluetooth great

Enjoy, I am
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on 6 January 2013
The Bose Soundlink is most defiantly one of the most highest end speakers. Costing £249/£299 depending which cover you get. It weighs in at a hefty 1.5kg and the dimensions are: 130 x 245 x 50 mm which makes it pretty big. The battery will take only 2-3 hours to charge and can run on moderate volumes for 8 hours. The design of the speaker looks very professional and sleek. There is also a cover fixed on to the speaker which turns off the speaker when closed.The speakers are bluetooth enabled, but there is an AUX port if you do not have any bluetooth enabled devices, the AUX cable is also supplied.

There are 4 very powerful speakers and dual passive radiators to boost up the bass and keep the speaker where it is. The sound quality is what how would expect from Bose, simply amazing. The trebles are perfect as well as the clear deep bass. The bluetooth works well paring with devices, and the speaker can go very loud. The speaker is also excellent for gaming and watching movies.

These speaker are perfect for any music lover, but you must be a serious music lover to splash £249 on a speaker but it'll be worth the money as there is no speaker as good as this.
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on 8 February 2013
Quite often high price doesn't always mean high quality. With the Bose SoundLink Speaker Ii I feel that most purchasers will be well satisfied with their purchase. Build quality is excellent, though the speaker unit is quite heavy for portable use. Pairing with an iPad 2 was completed in seconds (after in my case fully charging the battery). The battery retains its charge exceptionally well. Now to the most important element, the sound. Placement of this speaker is all important. Many reviews deride the speakers performance but in most cases I have to disagree with them. Place the speaker in the centre of a room and you'll almost certainly feel the speaker under performs. However, placing the speaker rear port close to a wall and the speakers sound improves immensely. If one reads the supplied speaker instructions Bose does emphasise this need. With good placement sound quality is well defined, and volume acceptable (I use this in a room 25ft x 16ft). The speaker won't rattle my next door neighbours windows... but then I never expected it to.

All in all, a well made, quality speaker system which delivers, unfortunately it comes at a high price!
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