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40 of 41 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2013
When I was looking for a wireless headset, my two main concerns were price and immersive sound - so I started looking for 5.1 wireless headsets, and most headsets with 5.1 surround sound was indeed pricy. Though there were some options I found Afterglow attractive. Actually, I was attracted to the price than the company name, in fact haven't heard of the company name till I found as a result of the quest for the wireless headset.

Surround Sound
This is not a 5.1 surround sound headset, it never claimed to be one or used any of the Dolby logos, however, it talked about extra-ordinary sound - studio engineered and professionally tuned acoustics, immersive - virtual surround sound delivering precise directionality, bass boost, pure audio hear everything exactly as game designers intended to do...So many tempting lines, so I decided to try it, after all it sounds (pun not intended) really great. When I tried the headset on Far Cry 3, it was really fantastic, it's 3D immersive and did a good job with pure clarity audio, but if you are looking for a full Dolby surround sound it's not the headset you are looking for...

Audio Quality.
The audio quality is excellent and immersive, when I compare it to my old Turtle Beach Ear Force XL1 Headset, the quality is far better. The game sounds are so brilliant, there was a time when I was shooting a tiger and walking back to the waters at the same time, to escape the advancing tiger, I was attacked by a crocodile while to my right a gunfight starts with the pirates and the locals. The unexpected crocodile attack with the superb sound almost threw me back - thankfully I was alone so I was saved from a huge embarrassment. What I wanted to point here is the virtual sound quality, each sound the advancing tiger, the gunfight,the cries of the buffalo and the boars, crocodile attack and the sudden splash of water - everything is so fantastic yet individual in depth - which makes it totally 3D, which again means, it gives you a virtual idea of distance, for example from the gun fight I can assume assault rifles, shotguns, pistol and one mounted gun are being used, the distance between those two fractions, the distance of both fractions from my position etc. So I was satisfied with the audio quality, I should say it's indeed very good.

Audio Modes
There are three Audio Modes in Afterglow headset. With each mode, a different colour light will be shown to the microphone LED.
1. Pure Audio Mode (Blue light) - This is the raw audio without any digital enhancement. In this mode, the headset offers its well balanced acoustic tuning.
2. Bass Boost (Red light) - This one is the digitally enhanced mode with great bass sound.
3. Immersive (Green light) - Here the 3D sound algorithm expands the audio, creating a more immersive sound without altering the directionality, and according to Afterglow, designed to give you a competitive edge in the game.

Mobile Devices
Afterglow headset is designed t work with gaming consoles,TVs, PCs, and better it can work with mobile devices too - which include iPhones, tablets, Smartphones, music players etc. However, remember the connection between a mobile device and Afterglow is wired. You can use the headset with a mobile device while the headset is powered off. In Mobile Mode the Afterglow headset acts as a passive headset and in this mode the capabilities are limited. The limitations are
1. It will be in default Pure Audio Mode - custom audio modes will not work
2. Cannot mute microphone in the headset but can use the mute function on your mobile.
3. Volume levels can only be adjusted on your mobile device
4. Game/Chat Balance will be non-functional
These are not exactly serious limitations when considering the fact that you can actually connect the headset with your mobile device. Look the positive side - the cup is more than half full...

Compatibility with PC
I have tried Windows XP,Windows 7, and Windows 8 in all three computers the once the USB transmitter is connected it automatically configured the headset with automatic driver installation. In XP it took about five minutes to find and fully install the drivers. But in all three OS' it was basically Plug and Play.

Lights and More Lights
With Afterglow, it's always Christmas, it really glows after dark or after sun, or after anything. It offers different lighting modes. Once the headset is connected to the USB transmitter, you can control the lighting modes with the mode button.

Battery and Power
The headset has a rechargeable Lithium Polymer 900mAh battery which should give you 10 -12 hours of battery life depending on use and lighting mode. It will take approximately three hours to fully charge the battery, you can use the headset with charging cable if it goes to low battery. In low battery, the headset will play a tone to warn you that it's running low on power - which will play every minute until the battery runs out of power. According to Afterglow, you will have approximately ten minutes of playtime once the headset goes to low battery.

I played the game straightly six hours, not once taking the headset off, and happily found that it's really cushioned the ears and very comfortable for marathon playing.

What's on the Headset
1. On/off/mute Button
2. Mode Button
3. Retractable Noise Cancelling Microphone
4. Volume Dial
5. Game/chat Volume Balance dial
6. Xbox360 Talk Back Port
7. Universal Audio Line-in Port
8. Charging Port

What's in the Box
1. Wireless Headset
2. Charge and Play USB Cable
3. USB Transmitter
4. Xbox 360 Chat Cable
5. RCA Cable
6. Music/Line-in Cable
7. User Manual
8. Afterglow Online Offering
9. Afterglow Stickers

Vital Stats
* Closed back dynamic headphones
*50 mm drivers with Neodymium rare-earth magnets
* 20 degree angled acoustic baffle for accurate, linear sound reproduction
* Audio frequency resonance: 20Hz - 20Khz at 115 dB
* Digital signal processor with customized audio algorithms
* inbuilt 900 mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

*Compatibility with Xbox 360, PS3, WII, WIIU, PC and Mobile devices (in many headsets like Turtle Beach X-32, Sony PS3 Wireless, Triton Primer - the compatibility option is very limited) which makes Afterglow a champion headset for the whole family and a variety of devices
* Acoustic resonance chamber
*Great Range (whole house) over 100
*PU Leather Cushions around the ear
*Retractable Mic Boom
* Smartphone and Music Player Compatibility
* Great Design and Model
* All cables included

No Cons
If I find any I will update the review.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 1 August 2014
Works just fine, the mic is built into the left ear muff but can be pulled out. And all of the controls are on the left ear muff too. From the charging port; charging cable is very long which is suberp if you want to keep playing and chatting with friends cuz you can charge it easily whilst still using it, to the volume control for both gaming and chat. I advise having the game/chat volume button about half way between both if you're in a multiplayer game so that you can hear your friends and not just the game. There is a seperate volume button above that setting too. You can also put your friends on mute by pressing the large built in button on the left ear muff. You can still hear them but they can't hear you so it's ideal if you get a phone call. And if you hold the same button in it will switch the headset off/on. These also a little 'Mode' button above where the mic is built in on the left muff. Press it once and you'll notice that your mic light turns from blue to red, press again and it turns green. Each one changes the sound acoustics.
Don't forget to register the headset on your PS3 in the bluetooth settings area. Once you've done that your mic will work. Also, if you want to use these whilst watching telly you'll have to unplug the bluetooth usb stick from your PS3 and plug it in elsewhere. I only use the PS3 for tv watching though (lovefilm/netflix) so it's not an issue for me. I love the electric blue light on this. It is so Tron which I dare say it's the basis of its appeal to most people. My only qualm is that my ears get sore/achey after a while, right along the sideburns area. Other than that these are great and I'd recommend them to anyone.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 19 July 2013
I purchased this headset and was very impressed initially, Sound quality is incredible for the price and it comes with 3 presets that are all good for different situations.

Blue: Pure audio great if you wan't to listen to an audio piece normally without any enhancements.
Red: Bass boost for that extra umph when listening to music with heavy bass.
Green: Surround sound mode this increases the footsteps and gunfire when playing online, it truly is an immerse experience and a must for any gamer.
The sound is just brilliant easily the best sounding headphones I've tried (I've never tried a £200+ top-end headset before) and the customization modes are a great addition a swell as supporting Dolby surround sound 5.1 on green.

The headset really is universal and you can use with practically anything which is a great feature to include. Its wireless reception is great iv'e had it lose connection briefly for a second or two after weeks of use, its easy to set up you just plug the dongle into a USB power source and then into an audio out jack or headphone 3.5mm jack then turn on the headphones to start listening. The battery life is 10+ hours on full charge and isn't really a problem as you can play and charge if you run out of juice however the mic does sometimes play up if you charge from the Xbox USB.

The mic is pretty basic and isn't really noise cancelling it does the job but isn't any better than the Xbox standard mic, it's retractable which is a nice feature but I tend to leave it out as you tell your audio preset through the colour on the end.

It looks like something out of a sci-fi film if i'm honest you'd have to have some balls to wear it out and about but then i doubt it was meant for that anyway, it lights all up on the plastic headband and ear cups which looks pretty tacky however there is a feature to adjust the lights and even turn them off. It is a large headset so is not ideal if you want to lie down whilst listening or move about.

This is what completely ruined the headset for me it uses a two part headband one plastic, to prevent lateral pressure on the ears (apparently), and one slim leather pad that uses a rubber band to fit all head sizes poorly, i would advise if you haven't used a one size fits all headset avoid it as they normally don't work being more uncomfortable than normal.
the padding if you can call it that rests on the head and is as tight as you can imagine and just gives you a headache after a while.
The ear cups are just standard ones and hurt the tips of your ears after a while due to not enough padding being provided and poor design of the speakers.
This is a weighty piece of kit weighing in at 1.5KG approx and you can definitely tell, after having this headset for 1-2 months now iv'e decided to try and salvage it and save some money by attempted a bit of D.I.Y comfort, the ear cups are removable and I replaced them with better ones which got rid of the ear pain. I then stripped of the headband and padded it properly and adjusted the tightness which helped a lot however this headset is just too heavy and still quite uncomfortable so unless you have a steel head i would avoid it at all costs.

Overall: Amazing in every department but so uncomfortable its unwearable for people with normal to large heads definitely have a look round at other headsets and keep an eye on the weight if you plan on wearing for long hours.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 August 2013
After reading all the mixed reviews on this product I was quite sceptical of getting it.. however I was looking for a wireless headset that would suit my needs without a huge price tag.... this was the cheapest and what seemed the best looking and best sounding option.

I had to order my product through a different company as Amazon almost never seemed to have these in stock and I hate delivery from amazon as it is usually some budget grade delivery company or free delivery takes 5 days to deliver so I ordered at the same price through a different company.

The product itself is amazing and I had it working in seconds from plugging in the usb wireless receiver, the instructions are fairly detailed and are easy enough to follow. I did initially have a struggle getting the audio mode to work however this was because instead of my sound card being used at the default sound on my OS it chose the afterglow wireless as the default sound (1chanel only) after switching that around all was perfect. The 3 different audio modes are GREAT, ofcourse depending on what you are doing or listening to will depend on what audio mode you use.

I like to use the gaming mode (green) when I want a bit of a sound boost from songs that are quieter or when im gaming (for obvious reasons) and it works like a charm, im experiencing games like dead island on a whole new level, actually being able to hear zombies before they floor me is much better than jumping off my seat because im suddenly attacked by a zombie that I didn't hear approach until it was right in my face, it also adds amazing sound to skyrim, I can look away from a person who is speaking and depending on how im looking at that person the sound fades away into one ear or goes very quiet if I face away which is brilliant and almost perfectly realistic.

The audio/normal mode (blue) is incredibly good, although it can be a bit quiet depending on the song you are listening to, possibly the best sounding headphones I have ever owned (I have owned many)i usually hate over ear headphones so I prefer listening to speakers when listening to music however my speakers have became obsolete thanks to the sound these headphones produce, everything is so clear and perfect almost studio quality.

The Bass mode (red) is perfect for bass heavy songs, your ears actually vibrate when you hit a heavy bass song with this mode on, its an experience ive never experienced before and I was lifted off my feet by it, again making my speakers obsolete as in bass heavy songs I have to turn the volume down or the neighbours 3 doors away can hear which is quite frustrating.

connectivity, I had these headphones al around the house even in the garden and only once did I lose connectivity and that was for a slight second and I was probably about 25 meters from the wireless usb adapter which makes these a great wireless device. However the usb device is quite large and can block another USB port that is in use which can be quite annoying

design/feel, although the design looks amazing to look at in the dark or just on your desk, they don't look so good on your head.... it makes you look like you have a huge head and the clear plastic band just ruins it (even when its lit up in the dark) so as someone has already said, you'd need some pretty big balls to wear these outside in public, but then again they were not intended for that but more for home pleasure. The feel of the product for me is perfect, the ear cups fit my ears perfectly and they don't feel too heavy on me (some people complain about the band being too heavy on the head)

Overall - this is probably the best headset you are going to get for this price, especially considering its multi platform and wireless, feels great, looks great and sounds incredible. Yes there are few reviews with issues but these are faulty headsets, im sure if you returned to get a replacement for your faulty headset you would not regret it. In total i feel as if i have spent £200 for these because they look feel and sound so professional.

EDITED - 5/5, ive gotten over the usb size and used these headset for a few more songs especially bass heavy songs and im so blown away by it, i reccomend listening to hoodie allen - you are not a robot with bass mode on and prepare to be amazed
review image
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This is an excellent headset for the price I paid (about £65). The build quality is very good, the padding around the ears make wearing these for hours a non-issue; I've managed a 10-hour gaming marathon with this headset and still had no issues.

The cable is long enough that it reaches from my PC to the headset with ease, meaning I can charge my headset and use it at the same time; a boon, given that the battery life on the headset is about 4 hours. Ideally this should be longer, given who they are marketing to, but it's a tiny issue in the overall scheme of things.

The sound is also high-quality. the headset has 3 settings - Blue, Red, and Green. You can easily see which mode you are in by glancing at the mic, which is lit at the end with the relevant colour.

Blue is "normal" mode. Crisp clear audio, good for films, TV shows and music
Red is "Bass Boost". Great for bass-heavy music and for a little extra ooomph during films
Green is "surround sound". It's not actual 5.1 digital surround, but it's an excellent imitation. For example, when playing Far Cry 3, I could distinctly tell which direction the pirates were in, and which direction the damn tiger that proceeded to maul me to pieces came from (behind me. It's not the headset's fault I was slow to react :D )

The headset is comfy to wear, but you will look a bit silly in it. The solid-plastic headband is not adjustable, and it soars above the scalp like a particularly enthusiastic pigeon, but frankly, as I live on my own, I don't care what I look like.

This is a great headset for the money. It feels well-built and sturdy, and Afterglow also sell a stand for the headset in case you want to look after it, but as long as you're not ripping it off your head and tossing it round the room, the build quality is good enough that with proper storage (a shelf, for example) it will last you a long time.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 17 November 2012
So.... I received my headset a day earlier than it was scheduled to arrive last Tuesday and as I only do my gaming after my kids have gone to bed on the weekends, I've just tried out my headset tonight.

I must say I'm extremly pleased. I spent 4 hours playing Call of Duty MW3 on the Wii and for the first time, My lady, her mom and I have been able to all hang out in the same room each doing our own thing without distraction.

It took me about 2 mins to set up the headset and from the first round I was blown away by the high quality sound. First time I have used a headset while gaming and it was awesome to hear sounds coming from all different directions. Got a soundcheck for the mic from another player at the first chance and was told I came through loud and clear.

I know I probably sound like an advertiser for this company, but I'm not. I've never written a product review before. It's just that I saw two reviews for this headset after I ordered it and one was good and one was really negative. I don't know if the person who posted the negative review was just unlucky or what, but I'd recomend this headset to any gamers. The only drawback I found was that I keep my hair really short and the headband was not very comfortable, so I threw on my hat and problem solved. So if anyone actually reads this, my advise is this headset is worth the cost.
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on 10 November 2014
Bought these as a present for my son, to use with his xbox1.
The description lists these as suitable for xbox 360
However, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have changed the connections on the xbox1, so that these are NOT compatible with an xbox1.
To use the microphone, you must attach a cable from the earphones to the hand controller (so not completely wireless). The cable does not fit the new connection on the hand controller on an xbox1.
Also, these connect via plugging adapters into the TV for the red and white cables of a red/white/yellow connection cable set. Most game consoles now connect with a HDMI cable, and there is no adapter. Instead you have to connect to the TV via the earphone outlet.
The sound quality on an xbox 360 is quite good, and the coloured lights impressed my teenage son, but they are quite heavy and not that comfortable.

All in all, one very disappointed son, and one disappointed dad who wishes he hadn't bothered......
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on 6 March 2015
The headset is not ajustable so therefore anyone with a fat head is going to struggle to find these comfortable
Secondly the instructions are not clear and there's nothing saying how to make the red or green lights (base and submersive settings) come on so can't even use those which is a reason I brought them for in the first place.
Had these for one month now and we've not managed to work out how to turn down the mic sensitivity, it has already unpaired itself from the transmitter which the company claims nearly never happens.
The charge life seems to be a lot less than the 10 hours it claims and so we have had it wired nearly the whole time to charge so waste of time wanting wireless, unless we pay extra and buy a charge stand to charge when not using...the headset is also very heavy
The positives are that sound quality is very good.... And that might be it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 August 2014
I do very much like this product. It has excellent, and the lights are great. However, i will lower it by a star because if you wear glasses like I, it will start hurting because it pushes the arms of glasses against your head. And when you're mid gaming and that kicks in, it is very annoying.
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on 30 August 2013
I used 'Instant Refund' for this headset unfortunately. The way it looks is nice and seems to be good quality but...
There is noise when you choose Green mode sound (Blue is just sound, Red is Bass, and Green Gaming).
30 to 40m radius applies only if there are no walls or doors in the way otherwise i would say 10m distance max.
And one more thing that i really don't like is that they are really tight on your head ( and this is coming from a girl).
Seriously they are so tight it gives me pain just above my ears and this is the main reason i instantly refunded these.
Battery life is about 8hours but you can have it longer if you switch off all lights. Don't forget to put it on charge every night before going to sleep.

I recommend Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless instead.
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