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3.4 out of 5 stars118
3.4 out of 5 stars
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39 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on 7 January 2013
My better half dropped our Skype phone in a sink full of water, so we had to buy a new one!

But the old one (the earlier version of this) had problems even before my wife drowned it - the ringer had stopped working when it was only about 15 months old (if you read the reviews you'll find this is a very common problem). We couldn't return it as we bought it directly from Skype and it appears to be impossible to engage in any sort of dialogue with Skype. Hopefully they've sorted out the ringer problem, but if this one starts to play up it's going straight back - and the stars on this review are going down to 1!

The phone itself is quite an improvement on the first model. It is lighter and sleeker (and no longer has that odd 'belt clip') and, most importantly, it has 'normal' buttons, not the awful rubber ones the previous model has. It also appears to have a much better sound quality, and we have been able to have problem free calls with people who used to not be able to hear us half the time. With Skype you never know if call quality is the phone or the connection, so this might have nothing to do with the phone at all, but it does seem to be fairly consistently better. It's also very easy to set up, and, much to my surprise, we didn't have to re-enter the landline numbers we had stored in the old phone.

But, as well as making some very necessary improvements, the designers have also made a couple of changes for the worse - hence the loss of one star. Rather oddly, the screen is smaller than on the earlier model. It's only slightly smaller, but, as the screen on the previous model was too small, I would have expected a much bigger one on the new version. Given the size of screens we're used to on mobile phones these days, the decision to use such a tiny screen is really odd. And it IS tiny - I have to wear my reading glasses just to make a phone call!

The other backwards step is the charger base. They've redesigned this completely (why? the old one was fine) and cocked it up completely. First, the phone doesn't fit snuggly into the base, it just sort of wobbles about in it, so you've no idea if it's 'home' properly, and secondly, they've taken away the LED that used to tell you the phone was charging! So now you have no idea if the phone is inserted properly and charging - the only way to tell is to check the microscopic charging icon on the TINY screen. And you can only do that for a few seconds before the screen goes blank. (And, by the way, they've redesigned the bottom of the phone, so you can't just pop it into the old base!)

They've obviously carried out a production cost audit and listened to the idiot who did it ("LED - no one needs that and no one will notice it's gone, let's save 2p a phone and get rid of it").

Given all the problems with the earlier version, this was a golden opportunity to redesign this phone and make it really fit for purpose. It's such a pity that they didn't take that opportunity fully. Especially as this is the only real 'option' for a Skype phone. If there were other (and hopefully better) Skype phones on the market, I'd have given this one 1 star and the review would be entitled "Don't buy it". But as it is, you don't really get a choice, so I've given it four stars for trying.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 27 September 2013
I am a seasoned user of Skype phones, having used them pretty regularly for 10 years or so.

I came to the 4088 reluctantly. I had used the 3088 for quite a few years, and ground my teeth every time I had to fork out for a replacement handset due to the faulty ringer. The rubbery keys didn't add to my enjoyment either.

So I decided to give the Philips VOIP8551B a try. See my product review if you;'re interested; suffice it to say, this was a turkey!

Then I came round to the 4088. This phone does the job better than well. Okay, so the charging cradle is wobbly, the screen is small, and the setup takes a bit of patience. But I have been using this phone for 6 months now and it does the job. It rings my Skype-In calls perfectly, I've never had a problem with outgoing calls, the list of contacts shows up every time, and the sound quality is excellent.

Tip: the rechargeable AAA batteries that came with the phone died after 20 mins or so off the cradle in spite of careful initial charging and conditioning. I replaced these with the highest capacity AAA I could get, and no problems since.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 5 November 2012
This is an upgrade on a skype phone I already have, however the downside of this model is that the craddle is not deep enough to hold the phone. Its easy to knock over and it does not always charge the battery because the phone is not making contact.

Having said that the phone itself, is clear and easy to use!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 6 December 2014
This our second purchase of an RTX Dualphone. Our first model was the earlier 3088 model. Unfortunately I accidentally killed it I think dropping it ...more than once >>>> shhh ...don't tell her indoors!
The new 4088 model works a treat. We ordered the white version ...very smart! Shame they didn't make the screen a tad bigger, but otherwise it absolutely does the job. I've read a few reviews that suggest it might be easy to knock it out of the cradle. I can't see this as likely during normal use. Sits in there quite well and even jiggling it about still shows it as charging. So I'd ignore the 'poor cradle' comments generally.
By the way, we ditched our normal land-line a couple of years ago in favour of a Skype 'Land-line' number via our existing broadband connection. To buy the number it costs about (I think) £40 per year. So that's equivalent to £3.33 a month as opposed to the usual £15 month line rental. So you're immediately saving about £140 a year! It provides us with a standard land-line number so friends and family can call as normal. Plus our usual Skype calls are received on it too. Skype Credit (for land-line out calls) is taken from your account in £10 chunks as n' when your credit falls below a set level. My Skype Credit payments are well WELL below standard 'traditional' charges - providing even MORE savings. The rates are excellent. And remember, you still receive normal Skype to Skype calls for FREE.
So ditch the traditional land-line and buy one of these! ...and "No" ...I don't work for RTX or Skype!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 1 March 2013
Regard less of all the negative feedback i have read on this phone i decided. to go ahead and try it for myself. and cant fault it. works great for landline skype calls and easy to setup.All your skype contacts are stored on the device and can easily switch between landline and skype calls also shows if an incoming call is recieved on the landline or skype. also updates itself to the latest firmware. Also had free skype credit with the phone

Goes to show never judge a book by its cover.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 2 April 2013
I haven't had a single problem with this yet after using it regularly for a couple of months to call out to landlines and mobiles in a different country. It works exactly as advertised. I love it.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 21 March 2013
Good reception and quite easy to use. HOWEVER, not clear when the phone is sitting in the cradle properly and charging. Also the battery life is NO WHERE near what the product description says it is. Standby life is about 10 hours (not the 100 claimed) and talk time more like an hour (not the 10 claimed).

Keeping the product as it is the only one available for Skype use.

Overall quite disappointing as I seem to be constantly charging the unit up.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 9 December 2012
As of yet cant fault this phone. Easy to install. Had to update software before use. Would recommend this product
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 January 2015
A mixed bag this one, potentially a good product let down badly by a couple of flaws and non-existent support. In fact, looking at the other feedback I'm surprised Amazon still allow it to be sold and Skype are still prepared to be associated with it .

The phone itself is perfectly usable, if a tad small, screen is tiny, but not so it makes it hard to read. Elements of this phone seem well constructed and high quality, other bits shoddy clone rubbish. On the whole if it weren't for some sort of connectivity issue it would be fine.

Batteries that come with it are not even good enough to work the first time, chuck them away and put some decent rechargeables in it.

Getting it all configured is a bit of a rigmarole (connecting to router, pairing phone to base, setting up skype account), but then I don't see an easy way through that and it all worked. It worked pretty well, sound was fine, better than I get on the computers.

I found that after unplugging the router to reorganise my office, when I tried to power it all up again the phone simply refused pair with the base. Google around, it's a common problem. Instructions with the phone are useless semi-english rubbish. Skype don't offer any help, RTX don't talk to customers at all, Amazon don't do tech support, the actual supplier (ligo) eventually responded with a simple turn it off and on again step, when I said I'd tried that and showed them various other troubleshooting steps I'd attempted it all went quiet, no more replies. Useless.

So back to Amazon it went for a refund. Which is a real shame, as I was happy with it when it worked and I don't actually think it was "broken", more that it required some sort of undocumented reset procedure that no-one could reveal.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2013
The phone looks great and call clarity is very good. However the cradle and pins in the phone have been poorly designed as such the phone does not charge properly!

On the day of purchase, I sat the phone in the cradle to charge for 16 hours, and when I tried to use it the next day, the battery lasted for about 10 minuites worth of call time before dying.

What was also misleading about the charge was the fact that the icon on the screen showed a full battery.

however when its put in the cradle it shows to be charging.

unclear, and very dissapointing. No real solution to this charging lottery, so this makes an otherwise good phone a below average one.
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