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on 1 April 2014
I was apprehensive about going all out on a rather serious looking remote. I like my comfort media devices, to have ergonomic controls and remotes.

I've recently taken the plunge, and bought what is basically an Android Media Player box. I felt it would be a good halfway between a dedicated media player (where the player code is pretty much static, and only supplied or updated by the manufacturer, and the interfaces are often custom, often finicky and the players somewhat unstable and buggy). - and a full blown PC or laptop, which is what it takes to be sure you can play what you want, in the way that you want.

The device I bought, is like many similar Android devices for this purpose. A reasonable subset of software, and a remote that is what you expect for a media player. In practice; I found that quite a lot could be done with the supplied remote; but navigation was sometimes slow, and sometimes guesswork, to work out how to jump to various places on the screen.

After connecting a wireless mouse and keyboard, I found things much easier and quicker...but of course, this is bulky and not ergonomic in media playing use.....enter the wireless gyro-mouse and keyboard combi-device...

Basically, this is a mouse that works a bit like the Wii controllers that brought a revolution to consumer graphical interfacing. You pretty much wave it about like you're sort of pointing at the thing on the screen, and the pointer moves appropriately. When you need to type something in, or navigate with button type cursor movements (like up, down, right, left, tab, etc.); you can use the miniature (but usable) QWERTY keyboard, on the device. Yes it looks a bit like a biggish TV or satellite receiver remote, but it fits in a small hand (like mine), and yet it's lighter than most of the fancier remotes.

The great thing about the keyboard, is what we all know, but often don't admit. Typing any text, into a consumer media device, is ALWAYS a nightmare - and we basically avoid it and pretend it's not necessary. Those days are gone now. Our media isn't all on a disc and we can't just skip a couple of tracks or chapters. Often we want to search for things, or fill in forms (sometimes when internet browsing, and sometimes when we might want to find a film on Netflix etc.). This is now a breeze.

I'm sold on this now...I won't be going back to a duff remote for my media players and smart TVs of the future. The only thing I'll say could be a possible negative for some people who aren't good with new things; is that the gyro-mouse takes a little getting used to initially - but it won't take long to get used to it, and it gives a great deal of return for a small investment of time.
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on 5 August 2013
This is a superb product and takes all the pain out of entering text etc into smart tv apps and web pages. Also operates so well as a mouse/gesture and works on my Linux desktop as well.

I can thoroughly recommend this product with hesitation and would give it more than 5 stars. Same goes for the delivery.

One of the best gadgtes I have bought
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on 21 December 2013
I have got into the whole home theater setup.

I started with the VIP Remote. The buttons were hard to press and the remote needs line of sight and the key map was off. Therefor it did not work well with XBMC. I wanted something working out of the box not something i would have to setup.

This one is a good step forwards. I like the smaller usb receiver. I like the quality of the AIR MOUSE the tracking is much better. The keyboard buttons are good too. I also love the fact it has a built in battery to charge it up. (By the time the battery is dead, there will be a new remote thats better for the same money)
This does not need line of sight and the mouse turns its self off after about 10 sec. A good feature but not one i'm used to.

What would have been needed for 5 stars.
A mouse on off would be nice. A proper right click button. It has a menu button that just functions as a right click menu.
An led for caps lock and an extra one for function.
The worst buttons in my opinion are the mouse left click and the triangle around it, They feel loose and cheap - a shame since this is the button that i use the most.

Overall a great mouse - will update review when i setup XBMC again. Backing up my NAS atm
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on 14 December 2013
The pointer takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you do it's by far the best way of controlling a laptop/PC plugged into a TV.

My first one of these just plain died after 4 months.

So I bought another one, and after 3 months, the pointer started drifting to the right, which is too infuriating to make the device usable.

The supplied documentation didn't cover this scenario at all.

Digging round the internet I found some hotkeys to control the unit itself.. the reset combo (ESC-G if I remember correctly) seemed to just put it in a flashy lights state where it no longer worked til you took the batteries out. Taking the batteries out and putting them back in, things were fine again for a few minutes, after which the pointer started drifting again.

Now it looks like there's a few similar products (e.g. TaoTronics), I'll be trying this one instead this time (which is hopefully the last time!)
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on 14 September 2012
I brought this in a deal with another item from this seller (Mini Google Android 4.0 TV Box HD Player WIFI PC Allwinner A5 4GB ROM) so price was good.
Took about 10 mins to get it working. Due to the device I was using it for kept crashing but now it set up it works great.
Tried this on my ps3 aswell and it works on that so very happy.

The controller is a good size and the keyboard responds well when the keys are pressed.
Takes some time to get used to the left and right click buttons while using the middle button ( the cursor) but you pick it up easily enough. It's like a wii remote in some ways so very easy to use.

Anyway if your looking for a good all rounder then this is the one.
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on 21 November 2012
Originally bought this to use with an Android dongle for my TV.
Mouse turned out to be better than the wireless device I bought it for.
Am now using it to view my Windows7 laptop through my HD TV.
Mouse takes a bit of getting used to but works really well.
The built-in keyboard is a nice touch and so far has only confused settings for American/English symbol keys just the once.
Cheap at twice the price!
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on 5 November 2014
fantastic Raspberry PI (XBMC remote), and it is rechargeable , bonus.

Excellent quality, really the best of about three I have tried.

If you need the keymap (place in userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml) for XBMC it is as follows:

<key id="61453">Select</key>
<key id="61654">ContextMenu</key>
<key id="61467">Back</key>
<key id="61576">XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</key>
<key id="389266">Info</key>
<key id="61568">Up</key>
<key id="61569">Down</key>
<key id="61517">Mute</key>
<key id="61520">Play</key>
<key id="61506">SkipPrevious</key>
<key id="61510">SkipNext</key>
<key id="61572">PageUp</key>
<key id="61573">PageDown</key>
<key id="61625">VolumeUp</key>
<key id="61597">VolumeDown</key>
<key id="323593">Fullscreen</key>
<key id="61662">Stop</key>
<key id="217">Stop</key>
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on 21 March 2013
This works well with my Android MK806 Mini PC.

It comes without a manual, but is easy to set up. There is a dongle inside the battery compartment which should be taken out and plugged into the USB port of the Android device. It comes on automatically when 3 AAA batteries are inserted (not included in product delivered). By pressing the Android button in the centre, it activates/deactivates the mouse cursor. The buttons on either side act as left/right click mouse buttons. It has an accelerometer built in - when using the device as a mouse, point the left hand side of the device towards the screen else some of the mouse cursor actions are inverted.

Hot keys allow you to change the volume, open email app, go to the home screen etc.

Just for fun, I tried it on my iMac. OS X required me to type some keys in order to determine the layout. It works great as a remote for watching TV/Movies on the 27" iMac.

Some minor issues:
1)It does not have a touch pad, so if that is important to you pay a little more for another device.
2)When placed on a table for typing, it tips over as the bottom, though flat, is narrower than the top.
3)Two hands are needed for using Shift, for example to type the @ character. A dedicated key would have made more sense for often used characters.

Features wishlist:
It would have been nice if it could be used as a games controller since it has an accelerometer already built in. Maybe this is possible but I havent figure out how or if it is possible.
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on 13 January 2013
I bought this for my MK809 Android HDMI dongle - it works fine as a keyboard, but my mouse keeps moving to the right. It has had this problem from the start and i thought it needed some calibration time. I dropped it on the floor, not from very high - just from a low table, now it is very fast moving to the right all the time. This makes it impossible to use as a mouse. But I can read others have great success with it, and the keyboard functions is fine. I acn navigate with keyboard arrows, and I do use it for the intended purpose.
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on 14 February 2014
Pros(for PS3)
It is really handy for navigating around the PS3 especially as I have a bunch of movies on it for the young lad. The arrow/ok buttons work for this, and the Back button brings you out again. The keyboard is also very handy for surfing the web and you can switch to mouse mode to click on things.
Cons(for PS3)
The Home button doesn't work, so if you go into YouTube you can't get out unless you go back to the PS controller.
The Skip buttons don't work, so if you need to go back to the start of a movie the only way with this remote is to rewind.
The power on/off button doesn't work, but I don't mind this as it's easy switch the PS3 on/off manually.
The only way of switching off the mouse is to leave the remote still for a long while. This is a nuisance when surfing, as when you click in a box to type something, when you turn the remote over to type the mouse has moved you over to a different location.
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