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4.4 out of 5 stars62
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 December 2008
In hindsight this was the beginning of the end for this line up,session men,substance abuse neutering talent,arrogance over sense,granted there are some great hard rock tunes(Detroit Rock City/Shout It Out Loud/God Of Thunder plus an unheralded classic in King Of The Night Time World) but its strangled by an over produced sound,(take Flamin Youth' as an example,who needs that cantilope?,or 'Do You Love Me',with a less over produced sound it would have had that perfect sleazy rock n roll tone that would have complimented the lyrics perfectly).The adulation that pours forth for this album never fails to amaze me,and the same people usually slag the elder which was musically superior.kiss over stretched themselves and ego's were damaged for ever(weren't they peter?).However its the one the masses know thanks to the excellent 'Beth',fluke hit or not',it sent this disc flying up the charts, Thankfully they went back to basics for the next disc.


Kiss destroyer resurrected ... tried to edit that review,amazon has lumped it in with this and wont allow another review!
the remix is superb,Peter Criss has never sounded better,any debate as to wether he was a good drummer or not,stops here, whatever happened later,its well documented but he's on top form here.

Only 1 bonus track 'Sweet Pain'' with Dick Wagoner's solo rather than Ace's.

Booklet is pretty good ,decent liner notes but ultimately its the the remix thats the star here brings to the fore the performance,which i've always felt was held back in the original release. 5 stars for this edition.

Wether its enough to make you spen hard earned cash buying again, well thats your decision, i did and dont regret it at all... Enjoy.
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on 17 March 2008
This is undoubtedly the high point in KISS's very long and successful musical career. The songs are all killers - Detroit R.C. is their all time best song - one of the most original intros from a band not renown for original! and some stunning dual guitar soloing.
Shout it out loud, Flaming youth and Do you love me are great driving/party anthems - in fact every song is except the gentler Beth and Great expectations which are brilliant none the less. I think beth could have benifited from some acoustic or slide guitar work but is still very listenable.

If you only get one KISS album get this - the production and song writing both have far more kick and clarity than their earlier material (live or studio) and the later albums conatin filler which Destroyer certainly doesn't.
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on 25 September 2012
So at last someone has gotten around to giving one of Kiss's best albums a bit of a spit and polish and who better than it's original producer, Bob Ezrin.Take note though, potential buyers, anyone expecting wildly different takes on songs this is not for you.No,what this release is,is the original album given a high definition makeover.Does it work?Well I compared this with my original, and boy,sonically this is in a whole different ballpark.The bass notes and drums on this mix thunder out of the speakers with a clarity missing from the original.Subtle things that were previously buried in the mix,like an acoustic guitar playing all the way through 'Beth',or,the piano chords doubling up the guitar on songs like 'Detroit Rock City'can be heard clearly(The alternate Sweet Pain solo is not much to write home about though).It's as if someone has taken a dirty old camera lens and given it a good wipe.I gave this four stars because as much as I enjoyed it,and my copy doesn't have a skip on 'Flaming Youth'that some other people have mentioned,it could have been more.They could have included some outtakes and demos to complete the package,like the original demo for 'Detroit Rock City'(Go to Youtube to hear what I mean).Now I'm going to buy the vinyl copy,lie back on my bed and have a drink and a smoke, and pretend it's 1976 again.Bliss.
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on 3 September 2012
So what happened to the two disc version with all the outtakes, demos, alternate versions etc that Gene talked about in the press releases ?

It's not a bad remix, it's interesting to hear Ace's "Sweet Pain" solo at last but the "Beth" change is basically a copy & paste of Peter's end high note to the mid section ? & that's all we get.

Where's "Ain't None Of Your Business" or any of the other demos that have been circulating in fan circles for 20 odd years. Hell, where's the "God Of Thunder" demo that was on the box set ?

As is often the way with Kiss we are left thinking of what this could have been. Mainly because Gene hyped up a version that ended up not being released.
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on 24 September 2015
This is the album that changed my life.

I remember back in 1999, at the age of 12, I was watching a World Championship Wrestling show, when they had Kiss perform live. At the time I had never heard of Kiss, or listened to any rock music for that matter, but what I heard that night changed me forever.

Random fact: This was WCW's lowest-rated segment ever. I guess wrestling fans in 1999 just weren't into Kiss.

After falling in love with the song ‘God of Thunder’, I set out to buy my first Kiss album. I remember after I bought it seeing my parents shock at what I’d purchased, and them ‘warning me’ about it. "Oh, I don’t think you’ll like that, that’s rock music, very heavy stuff". Feeling slightly embarrassed I shrugged it off, claiming how much I loved Kiss, even though I only knew one of their songs. I was feeling sillier and sillier with each moment.

Thankfully my parent’s concerns were wasted, as I instantly fell in love with the album; ‘Destroyer’.

Before hearing this record the only music I was exposed to was whatever mainstream pop was on the radio. ‘Destroyer’ opened me up to the heavier side of music, and eventually led me to finding some of my favorite bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X and Savatage. I sometimes wonder what I could be listening to right now if I had never come across this little gem. Or if I'd even be as passionate about music as I am.

As for the music itself, well, it’s a Kiss album. What do you expect? It's radio-friendly(ish) rock music covering all the cliché topics: partying, women, sex, partying, drugs and partying. It's all there. And if you're new to Kiss, you may as well start off with one of their best albums, with tracks such as ‘God of Thunder’, ‘Shout It Out Loud’ and ‘Beth’ being firm crowd pleasers. And then there is also possibly the greatest Kiss song of them all, ‘Detroit Rock City’.

Overall these songs are all great rockers from "back in the day", but since my musical taste has moved on greatly since the time I was first exposed to this band, it is mostly nostalgia that prevents these songs from dropping off my musical radar. I give this album a good four stars, but the fact that this was such a life-changer for me may have something to do with it.

And hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right?
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on 1 February 2013
Where are all the extras that Simmons promised. Guess what , he lied!!

This is not for the album just Ezrins messed up mix and scrawny extras
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on 23 June 2006
1976 was the year that KISS really took off. They were awarded their first platinum record (for 1975 Alive!) and scorred two top ten US hit singles as well as two tripple platinum studio albums. Oh, and the music wasn't that bad either!

Opening with Detroit Rock City (generally regarded as the band's best ever tune) it sets the tone with its banrstorming stlye before leading into King of the Nightime World and God of Thunder. Then it takes a turn with the bizarre Great Expectations (cruelly ignored by the band for almost 20 years on stage) and Flamin' Youth. Sweet Pain is also a decent song but it is over the last three songs that the album picks up again. Shout it out Loud is classic arena rock. The heart pounding, adrenlin flowing, meat and potatoes anthemic metal was to become a KISS classics on stage for the next two decades. Then another twist with the softer ballard Beth. This was the song that got me into KISS and although many fans never forgave the band for losing the rock edge, it stands out as a must listen of their extensive and impressive catalogue. The album then fades into Do you Love Me, superbly produced and sung although often over played down the years it is none the less a fitting way to end the album. There is also an uncredited 'hidden' track, made up of Great Expectations and Paul Stanley's talking to the crowd at a show mixed together as if to sound ghostly. It must have freaked people out when they first heard it but it all added to the myth that was KISS circa 1976.

Destroyer is often touted by KISS as their best and has been the yardstick against which all subsequent ones were judged. Although they go too far sometimes, it is not for no reason that the album is so loved. In Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder, Shout it out Loud and Beth you have four undeniable rock classics and the rest of the album is good enough to have been stand out tracks on most records today. Not my personal favourite but a brillaint record and one which any serious fan of rock should own.
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on 4 August 2012
Most critics put his one in the top 20 as far as hard rock releases go and it's in the top 500 in rolling stones best rock releases ever. And for good reason , this is a killer release, this is very well played and sung and the band this was release with lots of spirit to it. It has the u.s. hits 'detroit rock city', 'beth' , shout it out loud' and radio favorite 'do you love me' fm radio u.s.a that is. And this one made them the worlds top band for another three years. They would lose that title as they increasing went too poppy. But at this point , this was a band that could and did lay down a rock and roll masterpiece. Sonically this is melodic metal and hard rock 1970's style done right. Get it if you like the genre; it's amung the best.
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on 29 March 2013
This remixed version does sound very modern and fresh, I notice the drums a lot really sparkles and is a very mature record for Kiss. The packaging is excellent. The other remastered albums would have benefited from the same care - rare/unseen pictures, essays from those involved etc. The extra version of Sweet Pain isn't anything special, good to see the fade out 'noise' track restored so the album is nicely top and tailed how I remember from my vinyl copy. Any extra tracks possibly? Alternative remixes? There's space on the disc... if you haven't got Destroyer on cd it's worth getting, and if you haven't got this version, treat yourself.
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on 4 April 2012
This was the first KISS album I bought, and happy to say I have been a fan ever since.
I had heard "Shout It Out Loud" & "God Of Thunder" so decided to pick up this album as it contains both tracks.
From the get go I was overly impressed. There are multitudes of styles thrown in upon this album. It is now 35 years since this album was released but it is still iconic as it was back then. Favourite KISS album for sure, this would be an ideal album for people to get introduced to KISS. 35th anniversary edition should be being released at some point this year too.
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