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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars230
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2012
I have been using Sony Vegas movie studio versions 6, 11 and now 12 for a number of years. This is a real upgrade from version 11. It is now a true 64 bit package for 64 bit Windows 7 operating system. The bundle is excellent and the features although not enhanced a terrific amount in the basic package from version 11, really does give excellent value for money. Where the improvement has been made is with the extra plug-ins now supplied. The new-blue titling package is brilliant although not easy to master at first as some of the feature settings are not obvious. There are so many variations of transition and text and font settings. It took me a while to find the enhanced multi-font credit scrolling feature in the new-blue plug-in. Until then I was using the standard Sony supplied credit roll version. A great enhancement to the basic version 11 is the GPU utilisation in the NVIDIA graphics and other matching video cards. This means that many of the video correction features employ your PC graphics card engine to speed up the processing.

What this product has over the competition is speed of operation and versatility. It is so quick to respond to any edit changes made, it is amazing. I doubt if any of the semi-pro competition has even half of the features this product has. There is no limit to the number of media tracks that can be added to the time line.

To add to all of the features and vast array of plug-ins buying the suite version, you get even more. It comes with ‘Sound Forge’ a powerful sound editor and DVD Architect a complex but good DVD/Blu-ray disc creator. In fact you get three programs. The video editor, sound editor and DVD creator.

In use, the whole package is very stable in the main. I had some teething problems trying to install some of the new-blue plug-ins. I contacted New-Blue and they were very quick to respond, less than 24 hours. They sent me a new package which worked immediatly. The mistake I made was to get the upgrades from Sony before I had installed the bonus disc containing the plug-ins.

My advice is to install everything first, then run each of the software packages to check for updates.
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on 24 November 2013
Although I've only recently installed and started using this software, I've given it 5 stars because:

a) I did extensive research reading reviews, forums, magazines, talking to friends in the industry, and these generally pointed to SONY Movie Studio 12.
b) I've played about with video editing as an amateur for about 20 years.
c) I installed this software, tried capturing, editing, and rendering a small video and was basically astounded at the functions and features provided, and the quality of the (small test sample) result.
d) finally, the price. It really is a bargain. To get the best from the software I will buy a couple of books (I'm old fashioned, I prefer books), and these will cost way more than the software.

A few bad points that I'll mention (but not downrate the software because of them).
I tried to install Sony Movie Studio 12 on a computer with Windows XP. It wouldn't install and told me Windows Vista or 7 is required. The Amazon Description doesn't mention this, but fair enough, XP is old.
I installed it on a computer with Windows 8. It installed easily, no problem. Registered it online OK with SONY.
But when I tried to run the software it simply crashed immediately (offering to send crash report to SONY). Tried updating to latest version from SONY website, opened a Support Ticket with SONY -- still no reply from them after weeks -- and read all the SONY User Forums, etc; no good. Finally after searching the internet for an hour or two I spotted a casual comment that Movie Studio requires Quicktime. I installed latest version of Apple Quicktime, and now Movie Studio runs perfectly.

I've since checked the SONY packaging and all it says is that Quicktime is required if you want to import or export Quicktime files. I found Movie Studio will not run at all without current version of Quicktime. Just a pity it couldn't display a message on screen to tell me this, instead of simply crashing. (Most computers probably already have Quicktime, so not a problem).

User Forums frequently mention that SONY after Sales support is hopeless. But the internet compensates for this, so I don't care.

Movie Studio is powerful and complex and at first glance may scare away beginners. I cannot pretend it is instantly easy to use. But I find it much easier than Adobe Premier (which I have had for 5 years), and to start with you can ignore most of the filters and special effects and short cuts and clever functions (intended to save experts time). The package does include tutorials (which I haven't tried), there are lots of How To videos on YouTube, and my way is to buy a book and follow step-by-step guides to getting started.

I've checked SONY website which says I can install this software on more than one computer, for example my laptop and desktop PC.
An amazing piece of software at any price, but for just tens of pounds it is too good to be missed.

UPDATE: and a useful tip.
After a few months I have to report SONY Movie Studio has worked perfectly. Every time I wish it could do something, I look on the internet and find a note that explains I CAN do it with Movie Studio. Latest example is I wanted to tag various bits of video and audio, and have those tags (markers) remain with the clips as I move them around and edit. If you add Markers or Regions on the Timeline, they do not stay with the clip. But if you add them in the Trimmer, the markers are attached to the Clip. And even if you then separate the audio and video, both retain their labelled markers and regions.
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on 11 November 2014
Installation is a bit tedious with all the license key entries and updates that occur but it all went according to plan. No blue screens, no whimpering drivers. Installed this onto Win7 Home premium. 32bit OS 8gb Ram ddr3 / CPU amd Fx 6300 3.5ghz / graphics amd radeon HD 8450 2gb memory / 1Tb Hdd. So far had no crashes / stuttering / video preview blackouts or sound issues
This is a beast of a package, more bang for your bucks than Ulead videostudio10 -- as simple if you want. Been using it for around 3 weeks, there's a lot to familiarise yourself with but you can achieve results without blowing your mind away, the built in instructions are not brilliant ---- the show me how tutorials get you started. Then the fun begins.
Thank goodness for google and youtube where there are many hobbyists willing to share some of their experiences and tips.
As I have plugged away, hour after hour and got more ambitious with the editing, I would have conceded defeat if it was not for those guys on the net. Overall its been worth it so far, the learning curve is steep, not always intuitive, usually frustrating but rewarding. There does appear to be one or two bugs in the editng which I have come across but the links on youtube have illustrated the correct method / work arounds. I am now doing more than just transferring video tape onto DVD, I'm also importing various media of both sound and picture files which I then crop / paste / fade as necessary. Nice results when they work.
A big thankyou to everyone posting and sharing solutions, they have saved this software from a fate worse than my 1990's Amiga computer !
Should I later discover this software is not fit for purpose then I will update my review. As it stands I have given 3 * but its actually worth a tad more ( at the moment ) I suppose for the money its worth a pop.
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on 19 January 2014
I bought this as an eager amateur, hoping to use it to put together some of my footage taken from airshows among other things. It's easy to grasp and the tutorials within the program itself help a lot to new comers. I'm no pro when it comes to these things but I felt I managed to get a fairly polished video completed within a couple of hours. As with all these things though there's a learning curve, your second video will always out-do the first once you've learned of the new functionality.
I would have given 5 stars but I've some issues with it crashing when using the BlueFX Titler with it. Having spoken to support (Not Sony as it's an independent plug-in) it's down to some sort of compatibility error with a fix yet to be made, which is a bit of a disappointment.
Nevertheless this is a fantastic piece of video software, far superior to Windows Movie Maker for anyone who was wondering. Price is ideal too, not too expensive but importantly features operations that free video editing software doesn't have and doesn't have the expensive operations that 99% of us amateurs would never use.
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on 17 April 2013
Without going to something MUCH more expensive this is, undoubtedly one of the best editors around for editing & improving raw footage. It has many of the 'enhancements' that you would find in a good photo editing application. It doesn't have all the slick tricks (and useless as far as I'm concerned) like auto-assembling, wild distortions, & whatever. This is a solid performer that enables you to get the best look from your clips with sharpness, saturation, curves, contrast/brightness/gamma controls, & much more. I would've awarded Movie Studio 5-stars if it supplied, at least, a printed 'quick start' guide, but all you get is a manual on the DVD.

If you're serious about making films, then I would recommend Movie Studio 12 (or earlier, if you don't have Vista/Windows 7 installed). Serif's Movie Plus is similar with a host of correction tools for about the same price, but you can't download a trial edition (it only has a 30-day money-back guarantee) . As far as my needs are concerned, these two are way ahead of their competition, even Adobe's Premiere Elements (which presents real problems if you don't deactivate it before upgrading your computer -far worse than re-activating Windows!).

The one thing that none or these editors have is 'interpolation' software (like Kronos or Twixtor) to render smooth slow-motion by generating new frames between the existing frames. I'll be breaking down the door when some editing program incorporates this feature in their product!
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on 28 March 2013
I previously owned the version 10 of the Sony Movie Studio and loved it. Had no problem in dealing with 720p projects. Recently I was working with video project in 1080p at about 10 mins long in length. It uses over 1Gb in memory and because it's a 32bit, it crashes once it reached close to 2Gb. (I have a I5 PC with 6Gb ram). So I took the chance and ordered the version 12. Since after the upgrade, I noticed a big improvement in its performance as it's now running in 64 bit. Opening the same project that I previously created in version 10 uses a lot less memory (now using ~500k memory in compare to >1G when using version 10), so it improves the way how memory is handled.

Watching video in the preview screen is also a lot smoother, and better in quality (even set at the preview mode). It really helps when you are editing and need to concentrate on the small details in the movie.

This Platinum Suite version comes with a bonus disc that contains extra add-ons such as the NewBlueFX and Magic Bullet Quick Looks (I think it costs more buying them alone). These are very useful tools which allows you to apply effects on your videos with only a few clicks. The disc also contains lots of sound effects and sound tracks ready to be used.

A very powerful and effective video editing software. Happy with the upgrade!
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on 26 May 2014
Another buyer on this is right in that all you receive is a CD in a box that in truth could have been sent in a tiny envelope, so talk about save the planet. The professional write up for this product is great, but when I went to load the CD disc into my brand new windows 8 computer absolutely nothing happened. Repeated tries also failed. You may think as I couldn't test the product, this review is worthless but read on if you're interested in Sony's after sales service; The only other thing in with the CD was Sony's contact details worldwide. For most countries there is full contact details if you have any problems, but not for here in the UK. The after sales service here in the UK amounted to them informing me that I had to join their aftersales club (over a hundred pounds to join) before I could simply ask them a question as to why their useless product didn't work. So for after sales service here in the UK I'd score Sony 0/5 and I'd give them a minus if there was one. Amazon though, give them credit, did a great job transporting this product the length of the country in only a day, so 5/5 for them. I now have Corel editing software that loaded exactly the same way into my new computer only that worked.
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on 23 July 2014
All the extra's are great, but in the first place you have to be able to load the avi's. But it doesn't know how to handle simple codecs while the free MovieMaker can. How bad can you be. This is a paying product. There are a lot of complaints about this and still they don't know how to update the product to make it better.

So now I have to load my avi's with MovieMaker or FormatFactory, render them and then open them in Sony Movie Studio. That's some crazy stuff.
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on 3 May 2016
Been using this for a good while now. Does the job for simple rendering!

**Here are some very IMPORTANT things to note:**

Before You Buy:

Rendering Resolution does NOT go higher than 1920x1080. If you want Rendering Resolution up to 4K, you would instead need Sony Platinum Suite 13 instead.
This product is discontinued. Purchases made of it naturally still work but also naturally there are no more updates and support for the product has been dropped to my knowledge.

After You Buy:

Once received make sure to keep the box, discs and serial key in tact for just a few moments.
Go to: [...]
And REGISTER for an Account. Once signed up and logged in Go to: My Account > And then Click on: "Register Software"
Now leave this page open but don't edit anything yet.
Now begin installing Platinum Suite 12 from the provided discs. Use the Serial Key, you'll be asked to provide details such as name, address and email. Provide them in the Windows provided spaces.
Once you've started the software for the first time

Return to the web page you left earlier and use the same serial key you used to activate the software, enter it where it tells you to, also enter your Machine ID which you should have gotten some time during Installation or start up of the product.

Click submit and the Software should now be downloadable from your account at any time.

Registering the software entitles you to significant discounts on Upgrades to newer versions of Sony's Video Editing Software Product Line. Including a 40% Discount upgrade to Platinum Suite 13.
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on 5 March 2013
This is the 3rd version of this suite that I have bought, the upgrade to 64 bit certainly seems to have solved some of my earlier issues. no great changes to the interface, which I like, and very capable at doing what it is designed for.
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