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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2012
I've been using norton for the past 3 years, it has improved a lot since I last used it back in the days. It runs great on a modern pc, it doesn't seem to slow my pc down at all. It runs scans when your pc is idle and the scans stop as soon as you start working thus doesn't slow your pc down while you work (not that I can say it slows my PC down even when I manually run a full scan)

Great price, for a great product which offers 1st class protection

BUT do NOT renew your license! It costs a lot more than buying a new box with a new key!

Also, remember that you're paying for the license, not the software itself.
The disadvantage of this is that if your license expires, you will not receive any updates and the software will stop working, so don't leave it to the last minute.
The advantage is, that if you buy the software now and then NIS 2014 comes out next year; you can upgrade for FREE as long as your license is still valid.
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on 27 November 2012
My Norton disc arrived after a couple of days. It was easy to install and it guided me through uninstalling McAfee which I previously used on my computers. I installed on a Laptop, Desktop and Notebook in a couple of hours. (Running a full scan afterwards took up to 3 hours each, a Quick scan is just a few minutes). My Notebook does not have a CD/DVD fortunately the instructions gave a web address to download from which is very helpful.
I used to have Norton years ago and I found it clunky and intrusive. This newer version has a much lighter touch and is a big improvement. I only needed to register my first device, Norton Account Management allowed me to download to 2 other machines without intruding. Norton Internet Security is well reviewed and rated better than most other AV products.
After 12 months I went on line and renewed my licence which all went smoothly and I got a 50% discount making it good value.
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Although still bloated and resource hungry software, Norton is easy to install and will run unobtrusively in the background on any modern PC or laptop given the processing power and memory they now possess. It's easily the best commercial AV available and provides first class protection but beware of auto-renewing your subscription online when it expires - you could be charged well in excess of the cost of buying a new disc copy.
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on 21 July 2013
People always moan about this or that antivirus package causing issues with their PC's. I've used Norton products for as long as I've had an internet connected PC (90's onwards) and have never had any virus problems or PC issues. On our current systems (Windows 7, Intel Quad Core PC & laptop) I really don't notice any performance impact.

I am an expert/advanced user with a background in IT and programming so do have an understanding of how these packages operate. However I don't want to have to use my free time to fix PC's or manually dig viruses out of them (you get less inclined to be bothered with all this as you get older having done it for work, friends or family so many times ;-) so buying a proper internet security package for £20 a year really is well worth the money to me.

The monthly reports let you know about the stuff its 'caught' (usually via an old email address that is being spammed) all of which is handled silently in the background. This Internet Security package covers my main PC, my wife's laptop and an older Windows XP PC I keep up and running for TV catch up use in the front room.

I find the best thing to do when your yearly subscription runs out is just go right back to Amazon and buy the newest package that Norton offer (+1 year on the product name usually) as that's always cheaper than extending the licenses directly with Symantec.

Does the job, no hassle. Definitely recommend.
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on 10 January 2013
I had already got Norton internet security 2012 installed (having used Norton for many years)and the years subscription was up. I ordered the 2013 update from Amazon and got the package / disc less than 24 hours later.

I took off the outer packaging to reveal the new "product key" inside, went online to the Norton website which requested an online renewal or "renew by entering new product key". I entered the product key opposite the disc and pressed enter. I now have another years subscription at a much lower price than purchasing from Norton directly online. Simples!

As each time you connect to the Norton website you will get the virus updates and the annual version update, you do not need to install the disc included with this pack, in fact, as other reviewers have found, it is possible to get conflicts if you do install from the disc (although my early disc updates worked perfectly).

While Norton DOES slow your computer down, from the 2011 version onwards, I have found this softwarre has been vastly improved and slowness is now much less of an issue than it was. I have never had a PC or laptop with it on that has died or had any problems relating to viruses so am happy with the protection it gives.

I have 2 PC's and a laptop so this 3 computer version for £23 is perfect.

Highly recommended.
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on 28 October 2013
After Symantec's blip a few years ago, where their anti-virus was horribly slow and CPU intensive, these days, Norton Internet Security is back to being one of the best AV software out there.

As other Amazon customers have mentioned though, if you're currently a Norton user, and your license is coming up for renewal, it's much cheaper to buy a new copy from Amazon, rather than paying the rip-off prices on Symantec's website.

Current prices:
Amazon £21.60
Symantec (buying a 3-user new copy): £29.99
Symantec (renewing a 3-user copy): £39.99 (apparently, reduced from £49.99 as a special offer.)

Incredible.. Symantec actually "rewards" the loyalty of its existing customers by charging them £10 more than new customers. That's customer service at its best !!

So, ignore Symantec's own rip-off prices, and grab a copy from Amazon.

After all, for existing customers, all you're actually interested in is the License Key from this software, to keep the software activated.
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on 29 January 2014
This product is supposedly compatible with Windows 8 but when trying to load it it said there were issues. I went on the advice site but there were no answers, I loaded it as per instructions and started a computer scan but it stopped half way through and it wouldn't restart or close the programme. I have asked Norton on 2 occasions for advice, NOTHING, I have been on forums and apparently there are many more people having same problem. So I ask the question, how can they sell this product as compatible with Windows 8 when it clearly isn't?. I have since sent product back and bought Mcafee and to date no problems so stick Norton in future and my advice to everyone is to do the same. Product RUBBISH Customer care even worse
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on 29 September 2013
I buy a copy of Norton Internet Security every year and have done sine I went broad band in 2007. I wouldn't be without it, it's far better than the rivals (my mate used a rivalk product, and it infected 5 computers, lost them all). I don't see the point in the 360 version, this covers what you need. Don't bother renuing the licence either, just buy the cheapest box off amazon.

Added 2015. Unfortunatly Symantec / Norton have let all it's customers down this year by offering only a none disc version and some customers have got into great difficulty. So I have switched to the Bitdefenender Internet Security product which so far seems to be error free, capable, easy to use & cheaper on amazon uk than the Norton version.
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on 17 November 2012
Have just tried to install Norton Internet Security 2013 on my laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. Restarted laptop to complete instillation as prompted by Norton. I now find that the only program that functions on my laptop is Internet Explorer. When I click on any other program short cut, from I tunes to Windows Office, I am informed that the shortcut in question refers to a program that has been changed or moved. Have just browsed the Norton website to find that I am not alone and many other people have had exactly the same experience.
In conclusion, Norton has been a total disaster for me and has left me with a big head ache that will inevitably take ages to fix. I would be stupid to ever trust a Norton product again.
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on 31 July 2014
I purchased this for my partner because she is used to dealing with Norton products on her Dell/Visa laptop. This is a 3-PC license, so a copy has also gone onto my spare Windows XP computer. (In case you are wondering what I use on my main computers: I research and use the best performing and cost-effective IS/AV product every year - it's a bit of a pain doing complete removals of some products in order to install one from a different manufacturer, but with my IT experience, that's no problem for me on my main computers. So, some years I do install a Norton/Symantec product.)

I have mixed feelings about Norton products as some version/years the product has been a performance dog and slowed down my aging XP machines. However, when it is getting the top rating in PC Pro tests, I think that it is possibly one of the best choices for a 'non-technical' person's computer, especially if you are versed in the installation, upgrading and setting up of the product.

As many have already stated: don't renew on-line with Norton, it is ridiculously expensive! Instead, save a lot of money and get a new copy every year: and do remember to remove the old version before trying to install the new copy. (If needed, Symantec have a free tool that you can download to completely remove all traces of an older version.)

Apart from performance issues, my other major gripe with this product is that it interferes with outgoing MS Office Outlook email, and usually needs to be stopped from scanning outgoing email. It's a problem frequently well reported on the Symantec Forum - and one that, amazingly, never seems to get fixed by Symantec!

Tip 1: New versions are released every year, and since Symantec will offer a free upgrade to the latest version if it is released within 12 months of your registration, save money by purchasing the previous version and doing the free upgrade to the latest version through your Symantec Norton registration account.

Tip 2: If it's Norton that you want, do look out for special offers at W H Smith (and others) as well as Amazon sellers and make your choice on price!
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