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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2012
Nothing of much interest happens for about an hour. This basically is saying that anyone who does not like slow films or only likes the CGI rubbish of the past decade, to stay well away.

I'm old school and love this stuff, because Christmas Evil attempts to have actors in its movie, actual charcaters remember those days, when Hollywood would actually cast someone?

There isn't much gore, but like I've said this is a good film, a good character delevlopment that studies someone going slightly insane over the festive period.

Well worth a purchase, for some true horror fans.
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on 21 April 2015
A toy factory worker is obsessed with Christmas and thinks he is Santa Clause, on Christmas eve he dresses as Santa and delivers presents to those he deems nice, but to those he thinks better watch out.

Lewis Jackson's fun, but very dark Christmas horror is quite different. Not quite a slasher more of a psychological horror story and an interesting one at that, Brandon Maggart plays the "crazed" Santa with a lot quality, it would've been easy to over do it and make it ridiculous but finds a very good balance and is very credible, the rest of the cast also do a good solid job in particular Jeffrey DeMunn as his brother. The story is clearly very far-fetched but enjoyably so, it is a dark story but it does have some dark yet amusing humour (the final scene is a hoot). The movie looks great and far outweighs its low budget expectations, sets and effects are good as is the make-up. The films biggest problem is the pace, for the first 50mins very little of importance happens, dare I say it becomes a little tedious with all the set up for the final 30-35mins, but when it does liven up its a great fast paced horror with some exciting sequences.

A very good slow burning horror, but with todays gore filled, lightening quick shots & vapid empty characters it may struggle to gain contemporary audiences which is a shame, stick with it and it does pay off. Somehow this non graphic/bloody picture was branded as being extreme enough to be seized as a section 3 nasty...ladies & gentleman the UK police.
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on 27 July 2004
Another wild release from the crazy people at TROMAVILLE and this film is not too bad but kind of a dissapointment.Harry loves christmas, he dresses up in a santa outfit, rides around in an open slay and delivers presents but as a young boy he saw his dad pretending to be santa claus and when his dad thought he had gone to bed, Harry's dad started feeling his mom up.Harry was watching and never forgot that night but now he is strange,deluded and wants to be santa a little too much.Harry seeks revenge on the people who don't belive in christmas and who have been naughty. If you are expecting tons of gore then i am sorry to inform you but theres hardly any but an axe to the head which isn't much. All in all this film is ok to add to your TROMA collection and includes a few juicy features such as commentary, interviews etc.
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on 18 December 2012
Christmas evil (aka, you better watch out) is a cult classic 80's horror , excellent story that's very depressing and disturbing as we follow the messed up life of a man who takes Christmas a bit too serious due to messed up issues in his family when he was a boy, the lead actor is brilliant and makes it fun to watch, there is not much in the way of gore but the movie is very stylish and well directed and keeps a good creepy vibe and is well paced up until the very surreal ending! If you love the exploitation genre and cheesy slashers of the 80's then this is a must. Brilliant features on this arrow version too as usual for the price!
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on 24 December 2015
This is a unique film, with a cutting view of society from the outside looking in. Who is good , who is bad? Its left up to the viewer in the end.
I would say the director understands what its like to be an outsider, and wanting to change things for the better, but in Santa's case in this film, by any means necessary, ultimately resulting in several deaths by spikey toys and Christmas decorations! Its not really a horror, its more like a psychological study of a character a la Scorcese's Taxi Driver. At least that's how it feels to me, people may scoff!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2010
I didn't really rate this one very much. A traumatised youth grows up to be a mentally disturbed santa attired murderer. Nice premise but executed really poorly in comparison to the infinately more superior 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'
It was difficult to understand exactly why this fellow was so traumatised by his mother having her leg caressed by his father (think it was his father) who was dressed in the standard Father Christmas outfit. Anyway quite a drawn out 50 minutes followed until said chap went a bit peculiar, drove around for a while delivering presents getting into the odd scrape and killing a few unhappy revellers in woefully presented fashion.
Lots of kitch value if that's your thing; awful transfer on this version which doesn't detract from a film for me but is worth a mention. Overall little gore, confusing story and largely uneventful!
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on 25 February 2013
A man thinks enough is too much in a town of cynics and bad children. One day he snaps, stealing presents from bad kids and gives them to orphans, he also gives a party a special surprise in full Santa get-up. He also kills a few yuppies and one guy who abuse his kindness at the toy factory he works at. Although it would be a stretch to call it a slasher with only 4 kills, it's evocative of the best slasher's in that it takes it time to get to the violence, setting up character first. Such is the strength of the storytelling, acting and direction that you emphasize with the killer for a reason more complex than the obligatory, stupid teens riling you up enough to want them killed in various gruesome ways. Christmas Evil is cute when it's Christmassy, dark when it needs to be and has a cracking sense of humour lurking under the surface. I fail to see when a police line-up of Santa's won't be funny. But, if anything lets it down, it's the limitations of the budget, the odd use of music and an poor ending. I know, picking on a slasher for its dodgy ending, stupid I know, but it really didn't leave the film on positive terms. Still this is a great Christmas slasher oddity that's always worth a look.
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on 10 December 2011
As a huge horror fan of 70's/80's horror I was delighted to rewatch this movie. A movie I had not seen in over 20 years.

This is a little known film, that not many people have heard of. The basic story is that our lead character is mentally and sexually disturbed as a boy and grows up loving Christmas but hating anyone who does not share the Christmas spirit. In fact he still has a child's mind as an adult.

Though this is a horror film the first kill and spot of blood does not happen until almost an hour through. But as you will see this is a good thing. Because unless your brain has been trained on more recent shock and splat horror movies, you should be able to appreciate the tension in this movie. It never lets up and character builds very well.

This is an essential purchase for the horror fan and is worth repeated viewings. There is even a nod to older King Kong movies near the climax.

The ending of the movie I shall of course not reveal but be expected to be surprised.
Overall a great movie that surprisingly only has a 4.4 rating out of 10 on IMDB.
Maybe some people just don't know their horror?
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on 3 January 2015
A young boy loves Christmas so much, he is scarred for life when he learns that Santa is not real.

Throughout the rest of his life, the toy-maker tries to make the Christmas spirit a reality. He becomes obsessed with the behaviour of children and the quality of the toys he makes.

When he is met with hypocrisy and cynicism, the resulting snap causes him to go on a yuletide killing spree.............but you'll get a gift if you've been good.....

After seeing this, supposedly one of the best efforts of a Christmas horror movie, I can wholeheartedly disagree with that statement.

The film is well acted, but my gosh, is it boring and bland.

But the most infuriating thing about the whole film is the fact that it has so much potential. A man trying to keep the Christmas spirit raised so much, that people are literally mocking him, so he goes on a killing spree........but the fact is, he doesn't go on said spree, he drives around town giving out presents for the majority of the film, pokes someone in the eye, strangles someone else, and then flies off.

But he doesn't fly off in reality, you hear the van crash, it's just his deluded mind thinking he is the real Santa.

If your looking for an exploitative Christmas horror, go for something like Santa's Slay, it's silly and bad for all the right reasons.

If this was addressed as a thriller, and not described as all out horror, you may get something out of it.

I didn't, except extreme boredom....
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on 6 April 2015
great picture and good sound
if you don t own and want to see it bu this blu ray version
it s not a slasher yeah he kills but more drama then horror
oooh andfull with extra s
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