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4.8 out of 5 stars142
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2015
The term 'timeless classic' is bandied around far too often, and not always deservedly so. Usually, we apply the title to anything that is old, but still popular, if only with a niche audience.
The Two Ronnies: The Complete Collection is a GENUINE timeless classic. The comedy is as fresh and funny as it was forty years ago; if it has aged, then it has done so marvelously.
Detractors might accuse TTR:TCC of being racist or sexist, but one would have to be shamelessly petty-minded to be offended by anything on offer here - everything is just far too cleverly done. Ronnie B's wordplay and sense of the ridiculous was second-to-none, and Ronnie C's comic timing is right up there with the likes of the wonderful Dave Allen.
Interestingly, The Two Ronnies were callously lampooned in the late 70s and early 80s by the 'in' comics of the period, like Fry & Laurie, Smith & Jones, the Not the 9 o'clock News crowd, Alexei Sayle and Ben Elton, who all believed that TTR were passe. Ironically, it is THEIR comedy which now seems dated and a bit naff, while Ronnie and Ronnie still enjoy enormous popularity. There's justice for you.

As for the boxset itself: it isn't quite the 'complete' collection as certain scenes have been omitted due to their references to the likes of Jimmy Savile and other shamed celebrities (though a Gary Glitter sketch remains, curiously), but this shouldn't detract from your viewing pleasure. All the truly great stuff is here.
The packaging is nice and sturdy, and conveniently compact, so it will fit easily on the shelf. If it doesn't, make room - you'll be glad you did.
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Between 1971 and 1987 The Two Ronnies was one of the BBC's key light entertainment programmes. Running for twelve series, plus a number of one-off Christmas specials, it was a perfect showcase for the talents of Ronnie B and Ronnie C.

In addition to Ronnie Barker's contributions, writing as Gerald Wiley, the series also employed some of the best writing talent around, such as David Nobbs, Michael Palin & Terry Jones, Barry Cryer, David Renwick and John Sullivan. This meant that they were able to maintain a high standard over such a long run - by the time they called it a day in 1987 they had made nearly 100 editions of the show.

It's interesting that when watching the series in order, it takes a little time to bed in. The first series in particular is a little uneven, with both of the Rons seeming nervous at times. This is quite surprising, as by this time they'd been performing together for a number of years.

Over the course of the next few series, the quality of the programme gradually increases until by series five, transmitted in 1976, you get one of the strongest set of episodes in the whole run. Spike Milligan's serial "The Phantom Raspberry Blower Of Old London Town" and the Fork Handles sketch are two obvious reasons why this run of episodes is so fondly remembered.

By the late 1970's the quality dips slightly, and it's interesting to see subtle changes in the series' format for the later runs of episodes produced in the 1980's. The running serial is dropped, the musical sketch is moved from the end of the show to the middle, and the shows now close with glossy one-off tv and film spoofs. These changes, plus some new writers, ensure that the last few series are all pretty strong. So whilst it's fair to say that the quality of the programme does vary, there's always something of interest in even the most average shows.

As regards cuts, I have been made aware that new pressings of this box sadly do have one - the last episode of series nine had a TOTP spoof with the Ronnies dressed as Jimmy Saville. Both the original stand-alone release and the first pressings of this boxset included this sequence. However, the section with The Two Jimmies has now been cut. It's easy enough to check if you have a complete copy as the back cover of series nine should have a picture of the Rons dressed as Saville. If your copy doesn't and the episode doesn't run for 49" 40' then you've a new, edited copy. At present (January 2014) it does seem like pot luck as to whether you get a cut or uncut copy. But once the original stock has been sold it's certain that only the cut edition will be available to buy.

Although this editing is unfortunate, it doesn't alter the fact that this is a wonderful collection of classic comedy from two British comedy greats.
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on 29 January 2013
Labelled with a spoonerism !!
I got this for myself as a Christmas present and although, the earlier series are in the same format, as the later ones, ie news, sketches, musical pieces and guests, after Series 3 they really get "into their form" The "guest artists" on the first 3 series didn't impress, but I suppose, that was what Saturday night TV was like in the 70's, with little known guests trying to get on to TV. To pick a "favourite" Series would be too hard, on me, and the Two Spectacled Ones. I have watched a couple of episodes each night for the past couple of weeks, and always brings a smile, although as has been said, they have been repeated a few times, to watch in your own home, when & however, is a joy. I used to think that Ronnie C didn't contribute as much as Ronnie B, but having watched most of the episodes now, I can say, that I was wrong in thinking that.
My set arrived arrived in good order & NO discs missing. It's a pity that the blurb on the back of each DVD is nearly the same, maybe a booklet with it would have made a better package? But still, no complaints from this addict. Anyone who doesn't find 90% of this package funny, needs a big sense of humour transplant! 27 Discs, for just over £50, you can't go wrong. Buy it, you won't be dissapointed.
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on 11 June 2014
I was watching a two ronnies special on tv and remembered how much I liked them so decided to buy the boxed set. I will recommend it to all my mates and amazons price was very competitive so you will be my first stop for picking future dvds.
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on 5 December 2013
The Two Ronnies will always be instilled in British Comedy History.
Their first series was shown in the year I was born so I'm guessing I didn't really see them until 1977 as I remember the Charley Farley and Piggy Malone series - Stop You're Killing Me (with Kate O'Mara).
I bought this box set so I can see the programmes and series I didn't get to watch and to watch the ones I have seen, again
There are too many sketches to mention but Four Candles, The Mastermind Parody, You Can Say That Again (where Corbett (as Bert) hesitates when speaking and Barker (as Charlie) finishes his sentences), It's a Duck (Corbett (as Sid) tries to convince his friend George (played by Barker) that a duck he has bought is actually an Argentinian racing pigeon.
Some of the word play and sketches may be frowned upon now but doesn't take anything away from the brilliant writing and performances that will always make this set a Classic.
A must have for anyone's collection
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on 27 November 2013
Recently bought this set of DVD's. I always knew just how much of a comic genious Ronnie Barker was, but I didn't realise just how talentled Ronnie Corbett was as well. A unique comedy duo. They just don't make comedians like Ronnie B & Ronnie C any more.
For classic comedy at its very best buy this set. Considering the age of the programmes these DVD's are very good quality. (P.S. One word of warning - in the earlier series they had guest singers etc - just beware of some very weird hair and fashion disasters).
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on 19 February 2014
Very funny a must for any fan it has got excellent extras I could not stop laughing at the gaint rabbi hole NOT rabbit
it brings back childhood memories from the 80s but it doesn't have the astralian series but you can get it at Amazon a little expensive
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on 8 July 2015
This Two Ronnies set is complete by the BBC standard, but not complete. The Austalian series is not cantained. Why has not The Two Ronnies Present - By the Sea / The Picnic and The One Ronnie special, contained in this set, not been released away from this set? For those who bought the Series when Original released it is upsetting. Anyway if you are a fan of British comedy then this is for you. It is good funny humour. Some comedies are offensive and foul which are on TV. The language here is clean and makes for a better show. For those who remember the shows, it is a delight to seem them in one nearly complete set.
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on 15 October 2014
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on 6 June 2015
This has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. Sheer perfection on every disc. It has everything they recorded for TV in one box. It's impossible to sit there without a smile on your face when watching this. I'm a fan of old comedy but way too young to remember The Two Ronnies the first time around, so this is absolutely perfect for me to discover the genius minds of Ronnie B and Ronnie C. I LOVE it!
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