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4.6 out of 5 stars110
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360 250GB|Edition: Forza 4 + Skyrim|Change
Price:£312.99 - £316.07
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on 4 December 2012
Along with the xbox came a headset, controller with batteries (thanks for those), the xbox and necessary cords, and of course a disc copy of Forza 4 which I found to be quite fun, and a digital download of Skyrim. At £10 more than the regular 250GB Xbox you may as well get these two games with your console, seeing as they both retail for at least £10 each! Overall happy with the console, plenty of storage and it runs with less fan noise than the previous Xbox's.
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on 28 November 2012
I have been an avid gamer from a young age, i have used a range of game console providers and this console meets expectations. Everything promised by Amazon was delivered , if you want to buy a console buy this one , well worth the money and the games that come with it are good too.
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on 21 April 2013
There are a number of people who pledge their allegiance to one console or another, often these discussions of which console is better have been labeled 'console wars'. I first owned a Nintendo Wii, then a Sony PlayStation 3 and then more recently, an Xbox 360. Each console is a worthy gaming machine.

From my experience of each of these consoles, the Xbox 360 is a good all-rounder. It stores its games on DVD discs, unlike that of the PS3. This means load times are generally faster and I have noticed that for some reason when a game update is required and is downloaded, it seems that the file size for the xbox 360 patch is significantly smaller than that of the PS3's. When a game for the PS3 wants to download an update, the file sizes are often very large and this can be frustrating if you have just purchased the game and want to play it. With the Xbox 360, however, updates are far smaller which means you can play the game quicker.

The whole interface of the Xbox 360, from navigating to purchase games, checking messages, inputting codes for downloadable content, is excellently done. Far better than the PS3 or Nintendo Wii's operating systems. To play online with the Xbox 360 you are required to pay around £35 for a 12 month subscription, which has always been something that put me off getting this console as the two other competing consoles can offer online gaming for free. However, the PlayStation Network did get hacked back in 2011, which left many players without the ability to play their games online and also potentially put many players personal details into the wrong hands. I encounter many a network problem when trying to play games online on the PS3, and as for the Nintendo Wii, it doesn't have particularly impressive online capabilities, and not many games on that system go online, though overall it is a decent, if limited, online experience.

Perhaps the adage is true; that you get what you pay for. I certainly feel that the money I pay to play online on the Xbox 360 is justified. I can customise my online experience by selecting to only have people I know contact me, to play an online game that automatically mutes all other players, (so I don't have to listen to strangers making strange sounds) and I haven't had any noticeable game disconnections.

There is a Nintendo 'Mii' styled avatar which you can create. It certainly feels better executed than Nintendo's offering, certainly your character is better modelled and animated. You can send voice messages to friends - something like fifteen seconds long - which is a more personal way to communicate to people you know. There is the ability to have apps on the system, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and LoveFiLM, (incidentally, LoveFiLM often pops up with a message to say 'PS3 users note; that the PlayStation Network will be down for maintenance' ... at such and such a time. I have not seen a message similar for the Xbox 360) which makes the console a highly competent media centre.

Overall I highly recommend the Xbox 360 as it is a praiseworthy gaming console, built and designed for everything a gamer would need.
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on 25 October 2012
I think everyone knows by now about the XBox so I won't waste your time.
Two things about this surprised me, one good and one bad.
Good - it's much quieter than the previous XBox we had, it was often mentioned that this would be the case, but it's nice to experience that it really is a lot quieter.

Bad - On powering on, we had to download an update before it would connect to XBox Live. Then next time we switched it on (next morning), we had to do another update before it could connect. We downloaded the included SkyRim game (download only). When we started the game it needed a download before it would play.
We have a slow broadband connection and we spent pretty much all of the first two days just downloading updates (plus the heavyweight download of the game itself).

Tip: if you have a slow connection, you should go into your settings and extend the inactivity power-off period and/or allow background downloads (download continues when powered down). Otherwise you leave it downloading and come back to find that it didn't get very far before it shut down to save power.

So this isn't a criticism of the XBox itself, but rather the problems of delivering software that needs immediate and extensive patching via downloads - and the fact that without the downloads we couldn't connect to XBOx Live at all - so each download was mandatory and not simply adding extra features, etc.
Don't let it put you off, but be aware that it may be a little frustrating for the first few times you power up.
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on 11 June 2013
Bought via Amazon Clearance and was advertised as "SLIGHT cosmetic damage"

Unit arrived only in a plain brown cardboard box - NO Microsoft Xbox packaging - no problem on this occasion as was for own use but would have been major issue if being bought as a gift. Better description required i think.

The Xbox unit had a significant "dink" on the top of the unit as if a hard corner had dropped onto it and broke the plastic, again more than "cosmetic damage"

Thankfully the product itself is working fine (so far), and was to replace older version of Xbox which was so noisy it was ruining gameplay ! - the new unit very quiet when running game from disk and if installed to hard drive then it is almost silent !

So in summary - great "product" but Amazon need to be a bit clearer with their definitions of "cosmetic damage !"
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on 31 March 2013
What can I say that has not already been said. I bought this Xbox 360 because it has a large 250 GB internal Storage and it was bundled together with Forza 4 (Car racing) Game Disc and Skyrim (downloadable game). Please note 18 warning, but you can always put on parental control appropriate to age of user within the settings for under 18's. Also included was subscription for Microsoft live membership for 1 month that enables the user to play games with friends also with Microsoft live subscriptions. It is worth noting that further subscription have to be purchased, the cheapest option being approximately £40 per year if you shop around, though other options with less months are available but work out more expensive overall. My son was over the moon with this present.
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on 17 March 2013
My son and I have had an Xbox, pretty much since it's release (I'm a mum. don't ask me about versions and specs etc, I don't know, that's why I have a son) and we've have a few blips along the way: the three rings of death, the fan sounding like a small aircraft on take-off, games freezing etc, but this is still our game console of choice.

My son is off to university in September and then I realised I would be without. So I treated myself. The sleek black box is delicious design at it's best. It does everything the old white version did...but with style!

I will now be happily playing Skyrim.
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on 21 March 2013
This is an Xbox 360 I'm sure everyone knows how well and how good it performs everything it has to do. It works perfectly straight out of the box minimal set up. Only slight problem and it's not bad enough to knock off a star is that it doesn't come with an HDMI cable you will have to buy one if you want HD on your TV but these are very cheap from Amazon and work perfectly. Also very cheap if you include the price of games as well. A 4GB console and the cost of these two games when I bought this came to within £10 of each other, so buy this bundle and get the 250GB for £10 more. Bargain!!
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on 2 February 2013
Having had a PS3 for a year or so, playing mainly Battlefield 2 then 3 or Gran Turismo I was skeptical when my son asked me to go 'halves' with him to buy an Xbox 360 with his Christmas money. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised. Halo 4 is quite a good game, not in the same league as Battlefield for graphics and game play but its still very addictive. Forza looks good but requires no skill as it brakes for you and to some extent even steer when you try to go off track. Main disappointment was that to play online you have pay for it, which is free on the PS3. Real shame.
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on 27 January 2013
Despite the fact this only came with one game I like, it still made for a fantastic console. Don't get me wrong, the game is great, and combined with the unbelievable graphics and picture quality of the Xbox, it will certainly do until I get FIFA!
Had a few struggles with setting up Xbox Live, buy mostly my fault, so no blame attached to the console. It is really easy to travel around the dashboard, selecting what you want and viewing your friends - who's online.
Overall, a fantastic console and inspired buy... even better when I get FIFA though!
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