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3.1 out of 5 stars27
3.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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'Omerta: City of Gangsters' is a strategy/RPG set during Americas prohibition period. You play an immigrant, fresh off the boat from Italy and intent upon climbing the criminal ladder to become a mafia kingpin.

The game is essentially split into two sections - the strategic map, and the tactical map. The strategic map provides you with an overview of the city and from here you can view your base and the various propertys availible to purchase in order to build your criminal empire.

The key of the strategic map is resource management. You start with a very limited amount of cash which you are required to invest in profit-making establishments known as 'joints', 'premises' or 'constructions'. At the most basic level this will mean building a brewery or distillery in order to produce bootleg beer or liquor. Build a speakeasy and you can then sell this illicit alcohol for money in order to further expand your empire.

There are all manner of different proprty that you can build, from bookmakers, to protection rackets, pawn shops, loan sharks, boxing halls, hotels, casinos and many others. As well as generating income, most properties provide other advantages or can work in conjunction with others to increase efficiancy.

Income is split into two types - 'dirty' or 'clean' money. Due to the illegal nature of most of your ventures the vast majority of your money will be 'dirty', however certain institutions are capible of laundering this money in order to make it 'clean'.

Initially your gang will only consist of you. Your can customise your character at the beginning of the game, choosing his potrait and attributes - muscle (effects melee attacks), finesse (increases chance to hit with ranged weapons), toughness (ability to take damage), smarts (intelligence), guts (courage) and cunning (effects the liklihood of critical hits). Its fairly self explanatory,and the balance of your attributes will determine exactly what kind of character you mob boss will be, be that a close combat bruiser, long range sniper etc. Level up and your character will be able to choose from special traits to enhance his abilities or provide him with new ones.

You will soon recruit other members to your gang, usually by completing a task to impress them enough to join. There are about twenty gang members in all, each of which fullfils some sort of mafia stereotype - a shaven headed thug, a drunk Irish doctor, an exotic foriegn pilot, a slick haired knife fighter, and so on. Each member has special abilities and attributes of their own.

Your can take a team of upto four gang members into conflicts on the tactical map. These conflicts will consist of a number of different scenarios, be it robbing a bank, wiping out a rival gang, springing a gang member from police custody. Each of your team will be armed with a weapon and there are a variety of weapons availible, from knives, brass knuckles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles and tommy guns. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses and should be placed in the hands of the gang member with the most appropriate attributes.

Action on the tactical map is turn based with each gang member able to move using movement points (MP's) then either use their weapon or alternatively their special ability (such as the ability to heal an ally) with action points (AP's). If there is an enemy in sight then placing the crosshair over them will provide you with a percentage chance to hit. Each character has a number of hit points so it will usually take several hits to take an enemy down for good. Taking cover behind terrain will reduce the chances of you being hit. The mission is usually completed by killing all enemies, although there are special missions types here you may be required to escape a building or locate an item for example.

On the positive side Omerta is an enjoyable enough game of the sort that is sorely lacking in the console market. Its easy to play, easy to understand and provides many hours of gameplay.

On the negative side however Omertas graphics and sound are very basic and the game lacks any polish or shine. If I were reviewing such a game for the PC where there is an excess of strategy/RPG type games then I would rate it much less.

Its difficult not to compare Omerta to XCOM, the only other notable resource management/strategy/rpg game on the Xbox, and the most disappointing thing is that XCOM shows us just how much can be done with the genre on the console market. Really, theres no reason why Omerta lacks the excitement and style of a game like XCOM and that leaves me with an overall feeling of disappointment at what could have been.

Final score 6/10
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on 19 March 2013
I only had heard of this game about a month before it's release as a fan of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and strategic combat and gangster movies I decided to give it a try...

I enjoyed it very much but it sometimes drags on a bit... you start in a area of the city, do the objectives marked and then proceed to another area... I found the changing objectives to provide some nice variety and change of thinking to what you would create... the combat is good but it bothered me to see that the bodies always seem to lie the same way... like they have a bad case of copy-cat rigor mortis.

The gameplay consists of: Owning joints to earn (dirty) money and some joints to accumulate clean money... and with it there comes an occasionally combat mission/objective based mission... Like I wrote previously it can become tiring but I still enjoyed the game a great deal.
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on 19 May 2014
Too many people lack common sense these days. A simple search on "the tube" and you will quickly discover what kind of game Omerta is.

In terms of micro-management Omerta is on a similar level as Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution.
However the turn-based combat is even more tactical than in XCom Enemy Unknown.

The story of Omerta takes place in the 1930's Atlantic City. This is unique for this type of game, which tend to be either Fantasy or Sci-fi.
In the game you play a gangster who hopes to build his own empire.

The gameplay is an equal mix of turn-based combat and business micro-management.
However most of the combat events are optional as you can avoid them by simply "buying over" your enemy or ignore them and accept the cost.

You also get to do more combat if you attack certain establishments, for example by doing a heist.
In addition the gangster bosses in each area have extra combat missions for you to do.

So how much combat you get in the game is entirely up to you !!!

Not being a fantasy or sci-fi game the combat is not as spectacular as in something like Enemy Unknown.
In Omerta your squad has old-school weapons like bats, knives, pistols, shotguns and so on.

As in the Tropico games the campaign consists of a set of missions, how you achieve them is up to you. It also has a sandbox mode.

The micro-management system is basic for this type of game: not as complex as in the Tropico series but more so than in Enemy Unknown.
The higher the difficulty-level chosen the more attention you need to place on managing your businesses.

You can earn money through both legal and illegal means. You will most likely end up doing a combination of both.

You can build all sorts of establishments: illegal boxing rings and beer joints, legal pharmacies and pawnshops, and so on.
You can upgrade your establishments to make them more efficient at what they do, some establishments will boost others.

The police will also react to your presence. You will need to bribe them, keep a low profile or do something else to keep them away.

You level-up your squad in rpg-fashion using perks, you can also buy new weapons for them.
Most perks will increase your health, combat skills or courage.

You have different character classes in your squad, some are good at melee others at ranged. It depends on their attributes.
Each member has a certain number of moves and special skills. You can change their weapons, fx a brawler can use either a bat or brass knuckles.

You can play this game either aggressively or more diplomatically. Most likely you'll do both.
For example you can take over businesses either by force or by simply buying them over. The choice is yours.

One of the things that stood out to me was how immersive and atmospheric Omerta was.
You get the same rich character designs and atmosphere as in the Tropico games.
The music and voice-acting fits perfectly with the game, they contributes a lot to the immersion.

The combat was awesome. It was often very challenging because you had to use each character's skills very wisely.
You also need to learn how to use your squad's skills in combination. This matters a lot in this game, even more so than in Enemy Unknown.

My first playthrough took me about 30 hours, with all the DLCs included.
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on 10 February 2013
Being from the publisher behind the pretty good Tropico series and the decent but dull Port Royale series I like some others had hoped this would an good solid simulation/turn based strategy game . How mistaken was I ?

It's dull as ditch-water and even if it was a free game for your smart phone you'd delete it within 10 minutes. Kalypso are a smaller publisher and ideally I'd want to be supportive of them for at least bringing a title to the table that's presenting itself as different to your usual console fare but sadly it's a complete dog . It's so bad that I can't be bothered to list why in full but I will give a bit of an example .

There's a map that never really changes, you click on building A and pick one of three things to do for example: raid, extort or takeover, you repeat this ad infinitum and there you have the core mechanic of the game. I'm not joking. There's no sleight of hand to pretend there's hidden depths, there's certainly no replay value let alone the magic "just five more minutes" feeling. For large parts of the game your sat (I'm maybe being harsh you can of course stand ...or jog on the spot... or as in my case drink tea) waiting whilst you accumulate money to hit the current objective, which takes you to the next objective which is ...wait for it accumulate a slightly bigger sum of money (bit more tea drinking done here). I played it twice, both times for roughly an hour. The second time was just to convince myself I'd not missed something, I hadn't.

If you haven't bought XCOM stop reading this and go buy that at once. If you have either save your money or burn £30.00 as that will surely give you more entertainment than this.
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on 27 January 2014
Bought this game a while back and at first I loved it, something completely new from Kalypso instead of Tropico, but after a while of playing it and being forced to do the combat parts of the game is HORRIBLE, worst turn based combat I have ever seen, mein gott, I hated every moment of combat.

Forgetting about combat, the actual game itself is fun for awhile, but the game is so easy to play and just way too simple to upgrade everything and have good profits.

Sold the game to CEX not long after buying it. Not recommended unless you hate yourself or whoever you're giving it to.
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on 13 June 2014
Not a bad game, but not quite as expected. I played through it once, and admittedly it was quite entertaining, but i can't imagine i'd play it again.
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on 5 May 2016
Terrible game, if I knew what the gameplay was like I would never have bought it. Feel as though I've been mislead
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on 21 August 2014
played it once. not the best game to start into but not had much chance to really get into it.
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on 11 December 2013
this is a game I have enjoyed a lot, and still am as I write this. the many patches have improved the game so so much. I enjoy everything about the game, turn based combat, building many different kinds of buildings, the story line, the graphics and sound, the role playing element, it just entertains me a lot and I think about it when im not playing it. there is some great dlc available for it aswell, which of what ive played of it so far, is a fantastic addition to the game. I thank all the people involved in the making of this game, as it really has made me feel like I am a gangster. HEY! GET OUT OF MY TOWN, YOU DIRTY RAT.
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on 11 October 2014
Bought for my teenage son who plays it endlessly, what more do I need to say?
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