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4.7 out of 5 stars135
4.7 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: 22l AW Galaxy Blue|Change
Price:£78.67+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 24 May 2013
I will be travelling soon with my new Nikon D5100 and 18-105mm lens, and I wanted a bage that would do a number of things: 1. Hold my camera with lens attached securely and safely; 2. Be relatively weather proof and tough; 3. Be easily accessible and; 4. have some extra space for other travelling essentials.

After looking at lots of bags I realised that many offer space soley for camera gear, but as an amateur photorapher I only needed space for my camera, one lens attached and space for maybe one extra lens. I also wanted space to carry other things, like a coat, a drink and some food. The Hatchback seemed to offer this.

I was originally put off from Lowepro as I thought of them as overpriced, however buying this bag has made me change my mind. Firstly, it's comfy and looks great. The bag fits the contours of the back nicely and weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and hips - useful if you're thinking of doing any serious walking. The bag lies close to the back and there is little room for the back to breathe, but this is not something that has caused me any concern.

The bag also looks good; it doesn't stick out like a huge rectangular shell as many dSLR backpacks do, but instead is rather more elegantly shaped. If the bag didn't have a large "Lowepro" print across the front of it, it would be difficult to recognise it as an SLR backpack at all.

Upon first taking it out of the packaging it was immediately obvious that the bag is very light. At first I was worried that loss of weight would mean a compromise on quality, but this was not the case with the Hatchback. The material is tough and water resistant, the stitching strong, and the metal zips are durable. To add to the protection from the elements there is a rain cover that snugly and easily extends to cover the whole bag.

The seperate compartment to hold the camera seems fine for my camera and lens. I will be taking some accossories travelling, but the D5100 with 18-105mm lens fits snugly into the pocket, and is held firmly in place by the side padding. Even when the bag is shaken around the camera remains padded and fixed in place.

If you want a bag from which you can rapidly access your camera, a sling option may be better. Lowepro designed this bag so that the side of your bag that is in contact with your back doesn't get muddy/wet after you rest the bag down to remove the camera. Personally for me this doesn't matter - I was more interested in the security benefits in having the only accessible pocket to my camera pressed firmly against my back. Also I find that I am able to access this pocket quite easly by removing one strap and swinging the bag around on the other shoulder to face me. By doing this I can get my camera out of the bag in a few seconds without having to put it down, however it takes some practise and you need to be areful not to drop the camera!

There are the usual pockets for memory cards etc etc, and a decent sized compartment above the camera section. This is easily big enough for a raincoat,lunch, phone, wallet, jumper and gloves. The camera section and middle divider can be removed, doubling the space inside for laptop/books/gym kit and trainers.

My only complaint would be about the large "Lowepro" tattooed across the front. I think it looks cool, and really adds to the look of the bag, but I will be using this bag when travelling, and I can't help but feel like I'm advertising to theives.


1.) Ergonomically pleasing - Excellent quality materials, durable yet lightweight and truly very comfortable and looks great!
2.) Camera pocket provides excellent protection to camera and lens
3.) Pleanty of space for other bits and pieces
4.) Rear access camera pocket provides extra security and easy access
5.) Waterproof cover - handy, effective and easy to use

1.) A lot of money for a bag
2.) Although the rear access pocket is easily accessible for me, the sling or side-access bags are definatly easier to access the camera quickly

All in all an excellent bag. You pay for what you get, and you get a beuatifully made bag, perfect for someone wanting a bag not just to carry camera equipment, but also be useful for other items and double up as a good everyday use bag.
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on 22 July 2014
I've long since come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as the perfect camera bag; it's a question of horses for courses. I've a Thinktank trolley bag which is perfect for location shooting if travelling by car or train, but if you've got to carry/drag it for any distance it becomes a pain. My Manfrotto sling bag is great in terms of flexibility when shooting in town allowing me to access lenses, flash units, tripod and more with relative ease, but it's not a bag for travelling with as it offers little option to separate your food, drink, clothing etc from the equipment.

When travelling or on holiday I've tended to use an old day sack rather than anything camera specific, running the risk or damage from unpadded sections, until now.

I love the layout of this bag. The location of the equipment box is inaccessible to potential thieves when worn with both straps, but easy enough to get to when casually carrying the bag over one shoulder. There's lots of space for personal gear, and even though the spec offers space for only an 11" laptop, my 13" macbook air can be accommodated. External pockets for drinks keep fluid away from the precious stuff, and the integral rain cover is great news when humidity turns to thunderstorm. It's a great shape too, without too many protrusions to get caught on luggage racks or overhead storage bins. Comfortable to wear and a choice of colours, what's not to like?

Well I currently have a 5d mk III, three lenses and a speedlite in the bag. Good equipment for a variety of uses, but it needs a tripod to complete the set up. Trouble is there's nowhere to stow it here. I'd have expected a couple of compression straps, or even some fixing points to be able to add your own, but nothing doing apart from the SlipLock shoulder loops which isn't where you want to be adding bulk. Of course adding these things would take away from the sleekness of the bag which is one of the things I like, but if its a question of priorities a camera bag should consider a tripod option.
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on 10 March 2016
Well made and light - perfect way to carry your camera kit.

The bespoke camera compartment will accommodate a compact full frame DSLR fitted with a fixed focal length or a small zoom, leaving enough space to accommodate a couple more lenses. With bigger full frame DSLRs your stowage options might be less. That said, the Lowepro is a good balance between overall size and weight.There is more stowage space accessed from the top of the bag - a zipped slide in pocket that will accommodate filters or a flash. The second, is the main zipped top pocket. It's quite boxy in design with two zips for quick entry and once opened it's very easy to access whatever you've put in. It's big enough to accommodate a light shell plus micro fleece and food, so it you're walking in the wilds, you're pretty much sorted. It's also a useful place to stow a bigger lens that won't fit in the bespoke camera compartment but a word of warning. With both zips fully unzipped, the opening extends to the bottom of the pocket so a lens could easily roll/slide out and run the risk of damage. There's a zipped compartment off the inside of the main top pocket - good for storing filters, cards, mobile etc. There are also a couple of stretchy side pockets that can stow a decent sized water bottle. Pleased that the pockets are deep enough to accommodate my compact monopod - a real bonus. Carrying your camera gear in a rucksack design bag means your hands are free and you don't have the problem of a side shoulder bag strap constantly slipping off your shoulder. Weight distribution is also much better on your back - especially if you are toting it around for long periods.

UPDATE: Used the Lowpro during a six hour hike in the Lakes. Not as comfortable as my Osprey but still pretty good. Able to stow a light fleece plus bits and pieces. A big bonus with the Lowepro, with the waist belt secured, you can slip off the shoulder straps and slide the bag round so it's facing you. The camera compartment can be easily accessed. Did this several times - much better than having to take the Lowepro off and lay in on the ground - especially if the ground is wet and muddy.

Word of warning. The top compartment has two zips for quick access. If you squeeze in something like a fleece and don't zip both zips up to the top where they meet each other, they can unzip all by themselves due to pressure exerted on them by, in my case, a fleece which came out and fell on to the track. Had it not been for a fortuitous walker who had seen it happen, I would be minus a fleece. Much better to use one zip to zip round the whole compartment - that way, nothing will pop out unexpectedly.
review image review image review image review image
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on 17 September 2013
Colour Name: 22l AW Slate Grey|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You can never have enough camera bags, as I often tell my wife! One reason is that the perfect bag has yet to be invented - I have 4 besides the Photo Hatchback, all with their own pros and cons.

The best thing about the Photo Hatchback 22L is the weight - it is really light for a bag featuring padding. With today's airline cabin allowances it could make the difference between taking something or leaving it at home. I also have a LowePro Fastpack which is almost twice as heavy but only slightly larger.

On the other hand, retrieving the camera in a hurry for that once-in-a-lifetime shot is probably not going to happen if you're wearing the Hatchback. The camera compartment is accessed from the back (i.e. the side resting against your back) so you have to take it off, set it down and then open the zip to access your gear. With the Fastpack I can swing it around and get the camera quickly.

The camera compartment is not that large either. My normal walk around SLR kit is a 5D Mk III with 24-105 zoom. With this inserted there is just enough room for my 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4 plus a flashgun. Depending on the reason for the trip this might be sufficient but forget carrying 2 zooms. Besides this lot, I can fit my iPad in the front pocket, along with a magazine or notebook. The top half of the pack has enough room for a thin jacket or fleece plus some accessories.

The stretchy side pockets will fit a bottle of drink and in the base of the bag is the all-weather cover. Removing the camera portion, which has handles and a storm cover of its own, and undoing the velcro that forms the base of the top compartment creates a large space for use as a general rucksack.

Appearance-wise I was a little worried that the large LowePro logo on the front of the bag would shout 'mug me' but, on the slate grey model, it's actually quite subtle. I also like the fact that the sternum straps can be adjusted in height to a comfortable position, which may increase the appeal among female photographers.

All in all, it's a useful bag, just not for every situation. But then, neither are any of my other bags!
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on 11 December 2012
I already own a Lowepro Computrekker AW bag which is the best bag I've ever put hands on, but I need a bag that's small, discrete, stores enough gear to travel with and functions truly as a day bag. I had hummed and hawed at other bags until I saw this one in Jessops, ticks all my boxes.

At first glance it looks like just a regular backpack because most camera bags are big, well padded and kind of obvious that they hold a lot of gear which I feel advertises to thieves and makes you feel out of place when traveling, like the guy who takes things too far or if I can put it better: the type of Dad who carries a 70-200mm f2.8 lens and 6 lenses to the funfair and you cringe at him lying on the ground trying to get a 'creative shot' of his uninterested 4 year old.' I don't want to look like that guy!

So this bag makes me look like the average Joe but it needs to be able to hold just that little bit more gear than an average Joe would carry and I wanted a bag that could safely store a Nikon D700 (without battery grip) a 24mm prime and a 50mm prime, but also a 14-24mm zoom which is the problem lens. The dedicated camera area on this bag faces into the small of your back, secured by a two zip flap, so you don't need to worry about thieves unzipping your bag and running off with your prized possessions. I can fit a D700 in the left half and the 2 primes in the right half of the pouch. The 14-24mm doesn't fit in at the same time but if I presumed the camera is always shouldered I would carry all lenses inside the pouch and camera on my shoulder or I could put the camera in the top pouch if I had to. The back pouch is actually removable so you can lift out all your packed away gear and cover it up and haul it about using the strap handles. I would never use this feature but it is handy. The padding is typical Lowepro quality padding which has been protecting my gear for years.

For people needing accurate measurements, the internal area for camera gear measures out at 19.5cm x 15cm x 11cm in the spec sheet but I can stretch it out easily to be 22cm x 17cm wide and about 12.5cm deep. If I really crammed things in, I could get a little more out it but that's roughly what it measures. The padding dividers are 1cm thick so you can probably measure out yourself if your gear will fit but here's my tests...

Lens test pouch space ratio (not all at the same time!):

D700 in one half, tall ways
105mm Macro in one half, tall ways.
14-24mm in one half, tall ways.
24-70mm across the top half, horizontally.
70-200mm does not fit at all.
SB910 \ SB600 in the top third, horizontally.
24mm \ 50mm prime in any quarter of the bag.

That should help you work out if your lenses are similarly sized, what you would be able to pack. Interestingly a 24-70 is too tall to get in and has to go horizontally across the top, really limiting your space.

It is very very light, able to be used as hand luggage on a plane. Contains a front pocket that can hold an iPad inside. Amazingly the top storage area on the bag is like a roomy handbag, easily being able to hold a 70-200mm or lunch, or a light jacket. I measure this area out at roughly 26cm top to bottom, 25cm wide and 18cm from back to the front. Theres another pocket inside for passports, tickets etc an in here is a little clip that can hold keys etc. The side pockets will hold a gorilla pod, bottle of water, desktop tripod, flashlight etc and the finish is good and feels tough. There's chest and waist straps for hikers too and a cover that can be folded over to protect it from rain and mud.

All in all this is a great bag, it's not enough for a serious photographer looking to take a lot of gear. You need a dedicated bag for that but this is perfect for day trips and holidays and the fact that you blend in is what made me choose this bag, especially in blue. I hope this tells you everything you need to know!
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on 22 August 2013
Colour Name: 16l AW Pepper Red|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Very impressed with this Lowepro photo bag. As an active sports photographer I get to go out on running event courses and need something lightweight, comfortable and secure to hold camera and equipment. This is an ideally sized bag, being sized at 16 litres. The top compartment, securely holds a DSLR with battery pack and lens. The accessory compartment can be tailored to hold other accessories as required such as chargers, additional lenses etc. The is also a seperate zipped front compartment ideal for a larger item such as a flas. The base of the bag has a compartment holding a pull out weatherproof outer-jacket which when deployed covers the backpack's outerfacing sides against the elements.

Lightweight, easy to use, stylish I can strongly recommend this backpack
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 5 December 2012
We have had the lowepro photo hatchback for well over a month now and we love it. If I could I would give it 4.5 stars, as i believe its better than 4 stars, but to get the full 5 stars I would like to see a 26L or 28L with more camera gear room. The compartment for your personal gear is quite generous and can also be used for camera accessories like my lee filters and flash gun etc. the actual camera gear area is not overly huge but with some creativity( I used 2 dividers from an old bag) I squeezed in my nikon D7000 with 18-105mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Nikon 50mm f1.4D, Nikon 35mm f2D, battery grip and insert for AA batteries and spare Nikon Battery, with each in a separate spot and easily accessible. All my cleaning stuff goes in the top compartment in the provided pockets. There is also a pocket on the front for ipads etc and the all weather cover fits very well with a secure fastening system. You can if you want remove the camera section and open it right through as a complete rucksack, although I won't need this option. Overall I would recommend this product without a moments hesitation, but if anyone from Lowepro is reading, please make a larger one!
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2013
Colour Name: 22l AW Galaxy Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Apologies for the video quality. I did film it in HD but Amazon's maximum file size is 100MB and this is a nine minute review so I had to compress it quite a bit. I have had a look and you can still make everything out.

For reference, the zoom lens in the video is a Canon EF 75-300mm and is 14.25cm long (including dust and lens caps).

Please forgive me tripping over my words when talking about the waist strap. What I meant to say is that with the waist strap adjusted correctly, it is supposed to transfer some of the weight of the bag to your hips and off your shoulders. With a padded strap this isn't a problem but with a thin strap such as this, you may find it uncomfortable if it starts to cut into you a bit. Of course, this depends on what you're wearing. If you have just a t-shirt you'll feel it but with more layers or a thick coat, you probably won't be bothered by it.

Overall I think the bag is excellent for people who are starting to get into photography and don't have much equipment. Personally I am going to find myself agonising over which bits of kit I'll leave behind. If I want to take a video camera out with me then one of my lenses will have to stay behind as I don't want anything expensive/breakable unsecured in the top compartment of the bag.

Another thing to consider is ease of access. On one hand it is a bonus that the camera compartment of the bag cannot be accessed from the front to decrease the chance of theft. On the other, you lose the ability to quickly get out your camera that you have with other bags offering side access.

Aesthetically the bag is very nice, not cumbersome and clunky like some others out there (I have the Kata 123-GO-30 Sling Backpack which does hold everything I have easily but is also really big and heavy when full). I love the fact that it doesn't look like a camera bag, it'd just be nice if it didn't say Lowepro in giant letters on the front, giving the game away anyway.

I am still giving the bag five stars as it is a very good quality bag and while it doesn't perfectly suit my needs, it would be an ideal bag for someone with an SLR and 2-3 lenses. The versatility of being able to take out the camera equipment section and turn it into a normal rucksack is a very handy feature and I know I'll use that quite a bit.
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on 2 January 2014
I was looking for a combined camera bag/back pack that wasn't typically filled with various compartments/dividers nor too big - then found this during the Black Friday deals...

Like others say the colour is more pepper 'orange' than pepper 'red' - which isn't actually too bad, I've seen worse. I have a CSC, 2x lens, electronic viewfinder + a couple of other bits which easily fit inside the rear facing compartment (if I have a prime lens on there's more space) - which itself feels more secure as no-one can access it whilst on your back, it is possible to open and pull a camera out in an awkward fashion. The camera 'box' section is removable and dividers can be configured is various ways.

As in the description images it can fit a DSLR but I guess if you don't have much more kit to carry its fine otherwise the 16l is a nice CSC size pack. The upper part (zipped access on top) is a good size for general use with 2 stretch mesh pockets & zipped pocket to rear - haven't tried removing camera 'box' to extend the inner space yet.

The pocket on the front does fit an ipad, with smart cover and is actually divided into 2 - divider is padded so guess a tablet sits behind it leaving a nice slip pocket for papers. There are 2 stretch mesh pockets on the sides, nice carry handle on top and a roll away rain cover hidden on base. The straps are wide and well padded + chest/waist straps, combined with the pads on the back it makes for a comfortable fit.

There are no exterior straps/loops for things like tripods etc. which may put people off but then this is probably a more 'everyday' use pack Vs camera specific pack - suppose if you have a very small/SLR gorilla pod style tripod it may fit in a side pocket.
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on 30 July 2015
I wish this backpack had a way of carrying a light-weight tripod on the outside of the bag (side pockets aren't deep enough to cut it for mine) but other than that, it's great. There's plenty of space for my GH4 with kit lens & hood attached, chargers, batteries, lav mics and occasionally a GoPro kit in the padded compartment - which offers ample protection for the very low-level punishment I put it through. It was definitely the best (non-technical) looking bag I found in the price range. Build quality is good, profile isn't too bulky on a slim 6ft tall man. Glad I went for the large - the upper compartment doesn't hold much more than a waterproof, spare jumper, snacks and a few other odds and ends. Protective iPad sleeve is a nice touch and I have once flown with it as cabin baggage with my 17inch MacBook Pro tucked in the back (rendering the zip open access panel at the back useless, of course. But you're choosing that for security, right? Otherwise you'd get a bag with nice quick access to your camera on the sides.
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