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4.1 out of 5 stars103
4.1 out of 5 stars
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2014
I have seen a few of the episodes that were originally aired on TV and I really liked them. A lot of people are divided on the better/worse debate for the Canadian version and as a fan of programming like Stargate, Farscape, Sanctuary and many other great Canadian shows for many years I can say that Primeval New World is officially now a part of that list.

My problem is that after seeing some episodes as they were originally aired on TV, I can tell you 200% certain that the episodes on the DVD have been doctored. It has been a while since I saw a few of the original episodes but I am only on the first disc at the moment and have spotted at least two scenes missing. Not entirely sure why these would have been doctored. Maybe a cost issue of needing to limit the series to 3 DVDs? All I know is that I would have paid a few quid extra for a fourth disc and the full length episodes as originally aired. I have never really been a fan of the whole "director's cut cash in" business model.

DO NOT misinterpret this review. I love the series and hope that both UK and Canadian series are not just continued but crossed over as well. The appearance of Andrew Lee-Potts reprising his role of Connor Temple was a very welcome surprise. BUT, this is a product review about the DVD and frankly for me it has fallen short of what I was expecting.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 23 September 2013
After having thoroughly enjoyed the whole series through 1 to 5, I was really looking forward to series 6. The new season being turned over to the charge of the Canadians and some big money being spent on the new production. Wow, thinks I , it was a damn good show before, it's going to be even better. So how dismayed I was when I viewed the first episode (new series). It was awful, terrible storyline/plot, some awful amateur acting and some of the poorest special effects I've ever watched. I've seen far better in the old American Sci-Fi B movies of the fifties and then some.

Who on earth on the ITV executive decided the series had to go. Primeval (UK) was competing handsomely with Doctor Who at the time. There were great story lines, some class actors, Ben Miller, Andrew Lee Potts and Hannah Spearitt especially. The CGIs were first class. There were also harum scarum characters aplenty who could frighten the living daylights out of most adults never mind the kids.

The British series finished on a superb cliffhanger as we were left guessing what had happened to Matt, and a great 'what's going to happen next' scenario for the continuing storyline. (Next series). My grandson (12) and myself (63) were in that great 'can't wait' for the follow up series mode.

Unfortunately we were to be badly disappointed, and after reading through the Amazon reviews and on other similar sites we were not alone. The fact that the series was rumoured to be abandoned was bad enough at the time. And then hope arose, the production was to be taken over by the Canadians, and some big bucks poured into the show. S o you can imagine what a let down it all was when the new series finally appeared. Total and absolute North American garbage, actors who can't act, trashy dialog, story lines that belong in a 5 year old's comic and special effects that somebody must have dreamed up and created in their back garden shed.

ITV should get their sorry collective butts back across the pond to Canada rescue the series and remake it from where Matt(s) was/were emerging from the wreckage of ARC.

Sorry Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions your representation of Primeval is not a patch on the UK Production. Come back to the UK Primeval and make a lot of people happy.

I've given it one star only because you cannot give zero. Regards J.A Larkin and Luke Pennell two very upset primeval (UK version) fans.
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56 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on 17 February 2013
The UK sci-fi series Primeval has had a turbulent time of things in terms of production. The team behind the show has to be commended for succeeding at a time when Doctor Who was in the limelight, and UK broadcaster ITV1 began to shift away from dramas such as these, and seemingly did all they could to put the show out of business. After five series running for 6, 7, 10, 7 and 6 episodes respectively, Primeval became the prehistoric show that defied extinction and came back again and again. It was a very different beast at its end than what it was when it started, but then evolution was always a major theme of the show.

Now, Primeval has gone and done it again - it has survived extinction, and evolved into a Canadian spin-off series entitled Primeval: New World. In the process it has established a brand new team of dinosaur and anomaly-hunting experts, whilst also throwing in some vague references to the original British series that seem to be relevant to an ongoing plot. The continuity is mostly sound, and the few bits that aren't seem to be going somewhere storyline-wise. A Primeval: UK cast member also graces the show with his presence in the opening and closing episodes, bringing some familiarity and a bridge between the two.

Primeval: New World is not as family-oriented as it's British predecessor, but that doesn't hurt it at all. In fact it has allowed the show to return to the more realistic approach to drama we saw back in UK: Series 1 (there is also a major plot in the series finale that harks way back to UK: Series 1, which is a bonus treat for long term fans). The show keeps its reputation for killing off characters out of the blue, and now it doesn't have to cater to a family audience so much it can develop its characters a lot more without throwing a "Wow-how-cool!" dinosaur sequence in every other scene. The show delves into more morally grey territory that is genuinely interesting where it's "bad guys" are concerned, leaving them possibly misunderstood rather than evil (akin to Oliver Leek or Helen Cutter in the UK series). The other "bad guys" of course, are the dinosaurs and they are as well realised as ever here, with the latter half of the series offering some of the best TV CGI I've ever seen... mixed with the occasional treat of a dramatic Canadian landscape and this is a show that has matured a lot more than Primeval: UK ever did.

There was a slight lull in the middle of the series, and some clearly filler episodes emerged, but nothing staggeringly bad. The scripts are well-written enough to keep you engaged, and the dinosaur action, though a lot more relaxed than the UK show do not disappoint either. The series is definitely worth a shot for fans, and new viewers alike. I'm hoping a second series will come to justify that claim.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 October 2013
I really enjoyed the original UK series and was pleased when it came back for the 4th. and 5th. season. Then came this - a stateside version of the show. Well, it's a whole new team and a new approach to the theme, of course. The main characters have believable motivation, the effects are good and the stories are fine, albeit a little 'monster of the week' oriented. As the series progresses, a sub-plot emerges to give a little more interest and tension to the situation too. Connor, from the original series appears in the first and last episodes, providing a link to past events, although it's not quite clear if this is exactly the same timestream that the original series was set in, as the events of seasons 5 and 6 seem to be unknown to the new team. Mind you, as fans of the old show will know, a little fiddling with time has drastic results! A shame that this was axed after one series, but it's a good addition to the Primeval universe and leaves a great cliffhanger for somebody to take up in books or even a further TV episode?
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56 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on 27 November 2012
Primeval started out with three highly impressive series 2007-2009 which combined fantastic CGI prehistoric monsters and endearing, interesting characters in a story of cracks of time appearing and monsters from the past and the future emerging with only a handful of people able to defend the world from the new threat it faced. Series 1 was mysterious, enigmatic and fantastic, emotional and simple, dealing with all manner of creatures and the devastating consequences of a particularly deadly mission twisted the entire story for the second series. In Series 2 agendas developed, villains were made, the creatures got more brutal and the series gained confidence. Series 3 was still up there, perhaps not golden but it kept going, even after the cast radically began to change with death, departure and at the end of the series and what followed, being stranded in the past and more death. And then Primeval returned but with a cost, the budget was clearly cut (less CGI monsters and barely any frames with them and people together), less impressive set pieces and unfortunately the ultimate crux of the final two series - the characters. Between the end of Series 2 and the beginning of Series 4, the best had either died or were gone and whilst it tried to go on, it just was a limp, an admirable limp but it did't deliver the drama, the emotion, the stakes or the effects of the old days and it was pitiful at times seeing the characters who had lived become so naive and pathetic at times. Series 5 ended with the secret out and a global anomaly catastrophe barely saved and so it apparently went on, although prospects for a sixth series looked as bleak as the Series 2 finale.

And then Canada started having holes in time emerge...

If you take away the end of Series 5 then this makes a certain amount of sense and you can just get on with it. In terms of quality I place this fairly between the quality of Series 1-3 and the quality of Series 4-5. The production values are great, the cast, whilst not quite as good as the old days at least isn't frustrating, perhaps bland but over the course they develop well enough and we get some interesting ideas woven in. Essentially the characters are very much good becuase unlike in the later UK series, it's not like we're seeing characters just dismantled into more boring copies. Leading the team is Evan Cross, the Anomaly hunting businessman who has lost his wife to a dinosaur and has been hunting holes in time for a while. He is aided by the Government-trusting Ange who handles his boring business stuff and becomes a new flame, the Predator-specialist Dylan (identifies most of the prehistoric animals), loose cannons Mac (motorbikes and vendettas) and Toby (cracking female tech support)who do the shooting and anomaly detecting with Ken Leeds as their Government aid to do the cover-up stuff.

It's tense, it's not so excruciatingly restrained and placing the team back to basics restores a lot of the tension, they know little, they just get on with it and the consequences. It's bloodier, it's got guts and because there are no toy electric guns or anomalies being just closed the danger is always present until the creatures are finally dealt with and anomaly closed. The stakes are high, the scenery is good and there are no villains (until the second half and they're not evil for the sake of evil, but make cliched sense) which after how Primeval ended up is great.

But most importantly - the creatures step up the mark. Featuring an interesting array of some we have seen and some we haven't, the new Series is quite Dinosaur oriented.

1. The New World 8/10 - a good intro for newcomers and UK fans, Pteranodon and Utahraptor turn up and a new team is formed. Connor also turns up in cameo.
2. Sistuli 7/10 - giant snake, mythological theory about anomalies and ancient civilizations returns and some good character development.
3. Fear of Flying 5/10 - despite good character development and besieged perfectly demonstrated with killer beetles returning, an inconsequential depressing filler.
4. Angry Birds 7/10- Terror Birds and cannabis. Did not expect those things to go together in a Primeval episode.
5. Undone 7/10 - at times horror movie cliches are thrown in but still a darker, tesner and game-changing piece with death and reptilian dog-like predators.
6. Clean up on Isle Three 7/10 - at times Soap Opera but good character development mixed with Jurassic nipping pack killers.
7. Babes in the Wood 6/10 - Ornithelestes mixed with babes and a bad balance of banal comedy and stakes. Good tension though and chase sequences.
8. Truth - 8.5/10 - Pachycephalosaurus in the first half and Albertosaurus in the second half, but in that latter half, something is really, wrong and a plot thread is revealed.

9. Breakthrough 6/10 - Triceratops and a lunatic business/scientist competitor of Evan thrown together with a disjointed feel and not much compelling plot, although the ending is far from bad.
10. The Great Escape 7.5/10 - X Files meets Primeval as the military hinder our amateur heroes. Dialogue like - "I am tired of being hindered by this civilian!?" is thrown around as a terror bird from a previous episode is hunted.
11. The Inquisition 8/10 - an episode with no creatures sees our heroes face Ken Leeds and his boss to discover a conspiracy is about the anomalies. Whilst the lack of Primeval's greatest trait is evident, the dialogue, acting and tension is good throughout.
12. Sound of Thunder Part 1 8/10 - Brontoscorpio! When Toby is poisoned, Evan and Dylan go in after it and find - anomaly spaghetti junction (haven't seen that since 2007), confront changing their pasts and a tense episodes end on a killer cliffhanger. Whilst dialogue is at times laughable "the Military-civilian alliance" Primeval's utilitarian villains work here as does a strong, consistent episode.
13. Sound of Thunder Part 2 9/10 - Connor returns, tensions run high for Toby's safety, the military throw themselves at a timeline of stupidity and an ultimately satisfying and tense conclusion of New World pays off the wait. Featuring Evan facing off the Albertosaurus and the dilemmas of changing his past and Mac facing his future the finale is great, with slow-motion tension, emotional confession and Primeval yet to fall into its UK's pitfalls. Overall a greatly satisfying end that wraps a maiden voyage of the Canadian dinosaur hunters perfectly.

In the end Primeval New World is a very good spin-off and whilst it doesn't match the prowess of the early UK series, it does have a raw simplicity and more adult tone combined with some new threads and ideas to share. It has some great episodes, some lame filler and a very well constructed finale which wraps up a series very well. For a first series with the length of Primeval's first 2, it did quite well. Perfect? No, but where there is good there's good, where's there's bad - potential to be reformed for a new series.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 January 2014
Having watched and enjoyed all the UK Primeval (despite its repeated cancellations and restarts) I was worried about this but its actaully pretty good. OK, so the detail in the stories is a bit lacking (there tend to be monsters not velociraptors) and it does seem to be fronted by a low budget Tony Stark and Pepper Potts but its still quite fun, the CGI is good and the introduction of the run down Mulder wannabe in his abaondoned office is amusing. Depending on why you liked Primeval you may love or hate this but I think its worth a shot. Its a bit more bloody and visceral too by the way.
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More anomalies, now in North America. Portals cause prehistoric creatures to intrude. Each needs to be steered back or time itself may be affected, an alternate reality begun. Top secrecy is vital to prevent panic. Everything could be threatened by hamfisted military. Focus is on a small, highly unlikely, young team striving to save the planet.

Presumably aimed at teens, with scarcely a glimpse of anybody over forty five, the series does not exactly convince. Of the main cast Danny Rahim has impact as Mac, especially after a discovery which makes him doubt his very existence. Geoff Gustafson also has his moments, his nerdy Ken Leeds initially seeming simply around to provide comedy, but he in fact with a more serious agenda. Fans of the British show will welcome two appearances by Andrew Lee Potts. Addicts of "A Town Called Eureka" will be pleased to see Colin Ferguson.

13 episodes. Modest extras.

The basic premise is most promising, but, as in its UK counterpart, the episodes are very uneven. Characters need more substance, scripts greater drive. Special effects are the main reasons to watch. The UK version is the better, with everything becoming more firmly established. Both can be enjoyed, the monsters particularly. This new series gains in stature towards its end, the climatic cliffhanger most dramatic. Appetite has been whetted for Season 2, many to regret this will never be.

Despite so many reservations, there is much to like - this agreeable entertainment for those simply wishing to relax.
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on 12 July 2013
I am a huge fan of the original Primeval (some might say obsessive superfan) and I bought New World season 1 without ever having seen the show because I live in America. The special effects are much improved, but that seemed to be the only improvement. The characters seem to be archetypes, with Evan as a poor man's Nick Cutter, Dylan as Claudia Brown, Mac as some Stephen/Danny combination, and so on. The only exception is Lt. Leeds, who manages to break out of the stereotypical military character and is awesome in every way. With the exception of the two leads, Evan and Dylan, I do really like these characters. The stories are interesting and there's even a brief appearance by Andrew-Lee Potts (*swoon*). Plus, c'mon guys, there are DINOSAURS! Seriously, dinosaurs make everything better.

Bottom line: If you like the UK Primeval, you will enjoy this. If you've never seen the UK Primeval, ignore all my criticisms and just watch this. And watch the UK one. Because dinosaurs.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 22 April 2013
Was a big fan of the UK series and was a bit worried when I heard it was being taken on by the Canadians but I need not have been as it was pretty good and was definitely looking forward to the next season. Alas, it will not be as they have axed it already. What is the matter with these US and Canadian channels who just axe everything because the ratings are a bit low to start with? How many great series have ended because of this? I bet far more actually watch it than are reflected in the ratings because they record it and watch it later but of course that doesn't count. How daft is that!! I find it so frustrating especially when so many rubbish shows keep going year after year. Great shame and once again we are left up in the air. These channels are killing off programmes that could have ended up being classics and they will never know - more fool them. Come on - wake up and stick with something a bit longer. Don't go by ratings because in this day and age they mean nothing. Go by what us the viewers are saying on various platforms - that will give you the real picture on how they are being received!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 August 2013
Having been an avid fan of Primeval I was disappointed with the lackluster content of the Canadian version. The storyline was very "flat" as were the characters themselves, altogether a very poor plot line and I am not surprised to learn that the show has been pulled.
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