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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars91
4.8 out of 5 stars
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23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 9 July 2012
I was a little nervous buying this album. I wasn't sure exactly what sort of album it was going to be. Was it going to be anything new? Would Newton try to do something completely different (if so would it be any good)?

Well it's no disappointment at all! It's got everything in it that made us love the other two albums: his uniquely powerful voice, blood pumping rhythms, brilliant contrast throughout the mood of the album (slow and beautifully melancholic, as well romping uplifting tracks!), intricate guitar work, his trade-mark layered/harmonized vocals, and of course a prevailing sense!

But it's definitely different from the other albums, just like "Rebuilt by Humans" was different from "Hand Built by Robots". Newton has injected a new mood to the album. It's brilliant! Every song feels like it's been inspired from something deeply personal that you can relate to!

Absolutely 10000% recommend this album. You'll love it more every time you listen to it!
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 19 July 2012
I'll do a simple review of each song on the album and get right into it.

Pulling Teeth- the opening song of the album and no doubt one of the best. Anyone who's seen Newton live over the last few months enters the album having heard some of the material, so this song greeted me like an old friend. His simply astounding ability to write flawless, catchy acoustic guitar is ever present here, along with a bouncy chorus to draw us in. A great opener.

Soon- here we see, in my opinion, a song that reminds us of Newton's old work, bringing back his percussive style in songs such as 'All I Got' off Hand built By Robots. I really enjoy this one- and it is my favourite song lyrically on the album. Guitar players will love this one, and the presence of simple piano again highlights Newton's ability to write incredible songs.

Brick by Brick- this is a masterpiece of a tune, and it has been brought to life in full production. I only heard the stripped acoustic performance of this in May, so it's great to hear it in all its glory. This is my favourite chorus of the whole album, as Newt brings in a secondary guitar laden with a post 50s type funk effect to accompany his acoustic style. I love this one. It may well be my favourite.

Clouds- I think this'll be the first single on the album. Again Newton shows off his percussive skills and it's hard to believe that the intro really is just one guitar. The lyrics again are superb here, and there's elements of experimentation , new instruments and effects have been brought into the chorus to make this another wonderful tune. This I think will become a live favourite during this festival summer!

Pick Up Your Broken Heart- this was one of my favorites live, and the studio version does not disappoint. This is traditional Newton and reminds me a lot of 'Uncomfortably Slow' or 'So Much' off Album no. 2. There's obviously a lot going on in Newton's head while he writes, there's some lyrical stuff hear that I can't even begin to understand!

Long Shot- this is a much simpler song musically, but in no means less interesting. While Newton is obviously a massively talented guitar player, his vocal talent is shown here just as much. This sounds like a song most guitar players will begin to learn themselves first. It's perfect for low-key sing-a-longs, campfires, and festivals. I can't wait to hear this one again at V fest.

Write it On Your Skin- here we have it, the title track. When this was released on the EP a few months ago I was mind-blown, I wasn't sure whether Newton was going to go back to hand built, or continue the up-tempo sound of rebuilt, but instead its something completely different! This will be a lot of people's favourite. The lyrics are simple and feel good, the music is again excellent, and the chorus is just superb, with a classic vibe that's unmistakably Newton. No one writes tunes like this, no one but him. The bridge and chorus will never, ever get old.

In the Morning- I think the album needs this tune to cool down after the title track. It's a lovely song and reminds me a lot of 'I took it out on you'. But it's definitely different. Most artists tend to lag behind at this point in an album, but not here. This is a tune you could fall asleep to, or dance to! Newton's versatility in my opinion is the key to his success!

Against the Grain- this is my favourite song on the album. Without a doubt. Because it's just classic Newton! There's just nothing I dislike about this tune, the guy's vocals are just superb, and how he can progress through about 100 chords while singing the way he does is amazing. Lyrics are again heart-felt! It's one we shouldn't try to understand, just enjoy.

Sugar in the Snow- I hear an element of 'blues brothers' in here, as Newton picks up the tempo again to finish the album. This is one for parties after most people have left, it's a great feel-good tune. The end of the album is just as captivating as the beginning.

The album ends with a series of acoustic tunes that sound completely different stripped down. They give people a taste of what's to come in Newton's upcoming live performances which I believe will blow the world away!

This is a work of art Newton, please don't make it your last!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 12 July 2012
This is a great album. I loved his first album, Handbuilt by Robots. His second Rebuilt by Humans wasn't quite up there with the first. However, Write It On Your Skin is as good as - if not better than - the first album.
There are some personal favourites - Clouds is sublime, Write it On Your Skin gets right under your skin and you'll find yourself humming it as you wander around.
The pack that I bought includes some extra acoustic versions of both new and old songs...and an excellent DVD of a concert performed in front of a small select few - this is outstanding and shows the world just what the man can do (I've seen him a couple of times and he hasn't failed to impress so far - how DOES he play like that...mind bogglingly amazing).
A great third album from Newt - go out and won't be disappointed!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 12 July 2012
Newton Faulkner is a gifted guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He combines a raw talent with a great ear for a tune, but hasn't produced any material that feels either derivative or cliched. He confesses to having very little guitar/singer-songwriter artists on his personal playlists which seems remarkable. Live he is quite quite brilliant on guitar; again, remarkable when you consider he's singing along at the same time.

This being his third album there is always the need to demonstrate something new, while also not wanting to alienate your original fans. I'm not convinced artists have to always reinvent themselves, but show me how you've grown. In this aspect Newton's 3rd album is bang on the money. By roping in his brothers support the album does feel somewhat more mainstream - the beats and big-ness of some of the songs is some distance from the fragile beauty of earlier tracks (and the, sadly missing from this album, interludes).

The album benefits from a more direct choice of songs. Apart from the extra acoustic tracks - all superb - the album has TEN new songs, which represents both confidence in their quality and a clear sense of needing to present a more concise summary of what Newton's got to offer. Much as there is value in money with a fifteen plus tracks album, there is the increased likelihood a few tracks will be duffers.

There are no duff tracks on this album. The foot-stomping opener, 'Pulling Teeth', the lyrical beauty of 'Clouds' and 'Longshot', and the sublime 'Pick Up Your Broken Heart'. I warmly and strongly commend this British artists at the peak of his powers. This is a thoughtful and energetic album - I can't stop listening to it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 9 January 2013
I fell in love with ol' Newton, way back in the faraway realm of 2007. It was a simpler time for music: The nineties were a quaint, distant memory, humming in the background and the horrors of Justin Bieber were not yet upon us. It was peaceful, and in amongst our tranquility, Newton Faulkner provided the soundtrack for a world that didn't know how good they had it.

And now, here we are in early 2013 and all hell has broken loose. Guns and Roses are back without Slash? Surely not! Jimi Hendrix is releasing new music? You're mad! Crazed Korean's and out-of-tune American school girls are dominating the charts (and the world)? Actually, I can believe that one. It does appear then, for all intents and purposes, that the world really did end in 2012.

But wait, what's that? Newton Faulkner is still making music? You mean, he didn't drown in the sea of evil that seems to have wiped out the majority of all other talented musicians? He built a raft, you say? Ah. That sounds like him.

So yes, Newton is again back with his third offering 'Write it on Your Skin', his shortest and by far, most memorably brilliant album to date. Newton's songwriting appears to have moved from strength to strength with each passing CD. 'Handbuilt' was excellent, 'Rebuilt' was phenomenal and 'Skin' is just perfection. Each song flows together seamlessly and we are left with a musical experience similar to reading a novel or watching a film. We begin with the thumping tunes in 'Pulling Teeth' and 'Brick by Brick' before moving onto the typically slower, almost ballad-like anthems of 'Pick up Your Broken Heart' and 'Sugar in the Snow'; the emotional roller coaster taking us from the highs of pure euphoria, to the depths of confusion and sorrow, with each song playing its part in filling in the 'everything in between'. Every song is of a phenomenally high standard, both lyrically and instrumentally. This Deluxe edition even contains six juicy acoustic MP3's and videos to accompany, all rolling together to round of this package beautifully, creating what should be one of the most important albums of the year.

Perfection. I think that is all that really needs to be said. (Maybe not the first three paragraphs.)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 17 July 2012
Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Newton Faulkner returns with his third album!

I was lucky enough to see Newton perform many of these songs live at a small concert called "Zermatt Unplugged" back in April. I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the album ever since! In all honesty, the studio versions don't quite capture the magic he is able to deliver live on stage, but that doesn't stop this from being a brilliant album.

Every track is distinct and memorable, and at no point do I find myself wanting to skip to the next song. Nobody does feel-good music quite like Newton, and this release is no different with uplifting titles like
"Soon" and "Clouds" never failing to put a smile on my face. For me though, the most touching track on the album is "Pick Up Your Broken Heart", and hearing the crowd sing along to that chorus in concert is a moment I will never forget!

If you enjoyed either of Mr. Faulkner's first two albums, the decision is a no-brainer... Buy it now!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 19 July 2012
I Had Incredibly High Standards For This Man's Third Album After Falling So Intensely Head Over Heels In His Previous Masterpieces.
I Had Heard A Few Of The Songs From The New Album 'Write It On Your Skin' In A Magical Gig In Guildford- At G Live And Was Immensely Anticipating Its Release. The Arrangement Of The Album And Beauty Of The Positioning Make It So Perfect You Can Easily Find Yourself Drifting Off And Sitting Perfectly Still For The Entirety Of This Hand Made Piece Of Artwork.
It Is True How This Album Is Less Raw And Less Simple, But The Simplistic And Raw Talent In The Songs Is The Same As Ever.
I Accidently Bourght Two Of This Album. And It Was One Of The Best Mistakes Of My Life!!
He Has Done Us Proud, In A Happy Album That Will Stay With Me For My Entire Life.. Buy It.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 November 2012
Please buy this album. The songs on this album cement Newton Faulkners place as on of THE artists of the present time. I'm not normally one to gush in this somewhat girly manner but every now and again an album comes along that stops you in your tracks with great songs one after the other excuted with soul, passion and breathtaking craftmanship and you can't help but want to shout about it. There isn't a single song on this album that I don't enjoy from the brilliantly uplifting Clouds (my favourite song of the year) to the heart pulling Pick Up Your Broken Heart to the driving Soon. Simply a brilliant and inspiring album.
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This album is one of the biggest surprises of the year, for me. I really loved Newton's début album with the mix of quirky, yet heart-warming pieces and its many examples of his prodigious guitar playing talent, but his follow-up, that difficult "second album" was a bit of a disappointment, lacking the spark, inventiveness and originality of the first. I hadn't quite written off Newton, but suspected that he'd probably joined the vast club of many artists who have one great début, but never quite manage to repeat the magic. Thankfully, Newton Faulkner has proved me wrong and this, his third album, is extremely good indeed. It's a much more mature effort than his previous work and is the sound of a songwriter who has found his groove and is writing accomplished, meaningful songs without seeming trying too hard - the impression that his second album always left me with. The beautiful, crystal-clear voice and the masterful guitar are both present and correct here and, while not every track hits the spot, with songs such as "Clouds", "Pick Up Your Broken Heart", "Against The Grain" and, especially, the incredible "In The Morning", there are enough high quality tracks to leave the lasting impression that the album, as a whole, is something quite special.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 August 2012
Third times a charm ! Dream catch me from Hand Built By Robots is 1of the greatest songs ever. Rebuilt By Humans was a progression with more great songs.
What he has managed here is special so many songs stand out and a bigger, confident sound. With this edition the acoustic songs sound amazing.
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