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on 27 September 2012
I am a Contigo devotee, having purchased many of their products over the years. I have several models, for water, coffee, etc.

In planning a 3-day hunting excursion, I bought two new Contigos for me and my brother. The locking mechanism on this one sold me, as we keep them inside our jackets, and while hiking the button gets bumped now and then. Before I bought them, I was sure to check the heat retention claims. Well, I can tell you... they're FALSE. This Contigo does not keep hot drinks hot. I noticed this at work, at home, and then tonight decided to actually test the old versus the new.

We filled each container with hot water and then took temperature measurements. See the results for yourself.

+00h 10m: New: 125 --- Old: 128

+00h 20m: New: 121 ----- Old: 126

+00h 30m: New: 117 -------- Old: 125

+00h 50m: New: 111 ----------- Old: 122

+01h 10m: New: 108 ------------ Old: 120

+01h 30m: New: 104 -------------- Old: 118

+02h 00m: New: 99 ---------------- Old: 115

+03h 00m: New: 91 -------------------- Old: 111

+04h 00m: New: 87 -------------------- Old: 107

I'm really disappointed. I *love* this brand, the "upgrades" weren't cheap, and I feel like I've been burned... heh, by lukewarm coffee.

I'm just glad I found out about this before we got up on the mountain.
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on 22 November 2012
This Contigo mug is brilliant and is perfect for what I wanted. I spent ages deliberating about which type of travel mug to get and eventually went for this one (risking the price). Im very pleased it truly is no-spill, no-leak,turn-upside-downable, stuff-in-the-bottom-of-your-bagable! The extra locking device on this lid (compared to some other models which don't have it - took me a while to realise the difference) really does work very well. I completly trust it in the bottom of my bag.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It keeps your drink hot for hours - I have burnt my mouth. It says to put in drinks at 90 degrees. I've learnt my lesson with this one and will be letting the drink cool for a while before I put the lid on otherwise its too hot to drink for at least an hour and a half!

I use this mug for university and intend to make use of it when I'm out walking too.

It is quite large but isn't bulky - I like my massive mugs of tea but I'm sure the smaller sizes are equally as good.

And to top it off: it looks good, is easy to hold and it's easy to drink from!
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on 25 August 2015
It starting leaking after about 5 months use. The leak got progressively worse. It isn't usable now. I haven't dropped it or damaged it in any way. I did on one occasion put it in the dish washer (before it leaked). It does say that it is dish washer safe on the instructions.
I bought this mug after originally buying one of the Contigo West Loop 470ml mugs (which is still fine after 2 1/2 years!). I love it and have recommended to several friends who have subsequently bought one. Both these mugs get a lot of use - almost every working day.
It seems there are others with the same problem. So I am not alone.
I contacted Contigo directly and they can't replace under warranty because I live outside the US. They didn't answer my question - What caused it to split? The tone of the reply indicates that this is a manufacturing or material fault. If I lived in the US they would replace.
I think that the smaller 470ml West Loop has better plastic. There are much cheaper similar mugs available so I assumed I was buying a quality product. I have attached a picture showing the crack in the lid – it is a circular crack in line with the thread. Really disappointed.
review image
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on 20 December 2014
I use this mug every single day, making it worth every penny, in my opinion.

I fill it with coffee at 6am, throw it into my back back, take it to work and am still sipping on warm coffee by mid afternoon... during which time my co-workers have remade numerous brews, each time throwing cold dregs down the sink.

During the summer, it kept juice (and wine) lovely and cool on hikes and picnics.

It's never leaked.

I bought a friend the smaller size for a travelling adventure around Europe. She said it was the most useful thing she owned during her time away.

I can't fault it.
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on 28 February 2013
Summary: Great concept, a few annoying niggles, poor customer service.

I've had this a year now. Or, I should say, I've had one of these for a year now. In general, it's been excellent - keeps drinks warm for hours, easy to drink from, and keeps the drink inside the flask when stuffed into a bag for travel. However -- I've had one flask returned for replacement, after the rubber seal inside the lid tore and it started leaking liquid. The returns process through Contigo was very unhelpful, getting absolutely no response from the company despite multiple attempts to contact them. Perhaps I did something wrong; but in that case, their contact methods are too obscure to fathom. This return is also my only bad experience of Amazon returns -- they initially required me to go back to Contigo, and only when I had no response from Contigo would they replace the product for me. This soured my customer experience somewhat.

The product itself is very good, a solidly built flask which survives the rough and tumble of my daily commute very well, and washes sparkly-clean on the top rack of my dishwasher. The button to release the drink is positive in action and the lid screws on securely. Almost too securely - it's easy to get it too tight to easily undo! The lock on the button is positive and works well; as long as I've remembered to engage it before travelling the flask has never leaked.

Beyond the customer service glitch, seal failure, and periodic difficulty opening the flask, my remaining concern is that the lid itself has little insulation and along with the top of the flask seems to allow the drink inside to cool more than I'd like. In an insulated flask for all-day use I think this would be a problem; for me wanting to keep my drink warm for on the order of 2-3 hours, it's fine.

Verdict: Four stars for performing well as a commuter coffee-mug, but perhaps not the best option for all-day use and with some concerns about seal longevity and customer care. I would buy one again, but not without slight reservations.
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on 16 January 2015
Holds most of a fresh pot, the remainder goes in my mug. Tea cosy is a thing of the past!

That said the seal on my now quite old Aria is not secure even when locked and leaks very slightly. It was awesome before though and I still travel with it.

Keeps tea warm for hours, like 8 if filled to the brim. Its ridiculous at keeping in the heat but once theres air in it this time goes down. I'm currently drinking tea that I brewed five hours ago and its only just the perfect temperature and that only because its half empty!!
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on 7 March 2015
Twice the cap has split at the drinking spout - despite not being dropped. It is said to be dishwasher proof but I'm wondering if this is why the cap has split - though it could also be the type of brittle plastic used not being durable. I ordered a replacement cap which cost £20 from contigo and the same happened again within a few months. The plastic on my contigo west loop (different design) is sturdier and that cap hasn't needed replacing despite being 24 months older than this model. The rubber on the base of this model has also fallen off now, I would not recommend this model. Amazon says its not eligible for return as I had this 15 months - but I always thought a product was meant to be durable and fit for purpose for the expected lifetime of the product, £28 for a cup that only lasted 6m before the lid split isn't good value and I replaced the lid myself (though I wish I had returned the product to Amazon in retrospect) and it broke in the exact same spot again. I'd say the type of plastic used wasn't durable. I found the product to be no longer fit for purpose after a few months. Not recommended. Not impressed with Amazon on this occasion either due to the "not eligable for return" policy. It was only used around the house and was washed in the dish washer as instructions said.
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on 2 November 2015
As others have posted here, I too am a huge fan of Contigo's travel mugs and have found no cause for complaint with their 470ml version which I have had for longer (and doesn't leak). Additionally, I have bought mugs as presents for others who have become Contigo converts!

Sadly, however, after only 5 months of use the lid on this product has started leaking. Upon closer inspection, it would appear that the autoseal button has come away from the rubber casing around it leaving an observable gap where scalding liquid pours through when drinking (not a great experience).

As I believed Contigo to take pride in their products I contacted their European contingent in Belgium and asked about a replacement product or lid. They directed me back to Amazon. Amazon, to their credit, have offered me a full refund, plus postage for this product.

However, it is disappointing as I really liked the larger size of this mug.
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on 1 November 2014
Nice bit of kit, holds two mugs of tea/coffee and keeps them nice and hot for a good while. Only docked it a star due to it not fitting in my vans cup holder, however as its a non drip design its not that much of a biggie. The neck is nice and wide so easy to pour your drink/soup in and the push button design works really well.
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Very good cup/flask, little larger than I was expecting but whose complaining. Made of study aluminium without an interior glass flash thank heavens, has a screw on top with small hole for the drink to come out of when the trigger is pressed.

Have tried it on several occasions and I find that it keeps drinks hot for about 3.5/ 4 hours (depends on the amount of milk used) and warm for about 7. Pretty good but a word of warning, do let the pressure out (just press the trigger) before putting to your lips to drink. I forgot once and got a small blast of very hot coffee - good and bad really as if I'd put coffee in my mouth at that temp I'd have burnt myself. It was the first time I'd used it and even with not quite boiling liquid inside(as per pretty good instructions) it was that hot after 2 hours. Recommended.
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