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4.5 out of 5 stars61
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Size: 14-42mm Lens|Change
Price:£384.98+ Free shipping
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on 29 November 2012
I am well experienced in the use of the Panasonic Lumix G series having previously owned a G2 and currently owning a G3 and a G5. The G5 is a great improvement on the previous models especially for handling. In their efforts to make the G3 smaller, Panasonic drastically reduced the size of the handgrip making it hard to hold firmly without accidentally pressing the buttons on the back of the camera. The grip on the G5 has not only returned to roughly the same size as that on the G2 but has been enhanced by being leather and having indentations for your middle finger and your thumb, and your fore finger falls naturally onto the shutter release button as the top plate has a slight incline where it meets the grip. Also the video recording button has been more sensibly moved to the top plate. The G2 had some fiddly awkward to use controls on the left hand side of the top plate which were moved to the menu on the G3 and have stayed there for the G5.

Picture quality is better and even at 3,200 ISO there is little evidence of noise. There is a good sensitivity range from 160 to 12,800 although I would have liked some lower settings such as 100 or 50 to help if you want to use a slow shutter speed in bright light. Several shooting modes are available from intelligent auto, scene and creative through to program shift, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual so there is something there for everyone from `point and shooters' to enthusiasts. Four custom modes can be set to remember your preferred settings for different situations. Shutter speeds are from 60 seconds to 1/4000 plus bulb up to 2 minutes. The autofocus is fast and the camera can shoot at up to 20 frames a second without raw files or 6 with raw files so capturing action is easy. Other drive modes include auto bracket and a variable self-timer. There is also a good selection of metering and focusing options.

Some useful additions have been made including a spirit level, the option of using an electronic shutter (quieter & less intrusive than the noisy mechanical one) and in camera hdr.

The G5 is a great little camera, albeit a little pricey.
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on 30 June 2014
My wife got a G6 recently and I saw these G5's now heavily discounted so I bought one. I have been an occasional amateur photographer for about 50 years - more off than on. I had a Contax SLR but switched to just snapping with Canon Powershots ( absolutely fine cameras ) when the days of film cameras ended - somehow never switched to DSLR's.

One major advantage of the micro 4/3 system is that I can use all my old SLR lenses on this body easily with adapters and since I was brought up using cameras in the days before AE. AF etc, its absolutely no hassle for me - and its something I enjoy in fact - to use the G5 in manual mode or with AE.

I've run off about 500 shots in the few weeks that I've had the G5 - on the kit lenses and various legacy lenses - mainly Zeiss Planar/Sonnars and Tamron SP2's. Really pleased with the ease with which I can get good images.

The controls are pretty straightforward and the menu system is intuitive - I got used to it in a few hours. I don't use the touch screen much - the electronic viewfinder is fine and I have had no probs getting sharp focus with manual lenses.

The image stabilisation in the lumix kit lenses seems to work well and I have got sharp images with just press and shoot on the iA mode when I would have normally needed to brace for hand held or use a tripod - e.g. on the 45-140 kit lens at 140 mm.

For the price these are going at this is a no-brainer. If I ever feel rich, I'd probably get an Olympus OM-d EM10 body to use as well - just for the ibis stabilisation system to use with the old lenses but these are selling on Amazon at nearly twice the price of the G5.

The only slight negative is that this is a very small and light camera which is great for travelling - but its easier for me to hold a DSLR. The other concern I have is that I would be dubious about hanging a fairly heavy 300mm Tamron off a G5 body on a tripod - could do with a lens support but I will probably cobble something together to get round this.

The differences between the G5 and G6 for me don't outway the price difference.
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The idea of the Micro Four-Thirds system - DSLR performance and flexibility without the size and weight - really appealed to me, but I didn't like Olympus' retro styling, and Panasonic's first couple of G series cameras, the G1 and G2, weren't that much smaller than low-end DSLRs. Then Panasonic launched the G3, an M43 camera that was noticeably smaller than equivalent DSLRs, and I took the plunge.

I loved (and still love) the G3 - by far my favorite digital camera of the numerous models I've used. It takes still images that are comparable with those I can get from my Canon EOS 550D - the only area where it loses out to the EOS is in very low-light photography. In terms of video recording, it's in a different league from the EOS, which is seriously compromised as a video camera - the G3 is superb for video. And it manages this in a body which is two-thirds the size and weight of an EOS.

When the G5 was announced, I couldn't see any reason to upgrade from the G3 - and then I noticed the button layout. One of my few gripes about the G3 was the lack of a dedicated focus/exposure lock button - it seems I wasn't alone in this, as Panasonic have added one to the G5, in a sensible place where it is easy to use. That alone was enough to tempt me, and eventually I weakened...

I've now been using the G5 for a week, and guess what? I have a new favorite camera... The G5 does everything the G3 did, just as well as the G3 did it. The main difference between the two is in handling - the new hand grip and the redesign of the buttons, and the addition of an eye sensor to detect when the viewfinder is in use. These are small changes, but they make the G5 so much nicer to use than the G3. Cleverly, they haven't added much size to the camera - the body is slightly thicker, but this is compensated for by the viewfinder protruding less than it did on the G3, and the handgrip is still shorter than any lens, so the overall dimensions in use haven't changed.

There are other improvements as well - the maximum ISO has doubled to 12,800, and the quality of low-light shots has improved noticeably. The rear LCD is higher resolution and faster to respond, and this difference is very noticeable, and the menus have been redesigned to make use of the new screen, and look a lot better as a result.

I'm not quite convinced that I can sell my EOS and use the G5 for everything from now on, but I'm not far off it. This is a superb camera, excellent for both stills and video, with a wide range of lenses and accessories, and with the M43 advantage of small size and weight. If you are in the market for a camera at this price point, I'd recommend it without reservation.
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on 3 August 2013
I used to own a Nikon D70 DSLR but sold it and all it's equipment in favour of a Panasonic FZ200 bridge camaera because I was finding it difficult to carry round the heavy equipment (camera, lenses, tripod etc). Lightness, size and image quality were important considerations for me hence my choice of the bridge camera. Now although I love my FZ200 (a cracking little camera itself) I missed the extra creative control and intuitive feel of using zoom and focus rings. Also, I enjoy doing close-up and macro photography and the FZ200 wasn't quite "cutting the mustard for me". My high opinion of the FZ200 was a large influence in my choice of researching the micro four thirds system and the price, weight of camera and it's lenses, reviews (e.g. Ephotozine, Which Camera, Amateur Photographer etc) made the Panasonic G5 an attractive proposition.

The camera itself is certainly very small for an interchangeable lens camera but having said that it's comfortable to hold and carry in the hand. The position of the controls are very well thought out and easy to reach without having to look to see where they are. Also, there are 3 function buttons (most cameras only have 2) to which you can assign frequently used camera controls etc for convenience and/or speed. The camera itself is certainly very light, a big plus point for me yet feels substantial in the hand. The build quality is also excellent, especially given the price.

I was very surprised at the speed with which the G5 responded and in that respect it's a delight. It locks on to the subject quickly without hunting and responds quickly to use of the controls. Especially useful is the little box in the display which you can set to come up when using the focus ring. This magnifies the part of the image you are trying to focus on in order to obtain super sharp focus. The box can also be moved to different parts of the image making it a dream to decide where the main point of your focus is if wishing to use differential focus/depth of field. This is also a big bonus for doing close-up/macro work.

Although the camera itself has no image stabilisation the Panasonic lenses do and it works well. The lenses themselves are also of good quality. Camera image quality is superb and I've been really pleased with the results. Pictures are sharp, clear with good colour reproduction and good contrast. I've yet to experience any noise but then I haven't had to go any higher than ISO400 yet.

If I have any complaints at all I would say it's in the battery life - it's ok but not as long as it could be compared to some cameras. However this hasn't been a problem as it takes the same battery as my FZ200 so I have two genuine Panasonic batteries. I also have a compatible battery giving me three batteries in total - more than sufficient!

Overall I'm exceptionally pleased with this camera - build quality, weight, size, image quality, speedy response and ease of use are all plus points. Without a doubt this is the best camera I've ever owned and I cannot fault it.
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on 1 April 2013
After long consideration I bought this camera body as an upgrade to the G3 which I already had.
The camera bodies are very similar overall but the improvement in grip and button layout was well worth the upgrade.
The G5 is slightly larger but this is not immediately obvious when handling the camera. More noticeable is the apparent difference in weight with the G5 feeling lighter although it is actually heavier.
The IQ of the G5 may be better but only marginally so. Both cameras produce images which can be printed at 13 x 19" (A3+) and look good under close examination.
A major advantage to me is the electronic shutter on the G5 which significantly reduces the image blurring which could appear using the G3 with certain lenses at some shutter speeds. This only operates up to 1/1600s and cannot be used with flash but in practice this is not a problem.
Overall I am very pleased with the improvements that the G5 has brought to my photography.
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on 4 September 2012
I too have had this camera for over a week now.
I don't usually feel the need to write reviews myself but this camera is so good that I decided I really had to!

I only recently starting taking photos seriously, having bought a GF2 in January (not knowing at that point if I would get into it seriously enough to appreciate full manual controls).

Since then, my photography has really taken off and I felt I was being limited by the hardware of the GF2 (lack of viewfinder, slow autofocus, lack of remote shutter socket, etc.) so was looking at upgrading to the G3.

Instead, I took the plunge and bought the G5 and I'm so glad I did!
I can't tell you how the G5 compares to the G3, but from the perspective of someone who owns an older M43 camera wanting to upgrade, short of spending £1000 on an Olympus EM-5 I can't see a better M43 option.

I'm using the Panasonic 20mm pancake and the 45-200mm telephoto lenses (which are both fantastic) and am really happy with what I can capture.

The LCD screen is excellent, high resolution and responsive to touch.
The electronic viewfinder is also excellent, especially in bright conditions.
The two can be used in conjunction as a new feature called "touchpad" which allows you to select using the LCD screen where to autofocus, while looking down the viewfinder.

Speaking of the autofocus, so far I've found it to be generally excellent. It's mostly very fast and accurate, although in low light has occasionally struggled.

Other new features of note are the function lever, situated just behind the shutter button, which allows control of the power zoom or I've been using it to select aperture size, while leaving the wheel for changing the shutter speed.
The G5 also has the ability to produce onboard HDR images, and has a wealth of creative and colour modes (the same as found on the recent GF5).

The G5 is also extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and features a larger grip to that of the G3. The battery in the G5 is the same as that in the GH2 and allows for around 320 shots per charge.

All in all, so glad I bought this camera!

To see the G5 in action, check out my photos at: <...>
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on 2 August 2013
I have always wanted a good camera,having just returned from holiday I decided that my cannon T90 was too bulky for carrying around all the time so a more compact quality camera was looked for.Based on articals that I had read and confidence in the brand I looked at the Lumix series of cameras and became eager to take advantage of one of the offers being made on the G5 camera.To cut a long story short I purchased the G5,and received an additional telephoto lens from Panasonic free of charge.At this time I am using the camera in its fully automatic mode whilst I learn the host of other features it has to offer.The camera is light,compact,good looking,and well made,to say that I am pleased with my purchase is an understatement.The only downside in my purchase is my desire to now purchase additional lens to add to the cameras wide ability once I have improved my own ability.
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on 22 January 2013
I love the size and weight of this camera, I can carry camera and two other lenses and its less than a quarter of the weight I used to carry with my Canon gear.
The G5 looks and feels just like a miniature DSLR. The controls and usability are very good also the pictures taken with the kit lens are of excellent quality. I have owned this camera for just a week and wish I had bought it last year.
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on 23 March 2013
There is a bewildering range of bridge cameras and DSLRs out there, so why did I choose the Lumix G5 (apart from its Which Best Buy rating)?
Over the past couple of years I've become increasingly dissatisfied with compact cameras. I had gone upmarket with a Canon S100, a previous Best Buy, original list price about £400. Great little camera in some ways but there is no viewfinder, the screen is quite small and adjusting the settings is quite fiddly and not really to be done on the go. Also, time to ready and time between shot is slow. Low light indoors shots were particularly disappointing - not noticeably better than my Casio Exilim Ex H5, also a Best Buy in its class and still an outstanding camera for what it is in my view.
So what was I looking for in a DSLR? Viewfinder, obviously; low bulk/weight; good low light/artificial light performance; manual zoom; speed. The Lumix G3 looked to be the business but the price went up around New Year and wasn't looking so competitive compared to the G5 which seemed to have better features and better low light performance in particular.
And what have I found? Well I know cameras have moved on, but I am frankly amazed! The G5 comes with a handy little booklet of basic operating instructions, but once you have mastered pages 2 1 to 29 you have all you need! There is a full 200 pages-plus manual as well but you don't need this on a routine basis.
So how does it work? There's a really clever scene-matching mode which enables you to dial in the effects you want: portraits for example, but still compensate e.g. for dark background. Or you can use the Intelligent Auto mode which still allows you to adjust the depth of focus, brightness and colour balance in the viewfinder. Or you can use full manual modes. I think this may have been the camera I have been looking for all my life: with the Intelligent Auto mode I can get most of the flexibility of manual operation with most of the hassle cut out: this is a real plus if you wear glasses and can't forever to putting them on and off to make fine adjustments - as was the case with the Canon. Up and ready time and time between shots and burst mode are all very good.
There are also some really cool features I haven't quite figured a use for: like triggering the shutter when the picture is in focus just by touching the screen! Oh yes and the addition of an eye sensor to detect when the viewfinder is in use. And the touch screen works really well.
Any drawbacks? None found so far: there was some suggestion that the G3 at least was very heavy on batteries and that there was a problem with non-OEM substitutes. For the G5, Panasonic claims 300+ shots, which is better than the Canon S100. I've found that this is a fair claim and I've also found supposedly OEM spares for a reasonable price. So no problem there.
Anything missing? I think wifi is the way forward . G5 doesn't have this but you can use the cable supplied e.g. so you can upload to your iPad pretty much in real time (get a cheap connector from Amazon for this). Also, for the money maybe 16 megapixels is a bit low. But the results do look great.
Now, a previous viewer knocked off a star because, he said, his thumb kept hitting the "white balance" button. This is actually quite low down on the camera body so I don't see how this can be a problem: my thumb is nowhere near it. Perhaps he was referring to another camera. The G5 is a great ergonomically designed camera.
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on 8 February 2013
I bought this to take pictures of my new grandaughter and have been very pleased with the whole package.
The camera is small and light in weight, but easy to grip and hold in one hand.
The folding LCD display is great when taking pictures from funny angles.
There are loads of automatic and manual options which are fun to experiment with.
Set it to auto and it just takes good pictures with no fuss.
I particularly like burst mode for capturing just the right expression when your subject isn't blinking or pulling a face.
The bright electronic viewfinder is excellent when high ambient light makes the lcd screen difficult to see.
I also much appreciate the simple diopter adjustment on the viewfinder which accomodates for my short sight.
You need to buy a memory card separately. Go for the biggest fastest you can afford - e.g.SANDISK Extreme Pro 16GB.
Finally I did a good deal of research against other brands and of the standard lenses.
I have found the standard Panasonic H-FS014042 14-42 is perfectly good for most purposes from landscapes to portraits, and indoor and out in varying light levels.
This package with the standard 14-42 lens is very good value for money.
Decisive factors for me are the electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment, good quality standard zoom lens, in a value for money package.
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