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3.6 out of 5 stars66
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2013
A good ,consistent album.

On initial playing the album didn't seem that accessible with "Judas" being the standout song .However ,after repeat playing the songs start to reveal themselves & the album grew on me .

My favourite songs are This is my god ,Lost Worlds ,Judas ,A world without heaven & These are the hands .I wasn't keen on the hook chorus of Karma Killer & Chosen ones & Eyes of the young are a little commercial/poppy for my tastes but generally the album has good & interesting variety.

This has been playing in my car for several weeks & as the album seems to get better with each listen i haven't tired of it.

Overall ,a very decent effort & i'm glad i made the purchase & am now getting tickets to see them.
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on 26 January 2016
I was fortunate enough to meet Richard, the lead singer, outside Macdonalds in Ipswich just before Christmas! I was wearing an old Maiden hoodie having just dropped my better half off at work! I know teachers huh! Well we got talking and his parting shot was to have another look at this album! I didn't recognise him initially but now inspired I bought the album!

Well, what can I say brilliant! I love Maiden and I loved them as a boy! This album though is like Iron Maiden matured and grown up! Richard Taylor has taken a lot of flack for his vocals but I really like them. There is a hook and appeal there! No screaming just a bright , enthusiasm that is well controlled and satisfying!

There are lots of Maidenesque twin guitar hooks and characteristic Steve Harris base lines. Judas is such a good song.

If Phil Moog had sung for Maiden this would be the sound!

Give you ears a treat!

Oh and Richard next time you are down for a coffee a Big Mac meal is yours !
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on 24 September 2012
Very different to maiden. Vocalist Richard Taylor sounds to me like Steve Hogarth of marillion, good voice, holds a note, but i would of liked a bit more power in his voice.Guitars have a very modern feel to the sound-loads of wah-wah & fuzz. Drums/keyboards standard fare.
track 1 "this is my god",a lot of queens of the stone age vibe to this
track 2 "lost worlds",a similar sound to foo fighters
track 3 "karma killer",this is where i get the marillion sound
track 4 "us against the world", like track 3,but with a "thunder" style guitar rhythm
track 5 "the chosen ones",best track on c.d. a lot of ufo influence on this. i like this,steve.
track 6 "a world without heaven",the one maiden fans will like similar in places to "bring your daughter to the slaughter"
track 7 "judas",similar to "muse" at the beginning,tempo change- acoustic-like uli jon roth era scorpions
track 8 "eyes of the young",got a "boston" style guitar layering with a pete way (ufo)bass rhythm
track 9 "these are the hands",a 2000 era type guitar playing on this, with a latter day "rush" prescence to it
track 10"the lesson",most albums have a slow track, this is the one for this album.its ok,not my cup of tea.
Overall not too bad an album, its different to the normal iron maiden output.
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on 5 September 2015
Took a couple of listens to really see the quality of this album. There are some definate Maiden type guitar solos in some songs but its also interesting when listening to the songs to here myself saying, that sounds a bit like Magnum, or Foo Fighters, or Kings of the Stone Age etc, Not that this is an album trying to sound like anyone else, its just you can here some things that remind you of other groups.
Its a great album in its own right, although I agree with others in that the vocals could be a bit stronger.
This is my favourite album at the mo, just downloaded it (Sept 2015) when I came across it when downloading Maidens The Book Of Souls.
Steve Harris is a genius song writer and should be acknowledged way more than I think he is.
Cant wait for the next album and looking out for their next tour dates.
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on 20 October 2012
What a Fantastic new album by Steve harris, great singer song writers draw you into their world with great melodic tunes.Something for everybody young and old,a must hear album that you'll want to play over and over again. And if you are an Iron Maiden fan and have waited to hear one of it's original founders Steve Harris first solo album,your in for a treat, let me tell you this album is up there with the greats and would hope he carries on doing what he's doing,and that's making great music.
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on 30 September 2012
Below is an honest review of this album.

When listening to this album it is important to remember that this is NOT iron maiden.

Lots of people have said, I'm not comparing this to Iron Maiden and then go on to do just that. Although many of the tunes on here are similar in style to lesser known tunes on Maidens album Fear of the Dark, and Steve Harris is the main man here, this isn't Maiden.

As an album this is a grower in places. Some of the tracks are not instantly accessible but on 2nd or 3rd listens they become so. My first listen left me feeling a bit confused. Was not what I expected and to be honest i was a bit Underwhelmed. That was last Friday , and since then I have become hooked on this disc and have listened to it 3 times a day every day since.

I would definitely reccomend this to fans of the genre and urge to keep an open mind and have a few listens before making a judgement. The slightly negative reviews remind me of when X-Factor was released............this does not have Bruce Dickinson on it fools. Stop comparing it to Powerslave and take it for what it is!

The sound on the disc is much better to the crap sound on the free stream on the Maiden site (which was almost enough to make me cancel my order) - that being said, the worst thing about this is the production on 1 of the tracks. Steve Harris is'nt a producer. He is a song writer and musician. Unfortunately Kevin Shirley isnt wonderful either in my opinion......and judging from the opinion of many on the official Maiden Forum, I am not alone.

This is partly the reason I gave this 4 stars and not 5. Songwriting, performances, packaging great are all great, but the production on the first track in particular is dire. When listening to the CD it sounds like they are maybe 2 different albums. Track 1 is from 10 years ago, and the rest are all pretty well done. That being said the track itself is great, just could've been better.

The other reason I gave this 4 out of 5 is because I didnt enjoy one of the tracks 'Judas'. Out of 10 tracks, there are 8 great sounding well produced tunes. 1 turkey and 1 that could've been excellent. Not bad Mr Harris, not bad at all.........

standouts - us against the world, eyes of the young.
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on 1 October 2012
Interesting songs from the Maiden bassist. My main gripe, as with a lot of other reviews, is the mix is very poor. The vocals appear on every song almost like an apology. Otherwise some good instrumentals.
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on 30 November 2012
It goes without saying, that as the founding member, bassist and principle song-writer of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris is a genuine giant of rock and metal music. It also goes without saying that in Maiden's 30+ years of recording, some of their albums have been better that others.

Most would consider The X-Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998) to be weak points in Maiden's history. Both these albums shared some common features. In addition to being Maiden's weakest albums in terms of chart success, there were also the only two albums where Harris was the lead producer and both these albums featured Blaze Bayley on vocals. Now, one should not benchmark this 'British Lion' album against Maiden's output as it is a different creative force for Harris, but it is interesting that the flaws of the Blaze album, seem to be apparent with this British Lion album.

Like, the Blaze era Maiden albums, the biggest issue is not the songs. Rather, it is a weak vocalist who struggles on much of the material and, just as bad, terrible production that lacks dynamics. It's a real shame, because amongst the 10 tracks on offer, there are some very respectable songs here that are fine examples of hard classic rock delivered with a modern edge. The closing track, 'The Lesson', also shows Harris pursuing a musical direction that will take many by surprise and wonder why he will not allow Maiden to be a bit more expansive on their own albums?

A great bassist, admirable band leader, fine song writer but, it would seem, Harris isn't cut out for 'production'.
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on 24 September 2012
Having listened to this online 4 or 5 times, I have to say I am suprised to say I really like this album. I was basically expecting Maiden style songs without Bruce singing them. What you actually get is a strong set of songs that bear very little resemblance to Mr.Harris' full-time gig. I have seen reviews complaining that the singer doesn't sound like Bruce, he's not supposed to. He has a much softer style that suit the songs well. I would call this melodic hard-rock, metal it ain't. If you are looking for Maiden, go listen to them. But, if you fancy taking a chance on something different you may be pleasantly suprised. Highly recommended.
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on 6 October 2012
It took a few plays to get into but once you judge it on its own terms rather than comparing it to Steve Harris' other output, it's a cracking 50-odd minutes of music.
It feels like an album of two halves in some ways, there's what I would call the more 'metal half' - 'This Is My God, Lost Worlds, Karma Killer, Us Against The World' and 'Judas' with the other tracks being the more 'commercial and derivative but in a good way half' except for 'The Lesson', that is.
Not sure why there have been all the bitchy comments about the singer. No, he hasn't got the strongest voice ever and its definitely better suited to the more commercial songs but its still solid enough to carry the album, I think.

Track-by-track review as follows:
This Is My God - strong opener, grungy and driving, good emotional vocal as well.
Lost Worlds - Don't get the 'sounds a bit like Foo Fighters' comments, can't see that at all but it's all about opinion, isn't it! Has a similar feel to the opener but is different enough to stand on its own two feet. Took me a while to get into the change in tempo towards the end but liking it now.
Karma Killer - The first three songs really showcase the talents of all the musicians and this one especially. Snarling riff, tight drumming throbbing away underneath, simple but soaring chorus (no complaints about the vocalist from me here!)
Us Against The World - This could have been on any Maiden album and is the one which really shows the difference between the singer and Bruce Dickinson and it is difficult not to listen to this and not think how it would sound if Brucie was singing it. Great song though.
The Chosen Ones - I defy anyone who listens to this to not picture themselves, if they were hearing it live, jumping up and down and pumping their fists in the air.
A World Without Heaven - A bit overlong, this is the one song which leaves me a little bit cold, to be honest. Quite an eighties feel.
Judas - Heavy, catchy, great chorus. Spoilt slightly by the abrupt change in tempo after the 2nd chorus but quickly regains its lost momentum.
Eyes Of The Young - Very Who-ish. Good singalong chorus, another crowd-pleaser, easy to imagine yelling this at the top of your lungs at a gig.
These Are The Hands - Reminds me of Liberation Transmission era Lost Prophets! Not something I thought I would ever say about anything in Steve Harris' repertoire but there you go. Good solid song though.
The Lesson - Wow! Beautiful piece of music. I have always thought, given some of the other snippets of instrumental music Steve Harris has come up with over the years, he could score a film soundtrack. All the evidence you need is right here. And the singer puts in a brilliant shift on this song as well.
So, to sum up, if you can approach this on its own terms and not compare it to Maiden, you are in for 50 minutes or so of superb music. Well done to all concerned.
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