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3.6 out of 5 stars7
3.6 out of 5 stars
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So they say never judge a book by it's cover, but if I'm perfectly honest the only reason I signed up for this book tour is because I was won over by the cover and the fact that this was deemed to be only suitable for '17+' (that kinda makes me sound like I'm into really kinky s*** but I'm not I swear!). This novel really surprised me and I'd even go so far as to say that this is one of the best YA books I've read in a while. The story is really shocking and thought-provoking and yet at the same time there's a real romance going on between the two main characters which makes for a brilliant combination.

This book is such an easy read and I zipped through it all in one sitting. The story is compelling and addictive and I just had to keep reading to find out more. Whilst the cover may lead you to believe that this is your typical, sappy, teen romance novel - it's not. In fact, it addresses some pretty serious issues such as divorce, domestic violence, drug use and gang violence to name a few. This isn't the sort of romance that turns you into a crazy fan-girl because it's far too serious for that; however, it still gave me intense butterflies in my stomach whilst reading it. There are quite a lot of twists and turns towards the end which made this book an even more exciting read and the action builds up over the course of the novel with an explosive finish.

I thought that some parts of the novel weren't as well developed as they could've been, but this didn't bother me too much. Some might question the fast paced relationship between Logan and Chloe, but both characters were in pretty desperate situations at at the beginning so it's not that unrealistic to be honest. As both the main characters are very isolated during that summer, there aren't that many other characters so the story is really focussed on Chloe and Logan. Both characters are quite mature and you really admire their courage as they face things that most normal teenagers wouldn't be able to cope with. I loved the character development from beginning to end as it made me feel like the story had actually progressed unlike many other teen romances I've read. I didn't exactly feel 'connected' to the characters as, of course, I have absolutely no idea what it would be like to go through the things that they have and yet I still felt really drawn into the novel and captivated by Logan and Chloe.

This book was not at all was I was expecting. I had read the blurb beforehand so I knew that this wasn't your average young adult romance but i still wasn't prepared for such an deep and interesting read. I would highly recommend this to all fans of contemporary romance though, as it says in the summary, I would keep this away from younger teenagers because some scenes really aren't appropriate for them.
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on 21 August 2012
Let me begin by saying that Last Summer is not your average summer read. And it's not YA either, so don't expect any fluffiness. There's a small warning attached here - Last Summer deals heavily with issues such a drugs and using, contains strong language and sexual situations including explicit sex and a near rape scene. For mature audiences only, rated 17+.
Last Summer is a raw and emotional read about a girl trying to come to terms with her parents' divorce and her place in life, and a boy coming clean with an addiction problem. It's about how two people from two separate worlds come together to help heal wounds and broken hearts. And really, it was a powerful read.
Told from both the perspective of Logan and Chloe, here is a novel where dual perspectives work. I'm not a fan of it, but Rebecca has managed to weave the plot between the two so brilliantly that if it were told from one or the other, the overall effect would be completely lost.
Chloe and Logan are going through some tough crap. It's shocking to think that this is the life some kids have to actually deal with, and it's heartbreaking really. But that's what really stood out for me the most. No matter what crap is thrown their way, the pair tries their hardest to pull through. And the road is never easy, but their sheer determination is what captured me here.
I had real sympathy for the characters. With everything that was going on in Chloe's life - her father's cheating, her mother's alcoholism, Chloe could have turned out to be either a really bratty, annoying girl or a complete wuss. But Rebecca effortlessly made her a warrior, and through the entire novel I felt myself internally cheering her on, pom poms and all. As for Logan, most of the time I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be okay. I think out of all of it, I loved Logan the most. There was that irrational fear there of his family not accepting him anymore after one argument gets him tossed out of the house. His pride interferes with making amends, but thanks to Chloe he's able to come clean and push that pride away. And of course coming off drugs is not an easy thing to do.
If you are looking for a poignant, soul wrenchingly beautiful read this year, then make sure you check out Last Summer. Trust me when I say that you won't be disappointed. A wonderfully crafted novel that isn't overdone, Last Summer is definitely one of my favourite contemporaries this year.
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The Journey Begins
I have been waiting to read this book for many months now. Ever since I saw it and read the synopsis I was desperate to get my hands on the book. Luckily the book did not disappoint as I read it. It was a good, easy and quick read that was entertaining and one that I enjoyed. There were a few problems I had with the book, but nothing that fully deterred me from continuing the book and liking it. It dealt with a lot of issues throughout the book and was therefore a little stronger then some of the other books I have been reading lately but I still liked it. It is one that kept me interested and kept me intrigued in the characters and everything that was about to happen.

An Unexpected Turn
The plot of this book was really interesting. It was always full of something to keep you interested and there was never a truly dull moment. Everything fell apart to be able to fall back together again. It was nice to have the split POV as it helped to get inside of the characters' heads a bit more. To understand what they're both going through and why. In that ways it made their characters' a little bit more believable as well as the interactions that they had. It had all the workings of a climatic novel, starting out slow, getting more tense until the final showdown scene where things catapult. Rebecca did a great job of leaving the reader unsure if certain things were going to end in certain ways or not.

Unfortunately, there were places in this book that were also slightly stilted. Some of the dialogue seemed a little rough around the edges, as did some of the emotions. The book was fast-paced and sometimes it was hard to see how far the characters have come because you haven't personally witnessed the relationship come together in that way. There were times when the characters would behave as though they've known each other for weeks or months when they'd only met a few days before. Luckily though, this wasn't a major problem for me but it may not work for you, or it could be one of the best things about the book for you.

Players Lining Up
I liked Chloe and I could completely understand her settlement. For the past six months her parents were on the brink of disaster - she knew and they knew a divorce was on the way but they were all too willing to play pretend happy family for her for one last summer. While this hasn't happened to me persay, my parents are divorced and so I could sympathise with her predicament. She doesn't want to stick around in this world of lies and so she tries to find something to keep her mind at bay and that is when she meets Logan, a teenager addicted to drugs and she promises to save him. I liked that she said what was on her mind without worrying about the consequences and I enjoyed that she was still unsure about things. But there were still some things that annoyed me about her. I didn't like how easily she let Logan in. As a character who had never had a boyfriend before, it just seemed a little unrealistic but that could just be my thoughts.

Logan is a different ballgame altogether. I'm undecided as to whether or not I like him. I did at the beginning because I understood him. He was the bad boy who was the drug addict, he made some poor choices and this is who he became. I think if he had been a little more rough around the edges for longer than I would have liked him a bit more. As it were, he seemed to be able to give up his addiction too quickly for my liking. There were few side effects to his withdrawal and then he just seemed fine without it. It all seemed a little too unrealistic to me. Which is fine, I was able to look past it but if you're looking for a realistic style book on drugs, this book will not be the one for you. I did, however, like how Logan ended up at the very end of the book and think that if there was more of this in the earlier parts of the novel I'd be able to like his character a bit more.

The Final Whistle Blows
All in all this was an enjoyable and entertaining read. It should definitely be noted, however, that this will not be a book for everyone. Some people will truly love it but I can see that others may find it extremely dissatisfying. I found it to be a quick and easy read and, despite it's flaws, I found myself pulled into the story by the end, wanting to know exactly what had happened. I will say that even if I hadn't been posting this for the tour or even being sent it for review, I would have continued reading the book to the end. I was hooked to the words. I may have cringed from time to time but I still needed to know more, wanted to read on. As a writer there were a few things that I would change but really, this book was a decent read and one that I am entirely glad I got the chance to read. Here's hoping that you find yourself enjoying it too!
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on 15 August 2012
I'm a big fan of Rebecca A. Rogers work so when I found out she was trying her hand at a mature contemporary romance story, I was sold straight away. I love this genre so I was excited to see where Rebecca took her story, and let's just say she doesn't disappoint.

I won't re-cap the blurb because it says all you really need to know but I will say Logan's and Chloe's story is a difficult one. It touches on subjects such as drug abuse and a near-rape scene. Not only that, it's full of betrayal, heartache and loss, but also love, hope and journey of self-discovery.

Now because we get the story told from alternative point's of view, you really feel the force of what each character is going through. Chloe's parents are going through a divorce and Logan is a drug addict. Logan's story was so much worse than Chloe's because of his addiction and honestly, it wasn't pretty. I thought Rebecca did a very good job of portraying his addiction but also trying to get him to fix his life. Now Chloe's, I liked her story, I didn't think the whole Dad drama was necessary but I still enjoyed it.
I enjoyed the character's when they were together more as to when they were apart. They bought out their best qualities when they were together and their relationship was full of hope. It was nice to see a couple that had so many problems come together.

Overall, Last Summer was a good read. I's full of drama and heart-breaking scenes and it really ticked all the right boxes for me. A must read!
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on 23 August 2012
It's too good to be true.

Logan Andrews determined to leave the past behind and claim his family back. In order for him to come back to his family he had to change and the only person that can help him is Chloe. Chloe Sullivan is going through a rough time with her family. Her parents are having a divorce and she knows it'll be her last summer in the Lake House. She is determined to help Logan and she will do everything for him.

This is a story which makes you think and believe LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Brilliant characters but I wish I should have read more about Chloe's family. The story is focused on her helping Logan out of his addiction.

I was left hanging when I finished reading the book. I so do not like it when authors uses "ONE YEAR LATER" and does not really elaborate what happened in that year. Okay so she said something about what Chloe and Logan did to make their relationship work but not about Chloe's mum and Logan's family.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the book. It was a very quick read for me because the story is enjoyable and easy to relate to (even if I haven't done such a thing in my life). This book brought a lesson of believing in yourself and you can do whatever things for your love ones.

I will definitely recommend this book to everyone who likes the genre.
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on 6 August 2012
I was excited about reading this book after reading the book blurb.Although I must admit I am naive when it comes to the drug world, Rebecca did a great job at portraying the drug world. As I have already said I am naive when it comes to drugs so I was dubious about how quick a drug addict can recover but Rebecca addresses this issue in her own review and I think she did a great job of showing Logan' struggles.

What I loved about this book was how the story was told from Chloe and Logan' point of view. I really enjoyed getting to know each of them and seeing what made them tick.

At the heart this is a wonderful love story but both Chloe and Logan have there own issues to deal with and although Chloe originally sets out to help Logan he in turns helps her.

I loved Chloe she is so outspoken and wont take any nonsense from Logan.despite going through her own personal problems her devotion to helping Logan is touching

beautifully written but with some very serious issues that were written well
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on 9 September 2012
Having downloaded the sample of 'Last Summer' I was excited at how the novel would progress and characters develop but as I read more my excitement wained. The writing style changed completely and the characters seemed to develop split personalities. The major issues such as Logans drug addiction were dealt with in what seemed a matter of pages and both the main characters family's were extremely unrealistic.

The majority of the story is YA until an extremely out of character sex scene, which although graphic felt like it was written by an unexperienced teenage girl. The whole book over all was like a horribly written fan fiction, or at best, badly written first draft. The writter skimmed over alot of big issues as if they were unaffecting, which also lead me to believe that it was someone lacking emotional maturity and life experience in general. A terrible read, definitely would not recommend for anyone over the age of 16.
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