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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2014
This book, judging by the amount of raving reviews is an example of how we can't all like the same things. I struggled with this to the point that I almost gave up on it about 30% of the way in. By 50% it was a little more interesting and then by about 75% I actually wanted to get to the end. I'm not entirely sure what was wrong for me, primarily it was because I had no connection or even like for all the the characters. The world seemed interesting but I just wasn't grabbed. Sam is a Demon Imp, one who has lived as a human for 40 years, staying under the radar of the Angels who would kill her on site if she was discovered in the this realm. On this basis she begins an investigation into the death of werewolves along with Candy (a werewolf) and Wyatt, her human neighbour. Her aim, to kill an Angel, the one killing the werewolves. Then enter another Angel, Gregory. I have to say it was Gregory who slightly turned this story around for me. He made me see Sam in another light, and he was also the best drawn character. The end was satisfying and the last 25% of the story very good. Sam begins to show different sides to her character. I am now slightly curious and will go on to give the second book in the series a chance.
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on 31 May 2013
I have read all three books in this series so far and none disappoint.

This one introduces the main players for the series, as well as the world they reside in.
All the elements - angels, imps, humans, elves, demons - may sound a little random, a little thrown together, but they aren't.

There is a logic to how they interact and their world hangs together. It is based on a mixture of old myth with a twist- angels are, pretty much, as bad as the demons (only they have a superiority complex).

The humour and great characters in this series kept me reading for hours without voluntary break. The series is also well written with only the very occasional typo. Give it a go (as long as you're not offended by the odd, sizzling sex scene).
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on 24 September 2013
When I sat down to read this I was half expecting the usual urban fantasy heroine: damaged with social issues and the obligatory hard-ass snide comments which make us laugh and love the character despite her attitude. Sam (our demon protagonist) is a refreshing change from the 'good' heroines of other series, Debra Dunbar has done an excellent job of bringing to life a character who we somehow end up cheering on - even while she gleefully describes ripping apart humans or worse, 'Owning' them.

The setting of this series is in a world much like our own, but with the main players being angels on one side and demons on the other, Earth being the buffer zone. Angels are pretty much running the show on Earth and kill off demons who sneak in for their holidays. There are the usual individual tweaks that authors make to folklore to create their own story setting, which in this case I think work well to provide an interesting world. There is of course a romantic side to the story, I won't go into this too much as I don't want to give away any spoilers, the love interests are actually interesting people and any action is not just focussed on cringe-worthy descriptions of anatomy etc. the romance is not all soul-searching and debating whether things are right - she is a demon! Sam has a wonderful way with words and loves making people uncomfortable (frequently being naked in front of one character for example), she is very impish - her antics and impulsiveness just made me laugh out loud so often. The attitude and decisions don't feel forced to fit either, Sam makes convincing decisions and you don't spend your time thinking "why on Earth did she just do that? why not just do this instead?!"

There were a couple of issues I had but the main problem was an editing one - a noticeable number of errors (usually pluralisations or the odd word repeated where a sentence had been rearranged) - the errors didn't often detract from the flow of the story so unless you have a particular hate of editing errors then I would say that you won't have a problem with the book. The only other notable issue I had was a plot one, it crops up in book 2, I don't remember a certain character being privy to knowing Sam was a demon. I will admit though that I stayed up very late reading so I may have missed something in my rush to the next page, so sorry if I am wrong! I'd also like to point out that some of the description is a bit gruesome and may be a little disturbing to some, but if you take it with a pinch of salt you'll see the humour in it (not quite Scary Movie but you get the idea).

As you may have guessed, I really enjoyed reading this book and have already finished book 2 (isn't it always a wonderful feeling to know the next book is already published?). So enjoy a guilty pleasure and give this book ago!
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on 7 April 2016
This book is a tricky one. It is worth noting straightaway that while the CONTENT won't appeal to everyone, the writing QUALITY is very good.

Drawing from the precedent set by Dexter, the author presents the reader with a character who SHOULD be repugnant. Sam is a demon who enjoys sin of all kind and gets pleasure and satisfaction from the suffering of humans and other creatures. She also freely and frequently admits to not caring about anyone or anything and not loving anyone.

However despite this it is obvious that having spend forty years on earth, Sam is evolving more than she knows and is not as heartless or evil as she should be.

Apart from having a soft spot for her neighbour and showing potential to progress as a character and become one of the 'good guys', she is enjoyable because she challenges stereotypes of what a woman should be.
She is a sexually liberated, physically confident, bold and honest forty something woman of average looks who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. As such she is very different from other urban fantasy heroines.

Her story begins in a very slow homely setting of her life as a slum lord and farm owner and gradually escalates into a werewolf and angel filled mission. There is a lot of action and gore and powers and an interesting mythology and history to the creatures. The relationship between the angel species and demon species is the most interesting aspect of this book.

There's a nice banter filled romance and the potential for a relationship with a conflicted angel to add to the action, but the main plot of the angel killer is a bit confused and meandering. However the humour and unique way of looking at things carries it all along nicely if you can stomach the main character.

Overall its a very different book that won't be for everyone but was a nice change from the usual urban fantasy stuff. Not predictable or cringe worthy or clichéd, it is certainly something fresh but is it pushing us readers too far? I have a feeling future installments will gradually tone down the demonic behaviour as the main character becomes more human anyway
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on 4 February 2016
This was a real surprise, a very different book to read compared to my usual choices. For the first third I had no idea where it was going and I wasn't sure if I would want to continue. However, it did become more explanatory and from then on out I literally couldn't put it down.

Samantha Martin is an imp, a low level demon, she has taken on human form and has been living a 'normal' life for years. Then all of sudden she has to face her own mortality when she comes across a powerful angel who is her nemesis it seems. Unbeknownst to her, one of her business associates is a werewolf, who needs her help to track down a rogue angel who is killing her pack. Candy the werewolf then blackmails Sam by telling her the angel knows about her and will kill her if found and so our reluctant imp, along with Sam's neighbour a very attractive young man, embark on a trip to find the killer.

This isn't just an original and satisfying fantasy novel, but also a mildly comedic one too. It's seriously offbeat and unpredictable and thrilling at the same time. I loved not knowing what would happen next. The characters were as far from stereotypical as you could get, and the author didn't try to make Sam into a reformed character. and she seemed so much more real for it. Sam stays a demon, but one who is progressive and able to learn and grow. I really particularly liked her very weird relationship with the angel Gregory.

I am so glad I tried this book out, and will definitely be downloading number two.
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on 23 November 2015
This didn't do it for me. I liked the idea of a story from the 'bad guy's' perspective but there were some bits I struggled with, for example, her neighbour is a lot younger than her, I appreciate some men like older women, but her body was in her 40's and it just felt a bit icky to me. She also near kills said neighbour and instead of running like hell like a normal person would do, he's back the next day to go horse-riding almost like nothing happened. Then there was the fact that I just couldn't like the main character. Perhaps it was because I am not used to the bad guy's perspective. Either way, I just couldn't get into this so didn't finish and won't be reading on. I think it would suit other readers perfectly fine though, this is just my preference in this case.
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on 15 June 2013
...its even more fun than it sounds.
The opening chapter was a small stumble for me, in that I wasn't sure what I was expecting. A demon would have to be an anti-hero, right? But what we have is an imp, a mini-demon, with a taste and a talent for chaos, but with humour attached.
Demons aren't allowed here, and sure enough, there's an angel around who will fix that with extreme prejudice...and a hunky neighbour, a mysterious estate agent and a dog (happens to be a hell hound, but what would you expect?)
Great opening romp of a series and I'll be reading the rest.
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on 24 September 2014
I struggled to get into this book, several times I was going to give up. I feel there is a good story there, but in my opinion it's surrounded by too much information that's not needed.
I stuck it out as I hate leaving a book half read, it took me well into 3/4 of the way through to get really into it.
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on 31 January 2016
I'm a crime thriller buff and have never read UF before so know nothing of the genre's conventions but I do teach fiction writing and English literature to undergraduates so I feel qualified to give a fair appraisal nonetheless. I have to say I am really shocked by the negative reviews this book has received though they are quite rightly in the minority.

I absolutely loved this book. Here's why. It opens with a great hook, planting questions the reader wants answered encouraging them to read on and is full of surprises. The author made me love and root for a main character with few redeeming features which is a true skill, the dialogue is witty, the action is pacey and builds to an exciting climax worthy of any blockbuster. All this along with the slow burn romantic elements stoking the sexual tension and you have a winner. I literally couldn't put this book down. It's very well written and I consider myself a harsh critic.

I'm looking forward already to reading the next in the series and am very happy to have discovered this talented author.
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on 5 May 2016
A good romp. The heroine is pretty convincing as a demon, not coming across as a human-with-horns-and-wings but as a creature who really thinks and acts differently. Of course that means she's far from nicey-nicey. She's done some pretty awful things, but the author managed to make me like her and root for her regardless. The shape changing and other demon powers are described wonderfully too - the author makes you understand how it feels to be able to manipulate the material world like that, the power and the limitations, the finickyness of it all. And to top it, there's opposition that really gives the heroine a run for her money, pulling off the trick of really making you feel things might not end well. All delivered as a well-paced romp. Great!
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