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4.3 out of 5 stars127
4.3 out of 5 stars
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A major virus is sweeping the through the vampire community and transforming its hosts into creatures called Reapers, who have a thirst for blood worse than vampires, are near invulnerable, and who can also pass the virus on to victims of their own. Worse, they feed on both human and vampire alike. Desperate to stop these creatures, the vampire community strikes a truce with Blade and gets him to help them fight these awful creatures. As Blade carves his way through the Reapers, he finds out their sinister origin and must put a stop to the Reaper vampires once and for all.

The thing with sequels is you gotta go bigger and better than the first one. It's not always easy and usually fails, however there are exceptions and Blade II is such an exception. Instead of just simply pitting Blade against more vampires, he now has to fight alongside them and stop a common enemy. How does that go? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? That's what's happening here and is a unique take on the vampire mythos and takes Blade to the next level.

Wesley Snipes is back as the Daywalker, and does everything right in this flick like he did in the first movie: tough, sweet action, martial arts, swordplay, solid acting and more. It's always great when you can see the actor enjoys what they're doing--or convinces you they are--instead of merely phoning it in as is sometimes the case when an actor keeps reprising a role.

Kris Kristofferson is back, too, which is awesome because Whistler is a big part of the first movie and this one might've felt hollow without him. How they bring him back after what happened in the last movie was also clever.

The Reapers--total killers with sweet SFX, brutal savagery and they make the regular vampires look like a bunch of modern day angsty vamps by comparison. Always a good thing when you up the ante on the bad guy.

I really liked this sequel, especially because, like I said, it had a fresh take on the slayer-vs-vampire mythos and I'm all about fresh takes. The story moved along at a good clip, kept me engaged, and makes me have a good time every time I have a Blade movie marathon.

Awesome stuff, Blade II.

Recommended like the first.
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on 7 September 2003
Ok, first things first, this movie isn't going to change cinema, and it's not going to throw up loads of philosophical issues or make you think that hard. But one thing it will do is entertain you, and my God it's entertaining!
For a start, the film looks amazing: from the make-up, costumes, sets and atmosphere - this is much darker and gothic than Blade 1, and more stylish. The fights are also just as cool.
But the best thing about this movie is The Reapers. Yes, the 'super vampire' that is giving regular vampires nightmares! This has to be THE MOST viusally original concept for the Vampire ever since Bram Stoker released "Dracula" a hundred years ago! The moment I saw this it blew me away! I wasn't even expecting them!
Basically, I took a chance on this movie, and I'm really glad I did. It is just pure, unadultarated entertainment in it's purest form! WATCH THIS FILM - IT IS GOOD!!!
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on 22 February 2011
The original Blade was great, but this is far better and one of my favourite action/superhero movies ever. There is a fantastic cast including the awesome Ron Perlman, and a great set of heroes and villains including vampire-sucking vampires. One of the brothers from boy-band Bros is even in it as a very good antagonist!
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on 8 November 2002
I will confess to being a bit of a comic nut, so of course i love the original blade film.
Trying to resist the strong urge to slate any sequel, i will confess that i think blade II is also a fantastic film, but not in the same way as the first.
It begins with a jolly recap of how blade came to be and what he gets up to of a weekend, but then it just becomes a faster, more extreme version of the first film.
Blade seems to have become more comic styled, with more cool split second poses than the first one.
The special effects are pretty darn fantastic and well used (the extras on these are great to watch AFTER the feature, not before, be warned) but there is nothing really new in the plot department.
However, it is definately two hours well spent in front of the box, and i am sure it will stand several viewings, there is a lot going on there, the fight scenes deserve to be watched again and again, but dont try them at home kids.
If i may be so bold, i would like to recomend another film by the director, Guillermo del Toro, called 'The Devils Backbone', a wonderful ghost story with some beautifully understated effects, and a great twist in the plot, available here on your friendly Amazon!
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on 3 November 2002
The Sequel of Blade is simply amazing !
Wesley Snipes - better than ever- and director Del Toro -not bad too!- give a new dimension of this comic's adaptation on screen. Like Aliens for the "alien saga", Blade 2 is a revolution and now a cult movie. More than this, it's a master piece. Great story, great characters, fanstastic and stylistic SFX. Some scenes looks likes paintings. Definitly fast and furious. The 2001's best movie!
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on 27 April 2009
If you are a fan of blade,then this is a must buy theres a great story involved in this episode. plus great fx and some brand new gadgets.
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on 16 May 2004
The sequel to the underachieving Blade. Snipes is back again as Blade but this time there is a more fearsome enemy to be afraid of. There is a vampire hybrid running loose who seem to be immune to silver and garlic and even a steak to the heart.
The Vampires have trained a team of Special Forces led by the vampire head's daughter Nyssa to try and befriend Blade to aid them in their struggle against this new enemy. Again there are good aspects of fighting and the story is well put across. However, this film is not quite as dark as its predecessor and does lack a little punch at times. Again this film was underachieving at the box office, i guess it's just not some people's cup of tea.
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on 28 December 2002
Blade 2 is a must for all those who loved Blade 1. The plot brings new life to the characters of the first film, and it avoids simply rehashing the original film. The return of Whistler is a little tenuous but all this aside it makes for great viewing with effects that will blow you away. The DVD extras are ok. The deleted scenes and commentaries are fine yet a little boring. I would recommend buying this solely out of love for the film. If it's non stop action and great effects you want, this is your Graceland!
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on 4 September 2002
The first Blade film struck a fine balance between action, atmosphere, story, and characterisation. This sequel has boldly minimalised the latter aspects and gone for action instead. You might think this is a very bad idea, but astonishingly director Del Toro has created a seethingly dark action film.
Blade's character held misgivings towards his past in the first film, which gave him depth and an interesting shade of confusion. In the second film he has moved on from that, and has shrugged off his stone-face for a "come get some" attitude instead. He enjoys the sheer pleasure of taking out 'bad guys', and the fight sequences are wonderfully raw compared to the polished sequences of the first film. David Goyer's script-writing would be the film's biggest drawback, as Blade's opening narrative tries to be hard but comes off as a little silly. Other lines are infuriatingly bad like "We come offering a truce from the vampire world."
In spite of this, however, Del Toro has created a fine action film. He's shot Blade 2 with skill, knowledge, and an understanding of the film that you just don't see in action cinema these days. Everything else takes itself too seriously or is simply lazy in its own evolution (with the exception of The Matrix).
Fans of the first Blade film will be disappointed if they are looking for more of the same, but adrenaline seekers will go away on a blood-thirsty high.
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on 26 August 2002
Blade 2 ups the action-quotient, body count and gore to provide a more violent, if slightly inferior, sequel.
The first thing that strikes you about Blade 2 is that it is very much designed to inform people who have not seen Blade what everything is, through a series of flashbacks and direct information. This can get a bit annoying if you have seen Blade, but it serves to jog the memory and isn't at all a bad thing when viewed retrospectively.
Blade 2 suffers mainly when it comes to continuity and plot. Many aspects of the first film have been either altered or left out (most notably the ommision of ANY references to Dr Karen Jensen) and the plot is weak when you consider it(although this does not make for a bad film).
However this aside Blade 2 is an intensely enjoyable and watchable experiance and Snipes and Kristofferson reprise their roles well, with solid performances from the British Danny-John-Jules (more commonly known as Cat in Red Dwarf) establishing his ability to act in a serious role in the big-time, and Luke Goss (formerly of Bros).
Blade 2 does not take itself as seriously as Blade which, in the end, saves it from failing as an action film by having any great tale of morality and instead concentrates on the superbly coreographed action sequences. The one-liners still come thick and fast and the film is very tounge-in-cheek in places. If you watched and enjoyed Blade then get this film and even if you didnt then still give it a shot, even if its only for the superb one-liners and action.
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