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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2013
I bought this case in order to build a media centre PC and am very pleased with the result. The finish of the case is better than I expected, with no sharp edges either inside or out.

There is space inside for a full sized ATX power supply, but overclockers out there should be aware that the positioning of the cage means that it overhangs the motherboard, so depending on where the CPU socket is located there is only about an inch of clearance between the top of the CPU cooler and the bottom of the power supply cage. Choose your aftermarket cooler with care!

Front panel connections are good for a case of this price with one USB3 and three USB2 ports, as well as the usual microphone and headphone sockets. There is also a 5.25" bay with a lockable door if you are not intending to use it.

Two case fans are included, a 120mm at the front and a smaller 60mm (ish) on the side. Both are reasonably quiet especially when turned down with motherboard software or an app like speedfan. There is space to mount another 120mm fan inside behind the HDD bays which blows over the motherboard tray, and cooler master kindly include some quick fitting plugs that do away with the need for screws and tools.

For a small case building this PC was quick and easy, to the point that I took the opportunity to teach the missus and had her put it together. Having said that her little fingers probably made it a little easier!

It has three 3.5" drive bays with quick release brackets, and an adapter that can sacrifice one of them for a pair of 2.5" SSD's or laptop drives. As I am not using the 5.25" bay I have added an additional 3.5" drive by suspending it in the bay with some of the missus's adjustable rubber bra straps. This also has the benefit of isolating vibrations and noise from the drive making it quieter. Thick rubber bands can also be used but I didn't have any to hand, hence the bra straps!

There is room for a full sized twin slot graphics card, although as I don't have a modular PSU most of this has been taken up with excess cabling in order to get good airflow over the motherboard.

System build:AMD A10-5800 PSU with built in HD7660D graphics, 4GB PC2133 Ram, 500W OCZ extreme PSU, 3 3.5" HDD's & 1 2.5" SSD. Runs windows 8 with Mediaportal front end.

TL;DR A good quality low cost case with plenty of room for HDD's and full sized twin slot graphics card.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 July 2013
Almost perfect starting point for the first time hackintoshers working on mini-ITX boards.

I say almost perfect because once you are settled in and start using the full grunt of all cores on an i5 3570K with just the stock cooler at base speeds in the summer the internal temperatures will be up at the limit. The lame intel cooler should take some of the blame but the standard 120 elite case configuration also plays a part. I recommend installing an optional 120mm fan in the back of the drive bay area to help pull cool air from the case front. Cooler Master should at least supply one similar to the one at front instead of the puny 80mm side case fan.

In fact after experimentation I would say forget about the noisy and somewhat ineffective side case fan. Take it out its easily removed. Using a Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI Motherboard (SKT 1155, Mini-ITX) the air flow from this fan is more or less blocked anyway by the location of chunky power and SATA cables. I also looked for a quieter replacement for it but it's only 15mm thick and there are not many choices. There maybe scope to put a bigger diameter slim fan in the same place (more available, eg those used on LP CPU coolers) and maybe reversing its flow to suck out heated air, maybe concentrate on improving the front to back airflow and swapping out the intel cooler first.

Space in the 120 is tight. Not a complaint just realise it is a challenge and part of the fun. Clear and guide the airflow paths as much as you can, use a modular PSU to eliminate some cables and get the best low profile air CPU cooler you can find.

Choices for better than stock cpu air cooling are limited by the small headroom (about 80mm to motherboard top surface?) left under the PSU. There are choices at £10-20 but not many perform massively better than the stock intel.

Plus there is no room elsewhere in the case for the option of a water cooler radiator plus push-pull fans unless you start ripping out the drive bay frame: not ideal if you want multiple disks. In the end I am opted for an air cooled Thermalright APX_100 High Performance Pulse Width Modulation Fan which fits well on a Gigabyte Z77N- wifi in into the Elite 120 with about 15mm space and the down draught helps cool the motherboard too. Then I realise it cost more than the Elite case, Ouch.

If you can monitor the temperatures at load you will also note that if you unclip the Elite's front plastic case cover and run even on 2 out of 4 cores temperatures will drop in the basic config by 5-10 degrees. This is because the front cover has hidden and very restrictive airflow channels and the front fan gets a bit starved of air. This is begging for a careful Dremel mod to open up the front cover area (120mm circular hole?) and a perhaps a better spaec fan. Just need to get a neat finish and find a nice bit of grill. UPDATE: Included a photo of mod on front panel. Cut out front, added yellow fan, added protective grill. Lowered temperatures by a few more degrees.

Very much a work in progress (see listmania) and for £35 this mini case is a bargain lots of nice touches to make the build tidy inside and I may buy a second for spares once the Dremel gets hungry.
review image review image
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on 21 October 2012
SilverStone screwed me by asking 75 EUR for a replacement PSU in my SG05 case. The case and PSU were only about £85 to begin with. So instead of doing that I thought hell, I can buy a whole new case and PSU for that price, if only I can find a Mini ITX case that is compatible with full size ATX PSUs.

My choices were Fractal Designs Node 304, Lian Li PC-V352 or this Cooler Master Elite 120. Being the cheapest option by quite a long way, and having some good reviews despite being new to the market I decided to go for it. I wasn't expecting a case with a premium feel, but I have been very pleasantly surprised.

There is absolutely nothing budget about the way this case looks or feels, it is in my opinion exceptional value for money. It has 2 case fans (one at the front, and one on the side at the back closest to the CPU), comes with all the screws you could need, a beeper, cable ties, enough trays and attachments for 3 HDDs, and for all those PC builders out there with hands made of paper you'll be pleased to know that the insides of the case are completely burr free. They even sprayed the inside of the case black, it looks very cool. Comparing this to my SilverStone SG05, the build quality and attention to detail on this is far better.

My only gripe would be that one (or maybe both) of the fans are a little loud. I might see about replacing them in the future with something quieter. I haven't put a GPU in this yet, but it's evident that it would be a tight fit.

I would give this 5 stars if the fans were quieter. For less than £40 this case comes highly recommended.
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on 6 July 2014
Its a fantastic size that has just enough room for all the components.

I believe that you could get a full-size graphics card within it, but I wouldn't recommend it since I am using a lot of that space for managing my cables. I would rely on an intel chip with hd4600 graphics or better.

I managed to fit 2 x 3.5 inch "traditional" hdds and 2 x SSDs using a single stackable adapter:

I don't hear any rattling/vibrations and is silent. Since it fits a full-size PSU, you can buy a quiet PSU very cheaply. To get a silent SFX form factor PSU, you have to spend quite a bit more.

If you are going to use a custom cooler, make sure to use a "low profile" one, such as Noctua NH-L9i because the PSU is directly above.

The case is light (primarily because it's so little).

The only thing I didn't like are the mounting brackets which unlike my Antec ones, do not have "inlets" for my screws to neatly screw into, so I am not bothering to use screws. This means the brackets fall off immediately upon pulling drive out.
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on 24 January 2014
A very nice case, allowed me to put my Bluray drive back in as while my old case did technically did have an optical drive bay it was so cramped I had to bundle the PSU cables in there instead to maintain airflow.

Just a few minor complaints:
There is a gap above the expansion port slots on the back where spiders could get in, my previous case had a small bracket to prevent that.

Only a single USB 3 port on the front yet the motherboard header supports two, so you actually waste a USB 3 port. My motherboard doesn't have the header anyway though so I had to buy an adapter cable to plug it into a normal port on the back. Would have been nice if they included this cable.

My biggest complaint though is that the side venting fan is REALLY noisy, so much so I may contact Cooler Master about it. Its particularly a problem as the auto fan speed control doesn't seem to work on my motherboard.

If it weren't for the above issues I would have given this five stars.
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on 3 February 2013
This is my first mini ITX build and I won't be looking back. Solid well designed case. Easy to build in. USB 3.0 on front. Well executed power and reset button. If your considering this case for a mini ITX build, it boils down to one thing.
Do you like the look of it?
If yes go ahead and buy it.
You won't be disappointed.
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on 30 June 2013
I really love this case, even though it says its 1/3 the size of a standard case i was a bit wary that it still may look bigger than i wanted. But after setting it up and got it in place i have to say it looks the part. Very good airflow also. The side case fan i changed to a bigger depth taking it from 15mm to 20mm, a 25mm thick fan wont fit. there wasnt a problem with the supplied fan its just i wanted to ultilise a fan i bought previously which was of a high quality. plenty of space to work with and takes a full size graphic card. What more can i say!
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on 31 December 2013
As many I decided to ditch this generation of consoles as they are both useless in what they should do / or do... so I decided to sell mine and build a gaming rig and play on Steam! However I still wanted to get a small-ish rig giving to my PC a "console look" and be easy to store so after a careful research on the web I decided to go with the Cooler Master Elite 120.

I would definitely suggest this case to anyone (there is a white version too), it is really easy to put together and you can easily fit a long graphic card (I have got a R9 270X) it also allows you to install a standard ATX PSU providing holes on the top for ventilation. There is a hole on the back for an external water cooling unit, however if you fancy water cooling your PC on the web you can find a simple tutorial on how to install a radiator without too much hassle.
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on 19 April 2013
This is THE itx case you should buy, many people talk about the bitphoenix prodigy, that case is indeed beautiful, but it comes no where near this one, this is the real mini itx, the prodigy is bigger than this one, i want a mini itx not a bigger mini itx, so i decided to get this one.
This case has on the front two 2.0 USB ports and one 3.0 port, it also has one audio in and one audio out port, on the inside it has space for 3 3.5 hdds and at least two more 2.5 hdds plus it has space for an optical drive, really good for a mini itx case, one great thing about this case is, it has space for high profile GPU cards, i have seen a GTX 460 2win GPU for SLI gaming installed in this case, in the end this is great for a powerfull build in a low profile case, or just a HTPC build, I recommend it to everyone
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on 6 October 2014
This is the best mini-ITX case you can buy if you want to build a mini-ITX gaming rig. It fits a full sized dual slot graphics card in there as well as room to incorporate a full sized ATX PSU. Along with those is also a front USB 3.0 port if your motherboard supports it.

I currently have a GTX 780 ti in my case running off a 1000W PSU, so it is possible. The only graphics card you can't fit in there is probably the AMD r9 295x2 with its silly case mounted fan.
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