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on 3 March 2013
Purchased this player specificly for a holiday trip in order to save battery power on my mobile phone. It does everything my android phone does apart from make calls. I downloaded Skype and was able to make free international calls via a wifi connection.

Sufficient memory 8gb internal and additional 8gb micro card, plenty for my requirements. I suppose it can upgraded to a larger micro card if required

For the price this cannot be faulted and I now use it on a daily basis to listen to music, gps software, e-mail, catching up with BBCi programmes and all the usual android stuff etc.

The enclosed code for satnav software expired in Dec 12 but there are plenty of other GPS apps available via the play store.

I would recommend to anyone wanting a media player without wanting to pay the price of an IPOD for example.
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on 29 December 2012
The other half wanted an Ipod Touch for christmas but as I am not an Apple fan myself i decided I would try something a little bit different, and this is the product that crept up. As she currently already uses a HTC One X I knew she would be used to the android layout and structure and for half of the price of an Ipod this was going to do the job perfectly (she smashed her old Ipod Touch)

Please note that after un-boxing the device, the back is attached but the battery has not already been inserted, so do this first!

I have read a few people commenting on how difficult it can be getting used to transferring music onto this device and In my opinion they couldn't be more wrong, you don't need to use the samsung kies software at all, its easier to just do it manually. All you need to do is plug the device in, select Disk Mode on the screen of the Samsung MP3 player, it will then install the drivers onto your computer (I'm using windows 7 64-bit) within seconds. After that it will pop up in the middle of the screen. Select open folder and it opens it just like a memory stick would. Inside here you will find a Folder listed as "DCIM" open that folder. Drag and drop all of the songs you want onto the device into this DCIM folder and wait for the transfer to finish, it took 4 minutes and 30 seconds to transfer 653 songs onto my device. After that just simply unplug the MP3 player, let the device acknowledge the Micro SD card inside of it, and just select music and its all there, ready to be played.

One thing that I love about having this device over an Ipod is the fact that you don't have to setup an apple account, proceed to register the device with the apple account, download and install itunes and begin transferring. I personally know someone who doesn't have an internet connection at home so they got their Ipod and had to visit a friends house to get it all set up even though all of their music was already on their laptop, it just seems to create a tound about way of doing something as easy as a file transfer.

The screen seems brilliant in the Samsung MP3 player, and I can understand what people are saying about the back feeling plasticcy, it is, but it does come with 3 interchangeable plastic backs inside of the box, which of course my Fiance instantly wanted the one with hearts on it! I feel it adds a nice little touch of customisation that the Ipod doesn't out of the box.

You will find, if you have never owned a samsung or HTC phone/tablet before, that you will have to set up a Gmail account to activate the device, but it takes 2 minutes to do so and away you go. Wifi setup is just as easy as any other MP3 player on the market.

To sum up, this is pretty much just like one of the samsung galaxy phones in every way, except the phone part, but as compensation you get a more up to date version of the android operating system.

Would recommend this to anyone looking for a new MP3 player but doesnt want to be spending the Ipod £115-230 price tag.

As an added note there is a micro SD card in the back of the device which i would imagine can be upgraded at any point to a 32GB card, lovely little extra touch if you needed it!
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on 2 April 2013
I finally bought one of these to replace my reliable but very old Creative Zen. I'd been holding back as my main concern was the quality of the FM radio - the Zen has a good radio but my HTC phone is pretty rubbish in this department. So having done a head to head test with a Samsung Galaxy phone with good results I bought this one for myself.

It does everything you'd expect it to - I had no problems setting up or getting music onto it. Simply drag and drop from PC - I'd never use Kies or any other sort of program to transfer files in any case.

Screen is bright and responsive, music sounds great and so does the radio - I travel into work on the train, usually interference on radio but hardly any with this unit!

I guess I could have bought a new phone and achieved the same thing but the added value with this is that it's another device to keep the kids entertained and much cheaper.

32GB micro SD card now on order so I'll have a unit with more memory than my Zen and better sound, video and functionality. I prefer the HTC interface for Android to the Samsung but that's only because I'm used to it, I guess.

All the apps seem to work fine and the free games are good if you like that sort of thing. Skype works fine so you could use it for voice calls on wifi if you wanted.

Good value and a nice product all round.
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on 17 August 2012
I was lucky enough to recieve this as a gift from a friend who works for samsung. He often boasts about how the android platform is the way forward and that companies like samsung produce products as good (if not better) than apple. I was sceptacle but happy to get one for free!

My main concerns initially were how I would transfer all my music from my iphone, I was convinced it would be impossible - I was wrong... you simply download an app for free on the player and then go to a website and download software onto your pc or laptop and BOOM.. piece of cake. first task passed.

my next challenge was to use the free sat nav app that comes FOC with the player (historically I have always used my iphone -copilot) It did VERY well. got from bournemouth to a flat in the middle of bristol with no problems what so ever :). struggled a bit with entering the postcode at first but once that was sorted it was plain sailing..

Next test was conducted in the gym. How would the experience differ from the iphone.. well the main difference is the Volume (alot LOUDER!). i Often have the volume on full blast on the iphone but barely need more that halfway with the samsung (full blast would cripple my brain)

Other positives - you can increase memory capacity to around 40gb on this product by adding a 32gb memory card - I picked up mine for £20 which basicly means for around £170 you can have a 40gb mp3 player!

What else.. I have always bought my music from itunes and subsequently come close to bankruptcy. Using this player has opened my eyes to a number of way more "affordable" methods of listening to your favourite tunes...

And lastly - this product comes with 2 free games (fifa being one which is awesome), 3 covers (I have'nt used mine but nice touch anyway) and some decent samsung in ear headphones (better than the standard apple ones anyway)

If I had to be critical in anyway it would be that this product is only available in white (but this can be changed by using the fascias) and that it feels a bit plasticy compared to my sturdy iphone...

Anyway.. in conclusion, I am officially stepping away from the iphone gang and joining the galaxy gang. Its way more affordable and in my opinion, just as good! If not better!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Where to start? It strikes me as incredibly obvious that this is intended to be a much cheaper alternative to the very popular and highly useable Apple iPod touch. Not only is the display and set up highly similiar (especially the way it shows album covers, etc, during your music play), but the set up of the camera lenses, the shape, the buttons, even the way the apps are laid out - all very similar.

However lets ignore all of that for now, because there are far too many positive things to say about this player.

* Incredibly easy to set up. You don't need to install iTunes or a Media program of similar standard to shove all your mp3's onto the device itself. Basically dragging with Windows explorer is all you need to understand to get your music onto this.

* Lists all your mp3's by artist, album or song, and there's an alphabetical slider at the right so you can quickly pinpoint what you're looking for.

* The display is beautifully eyewateringly sharp, the colours are wonderfully vivid.

* The camera FAR exceeds that of the Apple iPod; no graininess, and it doesn't blur quite as easily. No flash, however (but there wasn't on iPod touch either). Also doubles as a video camera, and there are a back and front camera (again, just like iPod).

* Has FM radio tuner (and you can save some of the stations as a preset).

* Comes with a few games including Fifa12 and Angry Birds and plenty of apps including a book reader, Google messenger, Youtube viewer, an app for locating places in your area, a calculator, a weather app, task manager, voice recorder, local news and many more.

* Has a memory card slot inside (the memory card is in it) so you can expand your music memory (something you can't do with iPod).

* Comes with three extra back covers (with pictures/patterns) so you aren't stuck with plain white.

* Built in WIFI; very quick to set up.

* Has a web browser, so you can look do your google searches or look up websites without needing to log into your laptop or computer.

* Has a built in speaker so you can listen to your music without needing the earphones in.

* The provided earbuds are incredibly comfortable (have those little jelly rubber inserts that put zero pressure on your ears.

* You can use this to control your Samsung smart TV if you have one.

* Has a clock that you can set as an alarm, timer, use world clocks, and stop watch.

* Calander that you can set to use reminders so you never miss important dates or appointments.

* The music quality comes out superb (especially if you attach it to an iPod speaker or similiar). You can change the EQ settings to suit the kind of music you play, and the differences are very obvious.

If you're interested in buying an iPod but can't justify the price, then I would have to recommend this. It's just an absolutely astounding bit of technology. I haven't tried it with things like podcasts (which I am an addict of) but I'm already thinking of converting to Samsung, as I just can't get over how LIKE an iPod this is without the very unreasonable price. Highly recommended. Once you get it, you'll find it hard to put down.
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on 9 May 2013
I can't fault the hardware but why the heck did they have to fill so much of the internal memory with useless apps?
From what I've read on the web, the only way to uninstall some of the useless apps is to "root" the player - but this would invalidate any guarantee, plus - their doesn't seem to be a rooting app for the UK version of this player, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - if you did manage to root the player and found you'd uninstalled the wrong App - you don't have a backup disc to reinstall it from.

(In the box (when I bought this) was a voucher (serial) for Sygic GPS navigation software (which has to be downloaded from "Google Play."
After downloading and installing Sygic software, the serial number was repeatedly refused by their server with some useless/meaningless "server-side glitch" error. The error wasn't caused by me typing in the wrong serial - I accidentally typed in the wrong serial once and the server said it was an invalid serial.
In short, I suspect that Sygic simply does not want to provide their software for free - so if you thought the free Sygic GPS navigation was.a nice extra, think again.)
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Samsung Galaxy S 8gb + 8gb Memory Card Wi-Fi Mp3 Player with 4.2 Inch Display white is a gadget I have learned not to be without as it does so much within such a slim fitting product. It has so many apps within already without adding more but also there is so many you can add through it, it has proved to be worth its weight in gold.
Why I love it so much mainly is that it is so easy to transfer my music to it, plus the fact I am able to store as much as I want through using the memory card provided or purchasing new ones is so easy to do without taking up any of my precious space within my computer or even storage at home. I personally used both the Windows media player for transferring my music plus I downloaded the Amazon Cloud which is available through the app store within the actual mp3 player. Therefore when I purchase new music through Amazon I turn the Wi-Fi on within the player then it automatically downloads the music using the signal without me doing anything other than turning my player on or I can also transfer music using the computer attached to the MP3 player without any difficulty. Plus the added bonus of connecting the player through Bluetooth to my main computer makes it a very simple action of sharing music etc.
What I have used a lot is the Maps app which is provided on the MP3 players which provides me with a GPS player also I can look up any address in the world and using the street view app I can actually have a good vision field of different streets or towns.
There are many games available which can be downloaded through the Google App shop, from the moment I turned the player on there were so many apps already downloaded unto the player by Samsung I have not got to use them all. It truly feels I find something new and exciting each time I turn my Samsung Galaxy S power on by its small switch on the left hand corner. The volume is also very easy to control and for such a small device certainly has a powerful audible frequency.
I mainly like the MP3 player for the audible quality which is good quality even without the ear phones including while using radio app. I also added a KitSound surround speaker which made the audible quality coming from the Samsung truly first class and reached a high level without any breaking in the sound quality.
This is a first class MP3 player but an even better gadget which has provided me with many hours of entertainment as I put it through its paces. I find it extremely easy to use and very portable as it slips into any pocket or takes up little room in any bag. It has everything you would need from playing videos to reading books and everything in between the Samsung player satisfies all my needs.

I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S to anyone who wants an entertainment player which is small enough to fit into your pocket but not only plays music but has so many other features it is impossible for me to name them all.
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on 16 August 2012
I was extremely pleased to open the box and find that the MP3 player had already got a 8GB Micro SD card in it, so it has 8GB onboard and then this 8GB attached. This is now a 16GB player for the price! SWEET!

I also like the fact it comes with 3 cases. All these extras with such a storage capacity! Brilliant!

Great Value for money here!
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on 12 April 2013
I was looking for a reasonably priced 32GB MP3 player to replace a fantastic 5-year old Sony 16Gb model - nice & simple I thought. But no, Apple iTouch was very expensive (> £200), Sony have gone the same route and asking crazy money (to me anyway). I am sure they are great but I don't really want to spend that much for music. Then I spotted this Samsung for £79 (its just jumped to £89 I have noticed) that takes SD cards. I have had it a few weeks and it is seriously good and for the money a real bargain. I have put a 32GB card in it (£18) so have a 40GB MP3 player for less than £100. But it also has so many extras - plays videos (great screen) , has WI-FI & bluetooth, 2 cameras (front & back) and it's Android so Apps can be downloaded. Also doubles as a remote control for my Samsung TV - neat. The battery life seems to be very good and charges fast with the provided charger but slower by USB. Oh and it also has GPS but this may be of limited use as no phone network coverage (as it is not a phone hardly surprising though). Minor gripes (I would give 6 stars so I have marked it down to 5 !):-

The free maps software code expired back in december so I assume this is an oldish model but so what
The SD card is scanned each time you switch on so about a 30sec delay until its content is available

All in all a very very good product.

29-Aug-2013 Player is still going strong but price has rocketed to £120 which is a pity. Probably one of the best gadgets I have ever bought and use it every day.
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on 12 April 2013
I bought this because I wanted a good quality - audiophile type- music player plus decent storage with extras such as email and apps. This kit does the trick exactly.I also bought a Sandisk 32GB micro card. Sony has an mp3 player but that's all it does.

The player is almost as good as the Apple iPod but you can add 32GB of storage . The screen gestures are generally fine and as I do not play videos most of my apps run without any noticeable lag.

I have many music files in FLAC and these had trouble playing with the samsung app so I had to buy Neutron which plays them with excellent sound quality. I just drag and dropped the music in folders on the micro card once the kit was connected to my PC.You can use other apps but this plays them without changing the file format. My i mac also recognises the samsung but had trouble ejecting the disk.

Of course you can use email, the web browser and your favourite apps as well and these all run without fault. Wireless connection was not a problem. Don't expect blazing performance for this price.

The screen is clear and easier and larger to use than the ipod.

The battery seems to be a little on the small size as it does not last as long as the apple kit, but at least it uses a common plug - not thunderbolt etc.

For £70 plus £17 for the micro card this is a bargain. Well done Amazon.
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