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on 26 January 2013
This unit was purchased as a small (desktop) CD player/amplifier which would also take the input from the computer and be used to play mainly classical music. It had excellent press reviews and recommendations.

Feeding a pair of Q-Acoustic 2010i speakers (also chosen for their small size), this unit seems to meet the need well. It's not the highest of Hi-fi, but really very acceptable.

Details not in the description/specification which may be useful to potential purchasers are (in no particular order):

> A printed Getting Started manual is supplied in the box, with the (very good) Operating Manual on a CD in numerous languages.

> A timer function allows you to set it up to lull you to sleep and to wake you up in the morning. This sort of thing is commonly available on home stereos these days but in all truth, I've never been tempted to try ...

> An indoor aerial is supplied for FM/DAB reception. This seems to be a bit of a compromise: we live very close to the transmitter (a couple of hundred yards) but can get good reception of only about 15 FM and DAB channels. I suspect there is some shadowing of the signal as we live so close, but if you need to get more radio stations (we don't) you may want to consider a better aerial. The radio pre-sets are relatively easy to set up once you get the knack and can be a mixture of FM and DAB, there are not separate lists for each. For me, the basic radio needs are met from BBC Radio 3 and 4 (on FM) and Planet Rock (on DAB). All of these I can receive well.

> The iPod input allows you to select to use either the iPod's or this unit's controls; I don't know if this is usual for this type of kit, but it's useful as you can for instance use the iPod search tool. You can use an MP3 player as well, but the play order is the usual rather limited 'order in which they were recorded'. You can modify this though by ripping one or more MP3's to a series of folders on the player, the play order of which can then be selected. I can't comment on the compatibility with more recent digital formats or iPhone 5 etc

> For audio CD's you can program the play order of tracks directly. I have not experienced the noisy CD drive noticed by other reviewers; mine is very sweet.

> There is a subwoofer output on the back panel, useful as most small speakers these days need a bit of help below about 60Hz. I have connected mine to the sub. unit left over from the computer speakers that this unit has replaced. I made up a special cable to parallel the stereo input of the sub. to the mono output from the Denon.

> The clock is not displayed when the unit is at stand-by, I guess this is to reduce the power consumption in this mode, but if you want it as a desktop clock (as I half did) you'll be disappointed.

As for quality of sound, I think it is excellent for a unit in this price bracket. Orchestral and piano pieces play very sweetly and brass has a nice crackle, just right for classical. I haven't tried jazz yet, my guess it will be excellent but I may not use it for rock, as my set of active computer speakers (of the 'boom and tizz' variety) are actually quite good for that. The court is currently out on that one: I'll play a bit more rock and see - may be I'll change my mind.
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on 13 September 2012
The Denon RCD-M39DAB Micro
I bought this product before they were available on Amazon to replace my older large HiFi. It sits on the lounge dresser and was relatively easy to connect up, (this is the first HiFi I've set up myself, usually my son does it for me) I tuned it in, good instructions if you have a computer, I would have preferred written ones instead of PDF, but then as I'm in my 70's it's not surprising. The sound is great, both from the cd and via the USB, I use my memory pen from my computer to listen to music. I had heard that DAB might not work in my area of North Wales, but it works beautifully, both the cd and radio are very clear, the music is the best I've ever heard, tone, bass and voices, this is probably due to the speakers which I bought at the same time, the Q 2020i. I also bought the cable and banana plugs for Amazon, though found I didn't need the plugs, the 10m cable was enough for my setup. When reading other peoples reviews on similar products, they say it took 10 mins to setup, I took over an hour, but as I was going to and fro to read PDF on the computer and was anxious not to make a mistake, it's not surprising.
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on 27 November 2012
This is an excellent receiver, well made and solid. The DAB radio is brilliant as is the CD reproduction. Very detailed musically and gives a BIG sound. I bought the unit without speakers as I already had a pair of Denon-badged Mission bookshelf speakers which work perfectly well with this receiver. Another great piece of HiFi from Denon. Happy to recommend to anyone.
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on 24 February 2013
Before seeing this I had been looking at several hi-fi systems both in-store and online, and every time I was disappointed to find that many of them a)were not highly rated, b)had only AM/FM radio and no DAB, and c)did not have analogue output connections for external equipment, in my case a minidisc deck (yes, I do still have one!). And then I saw this, liked the look of it and was surprised to learn it can be bought seperately without speakers, which is helpful as buying the complete package would cost even more.

I think you know what comes next.

Everything about this unit is superb. The thing that impresses me most is that I can do with this what my hi-fi seperates (that this unit has replaced) couldn't, in that iPod connectivity and playback is possible via the handy USB connector (nice but would have preferred an actual iPod dock), that plus it works well with the speakers I retained from my previous set as they were still in good condition. It's worth knowing that if you use your existing speakers with this system, they must be at least 6 ohms or more to be compatible (mine were 8).

Whatever your music choice might be, whether it's classical, pop, rock, jazz or country, it will sound great on the CD player. The radio is easily tunable and is up and running from the moment you switch on for the very first time - I live in quite a strong reception area for DAB, so no problems there. FM is good too, and handy if you want to listen to your local frequency of many networked independent stations, i.e Heart or Smooth Radio, if you prefer not to faff about finding the right one on DAB. Add to this a simple to operate and easily navigable remote control, and you've got a hi-fi that's not only value for money but sounds great and good to look at.

One thing puzzles me however, and that's why Denon felt it necessary to provide the instructions for use on a CD-ROM instead of the usual printed manual. This is no good to somebody who buys the unit and doesn't own a computer, so surely it would have been helpful to provide the latter. Grumbles aside, this is a serious piece of kit and worth looking out for.
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on 5 December 2012
Purchased this product after many recommendations. However, whilst it may be fine to play digital music or for DAB radio, if you plan on using it mostly for CD use, beware. When playing CDs at low volume or with quiet classical music, there is an intrusive noise from the CD driver mechanism. It appears to be a design fault as I've tried several sets and they're still the same. I can't for the life of me understand how a supposed audiophile company can produce such sub-standard engineering; even my old Sharp stereo had a quieter mechanism!
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on 8 March 2013
I read the reviews and after much compariosn decided on the Denon DM39 DAB. This is a nice compact Hi-Fi that takes up very little room and is ideal for a living room or bedroom. I have it matched with a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 speakers and it sounds fine.

It is loud enough to annoy the neighbours and produces more than enough bass to ensure tracks are faithfully produced. The remote control is rather long with an unecessary amount of buttons in it for such a small system but the buttons have a quality, solid feel so should stand the test of time.

The only thing to be aware of as other reviewers have pointed out with this system is that it does have a problem with the CD drive when playing CDs. There is a very annoying high pitched constant tone that comes from the actual mechanics of the disc spinning, which means playing CDs is pretty much out of the question. I find this very, very frustrationg and can't underdstand why Denon hasn't spotted this themselves! This is quite unbelievable from a company that prides it's reputation on quality! For this reason I can only give this unit a 1 star as it is not fit for the purpose of playing CDs.

If you are after a system to play CDs on then look elsewhere.
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on 12 October 2013
For the price this is a great bit of kit. Clear sound. No problems with CD noise. DAB gets BBC stations only, but I'm in a bad area. Get everything else on FM anyway. Surprised that the wire aerial works well (once stretched out on a lath of wood). I'd have given it 5 stars but for the very fiddly speaker terminals, so much harder than the simple spring clips on my old hi-fi set.
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I was asked to suggest a mini system for a relative to replace another that worked only intermittently. With past experience of Denon products, this was apparently a reasonable choice.

The system is sold in this instance as a Receiver and the needed speakers are not included although the whole system is sold as such by some retailers. As a receiver, the tuner comprises FM and DAB (with DAB+ which is not usable in the UK). The CD player is tray-based which I personally prefer and this operates smoothly and quietly.

There are several inputs for auxilliary audio and USB is not forgotten so that playing tracks downloaded on a computer and transferred to a USB stick or portable hard drive can also be played.

As she opted for the matching Denon speakers, which arrived separately boxed, they were black (no silver option) although she had opted for a silver unit. They come with speaker leads (basic and inexpensive) and foam bungs to slightly muffle and reduce the bass output - lightly press one into the reflex ports on the rear of the units.

Unpacking and assembly was simple and quite fast and DAB tuning is quite automatic but not that fast. Unusually, rather than sorting the available stations in A-Z fashion, which I had expected, it retains and separates the available stations within each channel. For example, the various BBC stations are in one and any other stations beginning with the letter B are scattered. There does not appear to be a means by which they can be re-sorted. FM tuning is also quite simple and more logical. Many of the function buttons on the system are duplicated on the Remote Control, the batteries for which are supplied as is the wire DAB/FM aerial. For DAB use, the arms should normally be vertically arranged in most parts of the UK although some areas use horizontal orientation. Horizontal is ideal for FM but reception seems fine either way.

Audio quality is fine and not unreasonable for the outlay. Unlike other reviewers who may have possibly faulty units, I could not hear any whining or whistling of a mechanical nature that derives from the CD player. I could hear no unwanted noises whatsoever, just the music.

My personal impression of Denon had been that they are a reliable brand capable of producing some fine audio equipment, some examples of which can be found in many a recording studio. I am not suggesting that this system is of that standard but it is more than adequate for domestic use and capable of excellent sounds at a sometimes uncomfortable level if you allow them to rise sufficiently.

Unfortunately, after almost daily use for about 15 months, its tuners appear to have failed. On FM, it will not scan and is stuck at the low end of the frequency band. On DAB, it displays several messages in turn suggesting that it is attempting to retune, but never succeeds. Its aerial had been checked and tightened and a system in an adjacent room is working perfectly, so the fault is clearly within the system. A relatively high number of failures within a year or two suggests that this is a poor choice and perhaps best avoided.
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on 20 July 2014
Everything worked straight out of the box exactly as expected. Connection was very easy. It was bought to replace the ailing main unit of my 23 year old Sony Hi-Fi. I wanted to keep the 5 disc CD changer (still working well) and the speakers. I have a 4 position switch box for various analogue inputs and the Denon just slotted straight into the system and took over seamlessly. I read all the reviews on-line before purchase (thank you to all contributors) and was very pleased to find no problem with the Denon's own CD player, and no problem with its remote control range. It works from outside the room and also by "bouncing" off glass doors when seated out of view of the unit. DAB and FM reception is now the best I have. An excellent buy, delivered promptly, I cannot fault it.
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on 18 May 2014
I needed a replacement for my classic Quad CD Player and discovered that most hi-fi stuff these days tends to be big, wide & mainly full of fresh air. For less than the price of an acceptable (to audiophile nerds) CD player I could have this Denon...what was going on here? So I overcame the nostalgia and sold the rest of my 1980's Quad system, but kept the recent Quad speakers. every bit as good, and maybe better, than the old Quad, less cables, a huge space saving and money in the pocket. Downside? Well having one aerial input to cover both FM and DAB is a bit of a nuisance when you aren't near the transmitters. What's good for one is often no good for the other....still I'm happy to put up with that for the upside of my swap.
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