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4.6 out of 5 stars124
4.6 out of 5 stars
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 29 November 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the lead role of Howard Langston, the workaholic forty-something CEO of a company based in Minneapolis. He's a bedraggled and weary suburbanite, who's seriously overcrowded business diary conflicts sharply with his family commitments.

Christmas Eve arrives post haste in Howard's diary and the neglectful father suddenly finds that he needs to buy his 9 year old son, Jamie, a Turbo Man doll (the super hero equivalent of an Action Man figurine), which is the ultimate "must have" Christmas toy of that particular year.

Howard reassures both his long suffering wife and expectant son that there's absolutely no need to worry, and that a Turbo Man toy will definitely be sat under the Christmas tree for the following morning. Inevitably, the hopelessly optimistic dad then finds himself in a desperate, last minute race against time to track down a Turbo Man, which has already sold out in all the toy stores and malls, and has become as rare as hen's teeth.

Myron Larabee, aka Sinbad, is a forty-something postal worker. He's another remiss father, who also finds himself scouring the busy shops and streets of holiday period Minneapolis, in a futile hunt for the last Turbo Man figure. Sinbad soon comes into a very lively conflict with Howard, as the two dads become fierce rivals in the chase for the precious toy...

This is an energetic and quite likeable festive period flick, albeit that it suffers a bit from a relentlessly materialistic view of Christmas. It's by turns a funny and vaguely nasty celebration of holiday mass marketing and greed, but Howard's sudden obsession with doing the right thing for his boy, doesn't gel too well with his hitherto lackadaisical approach to parenting.

Arnie nonetheless gives a feisty and spirited performance as the hapless dad, and with the physique of a real life Turbo Man, he has the necessary muscularity to try to see off all comers in the race to find the elusive toy, including a deliciously seedy conman Father Christmas, who's played with relish by James Belushi.

Sinbad's role isn't much more than a peripheral one though, and he's a fairly weak foil to Howard's testosterone fuelled quest to get hold of the toy at nearly all costs. Sinbad's character might well have been better portrayed by a fine comedy actor like Chevy Chase or Danny Devito.

All in all, it's a reasonably engaging and high tempo Christmas flick, even allowing for its underlying message that life is just one long competition, and if you win, you get all the goodies, and if you lose, well, you're just a loser.

A vaguely similar tale about an intense Christmas rivalry between two dads, is Deck The Halls (Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick), which is probably worth a view. Bad Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) is a sublimely dark and drole tale about a hard drinking, store robber posing as Santa, and which is a deliciously wicked take on the meaning of the festive period.

Thank you very much for kindly taking the time to read this review.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 11 November 2001
Who would have thought one of the greatest action hero's of the cinema, would be in a christmas kids film, about a father trying to get his son a turbo man doll for christmas.
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Howard a man on a misson to get his son the present he has always wanted TURBO MAN!
Still even though it's a kids film that doesn't mean there is no action.
This movie is brilliant and is a great movie to watch, especially round christmas time.
It's has comedy, action, happeness and a great level of christmas fun.
I am 16 years of age I usual like more serious films but this was great.
Even if you are an adult it will bring the kid out of you!
This movie gets top stars, brilliant acting, fun and a wonderful christmas spirit.
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on 28 January 2014
Howard Langston, a salesman for a mattress company is constantly at his job, and also constantly disappoints his son.

After he misses his son's karate exposition, he tries hard to come up with a way to make it up to him. His son tells him that what he wants for Christmas is an action figure of Turbo Man.

Unfortunately for Howard, it's Christmas Eve, and every store is sold out of Turbo Man.

Howard must travel all over town and compete with everybody else including a mail man to find Turbo Man, and to make it to parade...

Another one of those movies that was really badly received on initial release, but has gained a little following. I for one think the movie is great, and while it does have some really silly scenes, it keeps the spirit of Christmas going.

Schwarzeneggar is having a ball with his movie, and really shows the comic chops he was missing from Junior. But this was released at a time when the star was faltering a little from the A-list, and apart from True Lies and Eraser, he never really recovered.

But this movie is a family favourite now, and like several other Christmas movies, it gets viewed every year.

It's a fun packed movie for the kids, and it has a great running time, so no one gets bored.

Go on, admit you like it, it's Christmas....
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 23 November 2005
First and foremost, this is a light-hearted CHRISTMAS film. If you want recomendations or reviews on this film, the best place to be is with normal, family people who actually have tolerance towards a charming Christmas film such as Jingle all the Way. The critics have slammed this film as they do with anything these days that doesnt have a cryptic side or a compelling storyline to it so just dont bother reading their reviews in this case.
I saw this film with my dad when i was younger and nearly ten years on (god has it been that long?) when im 16 i still love it despite being quite the movie buff myself :)
I watch it every christmas as its always on the Televison because it gets top ratings (some people actually like this film then i guess)and it can really get you into the christmas spirit.
If you're kid hasnt seen this yet then its definately worth picking up as theyll love it more and more each time they see it.
Its also got a few jokes for the parents, stuff which i didnt understand back then but what i find really funny now which is quite nostalgic for me.
Five Stars
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 22 December 2003
This film should be as much a part of the Christmas TV experience as It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and A Christmas Carol. Jingle All The Way is one of the few times (along with Scrooged and The Santa Clause) when a Christmas movie made in the last two decades has tried and (more importantly) succeeded in bringing a heartwarming modern update to the traditional movies of the past. Unfortunately, whenever this movie is shown on TV, the critics really lash out at it and I cannot find one good reason why anybody would find this movie that bad - and the other good reviews on here back me up. Let's get one thing straight - when Arnold Schwarzenegger does comedy, his performances are hammier than a double decker bus crammed full of pigs...but that's what makes him so watchable in this film! Sure, if you watch this film in the middle of June it probably wouldn't be that good (maybe that's when the critics all wrote their reviews)but this is the DVD that I always put on when it's about 4 days until Christmas and I really want to get into the festive spirit.
On the surface, Jingle All The Way is about a dad who promises his son that he can have a Turbo Man action figure for Christmas...unfortunately, it happens to be the most wanted present that Christmas and Arnie has left it until Christmas Eve to buy it. A lot of great comedy moments are achieved from this premise alone (especially when Arnie and Sinbad are in scenes together - they make a great double act) but the film is so much deeper than that. This is a movie about the lengths a parent will go to give their child the perfect Christmas, it's a film about the importance of making (and keeping) promises and above all, it's a film that shows that imperfection is actually perfection - Arnie's annoyingly wholesome, "perfect" father (played superbly by Phil Hartman) is the ultimate loser of the movie whilst Arnie eventually shows that he isn't the bad father that his family may sometimes think he is. On top of all this, there's a great spoof of superhero movies at the end as Arnie and Sinbad go head to head - in superhero outfits - for one last battle for glory. It really is great stuff and one that both adults and kids will enjoy together - a perfect Christmas movie. As if that wasn't enough, there are also superb cameo appearances from James Belushi and (for WWE fans) The Big Show (billed under his real name of Paul Wight).
A funny twist at the end of the film is the perfect set up for a sequel that was never made, and at the end of 80 minutes you are left with a warm feeling, safe in the knowledge that everybody experiences the hectic build up to Christmas but that it all comes together for the big day!
You won't get this DVD in time for Christmas 2003 so order it for next Christmas and make it part of your festive traditions. Merry Christmas!
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2010
This is Arnie at his best. If you seem Arnie in "Twins" and/or "Kindergarten Cop" thing you will be prepared for this movie.

Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and estranged father and husband must get it out with Myron Larabee (Sinbad) over the last Turboman doll. Howard's son wants this more than anything else for Christmas and Howard is out to please his son, so is Larabee. The story starts out from friendly rivalry into down and out superhero knockdown drag out.

Will anyone get what they really want? Watch this movie and find out

Every once in a while I thought this movie might be a little over the top but after watching it a couple times I realized that it was well put together and I would not change a thing.

Your sides will jingle all the way

The Santa Clause (Full Screen Special Edition)
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on 6 December 2010
Saw this begrudgingly when it came out and couldn't help but enjoy it. I am now married with two kids and make it an annual Christmas event along with Polar Express. You can't really fault this movie for what it is meant to be. For the kids it is a slapstick romp, for Dad's it is about the modern pressure and that urge to be everything you can be for your your kids even though we are all flawed in one way or another and for Mums it probably sums up their Christmas concerns and idealisms. Yes it's schmaltzy, yes it's materialistic, yes you can question it's pov about a kid wanting the very best toy (but don't they all) but it's heart is about family and is a perfect Christmas watch for all. Can't five star it only because you can't put it up there with the best made/scripted/directed movies but it's not meant to compete with those.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 28 November 2000
jingle all the way is an excellent example of traditional, wholesome family entertainment. in my opinion, it contains all of the essential ingrediants of a christmas movie, and is is totally worthy of that elusive christmas day slot. this is the kind of film that leaves you glowing inside, and at the same time, makes you laugh, cry and scream for more. many say that arnie is hopeless as an emotive actor, but this film backs up his fine performance that he displayed in kindergarten kop-yet another movie in which he didn't just pull off stunt after stunt. in summary, everyone should see this film, just for the sheer fact that it will make you feel happy and content.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2014
Certainly my favourite christmas film, it gets some stick (which i really don't understand why) but it's a great film with a good plot, some good jokes and all round good festive expectancies. Thumbs up
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on 17 October 2011
This is a funny family christmas film. Watching it will make parents chuckle at the stresses involved with the run up to christmas and finding those gifts that children are desperate for. Children will giggle as they see grown ups acting like big children. Arnie plays a good character in this film. A thoroughly enjoyable film for all.
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